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Immigration: This chart shows the percentage of the population in a country that are immigrants: Saudi Arabia: 25.

25% Australia: 19.93% Canada: 18.76% Ukraine: 14.7% United States: 12.81% Germany: 12.31% Spain: France 10.18% United Kingdom: 8.98% Russia: 8.48% Japan: 1.6% South Korea: 1.15%

Does anything surprise you about this chart? Why or why not? Vocabulary Building: (noun) Viewpoint: how people feel about a topic I think todays music is boring, but Dale believes it to be creative, so we _________ different ___________ on todays music share the same/a similar viewpoint(s) have a different viewpoint(s) Think of one family member: It can be your father, mother, sister, etc. Pick one. What do you __________ similar viewpoints on? What dont you _________ similar viewpoints on? (verb) Immigrate: to PERMANENTLY move to a different country Ahmed left Jordan when he was 8. His family went to Canada to start a new life.

Ahmed immigrated ________ Canada _________ Jordan. If you had to immigrate to another country, which country would you immigrate to? Why? What do you call a person who immigrates to a new country? An immi_________ Refugee: a person forced to flee (run away from) their own country and move to a new country A 100 people were found on a boat in the middle of the ocean. They claimed ________status because they said their own government would kill them if they went back. Are these people refugees, immigrants, tourists, or something else: Masayuki: he came to Canada for two weeks to visit the Rocky Mountains: _____________ Sueng Lee: he snuck out of North Korea into South Korea: ________________ Ivan: he is from the Ukraine. He went to America to gamble in Las Vegas: _______________ Muhammed: he is from Sudan. He left Sudan to start a business in Los Angeles: _______________ Tristan: he left Canada to teach English in Jordan for two years: _____________________ What city/cities in your country are known for having a lot of immigrants? What countries do many immigrants come from in your country? Are they viewed differently by the majority? What are some different stereotypes? Why do those stereotypes exist? Do you think countries should try to provide new immigrants with social services, such as free language lessons, job skills training, etc? Why or why not? How can a lot of immigrants help a country? He can a lot of immigrants hurt a country? What are the different viewpoints on immigration in your country? Do you have any friends in your country who are immigrants or whose parents are immigrants? Do you see increased immigration or decreased immigration in your country in the future? Even if it might cost your country money, should the government always take in (accept) refugees if their life is in danger in their home country?

Before Reading the Article, lets look at vocab:

Figures Middle-aged Authorities Belongings Keen to Soil Takes his place region Municipal Provide

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Leaders/rulers/: _________________ Someone in their 40s _______________ City (adj): ______________ Land: _______________ Area: _______________ Sits down: _____________ Happy to: _______________ Give: ___________ Numbers: ______________ Things that someone owns: _______________

No place to go Since the Syrian conflict began in March 2011, official figures show that Turkey has taken in more than 100,000 refugees. The Turkish government in Ankara is nervous about the effects of having so many Syrian refugees on its soil. Questions: What is a conflict? Why would a country be nervous about having many refugees on its soil? Has there ever been a disaster/event in your country in which there were many refugees? Where did they go? How were they treated? But the local Turkish authorities in Ceylanpinar see things differently. This region is mostly Kurdish on both sides of the border. The Kurdish-speaking authorities here are keen to provide help for refugees who speak the same language, and share the same culture.

Do the authorities in Ankara and the authorities in Ceylanpinar and Ankara feel the same way about the refugees? Do the refugees from Syria and the people Ceylanpinar have a similar or different culture?

A municipal building in Ceylanpinar normally used as a condolence hall has become a canteen and a hotel. Volunteers serve dozens of refugee families a lunch of bread, rice, yogurt and chicken. What does it mean when the author writes the condolence hall has become a canteen for the refugees? Is this common English?

The children have to make their way through adult-size portions. On a bench in the main hall, there is a bag of second-hand clothes for those who have left everything behind. Who or what are those in the sentence, One a bench in the main hall, there is a bag of second hand clothes for THOSE who have left everything behind? Have you ever donated money/time/goods to people in need? Why did you do that? In your opinion, can we trust must charities? Why or why not?

