December 6, 2012


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel




The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


table of contents
evenTs calendar
Need a study break? See what’s happening on campus this week. pg. 5

surviving exams
See how other students are handling all the stress and staying sane. pg. 16

find a sTudy spoT
Take a fun multiple-choice quiz to find your next favorite study spot. pg. 13

Find out about UNC’s best exam traditions - including therapy dogs! pg. 9

handling sTress
Read this Q&A with a professional about how to handle stress. pg. 6

Use this flowchart to discover all the ways you can procrastinate this week. pg. 18 ANSwER C

fall 2012 exam schedule
friday, dec. 7
8 a.m. - 8 a.m. MWF classes noon - 11 a.m. MWF classes 4 p.m. - 2 p.m. MWF classes; 7 p.m. - Classes starting after 5 p.m. on M or MW

Tuesday, dec. 11
8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. TR classes noon - 12:30 p.m. TR classes 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. TR classes; classes otherwise not listed 7 p.m. - Classes starting after 5 p.m. on T or TR 6:30 p.m. - Part-time studies 7:30 p.m. on MW

common hour exams
friday, dec. 7: 8 a.m. - PHYS 116, 117 4 p.m. - STOR 113 saturday, dec. 8: 8 a.m. - CHEM 530L 4 p.m. - MATH 110, 130, 152, 231 monday, dec. 10: 8 a.m. - FREN 101, 102, 105, 203, 204 GERM 101, 102, 203, 204 ITAL 101, 102, 203, 204 LATN 101, 102 PORT 101, 102, 203, 204 RUSS 101 SPAN 100, 101, 102, 105, 203, 204 4 p.m. - BUSI 410 7 p.m. - EDUC 441 Tuesday, dec. 11: 4 p.m. - CHEM 550L friday, dec. 14: 8 a.m. - BUSI 408 important: Petitions regarding the “three exams in 24 hours” rule must have been made to your dean’s office before the first day of final exams. ANSwER F


saTurday, dec. 8 Thursday, dec. 13 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. MWF classes;
9:30 a.m. MW BUSI classes noon - 2 p.m. TR classes 4 p.m. - 3 p.m. MWF classes; 3:30 p.m. MW BUSI classes 8 a.m. - 8 a.m. TR classes noon - 11 a.m. TR classes 4 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. TR classes 7 p.m. - Classes meeting after 5 p.m. on R 6 p.m. - Part Time Studies 6 p.m. on TR


monday, dec. 10
noon - 1 p.m. MWF classes 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. MWF classes; 7 p.m. - Classes starting after 5 p.m. on W only 6 p.m. - Part-time studies 6:00 p.m. on MW

friday, dec. 16
8 a.m. - 10 a.m. MWF classes; 9:30 a.m. MW BUSI classes noon - 12 p.m. MWF classes 4 p.m. - 4 p.m. MWF classes 6:30 p.m. - Part-time studies 7:30 p.m. on TR


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


CaLENdar & FrEE FOOd
Exam paws: Come visit therapy dogs, hosted by the academic advising program and the Undergraduate Library. There will also be free cookies. Time: 11 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Location: Undergraduate Library, Room 211 Therapy dogs: Forget about finals for a while with some furry therapy. Two trained and certified therapy dogs, Whiskey and Bear, will visit campus to offer their fluffy services. Time: 12:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. Location: Park Library Exam Support Fair: Hosted by Campus Health Services, the P.A.S.S. Exam Support Fair is here to help students handle the stress of exams. Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location: The Great Hall Gingerbread house village display: Check out the entries entered into the annual Carolina Inn gingerbread house competition. Displays will be up until Jan. 2. The winner will be announced on Dec. 23. Time: All week, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Location: The Carolina Inn


ing screenprints, photographs, paintings, and more. Time: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Location: Hanes Art Center, Room 301 Holiday run: UNC Campus Recreation invites faculty and staff to participate in the annual Jingle Bell Jog, which is a 3-mile fun run or 1.5-mile walk in costumes to promote physical health and well-being. Race-day individual registration happens from 11:30 a.m. to noon. A canned food donation or a donation to the Orange County Animal Shelter are encouraged. Time: 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. Location: Student Recreation Center Carrboro Tree Lighting: Join the citizens of Carrboro on the lawn with live music and welcome in the holiday spirit with a tree lighting. Time: 6 p.m. Location: Carrboro Town Commons, 301 W Main Street Jazz for the Holidays: Come hear the 20th anniversary of the North Carolina Jazz Repertory Orchestra. Time: 8 p.m. Location: Memorial Hall Info: Student tickets cost $10. Buy them at

more than 10,000 others and attend the Chapel Hill Jaycees’ annual holiday parade, a celebration of the community’s spirit. The path starts on East Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill and ends in the Carrboro Town Commons. Time: 10 a.m. to noon Location: Start in front of the old Post Office on Franklin Street

Therapy dogs return: Come pet Whiskey, Bear and Mickey, specially trained therapy dogs. Time: Noon to 4 p.m. Location: Park Library


Flash rave: Join in at one of the best UNC exam traditions. Come relieve the stress of exams by letting loose at this flash rave party. There will be a DJ and lights, along with many other students ready to let loose in the middle of this stressful week. Time: 11:59 p.m. Location: The Pit


