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Performa Application to the Principal Employer for Issue of Certificate in Form V for the purpose of making application In the

e office of Dy. Labour Commissioner (S), Panipat for Issue of Labour License. To The Chief Human Resource Manager Through the Principal Employer Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited / Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Panipat (HR) Subject: Issue of Certificate of Form-V.

Dear Sir, We have been awarded work on MAN POWER SUPPLY for ISBP Project at ISRL, Panipat vide TOYO FOA No.: TELE/CEP/CE/6291MANP/WO047 Dated 09.11.2012. We shall be emplying 50 (Nos.) labour at the ISRL Site for executive of the above work. In order to obtain a labour License from the office of Dy. Labour Commissioner (Haryana), Panipat for engaging the above number of labour, it is requested that Certificat of the Principal Employer in Prescribed Format (Form-V) may please be issued to us. The other relevant information pertaining to engagement of contract labour is filled in the attached Performa (Annexure I & II). Since we intend to get fill / part of the above work done from other party / parties (SubContractors) a separate application along with information as per annexure, in respect of each of them is also attached/would be sent to you separately, by us.

Yours faithfully, For Cresent Engineers

Bhaskaran / Partner

This Indemnity is made this 21st day of November 2012 by M/s. TOYO ENGINEERING INDIA LTD having its registered office at TOYO HOUSE, LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI MARG, KANJUR MARG (W), MUMBAI 400078 (hereinafter called (CONTRACTOR) on the one part and M/s. Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited, Panipat-132140 (Haryana) having its registered office at Luxmi Nagar, New Delhi (hereinafter Called PRINCIPAL EMPLOYER) on the other part.

1. Whereas the above said Principal Employer has agreed to contract vide Work Order No. TEIL / CEP/CE/6291/MANP/WO-047 under a Written Agreement for the performance of the work. namely MANPOWER SUPPLY WORK ORDER FOR PROVIDING MAN POWER FOR EQUIPMENT ERECTION WORK AT ISRL PANIPAT, HARYANA as mentioned in the above said Contract in the above named contractor. -3

In witness, I, the above named contractor, have duly executed this indemnity Bond at Panipat the day and year first above written.







TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENT I, Hardev Singh Prop. of M/s. Hardev Aircon Works do hereby appoint and nominate Mr. Jagjeet Singh S/o. Sh. Barkat Ram R/o. A-566, DDA Colony, Chowkhandi, Near Tilak Raj Nagar, New Delhi-110018 as our accredited representative and to do all or any of the following acts on behalf of the company.

1. To sign, receive and submit all bills, communication, Letter Issued in the name of M/s. Hardev Aircon Works; 2. To Collect Tender Documents /Cheques / DDs on behalf of M/s. Hardev Aircon Works; 3. To Present in all meetings; 4. He is authorised for company registartion in firm.

For M/s. Hardev Aircon Works

Hardev Singh (Prop.) Signature of Jagjeet Singh Power of Attorney Holder

Signature of Attorney Attested

Witnesses: 1. _____________________ Name : Address:

Witnesses: 2. _________________________ Name : Address: