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Successful members of the PEA or PUA communities understand the most powerful demonstration of worth is the ability to approach a woman cold, yet instantly and accurately revea] her deepest intimate secrets and desires This is more iban mentalism, it's a POWER A power that attracts it attracts moncy, women, prestige and fame. Clever cold reading techniques require years of study and practice and don't deliver the power a master of the Game necessitates. Most mentalists substitute strong mind tricks because they lack the true power of a master mirad power for which we so desperately hunger. Under Ihese demanding conditions, requesting someone to write clown personal information is ridiculous. Billets, trick wallets, carbon paper, swami writers and cold reading lines won't help. in fact, here they just malee you scem like a phony trickster System 88 is NOT simple COLD READING. it does NOT require an understanding of human nature! Within seconds of selecting a target subject, System 88 analyzes the subject. tilters through 3,337,000 combinations of specilic personality traits and reveals to ynu over 50 different singularities. These are easily Usted on the System 88 chart. a pocket-size card that each subject keeps and cherisbes fiar years. System 88 is amazingly accurate. 1)eveloped by professional mmd reader, Doce I Iilford and clinical psychologtst. Dr. Lisa Chin, it analyzes and defines over 50 persona] characteristics. The target subject will be in shock at the unimpeachable information shown to her. There's NOTHING TO MEMOREE Although System 88 can generate over 3,000,000 different factual readings, everything is designed int() the citad. It works automatically! If a "tic sheet - is like a tricycle, then System 88 is like a Ferrari! Once you know a VERY SIMPLE formula, the System 88 chart can be used with ANY type of divination technique or psychological test. You'll be abte o use System 88 to accurately read palms, handwriting or the color of a woman's attire! The charts are the right size to carry anywhere and can have your contad tnformation printed on them. Using them will generate lame and fortune because they're perfect for walk-around gigs or trade shows! BUT WAIT! System 88 also explains a psychological game that Dr. Lisa Chin has used for years to psychologically assess clients. They i magine Ove simple items and the analyst knows virtually EVERYTHINFIG about the client's subconscious desires! Mentioned in a best selling book about how to meet beautiful women, the System 88 game has never before been explained for use by mentalists. System 88 is 60 pages of information that you MUST HAVE,! You will also get a print-ready copy of the chart. And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, you get spccial permission to copy the charts for resale to the paying public. Tbis arrangement would cost tens of thousands of dollars if purchased individually. There will only be 1000 numbered copies of System 88 for sale_ Then, they'll be VFIRY rare and VERY expensive.

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Look at Alt You Get:

"Quick Learn" Formula Pocket Chart with over 3 MILLION different readings "What-to-Say" written script

Y Special Permission to print and resel] the charts Y 60 Page Book Y 21 Pages of meanings Example of a complete reading in detall

A Cold Psychological Reading System Easy to Learn and Amazingly Accurate

Book Number 17 Real Time Mentalism

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What's in the Book7

of 1000 copies

What if you could tell a complete stranger facts about their lives? What if you could build a rapport with a person almost instantly? What if your "reading" was highly entertaining as well as accurate? And what if you could give the person a printed memento listing many other accurate traits, a memento that contained your contact information, thereby helping to engage more performances? That's what you have in your hands right now, alI that and much more! This little booklet contains two powerful tools that will enable you to give near perfect cold readings! There is an easily learned instant psychological analysis and a reproducible mini chart that becomes a valuable treasure in the mind of your subject. Each are designed for use separately, but combined create a system that is breathtakingly accurate. The System 88 Game Dr. Lisa Chin has used this little game as a psychological assessment tool for years. It's quick and fon. The subject imagines a scene and then tells you about it. With a little imagination of your own combined with a simple system, you can give a reading that's extremely accurate. Nothing needs to be written, so the game is organic and Real Time Mentalism. The game wasn't invented by Dr. Chin, but this is the first time it's been explained by a professional psychologist and redesigned for mentalists. The System 88 game works without knowledge of any other techniques, but supplemented with some cold reading skills it becomes quite deadly. The System 88 game comes first in the book because it's used before the chart.

Copyright 2007 Docc Hilford First printing August, 2007

No portion of this book or original illustrations can be reproduced in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner. Television performance rights are strictly held by copyright owner. Reproducible chart copyright remains the author's. It CANNOT be copied expect for entertainment purposes. It CANNOT sold or traded as part of a book, PDF lile or as part of another effect. Any violation of this copyright will be dealt with legally.

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P.O.Box 546022 Bal Harbour, FL 33154 docc@docchilford.com

The System 88 Chart Here is the heart of System 88. This little chart will earn a clever mentalist thousands of dollars. It's already done so for the author. It's been used for over a decade under the most diverse conditions. It works for parties, trade shows or merely one-on-one. The chart has contact information on it and is smartly designed by a professional graphic design artist. The System 88 chart is applicable to ANY divination technique or scientific analysis. At last, science meets esoterica. You'll find a printable chart in the center of this book. The copyright remains the author's. It CANNOT be sold, traded or copied except for entertainment purposes. That mearas you can use it in your performances or sell it filled in. You CANNOT sell it or trade it as part of a book, PDF file or as part of your own effect. Dr. Lisa Chin A clinical psychologist, Dr. Lisa Chin has been a television, newspaper and radio commentator on human affairs. She is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in a variety of publications, including Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today and Magnum. She is writing her first book, Paradynamic Approaches. Her work in the field of assessment testing won her a commendation from the American Psychological Association. She lives in New York City where she is in private practice. Doce Hilford September, 2007

Assessment Testing and the System 88 Game
Psychologists have long used a method of analysis known as assessment testing to instantly reveal hidden, sometimes very deeply buried, personal traits of their patients. There are hundreds of personality tests available to analysts. 1 learned the "House, Tree and Sun" test from Quentin Reynolds at Weerd! Weekend in 1994. It's very effective. But the System 88 game is considered an amusement by the subjects. And people respond better to games than to tests. Dr. Lisa Chin has used the System 88 game to begin the diagnostic process of her patients for over a decade. She learned the basis of it from Annie Gottlieb in 1995 and it immediately replaced tests where the patient used a pen and papen to draw her response. Dr. Chin discovered that many subjects feel they lack any artistic ability, so have a difficult time with assessment tests requiring something to be sketched. This is true in the psychic community as well. In Auckland, New Zealand, author Richard Webster and I attended a psychic fair with plans to get a "tree reading". This is a spin-off of the aforementioned assessment test. Here, the subject draws only a tree and the analyst interpreta the hidden psychological meanings. Unfortunately, the woman offering the readings could only keep busy by doing Tarot readings as no one wanted their poor drawings of trees to be critiqued by others at the fair. Nothing in the System 88 game is drawn. It is a completely oral test. This keeps the test private and allows it te be impromptu, not needing any props what-so-ever. The demonstration is organic, yet it's not as mysterious as say, palm reading. Because of ts psychological nature, those who might be put off by palmistry, Tarot or runes will be drawn to this.

Dr. Chin uses oral tests exclusively because the subjects can imagine much more than they can possibly draw. The more the subject can imagine, the more details the analyst can give. The participation of the subject makes this test many times more entertaining than other pseudo scientific tests such as graphology. Almost everyone likes to imagine and pretend.

Step 1 Approach
Whether performing waik around at a cocktail panty or standing at a tradeshow booth, you'll still need te explain what it is you're offering the subject. Approach the group and tell one of the people, "By asking you only five questions, 1 can know everything about you!" This is, of course, not trae, but it makes for a great opener. You actually don't ask five questions, but the statement is so bold that it never fails to elicit a response. "Oh really?" or "how so?" or any of the many other responses give you the opportunity to follow up with, "I'm Joe Glotz and 1 do psychic analysis. It's a type of mental game. It's fast, it's fun and it's free. And, it's more accurate than a lie detector, plus I'll fill out this chart with all your information so you can check it out later." Notice you cal) it a game and not a test. If you aren't doing the mini chart you can omit the last statement. The subject will agree to a quick reading. Tell everyone in the group that you'll be happy to do a reading for each person, but only one at a time.