Looking for a place to call home?

answer 12

Colonial Arms
welcomes you…
Two Bedroom Townhouse Apartments
Walk or bike less than a mile to campus Hardwood Floors Central Air Washer/Dryer High Speed Internet Cable TV

Annual student art sale: The UNC art department, Kappa Pi Art Honors fraternity and the S.B.F.A (Students Benefitting Fine Arts) present a one-day only sale of student-produced art, includ-


Holiday parade: Join in with



Thursday = Karaoke Night & $3.50 Select Tall Cans Friday & Saturday = $3.50 Select Tall Cans

Thurs: 10pm-Close

Come cheer on The Tar Heels at Bub O’Malley’s
30 Beers on Tap! FREE WIFI!

All for $860 per month
612 Hillsborough Street Chapel Hill, NC





Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

Q&A with stress expert Dr. O’Barr
The exam period can be a stressful time. The Daily Tar Heel reporter Ellen Black spoke with Dr. Allen O’Barr, the director of Counseling and Wellness Services, on how to handle exam stress in a healthy way.

Find ways of balancing life and exams for the next week and a half: Try to get enough sleep; 8 hours a night is recommended Avoid drugs and alcohol Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, Adderall and Dexedrine Eat a balanced diet, not just sugary and junk foods Take breaks while doing work Make a schedule and stick to it If feeling overwhelmed, visit Counseling and Wellness Services. Walk-in hours are Mon. through Fri.: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

DAILY TAR HEEL: How should students handle the stress of exams?
stressful for most people. It’s tempting to deprive yourself of sleep, use substances, eat poorly, but those things ultimately aren’t going to help you get through exam period. The best thing to do is to try to have prepared up until that point to make sure you are ready. Set a schedule, so that you’re not just wasting time. Try to get good sleep, if you can. Try and not to do drugs or drink alcohol. Try to eat well. It’s amazing what a good diet does for brain function.

AO: Exams are inherently

DTH: Is there anything that college students should start doing that could help us during exams? AO: Better than anything else, start with a schedule today. Look at your schedule, put your time blocks in there for your classes. If you’ve got important social things that you need to do, put those in as blocks, then put in your study blocks, and if your study blocks are few and far between and your social blocks are a ton, start cutting out social blocks and putting more study blocks in. You can make up the social stuff later. Now is the time to set up a calendar and just stick to the schedule, otherwise the time goes by. DTH: What are the most common stress-related problems that you hear of? AO: Not being able to sleep. Once a person gets stressed, they start getting anxious, they can have panic attacks, they can have difficulty falling asleep and difficulty staying asleep. They can lose their appetite. I’d say anxiety is the number one thing that’s a result of stress. DTH: What are some ways to de-stress during exams to prevent these problems?

AO: Exercise, good sleep, good diet, and of course, seek help if you don’t feel like you’re going to make it. Come to Counseling and Wellness. DTH: Is it important to take breaks? AO: I think so. Your brain is only going to be able to function maximally for whatever period of time is determinant to you. If you find yourself just staring at the page, not retaining anything, take a break. The break will refresh you. I’m not saying take a 2 day break, but take 45 minutes or an hour if you can afford it and go do something physical to get your blood pumping, so that you’re sort of changing over all the blood in your brain. Otherwise you just end up staring at the same sentence and the same page over and over again. If you’re not getting anywhere, you might as well take a break. DTH: What should students do if they are feeling overwhelmed? AO: Come to Counseling and Wellness, or if it’s not that severe, seek help from a friend or family.
Contact the desk editor at

DTH: If we have to choose between sleep and exercise, which should we choose? AO: Try to balance them. If you can drop from 8 hours of sleep to 7 hours of sleep, and squeeze in an hour of exercise, good move. If you’re dropping from 2 hours of sleep to 1 hour of sleep to get exercise, bad move. The idea is balance. I would opt for enough sleep first, and then, if there’s a way to get exercise, get exercise. DTH: What are some things that college students usually do during exams that actually hurt us rather than help us? AO: Pretty much, skipping sleep. Also stimulant use, including caffeine, Adderall or Dexedrine. If those aren’t prescribed, and I know people are using them, that’s ultimately putting you into a deficit that you may not be able to sustain through an 8-day exam period.

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Paula Seligson

Katie Sweeney


APARTMENTS at Patterson Place
Amenities: • 24/7 fitness center • business center • on-site laundry facility • covered car wash • lighted tennis court • upgraded kitchens in select units Convient to: • Duke • UNC • New Hope Commons • TAA & DATA bus route • off of highway 15-501

