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HYDROHROM Kaplan turbines are manufactured in straight-flow and vertical design with automatic regulation of the runner blades

and guide vanes. Double regulated turbines are closed by means of adjustable guide vanes. HYDROHROM turbines are designed for grid-connected unattended automatic operation, controlled by water level regulation. The turbines are designed individually and equipped by most suitable runner type to avoid cavitation and to reach the best efficiency for particular head and flow. The selection of the runner enables easy solution of the power house due to the fact that the runner and the power house floor are positioned above the tail water level. HYDROHROM turbines are manufactured with the runner diameters from 600 mm to 2500 mm. The design of the turbines fulfils safety requirements and environment friendly operation.
Control systems of SHPP
Water level Terminal Generator breaker

(Display, keybord)

Generator RPM Control unit


HYDROHROM company supplies complete electro-mechanical equipment for small hydro power plants, including electrical panels and control systems (PLCs). High voltage part in standard execution includes All grid protections in accordance with EU-IEC/CSN standards. Control of the turbine machine is done by microprocessor unit with following functions:

Grid frequency

Servo drives

Runner opening

Turbine regulation

Current L 1, L 2, L 3 Spare

Modem Printer Terminal PC etc.

Failure signalisation






Water level regulation Automatic start and stop sequence (generator phasing by synchronous RPM and disconnecting by zero load)


Exported by: HYDROLINK spol. s r.o. 17. listopadu 984, 252 63 Roztoky, Czech Republic +420 233 910 968-9, Fax: +420 233 910 970 E-mail: info@hydrolink.cz www.hydrolink.cz

Fault status (reverse power, current imballance, run-away speed etc.) Control of parallel operation of two turbine units and multiple unit load sharing Data logging with approx. 2500 records Operational data logger Connection of upto 63 control units on common busbar Direct connection of remote terminal Connection of serial printer Remote monitoring and control by telephone or GSM modem, option of sending SMS to ordinary cellular phone, option of control by SMS Visualisation of the turbine unit status by control system Promotic


Easy modification as per operator's needs (control of trash rack cleaning machine etc.)
HYDROHROM, Strenec 1, CZ-257 51 Bystice, tel./fax: +420 317 793 612, e-mail: hydrohrom @telecom.cz, http://www.hydrohrom .cz

HYDROHROM, Strenec 1, CZ-257 51 Bystice, tel./fax: +420 317 793 612, e-mail: hydrohrom @telecom.cz, http://www.hydrohrom .cz

SHPP Uhorsk Ves, 2x SK 1600 H = 4,5 m, Q = 2x 13 m3.s-1, P = 2x 500


Suitable for low heads approx.

1,5 - 4


HYDROHROM straight-flow Kaplan turbines in S-turbine shape.

Vertical turbine drives via flat belt vertical axis generator. Horizontal double regulated Kaplan SK 750 direct coupled to generator Horizontal turbine with double regulation, i.e.adjustable both runner blades and guide vanes, drives horizontal generator by flat belt or direct coupling.

HYDROHROM, Strenec 1, CZ-257 51 Bystice, tel./fax: +420 317 793 612, e-mail: hydrohrom @telecom.cz, http://www.hydrohrom .cz