How to play the System 88 Game

This elementary game is played by the subject imagining five simple objects in an fanciful scene, then describing them to the analyst. Each item has a general meaning and their relationship te each other can revea! some startling insights. For years, it was prescribed that the most important aspect of analytical assessments is that the subject keep the general meanings secret, so as not to ruin the experience for others. Annie Gottlieb believed it was so important that she subtitled her book, Keep the Secret. Dr. Chin is one of a handful of psychologists who repeat this test with their patients. She's found that in repeat testing although the subjects know the symbolic meaning for each object, the objects are different based on the emocional attitude of the subject at the time of the test. It's more fun not knowing what the objects mean, but patrons can still return for future readings and have a great time. To get the most out of this psychological test, it's important you understand what the game does for your subject. Dr. Chin uses the System 88 game to determine an accurate foundation of the patient's subconscious posture and to gain rapport. To the mentalist this translates to giving accurate personal information in an entertaining way and to leave the patron feeling closer to the entertainer. This latter benefit is seldom achieved by cold readers. There is no advice given here, simply a personality analysis. Yet when finished, the subject should feel as if the entertainer is a friend. It only takes a few minutes, but this will help in the business of performing at more shows, cocktail parties and banquets. Before the System 88 game is actually played, there is a three step set-up.

Step 2 - Positioning
The next step to building a favorable set-up is to try to move the subject to a slightly different location. If you're walkng around, a venue ready made for this game, require the subject to move away from the group slightly so the test can be conducted in prvate. The distance can be very small, just a couple of feet. You don't have to drag the subject around the room. Here you're making the subject psychologically meet you partway. If you just approach a group and ask if someone wants a psych-

test done, the person may be entertained, but she hasn't had to do anything. She may actually feel she's doing you a favor. Also, your excuse is the truth. You want to keep the synnbolism secret as much as possible. s just more fun that way. If you're seated al a table and partiers are coming to you, make everyone wait in a line that stops several feet before your table. The positioning comes when the subject walks from the front of the line to your table. It causes the same psychological reaction as moving to a different area of the room. Darwin Ortiz writes about this clever approach to believable mentalism in his wonderful tome, Strong Magic. He goes into detall of how David Roth isolated individuals for one-on-one performances of the Balducci levitation. It simply makes the performance stronger for reasons not fully explained here.

With these three steps you've set the stage for instant rapport. Now, on to the actual game.

Framing The Desert

The subject will need a mental canvas to paint her imaginary picture. You cannot call this a picture. You must always say "imagine this..." or "...in your scene". You don't want the objects to lose their dynamic flexibility. It's important the subject can imagine the objects move around as other tems are introduced. Tell the subject to, "Imagine a desert. See the horizon. Notice all the details."

The 3 Stages
There are three stages of the System 88 game. The first stage is requesting the subject to imagine five objects. The second stage is asking the subject to describe the mental images. And the final stage is explaining what each object means and interpreting these meanings into personality traits.

Step 3 - Qualifying
After you've slightly isolated the subject, you'll ask a series of quick questions that must be answered "yes". These questions also imply that the subject is exceptional, something we all want to feel_ Look directly in the subject's eyes and with authority ask, "Are you imaginative? "Are you honest? "Are you intelligent?" The subject may take a moment to answer, but only the first question. After that, she's certain. When she's finished answering "yes" or something similarly positive, say, "Good then we can start. You can close your eyes or leave them opera. The important thing is to use your imagination and visualize what naturally comes into your mirad."

Stage 1
Your subject's eyes are closed. She has a desert scene in mirad. Ask her to, 1. "See a cube in the desert. It can be any size, made of anything. 2. "Now imagine a ladder in your scene. 3. "Add flowers. 4. "Put a horse in the scene. 5. "And finally, imagine a storm." You've asked for all five objects without confining the subject through additional adjectives. Keep your requests simple. Give the subject severa! seconds between each request. You may have to ask if it's been imagined before moving to the next object. Many participants will tell you when they see the object.

Stage 2
When the mental picture is complete, ask her to describe each object. Ask her for as many details as she can imagine. Get her to tell you about size, position, what each is made of, if it has a special color, smell, is it moving, is it old or new? All these details and more will make the test increasingly accurate. The more details the subject gives voluntarily the fewer you have to ask for. Not all questions are applicable to every object. Flowers have significant odors, but ladders do not. Notice that it isn't necessary to get detailed about every object. Having a general understanding of each object is enough to get a good reading. But the more detall you ask for and the more intently you listen to the answers, the deeper the rapport will be between you and the subject. (That is within reason. No ene likes to be grilled with twenty-thousand questions.)

You don't need to keep your interpretive process a secret. You can explain why you see that she thinks her friends depend on her. See? The ladder's leaning on you. Some of what you interpret is current, some is future. The horse can be seen as the current lover in your subject's life. She pictured a strong horse galloping around the cube. She feels the horse is protecting the cube. Tell her that the horse is her lover. Explain what a good man he is. Now ask her if this describes her current partner, boyfriend, husband or if it's the one she dreams for. You don't have to be the sole source of interpretation. This isn't about your psychic powers, although it will seen as such later. Relax. Let her help you and you'll both have more fun. Asking for a link help also builds the rapport that is so important te this technique. Begin the interpretations with the desert. Say, "Tell me about the desert in detall." She may say something like, "It's sandy and barren." Teach her how to describe it and the objects to follow by asking a few leading questions. Such as, "Are there any mountains? Are there any trees or plants? What time of day or night is it?" Rather quickly she' 11 catch on and begin giving you much more detall. It doesn't matter if her mental picture changes while you ask for details. l've had a desert scene change from day to night only because the subject didn't know she was allowed to imagine a night scene until 1 asked her about it. The result will be increasingly accurate. Alter she describes the desert, teil her its meaning. "The desert is merely how you see your life right now." Go on te elaborate en what the cactus, or lack of cactus means to her. Explain what the beautiful sunset means. (Hundreds of specific meanings are at the end of this section.)

Stage 3
Stages 2 and 3 are repeated as pairs throughout the game. You ask for a detailed description of each object, then interpret its meaning. Go en to the next object and repeat. This makes it much easer than trying to remember 2.11 the details until the end of the test. The meanings are: The Desert Her life right now. 1. The Cube Flerself 2. The Ladder Family and friends 3. The Flowers Children 4. The Horse Her lover 5. The Storm Future troubles All of these basic premises are interpreted by relating their size and position to each other, and mostly to the cube. For example, if the ladder is leaning against the cube, it's obvous that she feels her friends and family lean on her. You will use the word "depend" rather than "lean", but the meaning' s the same. What each is made of and specific details such as color and age add to the descriptive interpretations.

Go on to the five major objects. Ask her to describe the cube in detail. She may say, "It's made of glass and not too far away." Don't allow ambiguous answers. Ask her, "How far away? Ten feet or ten miles? "About ten yards away" "On the ground or somewhere else?" "Right on the ground." "How big is the cube?" "Not too big." "1 mean is it as large as a room or smaller than a suitcase?" "Oh, about six feet square." "OK, is it hollow or made of solid glass?" "It's a glass box with a little crack in one comer." When you become proficient at interpreting the symbolism, you can go on if you wish and ask what holds the edges together, if the glass has a tint, is there anything in the box, and any other questions you can invent. But for this example, we have enough to work with. You may interpret her cube like this, "The cube represents how you see yourself. It doesn't mean this is how you actually are, only that you see yourself this way. The size of your cube is about average. You're confident, but not full of yourself. "Being about ten yards away means that you tend to keep a safe distance from people you don't know. You seldom go up to strangers and try to make friends without checking them out first. Your Glose to your friends, but that's only to those who are willing to meet you half way. "Being made of glass is very revealing! No, really. You revea! yourself to those you trust. Your secrets are basically exposed for anyone to see, if only they'd look closely. You're transparent. You're not a good liar. You're strong, but fragile. The crack is someone you trusted very much. Someone who hurt you and left. The wound doesn't interfiere with your vision, but it's still there.