Kevin Uhrmacher

Andy Thomason

Neal Smith, Ellen Black

Katie Perkinson, Nan Copeland

pROfEssIOnAL AnD BusInEss sTAff
Production manager: Stacy Wynn BuSineSS and advertiSing: Kevin Schwartz, director/general manager; Renee Hawley, advertising director; Lisa Reichle, business manager; Sallie King, advertising manager; Hannah Peterson, social media manager cuStomer Service: Tricia Seitzer, Danielle Stephenson and Aneshia Tinnin, representatives. diSPlay advertiSing: Molly Ball, Taylor Bridgers, Devin Cooney, Faire Davidson, Ashley Joyner, Nick Ludlow, Leah McCann, Meg McNeill, Kendall Palmer, Jordan Philips, Ashton Ratcliffe, Kerry Steingraber and Margarethe Williams, account executives; Dana Anderson, Ethan Butler, Zane Duffner, Marisa Dunn, David Egan, Katherine Ferguson, Emma Gentry, Amanda Gurkin, Austin Helms, Sarah Jackson, Victoria Karagioris, Nicole Leonard, Dylan McCue, George Moore, David Pecunia, Haley Ross and Alex Walkowski, assistant account executives. marketing team: Kathryn Knight, manager; Becky Bush, Suzannah Davidson, Anna Dillon, Stella Gardner, James Geer, Sarah Ann Rhoades, Reddin Waltz and Austin White; team members advertiSing Production: Penny Persons, manager; Beth O’Brien, digital ad production manager; Chelsea Mayse, Evan Noll and Paige Warmus, assistants; Hunter Lewis, classified production assistant EXAM suRVIVAL GuIDE is published by the dtH media corp., a nonprofit north carolina corporation. advertisers should call 962-1163 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., monday to Friday editorial questions should be directed to 962-0245. Office and Mail: 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

The Best Burrito in Town!

Clearly the best gift you Give the gift of sight
Keep fueled through exams!
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where are we?



The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Your guide to the best exam week traditions
Events on campus help students relieve stress during exams.
By Neal Smith
Staff Writer

Ever wanted to be in a huge mob of streakers running through a flash rave in the Pit while on your way to make gingerbread houses and pet cute therapy dogs? The chances of this exact scenario happening are probably zero, but each of these events happen individually as part of a variety of exam week traditions.

Streaking in the library
Many students’ midnight study sessions are interrupted by naked people running through the hallways of UNC’s libraries. The midnight before the first day of exams, a group of students gather at the flagpole in the quad at 11 p.m. By midnight, the group has stripped and runs first through Davis Library, then the Student Union, the Pit and finally the Undergraduate Library. The streakers finish with the alma mater, and other studying students typically join in singing. This event is so popular that videos from past years are scattered around YouTube.

“We’ve been doing this several years now and people expect it now,” he said. “It’s definitely something unique to the UNC community and shows Tar Heel pride.” Borde estimated that the event attracts about 1,000 participants based on responses to the Facebook invitation, but the number can vary widely depending on the weather, he said. Borde said that students gather around the Pit before the event starts, but must stay out of the pit until the flash rave begins. “A lot of schools do the flash mob thing, but we talked to a lot of other local schools and they don’t have the same tradition,” he said.

will satisfy any sweet tooth. Each year, CUAB hosts a gingerbread house building event in the Great Hall of the Student Union, said Tom Low, president of CUAB. He said this event has been going on for at least three years. “It is easily one of the most popular events on campus,” he said. The organization has all the supplies from marshmallows to gum drops needed to build a gingerbread house, he added. “It attracts all kinds of people. Girls, guys, seniors, freshmen, people love it.”

how to makE Exams morE bEarablE
With the little sleep and excessive stress of exams, try things you normally wouldn’t do: Wear only pajamas the whole week Bring a pillow and blanket everywhere Watch a movie on the projector in one of the large lecture halls Take a walk in the graveyard at midnight Explore the new Genome Science Building Introduce yourself to the after-midnight security guard at the Undergraduate Library

Therapy dogs in Park Library
For those missing their furry friends, therapy dogs will visit the Park Library during the two reading days. Stephanie Brown, director of the Park Library, said being able to interact with the high-

Gingerbread houses
Many students spend exam week with food on the brain, and the Carolina Union Activities Board’s gingerbread house event is a tradition that

ly-trained dogs lowers everyone’s stress during exams. “People sit in Park Library and pop in and out of the room. Some spend 10 to 20 minutes, some spend an hour,” she said. Usually about 100 people attend the event, she said. This year, the dogs Mickey, Whiskey and Bear will be at the event during various times on both reading days, Dec. 6 and Dec. 12. The Park Library is located on the second floor of Carroll Hall. Contact the desk editor at

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Southwestern Cuisine

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It’s never too early to start thinking about this summer...

Top Ten Reasons to Go to Summer School:
10. Part of the Carolina experience 9. Less traffic 8. Keep it in Chapel Hill 7. Small-college atmosphere 6. Self-enrichment 5. Add a second major or a minor 4. Build hours & your GPA 3. Graduate in eight semesters or fewer 2. Teaching that fits your learning style 1. Nothing could be finer

Flash rave in the Pit
For ten minutes each exam period, the Pit goes from deserted to dance floor complete with lights, music and hundreds of students getting out all the stress that accumulates in the library. The flash rave has become a staple of the night before the second reading day of exam week. This year the event is once again at midnight, on the night of Dec. 11. Pretish Borde, a senior and organizer of the rave, said the event takes place before a reading day so that students don’t have to worry about waking up early for an exam.

Summer School at Carolina.




Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

Grab a friend and complete this fun game! Fill in each blank with the appropriate type of word as indicated by the clue below. Then read your homemade story! It was a(n) ________(adj.) day on the campus of UNC, and the weather was as sweet as a vat of ________ (holiday food). The __________ (animals) were scampering up trees, students were __________(-ing verb) by the flagpole and Chancellor Holden Thorp was __________ (-ing verb) with the __________ (ridiculously long committee name) in South Building. Suzy “__________ (rapper name)” Smith was stopping students as they walked to class, asking “Do you have a __________ (time span) for the __________ (n.)?” All of the sudden, a commotion broke out near the Pit, a(n) __________(adj.) noise that sounded like __________ (odd noise) played in conjunction with __________ (’80s dance hit). Everyone stopped and (pasttense v.), __________ curious about the raucous event. “__________ (exclamation)!” your mom shouted. __________(Pokemon character) stepped into the Pit and delivered the following speech: “What is it that __________ (present-tense v.) us to this __________ (n.) as to no other? It is not the __________ (n.) or the __________ (n.) or the __________ (adj.) walls. Or the crisp __________ (month) nights or the memory of __________ (pl. n.) blooming. Our loyalty is not only to __________ (“Full House” cast member), though we are proud of what he did __________ (number) years ago today. Nor even to __________ (SNL cast member), though we are proud of what he did last March. “No, our __________ (emotion) for this __________ (n.) is based on the fact that it is, as it was meant to be, the University of the __________ (plural n.).” The crowd was speechless after the speech that was spoken by the speaker. But one __________ (n.) timidly raised its __________ (body part) and asked, “Who do you think you are, __________ (historical figure)?” Imma let you finish, but __________ (U.S. president) had one of the best __________ (pl. n.) of all time!” The crowd that had formed erupted in cheers of, “__________ (lyric from the first song on your iPod)!” and “Long live __________ (least favorite class)!” But the excitement was short-lived, and campus police quickly arrived on __________ (means of transportation) to cart away the Pokemon character. The __________ (adj.) students left the Pit for their exams, reading The __________ (frequency) Tar Heel Exam Survival Guide with joy.

ur iss o n’t mE-WALL” Do TH “OFF

E SAvL s up to g sa in with FF % 1O 6th 75 1 th-2




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The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


DTHquiz: Where should you study?
1. What’s your noise level preference?
a. Some background noise b. Silence c. TV and roommates a. Comfy chair b. Table c. My bed or couch

Everyone has di erent habits and preferences when it comes to studying for exams. Take the following quiz to nd out where you should study this year. After you get your results, check out the side bar with common places to study on and around campus.
Some common study spots:
Monday through Saturday - 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday - 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday - 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday - 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Caribou Co ee

2. Where do you like to sit?

Starbucks on Franklin St. Davis Library

3. How likely are you to fall asleep?
a. Very likely b. Kind of likely c. Not likely

Thursday, Dec. 6 - 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday, Dec. 7 - 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 8 - 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 9 - 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday, Dec. 10 through Thursday, Dec. 13 - 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday, Dec. 14 - 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday - 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday - 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. The Annex is open 24 hours a day, with OneCard access.

4. How much co ee will you need?
a. A lot b. A little or none c. Some

Student Union

5. How easily are you distracted?
a. Not easily b. Very easily c. Kind of easily

Undergraduate Library

Thursday, Dec. 6 through Friday, Dec. 7 - 24 hours Saturday, Dec. 8 - closes at midnight Sunday, Dec. 9 - opens at 11 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, Dec. 13 - 24 hours Friday., Dec. 14 - closes at 5 p.m.

Co ee shop (mostly a’s) Library (mostly b’s) Home (mostly c’s)
You like to be around people, ca eine and good music. Try studying at one of the many co ee shops on and around campus. You tend to study best in the structure and silence of the library. Try studying at one of the libraries on campus or check out an open classroom building. You have the discipline to study in the comfort of your own home (or dorm room). With snacks and your bed close by, you can study in comfort.

Wilson Library

Normal library hours: Monday through Friday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday - 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The building is open additional hours for study space, without library services: Thursday, Dec. 6 through Friday, Dec. 7 - 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8 - normal hours Sunday, Dec. 9 through Wednesday, Dec. 12 - 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13 through Friday, Dec. 14 - normal hours

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

Happy Holidays from Carolina Performing Arts
Igor Stravinsky

Join us this spring. Student tickets only $10.

it will be A riot.
CominG soon...

