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Department : NURSING SERVICE Policy Index : PP-BCH-NR/GNR-005-DPP-E Title : NURSING SERVICES SCHEDULING POLICY Applies to : Effective Date : 01-01-1432 H All Nursing Staff New

B. C. H.


Replace Number : XXXXX Number of Pages : 7 Review Due : 01-12-1433 H


1.1 To provide the staff nurse a clear plan of his /her schedule in a specific week in a


2.1 Scheduling Policy, pertains to a plan of work for the nursing staff to be done, showing the
order, in which their tasks are to be carried out and the amount of time allocated to them.


3.1 Definitions of the Shifts to be Worked :

3.3.1 There are three shifts in a day, with eight hours equivalent. These shifts are marked in the duty schedule as day (D), evening (E) and night (N). 3.3.2.The weekly schedule, consists of 8 hours shifts from Saturday to Friday, with one day off duty accordingly. Example:0700-1500hrs, 1500-2300hrs, and 2300-0700hrs. Each shift includes one,15 minutes break and each employee should have one (1) meal break for 30 minutes. 3.3.3.Schedules are done monthly. This is done after requested offs are submitted to the Head nurse. The head nurse notifies the staff if any changes made in the schedule in case of emergency leave or illness of a staff. 3.3.4. A rotation of staff nurse is found in the duty schedule for 24 hours, seven days a week. A duty rota is needed for the following reasons : To remind staff about their duty. Approval
Approved by: Ahmad Abdulla Al - Omar Hospital Director Page Number: 1/7 Stamp

Prepared by: Elizabeth Lumaad Head Nurse

Form Index: BCH-QM-009-E

Equal distribution of working hours. To fill up the workload of the unit. Equal distribution of workload. For pre-planning of staff when crisis occur.

3.3.5 Note for Duty Schedule : Vacations, holidays, and accumulated off should be planned, and added in the duty schedule. Extra off are listed in separate paper and distributed to all wards from the nursing office. Equal distribution of duties should be incorporated in the duty schedule, to be fair to everyone. In making a duty schedule, workload and routine procedure of the unit should be considered. There should be a rest period between shift ( i.e. night duty-evening duty-day duty). Special requests should be given consideration if possible. Head Nurse should always be there when the unit requires.This falls on Saturday till Thursday morning, but she can schedule herself occasionally when she is needed. 3.3.6 Guidelines for Preparing Staff Schedules : A standard schedule form is given by the nursing office, which includes; names, dates corresponding to Hegira and Gregorian Calendar, and space provided below for numbers of staff opposite each shifts. Prepare schedules in pencil. Scheduled vacation, requests and holidays are added in the schedule. Schedule night and evening coverage first to provide sufficient staffs for these shifts. A senior nurse should act as a charge nurse in each shift. Each shift should have a charge nurse, with a mark asterisk(*) The number of staff should correspond to the workload.(i.e. weekend -Thursday and Friday, less work- less staff ). Avoid giving more than seven days not unless, necessary. Two different shifts in a week should not be given in a staff. There should be one day off in a week. There should be fair share of weekends off. Two days off is allowed, one for regular off and request for special occasion. The following should be avoided in the schedule : Night then day duty the following day. Night then evening the next day. Evening then the next day. A staff can work from day to evening to next day, day then night the next day. Evening and then night the next day. Always refer to the least day off from the previous schedule to avoid overload of days.
Policy Number: in the schedule after being finalized. It shouldApproval be seen Title: Page Number:


Form Index: BCH-QM-009-E

first by all staff. Mark the schedule if staff on sick leave, (S.L),over her/his day duty.

3.2. Assignment of Overtime When Needed : 3.2.1.Overtime are given to staff nurses who are off duty and who are on duty, informed by the Supervisor on duty. 3.2.2 The number of nurses depend on the condition of the patients and where the patient is referred. 3.2.3. The patients should be accompanied by : Male nurse and a doctor if with male patient. Female nurses (2) and a doctor.

3.2.4 A special form, anti-dab form, will be filled up, and signed by the Nursing Director
or Nursing Supervisor on duty. 3.2.5 A copy of this form (anti-dab) will be forwarded to the garage. 3.2.6 The payment of this overtime : For duty hours - 3 days off For off duty - 2 days off. Cash basis - SR 150 per day. 3.2.7 Overtime for nearby hospital referral : During duty hours - with no payment. After duty hours - payment of equivalent hours. 3.2.8 Upon arrival of nurses to hospital referred, the anti-dab form should be received by the hospital. 3.2.9.The original anti-dab form should be given back to the nursing supervisor upon coming back. 3.3. On Call Requirements for OR / RR and AKU Staff : 3.3.1 The staff must be appointed by the Head Nurse. 3.3.2 The staff will go on call duty after her / his normal duty hours. 3.3.3 The nurse supervisor on duty must have a copy of on - call nurses. 3.3.4 Overtime hours should be recorded and signed by the Nursing Supervisor. 3.3.5 The nursing supervisor checks and signs for anytime paid. 3.3.6 A logbook is available at nursing office for on - call nurses. 3.4. Vacation Schedules : A leave schedule is a calendar of leave taken by the staff according to the needs of the the unit and based on Hospital Policy and Procedure. This is in accordance with the workers contract.: 3.4.1 Types of Vacation : Annual - given yearly, according to the individuals contract.: - 36 days. Non - Saudi - 45 days + 4 days Ramadan + Hajj 5 days. Holiday - amount of days given for each holy season worked according to ones contract : Saudi-depends on the number of days worked per MOH Approval circular. Policy Number: Title: Page Number:

Form Index: BCH-QM-009-E Emergency - granted for critical illness in the immediate family for emergency situations.: Saudi - 5 days. Non - Saudi - allowed 10 days or 20 days partial vacation. Emergency situation, is defined as an unplanned major event requiring the em ployees presence for a solution of the situation. Sick leave - leave requested due to illness / injury requiring treatment or admission to hospital. 3.4.2 Notes for Making Vacation Schedules : Vacation schedules are planned according to staffing. It should be planned according to hospital policies and procedures. Maternity leave given to Saudi - 60 days. Non-Saudi - none. Bookings should be done earlier and should be followed up to avoid repetition of bookings. For emergency leave : staff are to submit their request in writing to the Head Nurse, and forwarded to the Nursing Office for approval. 3.5. Methods of Approving Change of Schedule : 3.5.1 In exchange of duties, two staff must arrange with the Head Nurse. A special form is taken from nursing office. It should be signed by the Supervisor on duty. 3.5.2 It should be done two days before the stated date of exchanged. 3.5.3 The two staff should signed the form as evidenced that they both agreed for the exchanged of duties. 3.5.4 The Head Nurse will allow the exchange of duty, only if it is compatible with the unit needs. 3.6. Education /Training Activities : 3.6.1 The Nursing Education Unit is responsible for the educational training of the nurses. The new staffs are oriented in the different wards, distributed to the different wards according to their experience.The Head Nurse orient the new staff in the ward. A one week orientation program is given to the new staff with a pre and post tests,to identify the knowledge and weaknesses of the staff. An evaluation is given monthly to the new staff and every two months for the old staff. 3.6.2 Activities of new staff are closely monitored by the nurse educators, supervisors and senior nursing staff. 3.6.3 Seminars, workshops and lectures are organized by the Medical Educational Research Council (MERC) in the region for one year. Nurses are scheduled to attend randomly, for additional knowledge. These are given monthly, weekly and in accordance to the schedule given to Buraydah Central Hospital. 3.6.4 Nurses in BCH are required to attend CPR Training and examination every two years. Renewal of I.V. Therapy is done every two years. 3.6.5 All the nurses activities are closely monitored by the nurse educator, nurse super visors and other members of the nursing administration. 3.7. Participation in Committee and Designated Meetings : 3.7.1 As per policy, the Nursing Administration is fully represented in the following Hospitals Committees and meetings : Blood Utilization Committee. Approval Policy Number: Title: Page Number:

Form Index: BCH-QM-009-E Hospital Safety Committee. Operating Room Committee. Tissue Review Committee. Cardio Pulmonay Resuscitation Committee. Infection Control Committee. Patient Care and Safety /Rights and Complaints Committee. Utilization Review Committee. Credentialing and Privileging Committee. Medical Record Committee. Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee. Morbidity and Mortality Committee. Quality Improvement Committee.

3.7.2 Participation in Department Meetings : The Deputy Nursing Director and Nurse Educator meets each unit of the hospital monthly on different dates. Problems encountered in each ward are discussed and solutions found. Staff are given freedom to talk and are encouraged to talk for any solution to a problem in the section. 3.7.3 Quality Management Activities : Since our mission is to provide a continuum quality of nursing care, the nursing department works hand in hand with quality management. The nursing supervisor monitors pain scale, bedsore, turning sheet, Morse fall, restraint (adherence to policy). OVR is done upon their rounds from time to time.



4.1 N/A. 5.

5.1 Emergency Form . 5.2 Duty Rota Schedule. 5.3 Sick Leave Form.

6. REFERENCES : 6.1 Ministry of Health Manual. 6.2 Encarta World English Dictionary. 6.3 Bing, Windows Internet Explorer.

7. APPENDIX : 7.1.N/A.
Policy Number: PP-BCH- NR/GNR-005-DPP-E Title: NURSING SERVICES SCHEDULING POLICY Page Number: 5/7 Approval Stamp

Form Index: BCH-QM-009-E


Name Prepared by: Elizabeth Lumaad 1. Abdulla Obeid Al-Harby Reviewed by: 2. Ehab El Husseiny Ibrahim 3. Manae Al-Belaihy Approved by: Ahmad Abdulla Al-Omar

Position Head Nurse Nursing Director QM Director Medical Director Hospital Director


22-11-1431 H 24-11-1431 H 29-11-1431 H 29-11-1431 H 01-12-1431 H

Policy Number: PP-BCH- NR/GNR-005-DPP-E


Page Number: 6/7

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Form Index: BCH-QM-009-E