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1. MLA Citation "LEADER'S TRAINING COURSE." Goarmy.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2012. <http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/courses-and-colleges/curriculum/leaders-trainingcourse.html>. 2.

Annotation: If one wants to achieve more than just a college degree they should look into joining the Army ROTC Leaders Training Course (LTC). This lasts for four weeks and is set in an intense classroom environment in Fort Knox, Kentucky. This four week long course is supposed to be equivalent with the two years of leadership received in the basic training. After completing this program and signing the contract you may be eligible to receive a $5000 bonus. There are four phases within the LTC that Cadets will be tested and trained in. These phases are the soldier first phase, warrior leader phase, bold leader phase, and the future leader phase. 3. Key Quotes Weapons Training- Cadets take part in combat simulations with paintball equipment, and learn the ins and outs of an M16 in Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM)training. Feedback- Instructors and Cadet Leaders constantly advise Cadets on how they are progressing in their leadership skills, and how they can perform better. 4. Evaluation The source being directly from the Army website is obviously as credible as it gets when it comes to information regarding the army. There was mostly no room for bias considering most of the information on the page was facts. The strengths that could be seen were definitely the fact that all the information was accurate and didnt have any bias. However, due to the lack of opinion there wasnt really much insight into the culture of the army ROTC. Considering there arent many sources on this subject I would have to say this is one of the better sources. 1. MLA Citation
"ROTC Eligibility and Requirements." ROTC Eligibility and Requirements. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2012. <http://college.vfmac.edu/ECPROTC/ROTCEligibilityandRequirements.aspx>.

2. Annotation While everyone has an opportunity to join the ROTC program there are usually requirements that come into play. Some of these requirements include the applicants GPA and the SAT score meet a certain level depending on the program. Once you are a sophomore, depending on where you attend you may be able to excel and become a US

Army Officer. When it comes to the ROTC, it is important that you have made the time commitment in order to fully dedicate yourself to the program. There is physical training that each cadet is to attend three times per week and attendance is also mandatory. 3. Key Quotes 4. Evaluation This source was very poorly constructed and I have began to realize now that it my project will rely more on interviews with members of the ROTC program than internet research. 1. MLA Citation "Empathy." Introduction to Leadership: MSL 1. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Pub., 2006. 26. Print. 2. Annotation Empathy is a very important characteristic for one to have when in the army. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of another individual and judge how you would feel allows you to make decisions and take your fellow soldiers emotions and feelings into action. Where there are constant tragedies that occur within the army, a leader can comfort his soldiers best by the use of empathy and help get the soldiers back into the right state of mind for combat. Empathetic leaders are the kind of leaders that help build families, families are needed within the army and help build close relationships among the soldiers. 3. Key quotes The ability to see something from another persons point of view, to identify with and enter into another persons feelings and emotions, enables you to better care for everyone under your command. To build a strong and ready force, you must promote self-sufficient and healthy families. 4. Evaluation This source was very good in and seemed to know the firsthand knowledge I was trying to acquire. The article may have contained some biases particularly when talking about the importance of family and the role it plays within the military but, other than that there were none. This piece does a great job of showing the contributions a leader who shows empathy can make.
1. MLA Citation "Character Development." Introduction to Leadership: MSL 1. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Pub., 2006. 29-30. Print. 2. Annotation Going into the army you have a character already pre-shaped from your prior experiences and influences. It is important that you shape your character and make sure that your character reflects what the army asks for. When making a decision one

must go through their own ethical code and make sure all choices are indeed ethical. Knowing when something is wrong and when something is right is key when it comes to your character development. It is important that you focus on making slight adjustments to your character day to day. 3.Key Quotes Doing the right thing for the right reason and with the right goal is better. When your units ethical climate nurtures ethical behavior, your people will, over time, think, feel, and act ethically. 4. Evaluation This article shows very accurate insight into how one must develop their character upon joining the army. There are some biases however, for example the norms and ethics around developing your character arent necessary and not all people believe in following a particular code of ethics. The piece provided very detailed description of how one would go about making sure every portion of their character was well developed and at a level of satisfaction. 1. MLA Citation "Confidence." Introduction to Leadership: MSL 1. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Pub., 2006. 36. Print. 2. Annotation Confidence is a very important trait when it comes to being a leader. When the odds are low and a decision needs to be made the leader must show confidence in the decision and by doing so his troops will follow with their own. Confidence isnt supposed to be shown through bragging and show boating but by proving yourself in detrimental situations. Confidence can be contagious and will spread throughout the team if it is shown well enough. It is confidence that helps leaders to come to a decision when it seems there are none. 3. Key Quotes Blusterloudmouthed bragging or self-promotion is not confidence. Confidence is the faith that leaders place in their abilities to act properly in any situation, even under stress and with little information. 4. Evaluation The material gave a great explanation on the topic being discussed and provided examples that it could be applied to. The article tended to show bias and disapprove of any flashy forms of confidence or even people with egos. The subject is able to show and explain the topic very well providing in depth explanations. Although there werent many weaknesses, one that is prevalent is the lack of description and the fact that the author doesnt go into more detail regarding confidence.