/// Feb 8 CArolinA CHoColAte droPs And vusi mAHlAselA

/// Feb 26/27 Alvin Ailey AmeriCAn dAnCe tHeAter

/// mArCH 17 tHe ClevelAnd orCHestrA witH GiAnCArlo Guerrero, ConduCtor

to leArn more sCAn And wAtCH tHis video:

919-843-3333 | |

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Carolina Courses Online
No matter where your busy life takes you, Carolina Courses Online are only a mouse click away. Registration is now open for Spring 2013 in the following courses:
AFAM 101: The Black Experience ANTH 102: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 142: Local Cultures, Global Forces ART 106: Core Concepts: Time ART 151: History of Western Art I ART 254: Women in the Visual Arts ART 285: Art Since 1960 ART 356: Introduction to Digital Photography ASTR 101: Introduction to Astronomy: The Solar System ASTR 101L: Descriptive Astronomy Lab BUSI 106: Financial Accounting BUSI 108: Management Accounting CLAR 245: The Archaeology of Italy CMPL 122: Great Books I: Visual Arts and Literature from Antiquity to 1750 COMM 100: Communication and Social Process COMM 120: Introduction to Interpersonal and Organizational Communication COMM 140: Introduction to Media History, Theory, and Criticism COMM 142: Popular Music COMM 223: Small Group Communication COMM 224: Introduction to Gender and Communication COMP 380: Computers and Society DRAM 116: Perspectives in the Theatre DRAM 120: Play Analysis DRAM 284: Studies in Dramatic Theory and Criticism ENGL 121: British Literature,19th and Early 20th Century ENGL 123: Introduction to Fiction ENGL 128: Major American Authors ENGL 130: Introduction to Fiction Writing ENGL 206: Intermediate Fiction Writing FREN 101: Elementary French I GEOG 120: World Regional Geography GEOG 259: Geography of Latin America GEOL 101: Introduction to Geology GEOL 105: Violent Earth GEOL 159: Prehistoric Life GLBL 210: Global Issues HIST 125: Social History of Popular Music in 20th-century America HIST 140: The World Since 1945 HIST 151: History of Western Civilization I HIST 262: History of the Holocaust HIST 276: The Modern Middle East HIST 366: North Carolina History Before 1865 INLS 200: Retrieving and Analyzing Information LING 101: Introduction to Language MUSC 121: Fundamentals of Music I MUSC 144: Introduction to Country Music MUSC 146: Introduction to World Musics PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy: Main Problems PHIL 155: Introduction to Mathematical Logic PHIL 165: Bioethics PHYI 202: Introduction to Physiology POLI 100: Introduction to Government in the United States POLI 101: State and Local Government in the United States POLI 150: International Relations and World Politics POLI 271: Modern Political Thought PSYC 101: General Psychology PSYC 250: Child Development RELI 121: Introduction to Religion and Culture RELI 122: Introduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion RELI 161: Introduction to the History of Christian Traditions RELI 208: The Birth of Christianity SOCI 101: Sociological Perspectives SOCI 112: Social Interaction SOCI 122: Race and Ethnic Relations SOCI 123: Crime and Delinquency SOCI 130: Family and Society SOCI 250: Sociological Theory SOCI 410: Formal Organizations and Bureaucracy SOCI 412: Social Stratification SOCI 415: Economy and Society SOCI 422: Sociology of Health and Mental Illness SOCI 469: Medicine and Society SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II SPAN 405: Intermediate Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Note: Courses are subject to cancellation. For current information and registration, visit or call 919-962-1134.

Credit Programs for Part-time Students | Conference Center | Professional Development and Enrichment Programs


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

How do you get through exams?
Aubrey Germ Junior, environmental health science

Grab a friend and take turns connecting the dots. The person who finishes making the most squares wins the game.

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
Douglas Adams
author, 1952-2001

“Making a study schedule is extremely helpful. You feel good checking things off a list.” “I usually Facebook a lot. Intermittent social media stalks are a great way to release stress.” “I listen to a lot of music, take spontaneous breaks. I love Cookout runs … Don’t procrastinate!”
“It’s really important to specially allocate time for breaks … You should be around people you like being around.”

UNC Department of Art and Art History
“Kappa Pi” Art Honors Fraternity & “The S.B.F.A.” present:

The Sixth Annual Student Print & Art Sale!
Hand-Made Prints, Photos, Ceramics, and more!

Hope Sheffield Junior, English

Kalli Wade Junior, business

One Day Only! Friday December 7th, 10:00am-9:00pm
@ Hanes Art Center room 301 (the Print Studio)
We are located next to the Ackland Art Museum; Follow the signs on the day of the sale.

Jenny Sun Sophomore, biostatistics

Great deals on original student artwork! (cash or check)

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012



Do THis insTeaD
Southpoint. There are endless possibilities. Bake some holiday cookies! Y

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Do you want to procrastinate studying for your exams?


Grab a friend and take turns connecting the dots. The person who finishes making the most squares wins the game.
Up for video games?

Y N Go to Weaver Street Market and watch the hipsters. Go take a walk. Listen out for the Arboretum Whistler.

What about shopping?


How do you feel about baking?


Net ix.


N Y Take a nap. Yes you do. Really.
Want to leave your room?

Hulu... you can study during commercials?


Check out the DTH Food Finder at


Going to any holiday parties?



Feeling speedy?

Go shopping for a tacky sweater — everyone needs at least one! N Y

Play old-school Mario.
Really? Behind on TV?

Have a Net ix account?

Want to leave campus? Are your friends available?




Is the gym open? Hungry?






Have access to the Internet?

The Daily Show.
What about the news?

Go for a run.
dTH FIle/GITanjalI wOlF. The UNC Longboard Club meets several times a week for all levels of group rides.



Up for a video?


Go to the gym.

Still trying to work o some Thanksgiving dinner?

Want to vent?

Feeling social?

N N To Amazon!



