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KMEM AC101 RIZLIFE - Life and Works of Rizal

Being associated with Rizal is a high privilege, but being able to surpass his works and what he has done, is a much higher privilege. As we all know, Rizal lived 35 years of his life, and in that duration, he was able to master 23 different languages, wrote numerous literatures, mastered certain college degrees, was able to travel several countries around the globe, and contributed something extraordinary for our country. Now, if we were to look at the lifespan of our generation, we are capable to reach 60 years of our life, and if we are lucky enough to live that long, then I am very sure that we would be able to accomplish more than what Rizal has achieved. But the main question is; what makes Rizal that also creates us in order for us to reach what he has attained? Are these definite qualities enough for us to be Rizal? Or do we have this unique and special trait that would be of assistance in exceeding Rizal and would set us aside? Rizal is known as being open-minded, and passionate about what he really wanted. He is also courageous, spirited and bold. But above these positive attributes, Rizal also possessed an unpleasing persona. He was not supportive of the law, he was not religious, he had a lot of women, and he was much fluent in Spanish than the Filipino language. Now that some of his traits, positive and negative, are given, try looking at the mirror, only this time, you should see, not your own reflection, but Rizals. Compare yourself; detect your similarities and differences. As for me, I could say that I am open minded, I am always willing to welcome new ideas and suggestions, and if possible, to push my beliefs. But it certainly does not mean that if I am open minded I would not weigh things anymore, it would always end up whether what is right or what is wrong. Next, I am definitely, without a doubt passionate. When I am into something, I would penetrate all the means for me to achieve that, if I have to take classes, I would. Nothing would hinder my likeness and my passion; I could give you all the reasons in the world just to defend my love for a certain thing. Rizal is courageous, spirited and bold; I could say that this would apply in particular conditions, not every time. Seldom would I blurt out and be frank of what I feel, instead I would keep it to myself or talk to others about it. About Rizal not being supportive of the law is what would make us be at odds. I am afraid to go against what is in the constitutional law because I believe that these regulations are provided not for us to be in the opposition, but for us to follow. Rizal is not religious, I am not religious. I believe in God, yes, I pray, yes, but I am not religious. There is clearly a difference. As in the case of having a lot of women, no, Ive had only one past lover, and a current one, unlike Rizal who abundant. And about him being much fluent in Spanish than Filipino, in our case English, is Rizal. I am comfortable in whatever of the two languages should be used, I am fluent in English but I am much a better speaker in Filipino.

Having presented the above qualities does and making a link between his and ours does not mean makes us a hero, we are our own selves, and by being the real us, would make us a real hero.

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