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American Communal Societies

Series Editors: Christian Goodwillie and Peter Hoehnle

Shakers near Lebanon state of New York, their mode of worship LoC LC-USZ62-13659

This ambitious wide-ranging series presents rare primary resource material on the utopian communal societies of America. Since North America was first discovered by Europeans it has been the site of a variety of social and religious experiments. Some groups, driven from their homelands, set up their own closed, tight-knit communal societies, with limited contact with the outside world. Many of these groups shared property in common and lived according to strict religious and social codes. These communities helped to shape the American way of life and the ethos of the emerging nation through both positive and negative reactions to their values and practices. Each set in this series presents a wide range of rare, usually unpublished, difficult-to-access material. Collections are organized chronologically and put in context by extensive editorial apparatus. While some sets focus entirely on a particular group, others present sources from a number of communities based around a specific theme. This major scholarly undertaking will be invaluable to scholars researching the communal societies of America, as well as religious, social and political history of America and Europe more widely.

Communities covered by the series will include:

Amana Society (Community of True Inspiration) Brook Farm Ephrata Cloister Fourierist Communities Fruitlands Harmony Society Home Community Icarians Israelite House of David Labadists of Bohemia Manor Nashoba New Harmony Oneida Community Rogerenes Rugby, Tennessee Ruskin Commonwealth Association Shakers (United Society of Believers in Christs Second Appearing) Society of Separatists of Zoar Society of the Woman in the Wilderness Zwaanendael Colony

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Writings of Shaker Apostates and AntiShakers, 17821850

Editor: Christian Goodwillie
American Communal Societies 3 Volume Set: c.1200pp: April 2013 978 1 84893 387 3: 234x156mm: 275/$495

In the late eighteenth century a small Shaker community travelled to America under the leadership of Mother Ann Lee. The American communities they founded were based on ideals of pacifism, celibacy and gender equality. Their ethos and organization had a practical influence on many other communities and on society as a whole. Yet they were not without their detractors.

This three volume collection presents writings from a broad cross-section of those who opposed the Shakers and their way of life, which was based on gender equality, celibacy and pacifism. Arriving in America during the Revolutionary War and taking a neutral, pacifist stance, they were widely disapproved of by the majority of Americans. The early documents presented in this set allow a rare glimpse into what life was like in a Shaker community. Later apostate writings also include the legal struggles encountered over the Shaker practice of adopting children into their communities, to live in the celibate family groups. The collection provides a rare opportunity for scholars to read primary sources on a specific group in American communal history. Documents come from newspapers, books and letters. The whole is set in its historical context by extensive editorial apparatus. It will be of value to those researching American religious and communal history, as well as American social and political history of the post-Colonial period more widely. Material is rare, with some texts having just one physical copy in existence Contains over thirty sources, including previously unpublished material Anti-Shaker texts provide the only primary sources on Shaker lifestyle from the early part of this period Editorial apparatus includes a general introduction, volume introductions, headnotes and endnotes A consolidated index appears in the final volume

One night only: concert by the celebrated and farfamed Shaker family: from Canterbury, N.H., who have performed for seven consecutive weeks, to overflowing houses at the New York American Museum ... [United States, 1848], detail Communal Societies Collection, Hamilton College

Full contents for each collection can be found at

www.pickeringchatto.com/apostates www.pickeringchatto.com/shaker


Shaker Autobiographies, Biographies and Testimonies, 18061907

Editors: Christian Goodwillie, Glendyne R Wergland and Margaret Gower
American Communal Societies 3 Volume Set: c.1200pp: April 2014 978 1 84893 395 8: 234x156mm: 275/$495

The Shakers are perhaps the best known of all the American religious communities. The Shakers theological ideas were explained and justified in their publications, but the realities of their day-to-day life remained hidden. The texts included in this edition come from Shakers firsthand accounts written in the nineteenth century. Shaker concert: at Washingtonian Hall, Bromfield Street, These memoirs describe the societys founders, show Thursday Eveng, June 10th, and will be repeated every evening during the week, by the Chase family [Boston, Mass, 184?], detail why individuals chose to join the Shakers and reveal Communal Societies Collection, Hamilton College interesting details of daily life. The sources reflect the Shakers geographical diversity; contributions by brethren, sisters, leaders and rank and file members provide an inclusive view of Shaker life. The set represents the largest single gathering of resources on a very private people. Full editorial apparatus is used to provide historical context for the sources, most of them previously unpublished. This unique resource will allow scholars to research materials that are scattered or inaccessible. It will be of value to those studying American religious and social history as well as nineteenth-century American society in general. More than sixty rare texts are included, forming the largest available collection of material on the Shakers Three quarters of the material comes from newly transcribed manuscripts Writings cover a wide geographical reach of communities Editorial apparatus includes a general introduction, volume introductions, headnotes and endnotes A consolidated index appears in the final volume

Christian Goodwillie is Director of Special Collections, Burke Library, Hamilton College Peter Hoehnle is Executive Director, Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council Margaret Gower is at Harvard University Glendyne R Wergland is an independent scholar

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