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Jonathan Hamilton Informal Writing Assignment Annotated Bibliography Search And Rescue 1.

I, personally, would definitely proceed to do further research into these names, organizations, and terms prevalent in my topic, with hopes of finding other works done surrounding them and maybe some documents against any specific persons research, organizations standpoint or even controversy on a key term. 2. NPR, PBS, Ted Talks, and Procon.org. (Yes, these where the shortest and easiest to remember when changing from Web browser to Word document) 3. This is the ability to step back from a source and say Wait-a-dang-minute, this doesnt jive with what I think or with what some of my other sources say, and this heres why Professor Malcolm Campbell, UNC Charlotte First Year Writing Department and Founder of Walkabout Press Inc. 4. To read rhetorically is to not only read the contents of a piece but to give much consideration to the context in which the piece appears, things like author, publication, time period, audience, and to reason with these factors when placing it into the context of your/my topic. 5. Quotations, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing 6. MLA-style format. The easiest way to prepare my annotated bibliography in this format would be to use the pre-formatted template you have supplied us with, or at least thats what I would assume. 7. 2 sources need to present a side of my topic, one being an argument to the other or merely an alternate angle of the topic. 8. In the case that an assignment does not adhere to the directions provided on Moodle and in class, It would be the fault of the student that has written said assignment.

9. Each sources Citation should be arranged in alphabetical order by the authors name. If source is from an edited collection, it should be arranged in order by the editors name. If there are repeated sources from the same author or editor, any entry after the first should have three hyphens in place of a name. If there is no author or editor evident, the source should be ordered with its title. 10. Through all my reading of support documents I could not find anything specifying if the three parts in an annotation can overlap. I know I am probably just missing something or forgot part of a class discussion, but according to my general knowledge based on this assignment I would assume that these parts should be separate. However, throughout an annotation, the subject is clearly the same source and will therefore contain similar content and thoughts on that content. So yes and no, I DONT KNOW! Why are you doing this to me?! Haha. 11. In the critical evaluation of a source I will address; What are the credentials of the author and what bias do they suggest? Is this source reliable? What kind of source is

Jonathan Hamilton

it? (Academic, popular, government) and, What is the purpose and audience of this source? And how do these affect each other? 12. No, I am to underline nada, zilch, cero, nothing! The correct MLA 2009 format of citing a book is to use italics. 13. When working on a peer review, we are to exchange electronic copies via email. When making comments, we can use Words comment feature and we must give a review at the end of our peers A.B. 14. Times New Roman, font size 12. 15. If I have used an automatic citation generator like EasyBib, I must check my work and correct it against MLA standards. 16. OWL, and Diana Hackers Website. 17. True 18. False, as it is not needed in MLA standards and you have not requested us to. 19. The least reliable sources on the graphic are web blogs, personal web pages, and sites of unknown origin. The most reliable sources on the graphic are peer reviewed scholarly journals, books from academic presses, and some government sites. 20. You should do less quoting than paraphrasing and summarizing, as stated on the Purdue OWL website, to use quoting sparingly, this would be because quoting can have quite a profound effect on your ideas portrayal and overkill of quoting can take away from this. 21. Dr. George Shaw. I hope you are referring to the duck-billed, semi-aquatic egglaying mammal of action, and not something I missed while reading support material.

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