In the courtyard, a middle-aged volunteer wearing a suit takes his place in a circle of children playing a game. Another volunteer, Ali Kirdar, sits on a bench and rolls a cigarette. He spends his time finding newly escaped refugees and bringing them to the hall. "Many of the refugees have no place to go," he says. "So you can find them in nearby parks with their belongings at their feet. They just sit and stare ahead. You can tell that they don't know anyone and that they need help." Do you think most refugees have friends and family in the city? Have you ever moved to a country or city where you didnt know anyone? How did you adapt to the new situation?

Pretend that you decided to immigrate to Canada. What challenges do you expect to face in you new life? Pretend that you decided to immigrate to China. What challenges do you expect to face in you new life?
Vocabulary Building:

Pretend a Canadian immigrated to your country. What challenges do you expect them to face in their new life? Pretend that A Chinese person immigrated t your country. What challenges do you expect them to face?

(phrasal verb) Fit in: be like others in a group and be accepted I didnt feel welcomed at the school because I was totally different than the other people I didnt feel welcomed at the school because___________________________________________ Most teenagers want to be part of the in crowd Most ___________________________________________________________________________ Often at work, immigrants feel that they are looked at differently than native-born workers Often at work, ___________________________________________________________________ Do you think its possible for immigrants to fit in in a new country? Do you think its important to fit in? If an immigrant from a different country went to your high school had gone to your high school, what advice would you have given them to fit in?

(phrasal verb) Stand out: to be different than others so many people notice you(can be good or bad) Chang was obviously the best player in the game Chang _______________as the ______________________ in the game All the food was great, but the fish was definitely the best All _____________________________________________________________________________ Because I was bald, I looked different from all the other kids Because ________________________________________________________________________ Form: _________ stood out ________ ___________ or _________ stood out _________ __________ How do you think you stand out ___________ your friends? What stands out _____________ the scariest moment of your life? Do immigrants stand out ______________ native born residents in your country? If you owned a restaurant, how would you make it stand out ___________ other restaurants? (phrasal verb) Open up: to express yourself truly He has never really talked about the death of girlfriend He __________________________________________________________________________ You need to tell her how you really feel You _________________________________________________________________________ Do you think it hard for immigrants to open up to other people when they move to a new country? Form: S/O opens up about topic or S/O opens up to someone

(idiom) Greet with open arms: to welcome someone My wifes parents live in Japan. When I first went there, they were so nice to me. When I first ____________________________, my wifes parents________________________________ In this expression, you can say greet me with open arms or wel________ me with open arms In this expression, why do we use the preposition with? Why do we say open arms and not just arms?

(phrasal verb) Get used to: have something feel normal When I lived in Saudi Arabia, I never felt comfortable with the call to prayer When _______________________________________________________________________ Imagine Africa. What would be the hardest thing for you to get used to? When you moved away from home for the first time, what was it hard to get used to? (verb) Adjust to: get used to Fill in the blanks in this story with the proper vocabulary (you may need to change the verb tense)

Brunas Story Belongings Refugee Fit in Immigrate Open up Municipal Get used to soil

Two years ago, I ______________to Canada from Brazil. Actually, I landed on Canadian ___________ in December of 2009. I wasnt a _______________; actually, I love my home country Brazil and had a nice life there. I just fell in love with a Canadian woman and I think its easier to be a same-sex couple in Canada. When I arrived, I had a difficult time _________________ all the different customs. People in Canada are more reserved and quiet than Brazil: I am very loud and outgoing, so I felt like I didnt _____________ with other people. I looked in the mirror and saw my skin, hair, and accent was different than most; I really felt like I _______________ and I didnt want that. I started to act like a different person to try and fit in; however, after a couple months, I realized that this made me sad. I feel like I lost who I was.So, with the help of my girlfriend, I began to _________________ and show my true colors. People seemed to accept me and actually like who I was. On the work side, I was very happy because I got some help from the provincial and ______________ government and was introduced to employment opportunities and found a job in my field of work: graphic design.. Although I have faced many challenges and will continue to do so, right now I am very happy with my new life in Canada.

Do you think Bruna will become happier in Canada or less happy? Why? Bruna has a Canadian partner (her girlfriend). Do you think this will make her transition to Canadian life easier? Why? Would you ever move to a different country for love? Why or why not? How do you think your family would react if you told them you were immigrating to a different country? Write a story about someone who immigrated to your country. If you dont know a real story, make one up. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Create a Two-Week Program to Help New Immigrants Get Used to Your Country

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