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Introitus First Wave Calcination Second Wave Dissolution Third Wave Separation Fourth Wave Conjunction Fifth Wave Fermentation Sixth Wave Distillation Seventh Wave Coagulation

I The Emerald Tablet II The Seven Stages Of The Alchemical Process & An Interpretation By C.G.Jung III The Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz [ Extract ]


Whilst maintaining the integrity of the Arte of ancient Khem it is the present scribes intent to render an AlKhemical allegory in keeping with the current we attend, namely that of Solus Noir in the way we have, thus far addressed, The Atu Of Anpu, The Arte Of The Astrologian, The Revelation Of John The Apostate and that which has been called The Aeonic Current. The divers spelling of the word Alchemy is quite intentional and not the result of inconsistency. We have included a series of appendices for the purposes of clarification. A traditional description of the seven stages. A translation of The Emerald Tablet courtesy of Isaac Newton. Sections of The Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz and a contemporary interpretation of the alchemical process by the analytical psychologist C.G.Jung a modern day practitioner of profound insight as Isaac Newton was in his era. Also included are The Seven Waves rendered as Axiomata, the fusion of Image, Sigil and text executed by the present scribe alongside a series of traditional alchemical images. The latter serve as illustrations rather than correspondences and as such are arbitrary. Again for the purpose of clarification All text in this colour represents the appendices, indicated above and the description of the seven stages of the alchemical process which by way of poetic license we have called the seven waves. All text in this colour are those of the present scribe. In no way do we claim an authoritative position in respect of our words and the interpretation they render. Rather our words are to be perceived as those of the vision that attends both the poet, artist and initiate, descriptions we claim without hesitation. Damiana Evohe Vesica Ordo Templi Solus Noir London England Tuesday June 5 2012ev 3.45pm

The Seven Waves Of Ascension

Explain That Which Is Mysterious By That Which Is More So

First Wave - Calcination

Calcination is the first of seven major operations in the alchemy of transformation. Chemically, the Calcination process involves heating a substance in a crucible or over an open flame until it is reduced to ashes. In the Arcanum Experiment, Calcination is represented by sulfuric acid, which the alchemists made from a naturally occurring substance called Vitriol. Sulfuric acid is a powerful corrosive that eats away flesh and reacts with all metals except gold. Psychologically, this is the destruction of ego and our attachments to material possessions. Calcination is usually a natural humbling process as we are gradually assaulted and overcome by the trials and tribulations of life, though it can be a deliberate surrender of our inherent hubris gained through a variety of spiritual disciplines that ignite the fire of introspection and self-evaluation. Physiologically, the Fire of Calcination can be experienced as the metabolic discipline or aerobic activity that tunes the body, burning off excesses from overindulgence and producing a lean, mean, fighting machine. Calcination begins in the Base or Lead Chakra at the sacral cup at the base of the spine. In Society, the Calcination is expressed in the lives of revolutionaries, conquerors, and other warriors who try to overthrow the status quo. On the Planetary level, it is the Fire of creation, the formation of a livable environment from molten matter and volcanic ashes.

Correspondences Of Calcination

According to the Emerald Tablet, "Its father is the Sun." Element: Fire. Color: Magenta; Purple-Red. Planet: Saturn. Metal: Lead.

Upon commencing our pursuit of the Royale Arte the Prima Matria is prepared within a cauldron of fire seething with vitriol, for our lead both malleable and soft whilst possessing the qualities desired is made corrupt within The Vale Of Tears and must enter The Vale Of Fire wherein all impurities are purged. Within our leaden sheaf lies the seed of the sun, our gold and for this to be redeemed the aspirant takes a journey into the heart of matter wherein dwells noble Saturnus, our patron and guide. By turn are we exalted and cast down only to rise again and yet again. Herein the mortal enemy, Fear counsels departure from this our pursuit with the promise of riches granted. Here most fall and re enter the world triumphant. They die the death of the mortal and are remembered not. The toxic fumes that rise, spectre like, upon the air give rise to the first of the many visions to come and we yearn for fulfillment but are denied, for as the corrosive quality of our vitriol bites ever deeper into our softening flesh are we turned into ash and caught upon the breeze, formless. Herein lies the greatest peril, for now, though prepared, it is only the beginning of that which is to come. The world slips effortlessly away as did the flesh from our bones and the marrow of our mind, now revealed, unfolds its own story as it quests upon the path of this the Royale Arte. A mantle of deepest midnight is all that protects us from the whispers of the stars above, spiraling in their dance of eternity. Here the mask, the first of many, is donned and behind the clay of which it is fashioned burn eyes both blessed and cursed. The world, sole witness, turns its head in shame and goes about its daily business somnambulant upon a carpet of desire. The last flickering flame is quenched and the first stage of producing the Elixir commences as venom now courses through what were once veins and vision clouds what were once eyes and in the citadel of memory the pages turn in the Book Of Life and record the passing of one more soul. The Prima Materia now a single mote of dust is all that remains in our cauldron and this now becomes all we have to work with. It is sufficient to our purpose.

Second Wave - Dissolution

Dissolution is the second major operation in the alchemy of transformation. Chemically, it is the dissolving the ashes from Calcination in water. In the Arcanum Experiment, Dissolution is represented by iron oxide or rust, which illustrated the potentially corrosive powers of Water on even the hardest of metals. When processed, Vitriol breaks down into sulfuric acid and iron oxide, which are the first two arcana or secret ingredients. The Egyptians smelted Iron as far back as 1500 BCE and used iron compounds in tonics and as disinfectants. Psychologically, this represents a further breaking down of the artificial structures of the psyche by total immersion in the unconscious, non-rational, feminine or rejected part of our minds. It is, for the most part, an unconscious process in which our conscious minds let go of control to allow the surfacing of buried material. It is opening the floodgates and generating new energy from the waters held back. Dissolution can be experienced as "flow," the bliss of being well-used and actively engaged in creative acts without traditional prejudices, personal hang-ups, or established hierarchy getting in the way. Physiologically, Dissolution is the continuance of the kundalini experience, the opening-up of energy channels in the body to recharge and elevate every single cell. Dissolution takes place in the Genital or Tin Chakra and involves the lungs and spleen. In Society, the process of steady growth through gradual Dissolution is exemplified by agrarian, monastic, or agriculture-based lifestyles. On the Planetary level, Dissolution is the Great Flood, the cleansing of the earth of all that is inferior.

Correspondences Of Dissolution

According to the Emerald Tablet, "Its mother is the Moon." Element: Water. Color: Light Blue. Planet: Jupiter. Metal: Tin.