She'll confirm much of what you said. Move on [o the next object, the ladder. Although there is a great deal of interpretive information in the center of this book, the true technique comes from using your own imagination to discover the meanings. This comes only alter much practice however.

Secret Information
There is a simple technique for discovering some very personal secrets. Secrets that you could not have possibly figured out, but that you will be credited with later. It's a technique that psychologists like Dr. Chin use constantly. And if you use it during this situation, you will be known as the most accurate psychic around, even though you claim to be using psychodynamic reasoning! Here it is. Ask the subject what she thinks a particular detall means. After you've demonstrated your accuracy, she'll be more than happy to help with the interpretations. After all, you're not being a psychic. You're using psychology!* There's no challenge to the subject as there might be with a psychic reader. The subject wants you to know! As you explain the meanings of the scene, ask your subject about her feelings toward different tems. How do all those beautiful flowers make her feel? Or the electrical storm in the distance? She'll let you in on some very insightful meanings this way.

Men, Women and Children

Throughout this booklet it's been assumed that the subject is a woman, merely because a recent survey indicated that women are twice as likely as *I know some skeptics will still bate me for this
claim. Oh well, that's very revealing about them.

men to be interested in things of a psychic nature. But this is psychology, so it has an equal appeal to women and men. If you play the System 88 game on a man, you make a simple adjustment. Make the horse a car. The Freudian symbolism of a horse being male and a car being female is subconsciously apparent, yet the subtlety remains. Use your imagination to interpret the meaning of a sports car, a luxury sedan or an SUV. The System 88 game is also applicable to children. Kids love to do this. The horse becomes the girl's future husband rather than a laven Certain adjustments must be made with interpretations, but it's basically the same. Just keep it age appropriate.

For a quick reference here is what you say to play the System 88 assessment game. "By asking you only five questions, I can know everything about you! l'in Joe Glotz and I do psychic analysis. It's a type of mental game. It's fast, it's fun and it's free. And, it's more accurate than a lie detector, plus III fill out this chart with all your information so you can check it out later. "Are you imaginative? Are you honest? Are you intelligent? "Good then we can start. You can close your eyes or leave them open. The important thing is to use your imagination and visualize what naturally comes finto your mirad. "Imagine a desert. See the horizon. Notice all the details. "See a cube in the desert. It can be any size, made of anything. "Now imagine a ladder in your scene. "Add fiowers. "Put a horse in the scene. "And finally, imagine a storm." Now, you're playing the System 88 game.

Always Right
Here is a great out for anything you may say that the subject claims just doesn't fit them. Because you're giving the subject a reading on how they view themselves and not on how they actually are, you can claim that although the statement may not seem to apply, it's based on their subconscious. Thus the subject may not even know that they're thinking this way. For example, if you tell me the one golden rung in my ladder is my belief that my sibling is more deserving of family attention than I, my response may be that I bate my brother. You can explain that the reading is merely how my subconscious sees myself, and so I subconsciously feel inferior t my brother. 1 can't argue with that! At any rate, we use the authority of science to take control and win out. The facts must remain secondary.


. Introduction to Mearangs
The following interpretations are to be used as general guidefines. They're the most common variations of items in people's imaginary scenes. As has been stated previously, there are no exact interpretations of the items. The meanings of the items are reflective of the subject's feelings. Always ask how she feels about what she describes. With these guides and her feelings, the interpretations will be obvious. As with anything, the more you do it, the better you'll get at it. 1f one wanted to become more adept at this analysis, it would do the student well to study Carl Jung's view of the relationshp between man and symbolism. Simple knowledge of how ancient tribes connected a father figure to the sun, or the many feminine aspects of water would give the student Jeep and meaningful interpretations for any subject. The most important thing to remember while analyzing a subject is to have fun! Although originally used by Dr. Lisa Chin in her practice, System 88 has been designed for entertainment purposes and is, by nature, very entertaining for both subject and the analyst.

The Desert
How She Sees Her Life at present
You tell the subject that the desert is simply a location for th( test, however, it's really very revealing. Dr. Chin claims that perhap: 30% to 40% of an assessment reading can come from this sourel alone. lronically, this is the smallest section of interpretations in thl book. It's felt that accurate assessments come from the importance o the item to the subject, not the actual meanings of the items. The desert is illustrative of how the subject sees her life at thi present. A desert can be extremely detailed or barren depending oi how the subject sees her life. Every detail is important. Ask abou the rocks, the dirt and any plants including cacti and trees. Color can disclose countless traits. The sky, the sand, the mountains, thi clouds, the sun, the shrubs alI have color. Desert paints can be ver: pronounced. The different shades are interpreted as to thei connection to other objects and to other colors. The basic colo interpretations apply Itere, i.e., red is forceful, green natural, bltio calming, etc. A more detailed study of color would greatly help dio student of psychological analysis. Here are some of the most common images in subjects deseas.

Cacti Cactus Blossoms Palm Trees Other Trees Water Mirages Oasis Animals Dunes Mountains Snowcapped Mountains Cliffs Barren difficult people or other difficultes new ideas, ambitions sources of support, shelter, nourishment. accomplishments, trust (both dependant on size) emotional nourishment, the presence of feelings or lave, feminine aspects. life's illusions, a good imagination, being lied te, untrusting, hopeful another life, either hers or another's secrets, changes, new challenges sensuality, satisfying love life, pleasure spirituality, distant desires, ambitions subject keeps a spiritual perspective in sight dramatic events, emotional highs and lows sign of extreme self-reliance, independence.

Time of Day
Morning Noon Afternoon Even ing Night time in life young, middle aged, elderly fresh, new, filled with possibilities tired, hard working, half-way finished running out of time, needs to get to work calor. cool, at ease mysterious, protected, dangerous, beautiful life

Red Green Blue Purple Yellow Pink Brown Black White Multicolored passionate, hot energy, angry, warm hope, life, nature, money spiritual, serene, cool energy, sad royal, deep passions, mourning cheerful, bright, eccentric feminine, warm earthy, compassionate, conventional mysterious, lost puye, confused of many interest or moods

The Cubo
How She Sees Herself
The subject's cube can be made of anything. It can be hollow or so lid, near the observer or on the distant horizon. It can be partially buried or floating in the air. The cube representa the subject's conception of herself. Ask about the size, what it's made of, its location and position. These are many of the common descriptions of a cube:

What Kind
Soft Firm Solid nurturing, forgiving, adaptable definite, stubborn, opinionated jam-packed life and agenda, good sense of se lf- worth, well-grounded personal ity, substantial, secure, consistent, honest, not interested in self exploration, full of unexpressed feelings unen to suggestion, feels hollow, unfu I fi 1 led, spacious, receptive, lighthearted, objective, protective takes life lightly takes life seriously ambitious not driven to dazzle nothing to hide, clear-minded, candid, selfrevealing, realistic, fragile attractively mysterious, doesn't reveal all but shows emotion, a desire to be understood guard privacy, slow to reveal self or trust others

Hollow Light Heavy Shiny Malle Transparent Translucent Opaque

Ruge Cube (covering most of the scenery) an inflated ego, egoistic, a sense of high selfimportance, confident, dominant, grandiose, generous (higher than she can reach) self-esteem, generous, subjective, aspiration, adventurous, confident, capable, capacious, healthi ly egoistic, grandiose, selfimportance, self-absorption, domination balance, warmth, modest, self-respect, humanism, aware modest, keeping a low profile, introverted, realistic in expectations feels small, insignificant, ignored, modest, concentrated, focused, hidden, precious, humble, selfless, objective, realist, intimate, timid, undervaluing of self. literal-minded, conventional, concealment, petty


Medium Smal I Smal ler

What it's Made of

Air, Space 131ack Slab Castle, Fortress Ceramic, Terra Cotta Cloud merging, permeable, no boundaries transformer, advanced guarded, cautious permeable, earthy, cool pure, unsullied by ordinary reality

Crystal Diamond Dice Line Drawing Edges Fabric Food Glass Stained Glass Colored Glass Gold House [ce