140 characters or less?

Where are you?


Open Eye.
Feeling brainy?


Find an empty lecture hall and watch movies on the projector screen. Do laundry or wash your dishes. Your roomie will be grateful.


Behind on holiday shopping?




Instagram. Tweet it.


N Facebook. N

Know what you need to buy?

SiTeS TO viSiT Take a chance on cute things. Hungry? (non-pornographic, just mouth-watering) Be very afraid. Urban legends of the Internet. Microblogging. Improv comedy, one random episode at a time. Take a chance on a cat. OkCupid for the lazy. Click the first link. Five hours will pass in a moment.

N Starbucks or Walgreens.



Turn to page 20 and try the Sudoku or crossword. Alpine, Daily Grind, Pit Stop... N



Running low on clean clothes or dishes?


Wondering how your team is doing?


Looking for a laugh?



dTH FIle/MOlly COGBUrn Senior Tyler Fitch competes in a game of chess, a pastime he has enjoyed since freshman year.

To Google... or Pinterest!

dTH FIle pHOTO Junior Maggie Poole serenades her friend, junior George Barrett, in Polk Place on October 16.

Near the Pit?




You’ve procrastinated enough. Go do your work. DTH/KATIE PERKINSON, NAN COPELAND, BAILEY SEITTER


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide
See anSwer C, page 3
40 Old French coin 43 Illuminated 44 Pops 46 Fictional books 47 Garden blooms 48 Make beer 50 Tip off 52 Privy to 53 Porker's pad 54 "Annabel Lee" poet 55 Donnybrook 56 57 58 59 60 Lyric poem Chill Go-ahead sign Comic routine Slightly shifty

The Daily Tar Heel
See anSwer D, page 3
34 City in NE France 36 Orch. section 38 Verb-forming suffix 41 Dog-breeder's org. 42 Top room 47 Sell-out letters 49 Stick 52 Surprise victory 54 Simple tune 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Coarse fiber Elliptical List of options Edison's middle name Adult-to-be Tender cut Feast on Oahu Safecracker

THE Daily Crossword
ACROSS 1 Contrary current 5 Spanking blows 10 Time-out period 14 Sole 15 "The Merry __ Waltz" 16 Related (to) 17 Get rich at others' expense 20 March middle 21 Sushi delicacy 22 Nevertheless 26 Flashing lights 30 Expunges 31 Social service studies 32 Tableland 33 Church regulations 34 Not so! 35 Keyboarding maneuver 39 Ballpark fig. 41 Spurs on 42 Lend support 45 Canadian fuzz 47 Spain's peninsula 49 Presses to commit perjury 50 Escorts to jail 51 Caesar's seven 52 Nastase of tennis 53 Embrace life 61 Workbench implement 62 Be wild about 63 Anthracite, e.g. 64 Evergreen shrubs 65 Inroad beginnings 66 All nerves DOWN 1 Santa's helper 2 Name for an unknown 3 Genetic letters 4 Still 5 Stockholm populace 6 Electrician, at times 7 Small ruckuses 8 Freight weight 9 Custard-apple variety 10 Pushed toward empty 11 __ out (barely make do) 12 Sibling nickname 13 Blast letters 18 Queen bee's residence 19 Cool and calm 22 Haw's partner 23 Mine deposit 24 Kitchen fixture 25 Jacob's twin 26 Beach tracts 27 Around the bend 28 Period 29 Clouds' milieu 31 Bamboo stems 33 Zoo structures 36 Beaver-like rodent 37 West Indies island 38 Hillerman's detective 39 Emma's twins?

THE Daily Crossword
ACROSS 1 Use acid for art 5 Composer Berg 10 Corned-beef dish 14 Bug off! 15 Finnish bath 16 Norway's capital 17 Mallard's cousin 18 "__ Marner" 19 Goneril's father 20 1941 Charles Boyer film 23 "My Friend __" 24 Period 25 Allstate rival 28 CDs' ancestors 31 Violinist Mischa 35 Singer Boz 37 Polloi preceder 39 Refrain syllables 40 Type of insurance 43 Actress Lanchester 44 "Citizen Kane" studio 45 Racial 46 Mob melees 48 190 50 Itsy-bitsy 51 Play about Capote 53 Like Keats' poetry 55 Following Dr. Hahnemann's medical system 63 At any time 64 Icy rain 65 Libertine 66 Educator Horace 67 Chris of tennis 68 Graphic image: abbr. 69 Bonus 70 19th-century Chief Justice 71 Comfy DOWN 1 Bk. before Job 2 Van Gogh's brother 3 Anthracite, e.g. 4 Circular flights? 5 State of India 6 Non-cleric 7 Weightiness 8 Med. school course 9 Anti-Puritan satirist 10 Not miss a trick? 11 Cruising 12 Cabbage salad 13 Car signal 21 Son of Odin 22 Afore 25 "My Name Is __ Lev" 26 Pathogenic bacteria 27 "Jerusalem Delivered" poet 29 Flower of Texas 30 __-disant (so-called) 32 Bangor's state 33 Laxative from aloe