And with that single mote of dust that the Crucible Of Arte yet contained did we commit it to the Aqua Vitae and into amniotic oceans embrace were we received. The mote, once I, dissolved in the infinite depths and the peace of non differentiation was encompassed by an awareness that knew it not, cognition now long gone. It has been said and rightly so that In The Alembic Of Thine Heart Through the Athanoor Of Affliction Seek Thou The True Stone Of The Wise. Were we indeed wise this path we embrace would serve us well. Were we blessed by knowledge of this would we forge a canon of arte in celebration of our failure. It is by Grace alone that we entered here. By Grace that we survive and only by Grace will we prosper. All else is artifice, condemned to an eternity of repetition and the anodyne relief of the poppies fair toxin. By fire and water have we entered the Palace Of Exiles that stands upon the borders of The Boundary Lands wherein the Grigori, voices raised in a paean both mournful and exultant. By the grace of Jove did we gain entrance and as the Aqua Vitae rises and is greeted by sunlights embrace, the infinite depths, of which we claim our form, a single drop is distilled beneath a Blood Moon that bruises the aethyrs with its presence and this drop is also offered in service to the Arte that has granted its vision, a vision of reaching out and encompassing the gentle hand of another, sister fair, who swept away upon the tide returns to her slumber atop a hill of gold, beneath an indigo sky alight with stardust. Herein was the Elixir raised to its second station and drawn into a heart long jaded, yet beating still, a drumbeat marking the passage of time as aeon upon aeon writes its death toll upon The Book Of Death whose pages, flakes of iron, crumble to dust and enter the vacuum that awaits all. The Prima Materia now a single drop of nectar is all that remains in our cauldron and this now becomes all we have to work with. It is sufficient to our purpose.

Third Wave - Separation

Separation is the third of the operations of transformation in alchemy. Chemically, it is the isolation of the components of Dissolution by filtration and then discarding any ungenuine or unworthy material. In the Arcanum Experiment, Separation is represented by the compound sodium carbonate, which separates out of water and appears as white soda ash on dry lake-beds. The oldest known deposits are in Egypt. The alchemists sometimes referred to this compound as Natron, which meant the common tendency in all salts to form solid bodies or precipitates. Psychologically, this process is the rediscovery of our essence and the reclaiming of dream and visionary "gold" previously rejected by the masculine, rational part of our minds. It is, for the most part, a conscious process in which we review formerly hidden material and decide what to discard and what to reintegrate into our refined personality. Much of this shadowy material is things we are ashamed of or were taught to hide away by our parents, churches, and schooling. Separation is letting go of the self-inflicted restraints to our true nature, so we can shine through. Physiologically, Separation is following and controlling the breath in the body as it works with the forces of Spirit and Soul to give birth to new energy and physical renewal. Separation begins in the Navel or Iron Chakra located at the level of the solar plexus. In Society, Separation is expressed as the establishment of clans, cities, and nationalities. Separation on the Planetary level is represented by the formation of land masses and islands from the powerful forces of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Correspondences Of Separation

According to the Emerald Tablet, "The Wind carries it in its belly." Element: Air. Color: Orange-Red. Planet: Mars. Metal: Iron.

Herein filtration is the means by which our solution is rendered free of impurities and the process we apply is that of the intellect and the sword of discrimination for here lies the seed of the sun/son and bereft of impurities does it rise in the vessel unencumbered by the gross elements that would anchor it to the corporeal. In regard of Solus Noir it is to our first cycle that we attend for here we crossed The Mountains Of The Moon, took our rest in The Vale Of Aphrodite in preparation for entering The Boundary Lands. Here did we manifest the first avatar and Separated from our bride did we stand alone upon the shores of midnight. Before us stood the iron gates that gave entrance to The Fabled City beyond. Here Solus Noir shone, its rays ebon all but denied us passage for the sword was our only weapon and the tempest that rage all about us all but consumed us. Yet survive we did and the mirror that serves as memory is all that remains of this time. Here did we spend a decade and more in Separation as the gross was eliminated from the Elixir of our making. Time and time again was it renewed and we experienced The Dark Night Of The Soul wherein Saturnus rules. Our sword, keen, with its edge of steel did we wield and our visor was raised and we became invisible to all as we embarked upon the second stage of our journey, for the principle of this our Royale Arte be subtle in the extreme. Breath is all that remained of us and this sought kinship with the aethyrs, its natural habitat. Here humanity was stripped from our bones and our flesh became as burnished brass polished by the lustrous waters of this our benediction. Our intellect, our only friend in this strange and exotic land did we cling to and like a lifeboat did it carry us across The Sea Of Travail and deposit us before the gates of the fabled city. Here we made a home for many a year gazing upon the wonder that lay beyond our grasp. This granted us relief for to behold such be sufficient unto itself and we entered its dream, never to return. The Prima Materia now a single breath is all that remains in our cauldron and this now becomes all we have to work with. It is sufficient to our purpose.

Fourth Wave - Conjunction

Conjunction is the fourth of the seven operations of alchemy. Chemically, it is the recombination of the saved elements from Separation into a new substance. In the Arcanum Experiment, Conjunction is symbolized by a nitrate compound known as cubic-saltpeter or potassium nitrate, which the alchemists called Natron or simply Salt. Blue-colored Natron acid (aqua fortis) was made by mixing potassium nitrate with sulfuric acid and was used to separate silver from gold. The inert residue precipitated from the acid during the reaction like a child being born. Psychologically, it is empowerment of our true selves, the union of both the masculine and feminine sides of our personalities into a new belief system or an intuitive state of consciousness. The alchemists referred to it as the Lesser Stone, and after it is achieved, the adept is able to clearly discern what needs to be done to achieve lasting enlightenment, which is union with the Overself. Often, synchronicities begin to occur that confirm the alchemist is on the right track. Physiologically, Conjunction is using the bodys sexual energies for personal transformation. Conjunction takes place in the body at the level of the Heart or Copper Chakra. In Society, it is the growth of crafts and technology to master the environment. On the Planetary level, Conjunction occurs when primordial life forms are created from the energy of the Sun or lightning.

Correspondences Of Conjunction

According to the Emerald Tablet, "The Earth is its nurse." Element: Earth. Color: Green. Planet: Venus. Metal: Copper.