Jeweled Metal Mirror Palace Plastic Rubber Rubik's Cube

Smoke Spaceship Stone Water Finished Wood Raw Wood

spiritual illuminated, bright, confident in own ways gambler, risk-taker intellectualization of self boundaries, if cube's edges are marked noticeably domestic (ask what kind of fabric) appetite, lover of good food, hungry open, candil, factual, fragile, considers herself pure spiritual artistic extremely precious, valuable, weighty, refined, loyal, true, desirable, rich sheltering, nurturing self-possessed, poised, resourceful, calm in crisis, possibly unimaginative (if an ice cube) precious (consider type and trait of metal) tough, bright, tested, indestructible, impenetrable reflective of other people entitled unpretentious, blue-collar, honest, traditional. democratic humorous, playful, energetic ingenious, versatile, clever, being twisted and turned, persecution complex, paranoia, considers everyone else stupid and childish, holier-than-thou mentality, feels attacked by the world, may be emotional traumatized mysterious stranger, alune substantial, reliable, principled, stubborn, conservative emotional, intuitive, feminine cultured, refined, sensitive natural, creative

Red Green Blue Purple Yellow Pink Brown Black White Multicolored passionate, hot energy, angry, warm hope, life, nature, money spirituality, serenity, cool energy, sad royal, deep passions, mourning cheerful, bright, eccentric feminine, warm earthy, warm, conventional mysterious pure many interest, moody

On Ground has a firm foothold on reality, down-toearth, practical, commonsensical, realityoriented, concerned with the tangible daydreamer, imaginative but unrealistic, optimistic, idealistic, spiritual, living in fantasy, impractical, "aboye it al I", tentative, uncommitted, intuitive, realistic but open to possibilities ambitious, idealistic, intellectual, spiritual, a dreamer not very ambitious, practical, worldly, down-to-earth, sensual unstable life, an immigrant, a traveler, transient between two worlds, undecided, on the verge of a change, edgy, balanced precise, discriminating, precariously, daredevil, cutting-edge

Flying or Levitated

Aboye Horizon Below Horizon On Edge

Far Away feels left behind by life, protective of her space, independent, taking the long view, seeing things- in perspective, abstract, deliberates before acting, watches herself, rational self-control, self-denial, impudent, standoffish, likes solitude, needs lots of space, abstract, big-picture oriented, visual thinker, memory and planning, focus on the wide world spontaneous, emotional, impulsive, quicktempered, intimate, cozy, sociable, likes company, concrete thinker, detail-oriented, tactile thinker, reacts to immediate, lives in present, focus on what's right here.

The Ladder
How She Sees Her Family and Friends
The ladder represents family and friends and how they relate to the subject Almost all of the information about the ladder is compared to the cube. For example, what the ladder is made of is compared against what the cube is made of. If the ladder is stronger than the cube, ask how that translates to the subject's life. Look for details such as, does the ladder support the cube, or does the cube support the ladder? The ladder is the subject's support system reflected in friends and family. It is also a method of advancement. What the ladder is made of indicates both the qualities of the subject's friends and family, as well as the possible traits of the subject. For example, a wooden ladder may indicate that the subject is sentimental and loyal, but it may also indicate that she likes to be surrounded by the same type of people. The ladder's traits must be determined by the established traits of the cube. So if the cube has already indicated that the subject is cold and flighty, the "wooden" traits would obviously belong to her friends and not her.


Long Ladder Taller Than Cube big social circle, has many friends, outgoing personality, sociable people she looks up to, admiration, humility, service, opportunity, feels small in her social circle few close friends lost clase friends or family members, not as close as they used to be dominates friends and family, influential, leadership over friends an equal, peers

Few Rungs Missing Rungs Shorter Than Cube Same Height

Leaning Against Cube friends and family lean on her, does a lot for her friends, supports them more than they support her, has some codependent people around her, give her support, close compan ions, friends and family are physically affectionate, mutual support, easy intimacy, a "people person" friends and family are overbearing, oppressed Supporting Cube close associates support her in her accomplishments completely supported, friends and family Off the Ground are her foundation, necessary to her life Near Cube Glose but independent distant, private, self-sufficient, does not Jet Away From Cube people get too close to her, aloof, friends or family are not very close, live far from her, don't see her often, are not important to subject Connecting Floating Cube to Ground family or friends keep subject grounded family or friends hanging out, comfortable Lying Down with subject, slackers Inside Cube trust, merging, possessive Deseen d ing Underground hidden, illicit, subconscious On Top of Cube Rickety or Wobbly Metal Ladders

Rope Ladders

Odd Material Bad Condition Strong Ladder Burned Bran ches Cut into Cube Extension Ladder Paint Splattered Spiral Staircase Step- I adder Made of Anything Else

for hard-luck stories, overly tolerant, too undemanding, puts relationships before performance, schmooses on jobs unreliable, or ailing people practical, strong, tough, chooses wisely, relies on friends, returns the favor, builds strong community, stresses performance, chooses re l jable people, exce I lent networker, builds strong organization, chooses coolly, uses friends, unsympathetic, can move on, impersonal, demands too much, downsizer, views people as stepping stones to success mobility, adventurous, nomadic, flexible but strong, attached for life, will save life, will give freedom, adventurous, versatile, independent, far away, out of touch for long periods, must be free to leave at will, restless, dilettante, detached feels her friends or family are very different from normal people, are unlike subject family or friends are inferior surrounded by strong people, secure destructive family or friends alternative sibling has reserves, back covered collaboration on again, off again relationships independent, dual personal ity, distinction between close friends and acquaintances see cube section for explanation

What it's Made of

Wooden Ladders sentimental, warm, loyal, comfortable, brings heart to work, company loyalty, bonds with teammates, easily hurt, a sucker

The Flowers
How She Sees Children
The subject's children may be her offspring or her ideas, children of her mind, if you will. However, most women are perfectly happy with a literal interpretation of the flowers as children, whether or not they have kids. Men also like to know about their relationship with kids, although they may not want to reveal that fact. In that case, cal ling the flowers ideas will work for them. The flowers relate te everything in the picture thus far. Ask about their relationship to the desert, the cube and the ladder. The number of flowers rarely indicates a similar quantity of children. It does, however, reflect the amount of feelings the subject has toward kids. The type of flower denotes qualities that either or both the subject and the children possess. As with the ladder, you must decide on the interpretation based on your previously established analysis of the subject.

Type of Flowers
Beautiful Flowers Anemone Azalea Cactus Carnation Chrysanthemum Crocus Daffodil Daisy Dandel ion Forget-Me-Not Forsythia Geranium Gladiolus finds children very beautiful forsaken protective, fragile endurance unforgettable leisure, optimism, long life, happiness cheerful sunny innocence, purity faithful, happiness true iove, memories anticipation stupid, foolish sincerity, strength of character

2 3 4 5 6 7

0 Quick to forgive, spiritual 0 Sarcastic and cynical, edgy 0 Strong constitution, resilient

1:1 Well balanced judgment, calco 0 Difficult to please, demanding 0 Fond of excitement, enthusiastic 0 Impulsive and spontaneous 8 0 Coquettish, coy, unpredictable 9 0 Strong willed, influential 10 0 Lazy, self centered, demanding 4 4 4. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Extravagant, indulgent, elaborate Romantic, good foyer, sexual Outspoken, says what's on mirad Quick to comprehend, intelligent Keen foresight, preparedness Appreciation of opposite gender Like travel and change, moving Ready, willing and eager to try Bragging, egotistical, boastful Hidden secrets, les, illusions 4, 4 4 Fluent and logical speaker Good business ability, organized Tender-hearted, compassionate Sociable and friendly, hospitable Modest, reserved, sometimes shy Stubborn and obstinate, locked Open minded, intellectually free Easily bored, indifferent, jaded Show fight if put upon, tough Careless, negligent, thoughtless

41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Speculative and philosophical Emotionally conservative Kind, jolly and open-hearted Team player, good sport Independent, self-contained Good sense of humor, funny Easily distracted, preoccupied Changeable and fickle, undecided Good natured and light-hearted Selfish, vain and self-centered .4 4 4