THE Daily Crossword
1 4 10 14 15 16 17 18 20 22 23 24 27 29 33 34 35 39 42 43 44 45 47 48 52 55 56 57 60 63 ACROSS Cigar end Hit the sack Sail support Miss Piggy's pronoun Implant Singer Adams Anger Author and his sleuth Challenged Ripening agent Loan fig. Dancer Astaire Gaucho ropes Author and his sleuth Arrow's flight Vigoda and Burrows Jungle vine 12-step prog. Taxing grp. Chelmsford's county Out-of-date 1997 Peter Fonda title role Choice abbr. Author and his sleuth Goddess of wisdom Windmill blades Medical pic Conception Snouts Author and his sleuth Hot diamonds Reverberation Garb Powerful D.C. lobby 71 Take a break 72 Spoke insolently 73 Totality 67 68 69 70 DOWN 1 Surrounded by 2 Marsh bird 3 Religious leaders 4 Blush 5 Brian of Roxy Music 6 Attempt 7 Kansas city 8 "Performance" director Nicolas 9 Anesthetics, once 10 Torme or Gibson 11 Own up to 12 Tuscany city 13 Finals 19 Baltimore pro 21 Actor Byrnes 25 Pasture in poetry 26 Malleable rareearth element 28 Black cuckoos 29 John Irving hero 30 Surface size 31 Actress Oberon 32 Useful qualities 36 Hit men 37 Requisite 38 Shaft from Detroit 40 1975 Wimbledon champion 41 Small brimless

See anSwer e, page 3
cap 46 Greek letter 49 Indian fabric 50 Broke a commandment 51 Middle East grp. 52 Fossil resin 53 Jiffy 54 Peak points 58 Como __ Usted? 59 Does 61 62 64 65 66 something Tan shade Clothing line Acquired Towel word Exist

THE Daily Crossword
ACROSS 1 "The Sweetheart of Sigma __" 4 Somber 9 Plant pore 14 Concealed 15 Turn counter back to zero 16 Savory jelly 17 Start of Evan Esar quip 20 Swipe 21 One of the Bobbsey Twins 22 Caesar's fateful day 23 Flutter 25 Sale-tag abbr. 27 A single time 30 Part 2 of quip 36 Plant with fronds 37 South Florida city 38 Harem room 39 Bara of the silents 41 Parking or vacant follower 42 Available buyer 44 Memorable period 45 Colt or Morse 48 Enjoy a book 49 Part 3 of quip 51 In addition 52 Way cool! 53 Wound crust 55 Casa component 58 Chow down 61 Mama Cass ____ 65 End of quip 68 Santa's little helpers 69 The Velvet Fog 70 One in Emden 71 Pairs 72 Spacek of "Carrie" 73 Hrs. in Salt Lake DOWN 1 Small, brokenoff piece 2 Outmoded sound system 3 Pastoral poem 4 Watery porridge 5 Prepare for a new job 6 One Wednesday 7 Quantity of ore 8 Sicilian mount 9 Tended tots 10 Casual garb 11 Opinion page, briefly 12 Bog down 13 High cards 18 Affront 19 24 26 27 28 29 31 32 33 34 35 "Mack the __" Sacred songs Remainder Frequently Indian leader Yellowish white Teapot part Modifies Hayseed Conceptions Henner on "Taxi" 40 On the briny 43 46 47 50 54 55 56 57

See anSwer F, page 3
Fit for farming Actress Eve Lecture halls Hee-hawed Backstreet Went fast Confederate Magma exposed 59 Reps. 60 Sirtis role on "Star Trek: TNG" 62 News piece 63 Soul singer Redding 64 Canvas shelter 66 Mag. edition 67 Conjunctions

The Daily Tar Heel
See anSwer 1, page 22

Exam Survival Guide
See anSwer 2, page 22 See anSwer 3, page 22

Thursday, December 6, 2012
See anSwer 4, page 22


See anSwer 5, page 22

See anSwer 6, page 22

See anSwer 7, page 22

See anSwer 8, page 22

See anSwer 9, page 22

See anSwer 10, page 22

See anSwer 11, page 22

See anSwer 12, page 5

anSwer a

anSwer b

anSwer g

anSwer h

anSwer to today’S

anSwer to today’S


Thursday, December 6, 2012
answer 1 answer 2

Exam Survival Guide
answer 3

The Daily Tar Heel
More procrastination
Avoid studying with a long, drawn-out flow chart and list of websites. See pages 18 and 19.
© 2012 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 see answer page 21
Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9.

Exam traditions
Check out the best exam traditions UNC has to offer, from library streaking to therapy dogs. See page 9.

answer 4

answer 5

answer 6

Mad Libs
Bring out your creativity and inner child with a UNC Mad Libs game. See page 10.