And here were we reborn and arrived at the first major milestone, for the lesser stone was realized. Like a child rising from the amniotic ocean were we given into the care of Rosa Mundi whereon we grew in strength and vigour. Here also we completed the quaternary of elements that give rise to the material aspect of this our work. Solus Noir ascended into the heavens with the completion of our second cycle and the second avatar, our dearest sister was made flesh and in conjunction were we to enter the third cycle of our making, whereon our preparations would be completed. In Fire were we forged. By Water were we purified. By Air were we consecrated and by Earth were we made flesh. The mystical marriage consummated its nuptials as the false self, dim reflection was replaced by the radiance of our divine sphere. Complete, unalloyed, herein we might have paused for an eternity and basked in the nectar of our vision. Passing time we measure as thirteen years from the day we took our first stumbling step upon this our path. Solus Noir and Lammae Rouge, the white and red tinctures did we formulate and in the crucible of our heart did we conjoin and of this did we procure a venom sweet and our lips dripped this toxin and our creations fused into an engine of war did descend upon the fate of all. Here our journey took us into the heart of the fabled city and at its heart twin pylons hung suspended upon the aethyrs and therein the avatars dream.

The Prima Materia now reborn is that which remains in our cauldron and this now becomes what we have to work with. It remains sufficient to our purpose.

Fifth Wave - Fermentation

Fermentation is the fifth operation in the alchemy of transformation. Fermentation is a two-stepped process that begins with the Putrefaction of the hermaphroditic "child" from the Conjunction resulting in its death and resurrection to a new level of being. The Fermentation phase then begins with the introduction of new life into the product of Conjunction to strengthen it and insure its survival. Chemically, Fermentation is the growth of a ferment (bacteria) in organic solutions, such as occurs in the fermenting of milk to produce curds and cheese or in the fermenting of grapes to make wine. In the Arcanum Experiment, the process of Fermentation is represented by a compound called Liquor Hepatis, which is an oily, reddish-brown mixture of ammonia and the rotten-egg-smelling compound hydrogen sulfide. Egyptian alchemists made ammonia by heating camel dung in sealed containers and thought of it as a kind of refined Mercury that embodied the life force. Liquor Hepatis means "Liquor of the Liver," which they believed was the seat of the Soul, and the color they associated with the compound was green, the color of bile. Surprisingly, Liquor Hepatis exudes a wonderful fragrance, and the alchemists made a perfume of it called "Balsam of the Soul." Psychologically, the Fermentation process starts with the inspiration of spiritual power from Above that reanimates, energizes, and enlightens the alchemist. Out of the blackness of his Putrefaction comes the yellow Ferment, which appears like a golden wax flowing out of the foul matter of the Soul. Its arrival is announced by a brilliant display of colors and meaningful visions called the "Peacocks Tail." Fermentation can be achieved through various activities that include intense prayer, desire for mystical union, breakdown of the personality, transpersonal therapy, psychedelic drugs, and deep meditation. Fermentation is living inspiration from something totally beyond us. Physiologically, Fermentation is the rousing of living energy (chi or kundalini) in the body to heal and vivify. It is expressed as vibratory tones and spoken truths emerging from the Throat or Mercury Chakra. In Society, the Fermentation experience is the basis of religion. On the Planetary level, it is the evolution of life to produce higher consciousness.

Correspondences Of Fermentation

According to the Emerald Tablet, during Fermentation, we raise consciousness from the darkness of the animal body through personal meditation and planetary evolution. "Separate the Earth from Fire," it tells us, "the subtle from the gross, gently and with great Ingenuity." Substance: Sulfur. Color: Turquoise. Planet: Venus. Metal: Mercury.

Herein were we taken from the light of day and cast into a scene that yet burns upon our memory. Down a long corridor did we walk, to our left and right a succession of broken rooms shrouded in dust and debris served to illustrate the passing of our kind and at the end of this corridor did hang twin mirrors that held the reflections of The Treasure House Of Images. With but a single blow did we shatter the mirrors and their reflections tumbled into the dust from whence they came. Time itself folded and spiraled into repetition as time and time again we returned to The Hall Of Remembrance and unfolded cycle upon cycle of our presence and through time we lost the form that bound us to the wheel of continuance. Here were we taken from the pristine aethyrs, upon which we soar and remains our natural habitat. This was replaced by fetid marsh wherein toxic fumes rendered us all but deceased. Here we entered the Putrefaction, essential to our quest and here we dwelt for many a year and having completed our third cycle of Solus Noir did we manifest our bride and consort Lilith. And in The Night Of Pan it is dawn and The Black Sun rises and casts no shadows. It is at the stage/wave that the cauldron contains The Lesser Stone which subjected to Fermentation and Putrefaction. The latter prepares the stone by rendering it malleable whilst the former breeds the conditions required for the Distillation which follows.

The Prima Materia made whole is that which remains in our cauldron and this now becomes what we have to work with. It remains sufficient to our purpose.

Sixth Wave - Distillation

Distillation is the sixth major operation in the alchemy of transformation. Chemically, it is the boiling and condensation of the fermented solution to increase its purity, such as takes place in the distilling of wine to make brandy. In the Arcanum Experiment, Distillation is represented by a compound known as Black Pulvis Solaris, which is made by mixing black antimony with purified sulfur. The two immediately clump together to make what the alchemists called a bezoar, a kind of sublimated solid that forms in the intestines and brain. Psychologically, Distillation is the agitation and sublimation of psychic forces is necessary to ensure that no impurities from the inflated ego or deeply submerged id are incorporated into the next and final stage. Personal Distillation consists of a variety of introspective techniques that raise the content of the psyche to the highest level possible, free from sentimentality and emotions, cut off even from ones personal identity. Distillation is the purification of the unborn Self ! all that we truly are and can be. Physiologically, Distillation is raising the life force repeatedly from the lower regions in the cauldron of the body to the brain (what Oriental alchemists called the Circulation of the Light), where it eventually becomes a wondrous solidifying light full of power. Distillation is said to culminate in the Third Eye area of the forehead, at the level of the pituitary and pineal glands, in the Brow or Silver Chakra. In Society, the Distillation experience is expressed as science and objective experimentation. On the Planetary level, Distillation is the realization of the power of higher love, as the life force on the entire planet gradually seeks to become one force in nature based on a shared vision of Truth.

Correspondences Of Distillation

According to the Emerald Tablet, during the Distillation process, "It rises from Earth to Heaven and descends again to Earth, thereby combining within Itself the powers of both the Above and the Below." Substance: Mercury. Color: Deep Blue. Planet: Mercury. Metal: Silver.