0 Methodical and precise, guided 0 Luxurious and refined tastes 0 Good talker and enjoys people 0 Nervous, excitable, often tlighty 0 Skeptical and disbelieving 0 Determined, persistent, bullish 0 Sensitive, sympathetic, psychic 0 Critical observation, challenging 0 Firm in argument. debating 0 Revengeful, mean, cold-blooded

0 0 0

40 0

51 0 Jealous, protective of others 52 0 Playful and mischievous, silly 53 0 Jovial and jubilant, bouncy 54 0 Active mirad, good memory 55 0 Cooi and calculating, focused 56 0 Confiding and trusting, too much 57 0 Resents being controlled, touchy 58 0 Requiring perfection in others 59 O Affectionate, loving, soft-hearted 60 0 Irritable and moody, too needy
2007 D. J. Hifford

FORM 8147-C256-0369

Iris Lily Lily of the Val ley Marigold Narcissus Orchid Petunia Poinsettia Poppy Rose Tulip Violet Water Lilies Wildflowers Zinn ia Artificial, Plastic Dead Flowers

faith, hope, promise purity, motherhood sweet, humility, returning happiness cruel, grief, jealous vanity, self-absorption thoughts, ideas resentment, anger, or the rernoval of those feelings festivity sleep, oblivion, fantasy children of passionate love if red, or of friendship if yellow imagination, perfection, luck, faene modesty, simplicity, faithful devotion spontaneity, freedom remembrance, constancy, lasting affection appearance of success but without risk days of children over

Flowers Separated from Cube by Ladder feels her friends and family interfere in her relationship with her children By Base of Cube under her wing Around Cube like closeness of many children On Top of Cube on her back, living off subject Flowers Ali Around, Over Cube feels overwhelmed by kids Growing AH Over Cube depending on her Inside Cube possibly pregnancy*, nurtured, protected, possessed Cut Flowers in Vase disconnected, on display In Foreground first and foremost In Garden or Oasis freedom with safety, well-provided-for

Under a Tree Growing on a Tree Near Ladder Under Horse On the Horse Eaten by Horse Under Storm Fall ing from Sky Scattered Randomly In Patches In a Field Shaking in the Wind No Flowers Close to Cube Garden, Near Cube Far Away Blooming Well Messed Up Flowers Everywhere

sheltered, but independent miracle babies, far out ideas she sees friends as children protected by partner partner's prize a demanding lover, competition with children troubled inspiration on their own dabbler, eclectic a faithful following children in her life have hardships childless, possibly self centered very close to the children she has or will have, or close to other's children kept safe, carefully cultivated does not want children, other people's, not a par of her life, living far away feels positive about her chi ldren's lives is surrounded by troubled children possibly works with children, or would like to have many kids

The Horse
How She Sees Her Lover
Perhaps the most important topic to any client is Love. System 88 has addressed how she sees present surroundings, herself, her friends and family and her children, both factual and symbolic. Now we examine her lover. The horse may be representational of the man presently in her life, but more often it is the idealized concept of the perfect man. My friends who are versed in the Venutian arts well know the horse's potential. It deals directly with the subject's emotions. A word of warning: insinuating which lover a subject should select can be disastrous. Allowing the subject to explain the type of lover she desires while comparing him/her to her past lovers can be en lightening, empowering and entertaining. Gay and lesbian lovers are still seen within the descriptions of the horse. If a heterosexual man seems uncomfortable seeing his foyer as a muscular, sweaty animal, use a car image. Substitute different automotive models for different horses, but the car's location, action and color reveal similar traits lo the horse.

* Look at the subject and candidly ask, "You're not pregnant are you?" If she is, she'll be bowled over! If she's not she'll immediately ask where you saw that she might be. You can explain that sometimes flowers Inside the cubo mean pregnancy, but in this case it means... and give a more fitting explanation. Knowing the subject is pregnant works about 90% of the time in these situations. The subject will want to know the sex of the baby. This is tricky because she may already know. The best way to answer is not to. llowever, those accomplished in the use of a pendulum will have no trouble accurately determining and revealing the baby's gender.

Large, Strong, Horse protective, strong man Small, Submissive Horse a lover she can domnate

What Kind of Horse

Arabian Jumper elegant, fire achievement

Marc Multiple Horses Mustang Pinto, Spotted Pony Stallion Thoroughbred Two Horses Weak Horse Wild Horse Workhorse Dead

motherly, sensitive, temperamental a roving eye streetwise, wild, tough, a "street kid", independent, rebellious, a troublemaker contrasts pet, cute bold dominant, assertive, adventurous, protective, proud competition torn between two lovers envisions being stuck with a wimp untamable responsible, dependable feels it's too late for a lover

Location, Action of Horse

Horse Well Separated from Cube is reserved about opening up completely to lovers Far From the Cube in another city, country, indifferent, very independent, in hs/her own world, a low priority for her, on the way out of subject's life Horse Walking Away abandoned Standing by Cube commitment, companionship, Glose to her emotionally and physically, loyal Tied to Cube hitched, bound, married, controlled Circling Cube satellite, guardian On Top of Cube supported, honored, dominant, hostage, on a pedestal, possessed by client Inside Cube fantasy, fusion, possession Near Ladder friends Being Ridden by Subject inseparable Being Ridden by Someone Else inner-directed Lying Down relaxed, lazy, tired, ill, weak In Background a life oftheir own Leaving the Picture on the way out Grazing nourished, devouring Acting Up, or Scared by Storm high-strung, in crisis I Hungry, Thirsty starving for attention, needy No Horse solitude, low self worth, undeserving Inanimate Horses unsatisfactory, plaything Horse Licking, Sniffing the Cube imagines she's being doted on, nourished by subject, demonstrative, a good kisser, a good lover, affectionate

Camel Donkey, Muie Unicorn Flying (Pegasus) endurance, in it for the haul affectionate, exasperation purity, enchantment transpon, "cakes her away"

Saddle -- Bridle
None freedom domestic Saddle Fancy Trappings romantic wants to keep him very restrained, restricted Tethered Horse married ("hitched") Tied Up Bridle, Saddle, Plain Leather hard-working, responsible, married, domestieated Bridle, Saddle, Ornate romantic, exotic, adventurous, chivalrous, a crusader, regal, wealthy

Horse Stomping on the Cube has been or feels abused by lovers Standing Over (small) Cube doinant, framing her life Horse Destroying the Flowers lover is not good toward her children, or fear of this happening Horse Messing with the Ladder conflict between her lover and her friends Horse Separated from Flowers by the Cube taking tare of the children and manage her lover's relationship with them

The Storm
How She Sees Upcoming Troubles in Life
Everyone has troubles in their lives. No one can avoid pain. Even alcoholics and drug addicts feel the pain from which they constantly run. Calamity, no matter how brief, pursues humankind like an approaching storm. How a person imagines the approaching storm reveals their inner strength and spiritual or psychological foundations. The client doesn't have to recognize what trouble is indicated by the storm, merely that it approaches. Problems in life are most often connected to certain life aspects. Look for what is affected by the storm. And as always, ask if she's frightened by it or feels a sense of calm.

