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List of quasiparticles: Information from Answers.com This is a list of quasiparticles.

Quasiparticles Quasiparticle Chargon Configuron Electron hole (hole) Exciton Fracton Holon Libron Magnon Phason Phonon Plasmon Polaron Polariton Roton Soliton Spinon

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Signification A quasiparticle produced as a result of electron spin-charge separation An elementary configurational excitation in an amorphous material which involves breaking of a chemical bond A lack of electron in a valence band A bound state of an electron and a hole A collective quantized vibration on a substrate with a fractal structure. A quasi-particle resulting as a result of electron spin-charge separation A quasiparticle associated with the librational motion of molecules in a molecular crystal. A coherent excitation of electron spins in a material Vibrational modes in a quasicrystal associated with atomic rearrangements Vibrational modes in a crystal lattice associated with atomic shifts A coherent excitation of a plasma A moving charged quasiparticle that is surrounded by ions in a material A mixture of photon with other quasiparticles Elementary excitation in superfluid Helium-4 A self-reinforcing solitary excitation wave A quasiparticle produced as a result of electron spin-charge separation

In addition, the particle called electron in condensed matter physics is a quasiparticle as well, since it is an entangled state of many electrons.

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