Here were we released from our self imposed prison and once again we soar upon the burnished aethyrs. Freedom has embraced us and as the Fermentation process is completed that which remains is committed to the flask where subjected to a gentle heat the distillate rises as a mist and begins to condense as it is cooled within the body of Arte. Here we planted the sigils and spells of our work into the body of the earth. Four did we consign to the great mother. The first we placed in water, the second in air, the third in earth and the Triangle Of Arte, now extended across the landscaper raised a pyramid of power as we planted the fourth seal in fire. Aligned to our favoured constellations within the heavens, the diamond body began to spin upon its axis. This work we called Trinity and as our rays ascend into the heavens from the earth and return as the nectar of benediction are we anointed, consecrated and purified. Drop by precious drop, The Water Of Life descends and enters our now consecrated vessel. A year passes in the undertaking of this the penultimate wave/stage of our work. Solve Et Coagula in the matter of the one true substance. This precious nectar is consigned to the chambers of our heart and therein, through reflection and introspection do we prepare for the final stage of this our Arte, whereon, prepared we await the freedom that beckons. The fulfillment of prophecy begins and we its avatars continue to dream upon starbeams and the promise or returning to our home amongst the whispering stars.

The Prima Materia now prepared is that which remains in The Vessel Of Arte and this now becomes what we have to work with. It remains sufficient to our purpose.

Seventh Wave - Coagulation

Coagulation is the seventh and final operation of alchemy. Chemically, Coagulation is the precipitation or sublimation of the purified Ferment from Distillation. In the Arcanum Experiment, Coagulation is represented by a compound called Red Pulvis Solaris, which is a reddish-orange powder of pure sulfur mixed with the therapeutic mercury compound, red mercuric oxide. The name Pulvis Solaris means "Powder of the Sun" and the alchemists believed it could instantly perfect any substance to which it was added. Psychologically, Coagulation is first sensed as a new confidence that is beyond all things, though many experience it as a Second Body of golden coalesced light, a permanent vehicle of consciousness that embodies the highest aspirations and evolution of mind. Coagulation incarnates and releases the Ultima Materia of the soul, the Astral Body, which the alchemists also referred to it as the Greater or Philosophers Stone. Using this magical Stone, the alchemists believed they could exist on all levels of reality. Physiologically, this stage is marked by the release of the Elixir in the blood that rejuvenates the body into a perfect vessel of health. A brain ambrosia is said to be released through the interaction of light from the phallic-shaped pineal gland and matter from the vulva of the pituitary. This heavenly food or viaticum both nourishes and energizes the cells without any waste products being produced. These physiological and psychological processes create the Second Body, a body of solid light that emerges through the Crown or Gold Chakra. In Society, it is the living wisdom in which everyone exists within the same light of evolved consciousness and knowledge of Truth. On the Planetary level, Coagulation is a return to the Garden of Eden, this time on a higher level in tune with the divine mind.

Correspondences Of Coagulation

According to the Emerald Tablet, "Thus will you obtain the Glory of the Whole Universe. All Obscurity will be clear to you. This is the greatest Force of all powers, because it overcomes every Subtle thing and penetrates every Solid thing." Substance: Salt. Color: Violet; Purple. Planet: Sun. Metal: Gold

Anathema Per Samael Vox Lilith
Seven are the seals upon creations countenance. Seven, the trumpets that announce the day of redemption. Seven are the visions of the dragon and its kingdoms. Seven, the visions that accompany the lamb. Seven are the bowls of gods wrath. Seven, the veils upon the lady Babalon. And Seven are the visions of the end of days.

Canto I
And upon wings of light did we descend Lightning in our eyes, thunder in our hearts. Seven as one, clothed in adamantine.

Canto II
Watchers in the night, ancient, timeless, immortal. Each a chord within a celestial heartbeat. Behold our song, our prayer written in the echo of the moment.

Canto III
And the dragon she rises and her kingdoms claim the world. Her tears fall and she washes away the stain. Her breath a scorching wind razes the edifice of conceit. Her heartbeat a thunderbolt, the end of days.

Canto IV
Bathed in his own blood was he. We carry the sword and our blood is sacred. No sacrifice as it be justice we serve. Invisible we walk, sons and daughters of eternal night

Canto V
Each a toxin. Each an elixir. Choose well the bowl from which you quench your thirst. Nectar sweet, cousin to the worm. Bitter gall, a draught of ambrosia.

Canto VI
Malekh, holy one, casts her veils and you behold her not. One glance and sleep is entered. One whisper and Azrael is summoned. One cry and our sister rejoices.

Canto VII
And in those days it was given unto the false prophets to spread the lie, sow the seeds of doubt, draw aside the veil and reveal the end of days,

Exodus Canto VIII

Coagula et Solve. We strip the world, our Eden of its lie. Beneath our rays you are transformed, redeemed or not. Choose well for we dwell between you heartbeats.

Canto IX
Omega et Alpha. Time bends before our gaze as somnambulant you step from one dream to another. The unmaking unfolds as our Elohim circle your world, your life.

Canto X
Space folds before our eyes and the great ones enter, their breath creases the moment in passing, warps memory, erases life and casts a shadow of dust and vacuum.

Genesis Canto XI
Sweet sister are you redeemed. Your Grigori await command as you will. Your Elohim abroad command as you will. Your portal open command as you will.

Canto XII
Cleansed of the lie your breath draws pure. Cleansed of the stain your heart beats rapturous. Purified your mind awakens from nightmare. Consecrated your body bears fruit.

Canto XIII
And in the Night of Pan it is dawn. The Black Sun rises and its rays cast no shadow. The Blood Moon rises and casts her veil. The Grigori rise and utter a word in silence.

The Great Work Completed


I The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet, also known as Smaragdine Table, Tabula Smaragdina, or The Secret of Hermes, is a text purporting to reveal the secret of the primordial substance and its transmutations. It claims to be the work of Hermes Trismegistus "Hermes the Thrice-Greatest", a legendary Hellenistic combination of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. Below is shown the translation Isaac Newton. The compact and cryptic text was highly regarded by European alchemists as the foundation of their art, in particular of its Hermetic tradition. Interpreting the layers of meanings of the Emerald Tablet, from individual words to the overall meaning, is fraught with possibilities, but certainly Alchemy's Magnum opus and the ancient, classical, element system are the basis of any sound explanation, as they provide a key to the ideas of earth, fire, sun, moon, etc., common to all the translations. Tis true without lying, certain most true. That which is below is like that which is above that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing. And as all things have been arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the moon its mother. The wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse. The father of all perfection in the whole world is here. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth. Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. It ascends from the earth to the heaven again it descends to the earth and receives the force of things superior and inferior. By this means ye shall have the glory of the whole world thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all force. for it vanquishes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing. So was the world created. From this are and do come admirable adaptations whereof the means (Or process) is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegist, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished and ended.