Color of Horse
Black Brown, Bay White Palomino Grey Chestnut Unnatural Colors mysterious, romantic, powerful, moody, a good lover, romantic passion ordinary, sensual, earthy, warrn, unpretentious, normality idealized, idealistic, her dream of high principies, good her pal, fair, good as golci, attractive cool, mature warm, passionate, temper see previous interpritations

Kind of Storm
Clouds Ran Wind Thunder Lightning Tornado Dust Devils Sandstorms Snowstorms Rainbows depression, apprehension sadness, grief, discouragement opposition, opportunity conflict, anger breakthrough unpredictable, violente, trauma annoyances, psychological quirks painful, confusing, overwhelming opportunity relief, hope, success

Behind Viewer, or Cube Storni Approaching Here, Now Inside Cube On the horizon in the past fears crises in future, trouble not here yet, in the foreseeable future present, recent inner turmoil it's inevitable but not on the mind, in the distara future, other people's, on the evening news good fortune, denial troubles are not overwhelming her presently, feels her life is relatively troublefree, has few problems around in her life minimal, nothing to worry about has had troubles recently but feels they are over pain is'over for now feels her life is in turmoil feels life will not get better, that she must live in constata emotional pain feels secure about problems she will face

How it Affects Cube, Ladder, Flowers or Horse

Blown Away devastation, depending on what is affected Buried Under Sand overwhelming troubles Erosion or pitting wearing down Flooding filled with emotion Horse Freaks Out high strung, over burdened lover Horse Huddles by Cube lover depends on client Horse, Ladder, Flowers Taken Inside Cube subject is protective, generous and nurturing Horse Lies Down lover lies low in crisis Horse Runs Away lover can't be counted on in crisis Ladder Broken friendship disrupted by trouble Ladder Hovers Over Cube rely on friend as protector Ladder Knocked Down helpless and friends must stand on own feet first Ladder Sheltered by Cube look out for friends in crisis Struck by Lightening have suffered a shock or blow, or, had a brainstorm Water Damage sadness, grief The Desert Blooms renewal

Out of Sight In the distante

Far Away Storm Receding Depart ing Huge, Dominant Storm Long, Enduring Storm

Small, Brief Storm

TU! TIIIII11111 111 11111111 M1M1111 111
The Chart
What was once known in the mentalism business as a tic sheet is arguably the greatest contribution in the aide of cold reading since the invention of the tongue. Yet, it's almost forgotten by those looking to impress an audience with book tests and wallet window reading. Persons who entertain with mentalism are consistently asked if they can do psychic or psychological readings. Most don't add this impressive and lucrative feature to their programs because they aren't well versed in cold reading. Many are simply put off by the mystical facade of Tarot, runes and other occult devices. They prefer a more scientific approach. And so, rarely give cold readings for entertainment. The use of a "tic sheet" was helpful to both types of performers. It was essentially a brochure that had many personality traits printed on it. The analyst merely ticked, or checked off, little boxes next to traits that pertained to the subject. Each sheet, although printed en mass, had the potential to be somewhat personalized to the subject. A patron kept his specific sheet and it became a cherished memento. If the entertainer had his contact information on the brochure, he was apt to have satisfied customers contact him for future engagements. A dreadfully clever marketing tool, tic sheets were very popular in the 1920s through the 1960s. Today, they have al' but been lost in the trade. No one is eertain of the inventor of the tic sheet. The name dates back to the 1920s when "tic", the British word for a check mark, was in vogue. The infamous supplier of mentalistic equip-

ment, Robert Nelson, made them cheaply available to professionals. He sold millions of the Solar Astrological tic sheets to crystal gazers, mentalist and horoscope workers for decades. To some they were highly valued and deemed important because they recorded hidden personal information revealed only by the psychic.

The Decline of the Tic Sheet

Besides pitchmen in the 1920s and 30s hawking charts with astrological forecasts, there were giant impressive hand writing analysis ~hines found at state fairs in the 1950s and 60s. These monstrosities were actually travel trailers flashed up to look like Univac computers. Flashing lghts and electronic sounds attracted curious fairgoers. For a small fee, the colossal machine would analyze your hand writing. The result of the analysis was a tic sheet! This diversion may have been entertaining in the 1950s, but it would be ridiculous today. As times changed, so did the attitude of the mentalist. In this extremely technological and high speed era the concept of a sheet of paper with check marks indicating certain personality aspects seems outdated. Two undeniable drawbacks are that a tic sheet or chart needs to be specific to a particular psychic discipline, that is, you need a special sheet for graphology and a different one for Tarot readings. The other drawback is that the od style charts just weren't that accurate. Of course, many people believed the information fit their personality, but many more thought the chart a simple amusement that could have applied to anybody. And, for the most part, they were right until now. The System 88 chart is a vastly improved version of the od tic sheet that' s guaranteed to he acutely accurate. There isn't the necessity for years of study as System 88 works automatically.

speaks, stands, sings, walks, drinks, kisses, dresses or sleeps. You can real the food left on their pate, a crumpled piece of paper, the odor of perfume, the way sorneone uses her cell phone, a pendulum swing or the foam inside their half-drunk glass of Guinness. ANYTHING! If you use the system, whatever you mark on the chart will be right! Once you learn the formula that makes ibis system perform, you'll use it everywhere. The information it reveals will be startlingly accurate. Combined with the System 88 game that precedes the chart's use, you cannot fail to impress your subject. Because the algorithm is so accurate, you can apply the System 88 chart to divination and analysis techniques that are compIetely spurious. A Venusian artist 1 know uses System 88 to give kiss readings at night clubs and has a line of willing participants!

Deadly Accurate
System 88 is unlike anything before it. A tic sheet may have fit anyone no matter how it was checked. But each System 88 chart is unique to the subject. There are over 3 mill ion different combinations of character traits. The information seems to fit so precisely because you actually do a instant psychological alaysis for each subject. Every subject is catagorized in one of three personality types. The System 88 chart automatically indicates 50 traits for any subject. You adjust the set information for each subject and create a personalized chart. The System 88 chart can be completed in less than 30 seconds. A lthough the patron expects you to take a little more time, when faced with a need for speed you're able to satisfy over 100 people an hour. The clients will be astounded at how accurate your analysis is. If you go over the detailed meanings of what you've indicated on the chart, the results are even more precise. I know this is a big claim. I know you've heard that certain cold reading techniques will amaze people and 1 know that some are great, a few are alright while others are terrible. The System 88 chart

Applicable to any Discipline

One of the unique aspects of the System 88 chart is that it's applicable to any oracle. I have used this chart, with modifications, for over a decade in cooperation with graphology, astrological or palmistry analysis. You can use it with anything. Create your own oracle or analysis mediad. You can analyze the way a person eats,

delivers. It has worked for me day in and day out in tradeshow booths across the U.S. for over a decade. I'm delighted in how accurate it seems to be.

easily. If you work colcl, you'll still be ridiculously accurate with just a quick guess. Once you have the animal type in mind, you'Il use a numerical formula to check off the traits.

How to Use the Chart

Personality Types
There really isn't much to learn. If you can count from 1 to 10 and have ever been around pets, you can do this instantly. System 88 categorizes all people loto three basic types that can be instantly identified, BIRD, CAT or DOG. Remembered as B, C or D. Take a moment to envision the traits of each animal. There are many types of each, but the species share certain traits. A bird has an reasonably short attention sean. It is usually exceptionally beautiful, often vocally expressive and in need of attention. They may be seen as a free spirit, even extravagant. A cat, on the other hand, is independent, almost elusive. They have a cynical view of day to day existence. They are their own animal, yet can be submissive and charming. A dog is often determined and strong. They're playful and loyal. It's easy to get a dog's attention and easy to keep it. They're natural companions. Let your imagination go for a while, then mentally categorize a few of your friends and family members. Each person is best described as either a BIRD, a CAT or a DOG. It won't be difficult. This instant analysis isn't based on appearances. To think a sleek would be wrong. There are fat subject is a cat because cats and skinny cats. There are large dogs and tiny dogs. There are peacocks and sparrows. The analysis is based on your feelings about the subject. Don't worry about being perfect. Everyone is really a combination of these three animals. Just select an animal as quickly as you can based on your intuitive hunch. 1f you've already done some knd of a reading, such as the System 88 game, you know her personality type and can identify her

Checking Off Personality Traits

The chart discloses approximately 50 different and specific personality traits for each personality type. Each type, or animal, has a three digit code: BIRD 1-4-7 CAT 2-5-8 DOG 3-6-9 (B-C-D) Notice the numbers are three apart. (Like the Si Stebbins Card Set-up.) This makes the sequences easy to remember, but if you forget, they're printed at the bottom left hand corner of the chart. (FORM B147-C258-D369) This crib is secret. No one knows you use a code, so keep it on the chart when printing. Now merely check off all the numbers that end in the code for the subject's type. For example, a bird would have checked boxes at numbers 1, 4, 7, 11, 14, 17, 21, 24, 27, 31, 34, 37, 41, 44, 47, 51. 54 and 57. (Notice there are two traits per number.) Here is the real secret of this system. Although you have 18 different numbers to check off, DO NOT CHECK ALL THE NUMBERS INDICATED. lnstead, leave a few unchecked. And check one or two that you think applies to the subject REGARDLESS OF MATCHING THE CODE. For example, in a trade show a young, attractive, educated light-blonde woman approaches the booth for a reading. She is categorized as a bird type. Yet, because of her attire you know that she's intelligent and business minded. As indicated by the code 1-4-7, you choose te check off numbers I, 4, 7, 11, 24, 27, 31, 34, 37, 41, 51, 54, 57, skipping 44 47. But you also decide to check off 32. See? The chart is easily adaptable to different clients depending on their traits.

Getting Specific
To be REALLY accurate, strike through part of the traits at numbers where you checked. In the aboye example, you checked off number 32, "Good business ability, organized". Draw a line through "organized" and explain, "You have a great head for business. You tend to see what will work and what won't far ahead of trends. You could be a millionaire many times over if you could just get better organized!" You've complimented her business mind and given some pseudo advice that everyone needs. Even if she's already organized, she'll feel she needs to be more so. A perfect reading and told to you by the chart. Striking through some of the traits makes the chart specific to each client with little effort, but you must explain why the stricken trait doesn't apply. You also checked off number 54, "Active mind, good memory". You may strike through "good memory" and say, "You have a very active mind. Always thinking, but often you forget little things, like people's names. You're so busy thinking of the next thing, you often fail to focus on what's in front of you long enough to remember it; such as narres." This fits most people with any kind of mental activity. Of course you wouldn't check this number for someone who appears cerebrally dull, only someone who acts bright. Just keep in mind that a comma in the personality traits can be read as "or" instead of "and". Number 54 then reads as, "Active mind OR good memory". You just gave two great cold reading fines that were mute for you by the basic information on the chart. The words are your own, not written and memorized. Imagine if you take time to explain all the checks you rnake. This will be fully discussed in an upeoming chapter.

to System 88. My Venusian arts friends will note and understand the following. All the numbered traits ending with O (zero) are "Negs", or have negative connotations. There are times when the most appropriate personality trait is a negative one. Use the same technique as with any other numbered trait, that is, check it off and perhaps strike through part of it as not applicable. It's up to you. There are also a few personality traits that are specific to certain targets. Look through the numbered traits and you will see a few that will be useful to you and applicable to every subject, like 6, 7, 22 or 33. These two aspects of System 88 are extremely helpful to Venusian artists in creating a method for the Mystery Game.

Vocations and Aptitudes

On the back page are columns for Romance as well as Vocations and aptitudes. For the Vocation column, follow the same BIRD CAT DOG formula as before. All twenty vocational suggestions are comprised of t h ree types of jobs: liberal arts, office and hands on. These have been equally divided among the three types. So the Bird gets two of each type of job, the Cat does also and the Dog gets two of each type of job. Now it doesn't matter what kind of person you're doing the reading for. She'Il get indicators for all types of vocations liberal arts jobs, office work and hands on vocations. You're not telling her what she already does for a living, merely showing what she's best suited for. You will certainly hit something by "shot gunning" al] the possible job types. If she claims that she's currently an actress but you didn't check it, tell her that she'll probably do very well as an actress even though her subconscious is better suited for art or dance. Using the word Aptirude is a good way to direct the interpretation of this column. It simply indicates for what she has a natural aptitude, not what job she should have. There are two negative vocation numbers. These both end in O (zero). Janitor, Housekeeper is number 90. This isn't to say that a

Secret Venusian Numbers

This book has been written for more people than merely mentalists. I'm certain each group will be irritated that the others have the secret

man or woman who is working for a hotel to build a better life is less a person than someone who works in an office. There's no moral call here. Remember, no one knows that these are in spaces designated as negative. Only you know that. On the chart those t wo jobs are liste(' with every other respectable job. But it is a lethal weapon to indicate to a Diva (male or female) that she's best suited for being a housekeeper! The psychological dominance that you create with a single check mark is very powerful. The final number is 100. This says the subject is "Unemployabie". This isn't necessarily a negative trait. Some will take pride in the fact that they have what they believe to be the "Paris Hilton Factor". You can interpret it in any manner you wish, either as a negative trait or a positive one. Many artists are unemployable as are persons who are lazy and self centered.

New, check off the numbers that correlate to H, A or N. Numbers ending with 1, 4 and 7 are H. Alone is 2, 5 and 8. New is 3, 6 and 9. This code is cribbed at the bottom of the chart, under the Vocation column as Pat. H147-A258-N369. There are two negative traits. These also, like everywhere else on the chart, end in O (zero). The most powerful use of a "Neg- in the love department is explored in a different method, one I am not at liberty to disclose. It must remain a mystery.

How to Review the Information

As you've already read, the interpretation of what has been indicated on the chart changes the information from a slightly ambiguous nature to a cleariy specific reading. Giving interpretations to these key traits will autornatically build a reading that is specific to the subject. Going back to the aboye example, our subject is still the Monde girl. In a trade show there is seldom time to go over every checked trait. But in a one-on-one situation you may spend twenty minutes or more talking about your subject. Let's put or example in a night club. She's single and you want to show her what you can do. You take her aside and do the System 88 game. Then check off her personality traits based on your categorization of her as a Bird. You've ticked off numbers 1, 4, 7, 11, 24, 27, 31, 34, 37, 41, 51, 54, 57, as well as part of number 32. Number 1 has "Quick to forgive" stricken. You've added one negative trait and checked off number 30. In the System 88 game, during the Horse section, you asked her if she had a boyfriend. Her response was, "Kind of." So you've discovered she's not happy with her boyfriend, she's wants something new. On the back you've marked 63, 69, 73, 76 and 79. As a vocation the numbers 81, 84, 87, 91, 94 and 97 are marked. Now you can go over some of the details. Don't cover all of them. Leave her wanting more. Space doesn't permit me to interpret every check, but here's a sample of a possibie reading: "Here are some of your personality traits indicated by your subconscious. (1) You're not aiways quick to forgive, but you do

Because romance is possibly the most important part of the test to most subjects, the romance column is operated on an entirely different system. Ignore the primary category in which you put the subject. In romance it doesn't matter whether she's a Bird, Cat or Dog. For our purposes all adults fall within three romantic categories. Everyone is either 1) Happy and in a healthy, contented relationship, 2) Alone and not currently in any type of meaningful relationship or 3) looking for a New relationship. Whether they're currently dating, have a boyfriend, married or recently separated, they want something new. it's relatively easy to distinguish which category the subject falis into. Seeing a ring helps, but isn't a 100% reliable indicator. If during the test, before you fill out the chart, you ask about her love life, she'll tell you everything. If you used the System 88 game, you'll know about her love life. The Horse segment will give you the necessary information to accurately determine whether she falls into the Happy, Alone or New category. Once you decide if Happy, Alone or wants someone

have a good spiritual side. I wouldn't say you're religious, but you have a good understanding of things spiritual and your view continues to grow. (4) When you remain calor you have a talent for making decisions based on a bah anced view. You can see the good and bad not only in people, but in most situations. It's when you gel excited that you act on emotion rather than good judgment. (7) You can be impulsive and often spontaneous. When you act without too much analysis, you tend to have a great time. You might want to pursue this trait more. (11) "The test also shows you're methodical and precise, almost as if you're guided. This isn't surprising given the fact that you have a good spiritual foundation.*a (24) It's obvious that you're quick to comprehend things. You're aboye the norm in intelligence. This can be hard to live with because many of the people you know aren't as bright as you and you are tempted to dumb your self down to be more accepted. (27) Are you planning on taking a trip soon? Because this says you like travel. It also says you like change. You feel your job, your home or maybe your romantic partner needs to be changed. *b Being at peace with change is a terrific quality, but the constant need for it can make a person perpetually unsatisfied. (30) "This is important. There are a couple of hidden secrets that you don't want people te know about. It's OK, you don't have to tell me what they are. Everybody has a couple of secrets, but yours are big enough to be seen in a simple test like this! 1 think it has to do with the change we spoke of earlier. (31) "You're a great speaker when you try it. Not only in a public forum, but in a one-on-one situation like this, you really present a logical position. (32) You have a great head for business. You tend to see what will work and what won't far anead of trends. You could be a millionaire many times over if you could just get better organized! (34) The test says you're very friendly, a great