II The Seven Stages Of The Alchemical Process & An Interpretation By C.G.Jung

The alchemists believed there was a formula to alchemical transmutation and that transmutation could be experienced if these seven operations or stages were followed. Illustrations throughout alchemical manuscripts give visual keys to the seven sequential steps, and show a pathway to union with the Divine self or higher consciousness. The seven stages of alchemy are Calcination This is the first stage of the alchemical practice and essentially represents the process of burning. It represents a burning within the self, of energies repressed due to trauma, projection of others thoughts, ego, and feelings or emotions. Calcination allows us to bring the energy or feelings to the surface, experience them fully and cause the fires of calcination to burn the energy away. Once this step is complete, the process leaves us with a feeling of freedom from the energy. Dissolution Dissolution is the process of adding the element of water to the ashes of what has been burned by the fires of calcination. This is an emotional stage where the person takes themselves back to the womb of childhood where some of the impurities (repressed feelings) were attached and need to be washed away. The feelings, reactions, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes must be examined for reality, to find whether they are based on repressed feelings or present facts. This is a stage of anxiety, fear, denial, illusion and possible mental breakdown. When a person moves through this stage they can then look at what is real because feeling all of the negative feelings has now penetrated the illusions. Separation In this stage of the alchemical process the individual is able to see himself in two parts or the opposites within. The two worlds represented are the world we have created -- fueled by what we come from -- and the world of consciousness and reality-- a world much different from the one we ourselves created. Repressed feelings cause a veil to be produced that causes reality to be skewed. Separation is a process of being able to see and separate the ego self that has been burned in the fires of Calcination and the feelings expressed and released in Dissolution and choosing what is now important to keep of you.

Conjunction Conjunction gives us our first look at the higher realms of existence such as spiritual connection, concept of God, or something greater than ourselves that is outside of and connected to our self. This stage is described in the Emerald Tablet, That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing. Fermentation Fermentation is also known as Putrefaction or decomposition. This decomposition is the rotting of the dead self. There is realization on a deep level of ones deficiencies, and a possibility of mental depression at this stage. To look into the dark shadows of ones self is to look at what most deny. Jung spoke of the importance of embracing ones shadow so that the darkness of it could be illuminated. When the shadow is embraced it can be healed with the introspection and understanding of what gave it birth. Regeneration and growth begins to take place during this stage. Distillation Distillation is another wash of the parts of the personality that no longer work with the new self that has been uncovered. Human beings grow attached to the material world along with their thoughts, beliefs and opinions. This stage of the work calls us to release attachment to everything and feel detachment as a true form of love. This form of love is from a higher level and not a form that is usually practiced until we have let go of our attachments to end results or the future. Distillation helps wash away the dark matter of attachment and reveal the deeper intuitive self in its purest form-- light and Oneness. Coagulation This is the last stage of the alchemical process. The balance of the opposites creates a balance and harmony necessary to easily move between the two realms of matter and spirit. The person that has successfully accomplished this stage has completed unification within themselves on all levels. They have been able to join spirit and soul with the body, separating them from everything that would hinder them ascension into the union with the Divine. This is the stage of the phoenix rising from the ashes and the complete resurrection.

Stages Of The Alchemical Opus

Elevating logic, rational thinking to such a superior position in western culture has meant that the alchemical perspective has become unintelligible, almost impossible to fathom. Embedded as we are in a scientific paradigm, the imagery and symbolic language of alchemy is presented as primitive, regressive and abnormal. Considered outmoded, outdated, or redundant by the majority, what possible purpose can alchemy therefore have in modern day life? To gain an understanding of the meaning of its many images and symbols one would have to enter the imaginative world in which many alchemists lived and worked. It was a world in which mystery and spirituality took precedence over problem solving. In the alchemical imagination, for instance, the opposites unite, being linked together by hidden connections and identities, sometimes creating a magical third, which transcends ordinary consciousness. The famous alchemical saying 'as above, so below' epitomises the duplicity present in many of its operations. This paradoxical, non-technological approach seems a far cry from the customary black or white, pragmatic notions of consciousness. In the common imagination, the goal of alchemy was to treat base matter in such a way as to transform it into gold. In this respect, alchemy is the art of transmutation, the transformation of a given substance into a higher one. But this was no ordinary gold and, understood metaphorically, translates as the innate value of a substance, or a deep insight or realisation. This 'inner' treasure, which required dedication, religious devotion, and the grace of God to obtain, was most commonly referred to as the philosopher's stone. Discovering alchemy to be the historical counterpart to his own psychology of the unconscious, the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) saw in its operations a metaphor for realisation of the Self, the outcome of what Jung called the process of individuation. Furthermore, Jung was convinced that alchemy provided a model and a map for defining inner experiences, as well as a symbolic system for their expression. He also took the various alchemical terms to refer to stages of the analytical process. The alchemist therefore portrayed many of the problems of modern psychology through their lively, often bizarre images and

metaphorical language. Such images, which were experienced as a property of matter, were in fact projections of unconscious processes, or fantasies. These fantasies are the basic currency of modern day dreams and nightmares. Since the beginning of the Christian era, four stages of the alchemical opus1 or sacred work - a search for the supreme and ultimate value - were distinguished, characterised by the original colours described by the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesos (535 BC-475 BC): melanosis (blackening), leukosis (whitening), xanthosis (yellowing), and iosis (reddening). Colour symbolism was important in alchemy, with the changes of colour associated with the successive transformation of matter, and the movement from one level of being to another. Because the alchemist and his work were closely interwoven, these colour changes also represent states of consciousness and felt visions that are unique in themselves. Later in the 15th or 16th Century the colours were reduced to three, with the yellowing stage falling into disuse. This was probably due to the symbolical significance of the quaternity and the trinity; in other words, it was due to religious and psychological reasons2. Alchemy, however, continued to treat with four elements (fire, air, earth, and water) and four qualities (hot, cold, dry, and moist). It also made reference to the archetypal influence of planetary bodies upon the psyche, and the complexes, fantasies and behaviours they generate. Progress through the stages was said to be strewn with obstacles and, at times, highly dangerous. In many ways, it describes a journey of the human soul.

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The three stages of the alchemical opus are Nigredo or Blackening

At the beginning is the so-called 'dragon', the chthonic spirit, the 'devil' or 'blackness'. The nigredo, as the initial stage, is either present as a quality of the prima materia (or original substance), or else produced by the separation (solutio, separatio, putrefactio) of the elements. Either way, the encounter with 'blackness' destroys the original form to produce chaos, suffering or pain. The elements are often represented anthropomorphically by male and female, but also in terms of planets and their corresponding metal. That is, the planets in heaven correspond to the metals in the earth:

Sun = gold Moon = silver Mercury = quicksilver Venus = copper Mars = iron Jupiter = tin Saturn = lead

It was thought that as the planets revolve around the Earth, they gradually spin their corresponding metals into the earth, which can be extracted by chemical operations. These elements are then grouped into opposites (eg, King-Queen, Sun-Moon, MarsVenus, etc, which are brought together in a union (coniunctio, coitus); the product of this union then dies (mortificatio, putrefactio, calcinatio) to produce the blackening of the nigredo. Psychologically, the prima materia is identical with an undifferentiated, disintegrated, chaotic, unconscious mind, containing all the potential, all the dynamic oppositions, necessary to achieve the goal of the opus. The separatio and divisio, like the division and multiplication of cells in the developing embryo, are needed to get the process of synthesis started. In Jungian terms, the separatio is necessary to help differentiate the ego from the shadow, from the anima or animus, and from the Self. The blackening is about depression, the melancholia, that is often the initial stage causing one to slow down and examine life, that brings one into therapy, and that deepens when one encounters the shadow side of personality. The shadow is the inferior part of the personality; sum of all personal and collective psychic elements

which, because of their incompatibility with the chosen conscious attitude, are denied expression in life and therefore coalesce into a relatively autonomous 'splinter personality' with contrary tendencies in the unconscious. The shadow behaves compensatorily to consciousness; hence its effects can be positive as well as negative. The encounter with the shadow is invariably experienced as a mortificatio: dark shadow aspects of the Self have to be confronted and assimilated into consciousness; the feelings of guilt, worthlessness and powerlessness have to be suffered, taken on and worked through. As a prelude to resolving conflicts and warring elements in the psyche, a cleansing process was required involving an examination and withdrawal of projections. The nigredo stage was known by the alchemists to be dangerous: poisonous vapours of lead and quick silver (mercury) were generated or the vessel itself might explode due to over-heating. Safety apart the alchemist, paradoxically, had to observe the value of patience in order to move the work on.

Albedo or Whitening
In alchemical language, matter suffers until the nigredo disappears and a new day dawns. The material slowly starts coming back to life. The albedo, the second stage, was said to result from the washing (ablutio, baptisma) of the products of this nigredo. Psychologically, it represents the later stages of shadow integration within the intimacy of the analytic 'retort' - the process of washing one's dirty linen in public; it being in the gross matter or 'shadow' of our worldly affairs where contamination has taken place. In some traditions, the nigredo constitutes the 'death' of the prima materia - in analysis, a dying to old habits, attitudes and patterns of relating, to childhood attachments and dependencies, and the withdrawal of psychologically naive projections; at the moment of 'death' the soul (ie, the anima) is released, refined and then reunited with the revitalised materia to produce the glorious stage of many colours - called the 'peacock's tail,' the caudis pavonis, which then transforms into white (albedo), which contains all colours, like 'white' light. This moment is highly rewarding, though still a sort of abstract, ideal state. Jung compared it with daybreak, the preparation for the next and final stage, which is the sunrise.

Rubedo or Reddening
To make the opus come alive into a fully human mode of existence it must have 'blood', or what the alchemists call the rubedo or 'reddness' of life. In this final stage, the white becomes united with red through the raising of the heat in the fire. The white is associated with the Queen and the red with the King, who now arise out of the mercurial, tranformative 'waters' of the unconscious to perform their coniunctio oppositorum, the union of all opposites as symbolised by the conjunction of the archetypal masculine and feminine in the 'chymical marriage', the hieros gamos3. This results in the grand climax, the achievement of the goal - the lapis philosophorum, the hermaphrodite embodying the united King and Queen. This is the so-called 'third thing', the 'Rebis', the phenomenon of the union of love and soul itself, the soul that is engendered through love - this 'divine birth' symbolising a reawakening of psychological reality, a new ruling consciousness.

Final Comments
In Jungian terms, these three stages could be seen as symbolic expressions of the stages of individuation. Individuation is the process by which we move towards the integration of the opposites, their transcendence, and finally bringing into consciousness of the Self. It can also be seen as a redemptive process of recovering spirit, soul or Self from the unconscious: nigredo, as the first stage, is about recognising and integrating the shadow; nigredo psychology asks what is wrong in the physical realm, looks for the psychosomatic symptom, and then moves to purging or cathartic remedies, as literal, gross measures based in emotional identification, bodywork, and literal history such as childhood experience.4. Interestingly, Kernyi5 associates the nigredo with the archetype of the wounded healer and the birth of healing power. According to Greek mythology a black crow appears at the birth of Asklepios. His mother, Coronis (the crow maiden), while pregnant with Asklepios by Apollo, had intercourse with Ischys. On reporting this infidelity to Apollo, the crow was turned from white to black. Coronis was killed for her crime, but the infant Asklepios was snatched from her womb while placed on the funeral pyre. This myth highlights how death and life are inextricably linked, and that only by staying with the darkness of suffering can one find the germs of light, healing and recovery 6. The albedo, the second stage, parallels the integration of the opposites - in alchemical terms, the conjunction, the heiros gamos or marriage between male and female. One is in a reflective state of consciousness after the tortures of the nigredo.

As a whitening phase everything is seen under the light of the moon, rather than the clarifying or discriminating light of the sun. It can be a world of illusions and mirrors; sublime, pure and ideological, not to be sullied by the gross, mundane world. However, as if to underline the interrelatedness of the three stages, the moon was considered as the shadow of the sun; its symbolism signifying germination and decay, light changing to darkness, and death and rebirth. In the final stage, rubedo, the philosopher's gold has been produced, the goal of the opus complete - the recognition, the acceptance and the integration of opposites has led to their transcendence and the experience of Self. One now stands on solid ground, entering the world more soulfully, living life more vitally, to the full. On the horizon the 'shadows' begin to form, and one prepares yet again to enter the cycle of change.

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III The Chymical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkreutz

[ Extract ]

The First Day

On an evening before Easter day, I sat at a table, and having (as my custom was) in my humble prayer sufficiently conversed with my Creator, and considered many great mysteries (whereof the Father of Lights his Majesty had shewn me not a few) and being now ready to prepare in my heart, together with my dear Paschal Lamb, a small, unleavened, undefiled cake; All on a sudden ariseth so horrible a tempest, that I imagined no other but that through its mighty force, the hill whereon my little house was founded, would flye in pieces. But in as much as this, and the like from the Devil (who had done me many a spight) was no new thing to me, I took courage, and persisted in my meditation, till some body after an unusual manner, touched me on the back; whereupon I was so hugely terrified, that I durst hardly look about me; yet I shewed myself as cheerful as (in the like occurrence.) humane frailty would permit; now the same thing still twitching me several times. by the coat, I looked back, and behold it was a fair and glorious lady, whose garments were all skye-colour, and curiously (like Heaven) bespangled with golden stars, in her right hand she bare a trumpet of beaten gold, whereon a Name was ingraven which I could well read in but am as yet forbidden to reveal it. In her left hand she had a great bundle of letters of all languages, which she (as I afterwards understood) was to carry into all countries. She had also large and beautiful wings, full of eyes throughout, wherewith she could mount aloft, and flye swifter than any eagle. I might perhaps been able to take further notice of her, but because she stayed so small time with me, and terror and amazement still possessed me, I was fain to be content. For as soon as I turned about, she turned her letters over and over, and at length drew out a small one, with which great reverence she laid down upon the table, and without giving one word, departed from me. But in her mounting upward, she gave so mighty a blast on her gallant trumpet, that the whole hill echoed thereof, and for a full quarter of an hour after, I could hardly hear my own words. In so unlooked for an adventure I was at a loss, how either to advise, or assist my poor self, and therefore fell upon my knees and besought my Creator to permit nothing contrary to my eternal happiness to befall me; whereupon with fear and trembling, I went to the letter, which was now so heavy, as had it been mere gold, it could hardly have been so weighty. Now as I we. diligently viewing it, I found a little seal, whereupon a curious cross with this inscription, IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, was ingraven