hostess to your friends and even to strangers. (37) You sometinnes doubt that you're actually open minded, but your friends know how intellectually free you really are. (41) "You enjoy understanding life on a philosophical plane. Not necessarily a known philosophy, but ene of your own. (51) You can be protective of others. You have a tendency to want to come to the aide of those who need you. *e (54) You have a very active mirad. Always thinking, but often you forget little things, like people's names. You're so busy thinking of the next thing, you often fail to focus en what's in front of you long enough to remember it; such as names. "And last, (57) you bate it when people try to control you, either directly or indirectly. Although this says touchy, that really doesn't come Glose to how you actual ly react to outside control." The chart is turned over and you continue with Vocations, saving Romance for last. "Here is what the test indicates that your natural aptitudes are. (81) Your ability to focus and shut out distractions makes it easy for you to do industrial or factory work. Of course, many people don't think this is a great job, but you can use this talent elsewhere in life. (84) Your creative tendencies make art and dance a great choice for you. Do you dance now? (87) That active and open mind of yours would do very well in polities. (91) Because you like to travel, that trade would be a good place te be successful. (94) The beauty and fashion industry is fertile ground for your wonderful mirad. And your eye for class and splendor would help you climb te the top. (97)1,ast, your ability to quickly comprehend a situation means you could be an excellent lawyer or doctor." At last the client gets a reading about romance. The easiest reading is for FI, a person happy with their relationship. Almost evetything you say will be positive. Of course, you will mention that there are tough times as every relationship has them, but what you say will be accepted for the most part. The next easiest reading is for A, someone who is not in a relationship at this time. They will have many different feelings about past partners and future possibilities. They are a mixture of

traits. Many will be hung up on resentments to past mates and apprehensions of new relationships. Still, a good mixed reading based on the System 88 chart will not fail to hit the mark. But the most difficult read is for N, those who want a change in partners. (Note: My Venusian friends believe that EVERYONE is looking for a new partner, to some degree.) This category is much larger than most people understand, and with this knowledge comes great responsibility. Up to this point what you tell a subject has very little influence en their life. But encouraging ara unhappy woman to move on can cause some trouble. DON'T DO IT! Never direct the reading at the partner. Never say negative things about her boyfriend, husband or baby-daddy! Be nice. You can acknowledge her subconscious feelings about finding a better partner, but don't give advice. Those skilled in the Venusian arts will know how to best exploit the romantic column and leave the subject happy and with the feeling of COMFORT. The reading continues: "'Now about romance. (63) It's apparent that you're ready for a major change in your romantic life. This isn't to say that where you are is had, just that doubt seems to be in your subconscious and you're ready to change things.*d (69) You like meeting interesting people and you will meet one soon. He may seem different than friends you've had in the past, but he will stimulate you in a rare way. This test is based on your immediate responses, so if you've met him already it would have to have been very recently.*e (73) Whether you realice it or not, you've already begun looking for a better situation, one that will enact the change you desire. (79) The opportunity that has been destined for you will be open to you only briefly. Don't hestate to act. If it's right, you'll know it. But if it feels wrong you should consult others."*f

*a Notice how we go back to a previous statement and make it a 'Yac,' ". Returning to earlier statements appears to make them more valid. *b You already know she's looking for a change in her romantic world. Jumping forward can be just as effective as going back. *c Stating "you have a tendency t want to... " is ambiguous while sounding direct. Wanting lo do something and doing it are quite different. And having a tendency to, means occasionally or sometimes without any real fixed behavior. *d You want to mention changing "things" not partners. Things can be interpreted as working harder to make her present relationship work or it may mean moving to her own place. It's really nono of your business how she interprets the chart, as long as you 're no,' giving advice. *e Don 't say laven say friend. This is gentler and less direct *f This sounds like advice, but it is very ambiguous. You 're really saying "If it's right, it's right. And if it's wrong, it's wrong " There you have a complete reading. It takes about ten minutes to do with interaction from the subject. The subject will tell you what fits and what doesn't. She'll write the reading for you as you go.

Tough Customers
Because of the flexibility of the System 88 chart, you are almost impervious to failure. You can interpret the findings in nearly any way you need to make a fit. For example, let's say our blonde friend claims she doesn't mirad being controlled, and that checking number 57 is wrong. You can explain that the test indicates that this feeling is

either subconscious or from a previous time in her life. She may be over that now consciously, but her subconscious still canjes the resentment to control. Another approach is to retest her. Ask, "Really? The test is pretty clear. Let' s look again." Do the pendulum or look at her palm and then restate what's on the chart. "Yes, it shows your resentment to control quite clearly. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS?" She'll offer an explanation and all's well. 1f she claims not to know, just move on. It will give her something to think about later. If you ever get a person who claims you didn't use a psychological technique, but rather merely that you checked off traits you already knew, here's what to say. "Of course 1 suspected that personality trait, but the test indicated it also. So it must be true!" One of the only things amateur skeptics look for is the same information given te different people. Here, every reading is a little different. Yet if a subject repeats the test, the results will be very similar to her earlier test. Some people want a reading, but are unnaturally skeptical. Some are entertained by simply looking for something to criticize about the reading. Retesting a subject can establish your position as an expert even further. But best to let those people criticize your abilities and move en. You'lI look better to those who are having fun and alter all, what would you be defending anyway?

maintained. I wouldn't change the information on the inside and back as the traits are specially written by Dr. Chin and me to apply to cold reading. The traits are also in a specific order. This way you don't have to jurnp forward te explain something before you talk about it. For instance, the client needs to hear that she has a spiritual foundation before you tell her she's philosophical.
: The font is 4111111 111171 for the headlines and

Times Roman for the body copy.


The chart is designed to be printed in two different ways. You can make 81/2 x II inch copies (for Americans) and fold them once each way, in a French Fold. This puts the cover on front, the personality traits inside and the romantie column on the back. I prefer to print the chart en cream-colored card stock, flip it and print the other side. Cutting the card in half gives me two booklets. They're printed on both cides and on card stock. These bold up in rey pocket and look great. My printer makes them for about $40.00 per 1000. That translates to 4 cents each!

Some Final Thoughts

After 13 years of using the basic form of the System 88 chart, pitching horoscopes, analyzing handwriting at trade shows and reading palms at cocktail parties, I know how effective this chart is. I have to acknowledge what a wonderful system Dr. Lisa Chin has created by helping me re-write the personality traits and eustomize them to the three pet/animal categories. Her help is beyond measure.

Adding Your Touch

Because one of the functions of a good chart is to publicize one's self, then it is imperative to have one's name and contact information en the chart. I use the System 88 charts in my daily and professional life. The ONLY difference is that mine have my performing name just aboye the word PSYCHOLOGICAL on the cover and my phone number to the right of YOUR PERSONALITY on the inside. If you don't want your name on the charts, simply cover the words YOUR NAME with white paper and copy. You're free to change what you need to on this chart, either electronically or by cut-&-paste. However, the copyright is still

Although you've been gven an example that could stand as a complete reading that you memorize and repeat word-for-word, you'd be missing to entire purpose of this system. System 88 does the cold reading for you. You can give an ora' reading by revealing the hidden meanings of the System 88 game, or let the System 88 chart write a strong cold read for you. Both sides of System 88 can stand alone and be used separately or can be combined for a knock out reading. If you study cold reading techniques and learn a good system for giving readings, your proficiency will increase. You will become a Master cold reader by using the tools available. My last word is a request. PLEASE don't give ths around for free. I attribute a good part of my income to System 88. I'm saddened that part of the System 88 game has been exposed on the net and in some books. But how to use it remains between us. System 88 is priced low enough to be available to interested people and high enough so everyone won't have it. It should seli for $1000 each and be limited to 100 people who'll use it. The chart alone is that valuable! Use System 88 but keep it secret from those who want only to melt brains with quick street effects. Then you' ll be validated by amazed audiences rather than those who are looking for acceptance from fellow magi. Enjoy

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