The Second Day

I was hardly got out of my cell into a forest when me thought the whole heaven and all the elements had already trimmed themselves against this wedding. For even the birds chanted more pleasantly then before, and the young fawns skipped so merrily, that they rejoiced my old heart, and moved me to sing: wherefore with a loud voice I thus began: With mirth thou pretty bird rejoice. Thy Maker's praise intranced. Lift up thy shrill and pleasant voice. Thy God is high advanced. Thy food before he did provide. And gives it in a fitting side. Therewith be thou sufficed. Why should'st thou now unpleasant be. Thy wrath against God venting? That he a little bird made thee. Thy silly head tormenting? Because he made thee not a man. poor earthly worm, By God (as'twere) inditing. That I should thus 'gainst Heaven storm To force great arts by fighting? God will out-braved be by none. Who's good for naught, may hence be gone, O man be herewith sufficed. That he no Caesar hath thee fram'd. To pine therefore 'tis needless. His name perhaps thou hadst defam'd. Whereof he was not heedless. Most clear and bright Gods eyes do shine. He pierces to thy heart within and cannot be deceived."

The Third Day

Now as soon as the lovely day was broken, and the bright sun, having raised himself above the hills, had again betaken himself, in the high heaven, to his appointed office, my good champions began to rise out of their beds, and leisurely to make themselves ready unto the inquisition. Whereupon, one after another, they came again into the hall, and giving us a good morrow, demanded how we had slept; and having espied our bonds, there were some that reproved us for being so cowardly, and that we had not, as they, hazarded upon all adventures. Howbeit, same of them whose hearts still smote them made no loud cry of the business. We excused ourselves with our ignorance, hoping we should now be set at liberty, and learn wit by this disgrace, that they on the contrary had not yet altogether escaped, and perhaps their greatest danger was still to be expected. At length each one being assembled, the trumpets

began now again to sound and the kettle drums to beat as formerly, and we then imagined no other but that the Bridegroom was ready to present himself; which nevertheless was a huge mistake. For it was again the yesterday's Virgin who had arrayed her self all in red velvet, and girded her self with a white scarfe. Upon her head she had a green wreath of laurel, which hugely became her. Her train was now no more of small tapers, but consisted of two hundred men in harness, who were all (like her) cloathed in red and white. Now as soon as they were alighted from the throne, she comes straight to us prisoners, and after she had saluted us, she said in few words, "That some of you have been sensible of your wretched condition is hugely pleasing to my most mighty Lord, and he is also resolved you shall fare the better for it." And having espied me in my habit, she laughed and spake, "Good lack! hast thou also submitted thy self to the yoke, I imagined thou wouldst have made thy self very smug," with which words she caused my eyes to run over. After which she commanded we should be unbound, and coupled together and placed in a station where we might well behold the scales. "For," said she, "it may yet fare better with them, than the presumptuous, who yet stand here at liberty." Mean time the scales which were intirely of gold were hung up in the midst of the hall. There was also a little table covered with red velvet, and seven weights placed thereon. First of all stood a pretty great one, next four little ones; lastly, two great ones severally. And these weights in proportion to their bulk were so heavy, that no man can believe or comprehend it. But each of the harnessed men had together with a naked sword a strong rope. These she distributed according to the number; of weights into seven bands and out of every band chose one for their proper weight; and then again sprung up into her high throne. Now as soon as she had made her reverence, with a very shrill tone she began thus to speak

The Fourth Day

I still lay in my bed, and leisurely surveyed the noble images and figures up and down about my chamber, during which on a sudden I heard the music of coronets, as if they had been already in procession. My page skipped out of the bed as if he had been at his wits end, and looked more like one dead than living. In what case I was then, is easily imaginable, for, said he, "The rest are already presented to the King." I knew not what else to do, but weep out-right and curs s my own slothfulness; yet I dressed my self, but my page was ready long before me, and ran out of the chamber to see how affairs might yet stand. But he soon returned, and brought with him this joyful news, that the time indeed was not yet but only I had over-slept my breakfast, they

being unwilling to waken me because of my age. But that now it was time for me to go with him to the fountain where the most part were assembled. With this consolation my spirit returned again, wherefore I was soon ready with my habit, and went after the page to the fountain in the aforementioned garden, where I found that the lion instead of his sword had a pretty large tablet by him. Now having well viewed it, I found that it was taken out of the ancient monuments, and placed here for some especial honour. The inscription was somewhat worn out with age, and therefore I am minded to set it down here. as it is, and give every one leave to consider it

The Fifth Day

The night was over, and the dear wished for day broken, when hastily I got me out of bed, more desirous to learn what might yet ensue, than that I had sufficiently slept. Now after that I had put on my clothes, and according to my custom was gone down the stairs, it was still too early, and I found nobody else in the hall, wherefore I entreated my page to lead me a little about the castle, and show me somewhat that was rare, who was now (as always) willing, and presently lead me down certain steps underground, to a great iron door. Now after this door was opened, the page led me by the hand through a very dark passage, till we came again to a very little door, that was now only put too, for (as my page informed me) it was first opened but yesterday when the coffins were taken out, and had not been since shut. Now as soon as we stepped in, I espied the most precious thing that Nature ever created, for this vault had no other light but from certain huge great carbuncles, and this (as I was informed) was the King's Treasury. But the most glorious and principal thing, that I here saw, was a sepulchre (which stood in the middle) so rich that I wondered that it was no better guarded, whereunto the page answered me, that I had good reason to be thankful to my planet, by whose influence it was that I had now seen certain pieces which no humane eye else (except the King's family) had ever had a view of. This sepulchre was triangular, and had in the middle of it a kettle of polished copper, the rest was of pure gold and precious stones. In the kettle stood an angel, who held in his arms an unknown tree, from which it continually dropped fruit into the kettle; and an oft as the fruit fell into the kettle, it turned into water, and ran out from thence into three small golden kettles standing by. This little altar was supported by these three animals, an eagle, an ox and a lion, which stood on an exceeding costly base. I asked

my page what this might signify. "Here," said he, "lies buried Lady Venus, that beauty which hath undone many a great man, both in fortune, honour, blessing and prosperity." After which he showed me a copper door on the pavement. "Here," said he, "if you please, we may go further down."

The Sixth Day

Next morning, after we had awakened one another, we sat together a while to discourse what might yet be the event of things. For some were of opinion what they should all be enlivened again together. Others contradicted it, because the decease of the ancients was not only to restore life, but increase too to the young ones. Some imagined that they were not put to death, but that others were beheaded in their stead. We having now talked together a pretty long while, in comes the old man, and first saluting us, looks about him to see if all things were ready, and the processes enough done. We had herein so behaved ourselves, that he had no fault to find with our diligence, whereupon he placed all the glasses together, and put them into a case. Presently come certain youths bringing with them some ladders, ropes, and large wings, which they laid down before us, and departed. Then the old man began thus: "My dear sons, one of these three things must each of you this day constantly bear about with him. Now it is free for you either to make a choice of one of them, or to cast lots about it." We replied, we would choose. "Nay, said he, "let it rather go by lot." Hereupon he made three little schedules. On one he writ Ladder, on the second Rope, on the third Wings. These he laid in a hat, and each man must draw, and whatever he happened upon, that was to be his. Those who got the ropes, imagined themselves to be in the best case, but I chanced on a ladder, which hugely afflicted me, for it was twelve-foot long, and pretty weighty, and I must be forced to carry it, whereas the others could handsomely coil their ropes about them. And as for the wings, the old man joined them so nearly on to the third sort, as if they had grown upon them. Hereupon he turned the cock and then the fountain ran no longer, and we were fain to remove it, from the middle out of the way. After all things were carried off, he taking with him the casket with the glasses, took leave, and locked the door fast after him so that we imagined no other but that we had been imprisoned in this Tower. But it was hardly a quarter of an hour before a round hole at the very top was uncovered, where we saw our Virgin, who called to us, and bad us good morrow, desiring us to come up. They with the wings were instantly above through the hole. Only they with the ropes were in evil plight

The Seventh Day

After eight of clock I awaked, and quickly made myself ready, being desirous to return again into the Tower, but the dark passages in the wall were so many and various, that I wandred a good while before I could find the way out. The same happened to the rest too, till at last we all met again in the neither most vault, and habits entirely yellow were given us, together with our golden fleeces. At that time the Virgin declared to us that we were Knights of the Golden Stone, of which we were before ignorant. After we had now thus made ourselves ready, and taken our breakfast, the old man presented each of us with a medal of gold; on the one side stood these words, AR. NAT. MI. On the other these, TEM. NA. F. exhorting us moreover we should enterprise nothing beyond and against this token of remembrance. Herewith we went forth to the sea, where our ships lay so richly equipped, that it was not well possible but such brave things must first have been brought thither. The ships were twelve in number, six of ours, and six of the old lord's, who caused his ships to be freighted with well appointed soldiers. But he betook himself to us into our ship, where we all were together. In the first the musician seated themselves, of which the old lord had also a great number; they sailed before us to shorten the time. Our flags were the twelve celestial signs, and we sat in Libra. Besides other things our ship had also a noble and curious clock, which showed us all the minutes. The sea too was so calm, that it was a singular pleasure to sail. But that which surpassed all the rest, was the old man's discourse, who so well knew how to pass away our time with wonderful histories, that I could have been content to sail with him all my life long. Meantime the ships passed on again, for before we had sailed two hours the mariner told us that he already knew the whole lake almost covered with ships, by which we could conjecture they were come out to meet us, which also proved true. For as soon as we were gotten out of the sea into the lake by the forementioned river, there presently stood in to us five hundred ships, one of which sparkled with mere gold and precious stones, in which sate the King and Queen, together with other lords, ladies, and virgins of high birth. As soon an they were well in ken of us the pieces were discharged on both sides, and there was such a din of trumpets, shalms, and kettle drums that all the ships upon

the sea capered again. Finally, as soon as we came near they brought about our stripe together, and so made a stand. Immediately the old Atlas stepped forth on the King's behalf, asking a short, but handsome oration, wherein he welcomed us, and demanded whether the Royal Presents were in readiness. The rest of my companions were in an huge amazement, whence this. King should arise, for they imagined no other but that they must again awaken him. We suffered them to continue in their wonderment, and carried ourselves as if it seemed strange to us too. After Atlas's oration out steps our old man, making somewhat a larger reply, wherein he wished the King and Queen all happiness and increase, after which he delivered up a curious small casket, but what was in it, I know not, only it we committed to Cupid, who hovered between them both, to keep

In keeping with those who have walked The Royale Road before us our record remains ambiguous. Our purpose to speak of the subtle and sublime rather than to intellect that would possess knowledge as though it could be bought and sold. Each journey upon this Royale Road is unique and it for the individual to walk its noble length in quest of their own Stone Of The Wise. The fact that, as with all other elements we have addressed, our pursuit has been aligned to the current we affectionately call Solus Noir and our final wave, Coagulation serves as the means by which the Elixir was realized within the vessel of the avatar and the text Anathema its ambrosial vision now cast before uncomprehending eyes. To many this will be but a phantasy and they would be correct in that interpretation. Others might perceive the vision that lay at the heart of this journey and celebrate its conclusion, they too would be correct. The few might perceive the crystallisation of a personal myth, realised through the vision fleshed in word, image and sigil, in short, The Axiomata. Likewise, they would be accurate in their assumption. Damiana Evohe, our heroine, like all ambiguous beings is a creature of myth and mystery and in the final analysis she can but bow her head in humility and confess that her noble quest has been one of simplicity. In a world over run by so called Truth, indeed a hollow vessel, she has but pursued the fulfillment of her own story. Not a story for general consumption and as a consequence is transformed into entertainment, cast before jaded senses. Some may appreciate her effort, others may judge her according to their own beliefs and the sanctity of the truth they hold dearest. Either way it is of no consequence for our sole witness in these matters resides in only one place and that place inaccessible to most resides in the deepest chambers of the heart wherein the whispers that arise serve as the sole testimonial to our efforts. In service to our muse we have fulfilled our purpose to the full and wish those that undertake this Royale Road success in their noble efforts and in parting a single word suffices, Adieu.