Solution to Wednesday’s puzzle

Best places to study
From libraries to coffee shops, see the best study spots open during exam week. See page 13.

answer 7

answer 8

answer 9

answer 10

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”
Mark Twain,
author, 1835-1910

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
ACross 1 Sundsvall rollers 6 Trickeries 11 Pops 14 Portion out 15 Knighted conductor 16 Took in 17 Typically pink-flowered bloomer 19 Paris pronoun 20 Title words preceding “beneath the milky twilight,” in a 1999 hit 21 “So relaxing!” 22 Worrisome engine sound 23 Gateway Arch architect 26 Set straight 29 Hit, maybe 30 Breeders’ Cup event 31 Loses on purpose 34 Light touch 37 Key Egyptian artifact unearthed in 1799 41 Coll. applicants 42 Big name in beer 43 Mindless process 44 Manitoba tribe 46 Blood sugar regulator 49 Postwar reception 53 Neutrogena rival 54 Like “ifs” and “buts”: Abbr. 55 Throw a feast for 59 Back talk 60 Tools of the mischievous god hidden in 17-, 23-, 37- and 49-Across 62 Cézanne’s summer 63 Pad user 64 Light wash 65 Le counterpart, in Leipzig 66 Like-minded gps. 67 Guide Down 1 Grain holder 2 Jai __ 3 Mass robes 4 Raspy-voiced “Like a Rock” singer 5 Where the anther is 6 Dallas-to-Houston dir. 7 Wedding dances 8 HI hi 9 Highest peak in the Calif. Cascades 10 “Sprechen __ Deutsch?” 11 Single-and-looking group 12 Do a makeup job? 13 Stoop 18 “Unfaithful” co-star 22 One that stands to prevent a strike 24 More strange 25 Soft-spoken painter Bob 26 Liberal subject? 27 1939 Garland co-star 28 Defroster alternative 32 “Who am __ say?” 33 Moral principle 35 Con 36 Summer intern, often 38 Plural medical suffix 39 Stock holders? 40 John Wayne classic

(C)2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

answer 11
Take 15/501 South towards Pittsboro Exit Market St. / Southern Village

Ken’s Quickie Mart
Magazines Soft Drinks • Juice Candy • Chips Snacks • Shampoo Toiletries & More

45 Campanella of Cooperstown 47 North of Paris 48 Mascara mishaps 49 Sank, in a way 50 High class 51 Cary of “The Princess Bride” 52 Blond comic strip teenager 56 Secretary of Education Duncan 57 Get whipped 58 Fancy pitcher 60 Org. with Eagles 61 Hardly shows of support

see answer page 21

KILLING THEM SOFTLY K ...12:45-2:45-5:00-7:15-9:40 RISE OF THE GUARDIANS I ...12:35-2:50-4:50-7:10-9:25 LIFE OF PI I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1:20-4:20-7:20-9:45 BREAKING DAWN Part 2 J . . . . 1:15-4:15-7:15-9:45 SKYFALL J . . . . . . . . . . . .1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00

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919-929-4788 133 W. Franklin St.

The Daily Tar Heel office will be CLOSED Dec. 7- Jan. 6 for Winter Break.

Any ads placed over this break will go online within 72 hours and will start in our first spring issue on January 9th.

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide
See anSwer g, page 21
51 55 58 61 Pedro's pal Twixt Precursor of the CIA Qualified for a patriotic birthday 64 Ironic opening-night advice 65 Wheel spokes 66 Remainder Tolls" 54 Shuttle grp. 56 D-Day craft 57 Last of pay? H.S. junior's exams Jackie's second Journalists' grp. Like a "loser by a nose" Storms in teacups She sheep Jog one's memory Barn bundles 38 40 41 43 45 46 Set afire Wait on Uncertain Yammer Sgts. and such When to give three French hens 49 Code-cracking org. 50 Greek island 67 Street of stables 68 Under oath DOWN 1 Offend 2 Actress Falco 3 Desperate 4 Goddess of the dawn 5 Apparel 6 Break in relations 7 __'acte 8 Close by 9 Cursor starter? 58 Group of wds. 59 Secreted 60 Secret agent 10 11 12 13 16 18 22 24 25 26 Seth's boy Annapolis initials "Hud" director Protest-singer Phil Sticks on a stick Preserved for later Go-ahead Mo. of showers Baking potato First name in fastballs 27 Horned hooter 28 Nag's complaint 29 30 31 32 35 37 39 42 44 47 48 51 52

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Makes right About, with dates Messenger Easy letters? __ Plaines, IL Dolt Skater Babilonia Thumbs up To the point Tell secrets Philanthropists Shortened wd. Extra


THE Daily Crossword
1 6 10 14 15 17 19 20 ACROSS Euripides tragedy Gather in Continental dollar Ninny Deep-seated Due date, often Service charge Mural beginning? 21 22 23 25 32 33 34 36

53 Peeves 54 Insect pest 56 Wow, that was close! 57 Brain wave charts, for short 58 Catholic mass calendar 59 The slammer 60 Leg part 62 SE Asian war 63 Walter Reuther's grp.

THE Daily Crossword
1 12 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 25 27 29 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 41 ACROSS Jellied loaves of hog parts Chicago hrs. Like fallout Boat propeller "L.A. Law" co-star Genetic fingerprints '60s radical grp. Coll. sports grp. Lena or Ken Stitched border Resistance unit Surpasses with smarts Matched Battlefield rescuers Extractors His: Fr. Afore S. American monkey Sci-fi writer David Fauna starter? Chat-room chuckles Kissimmee's neigh44 46 47 48 49 50 51 53 55 56 61 62 63 64 bor Mild depression Late afternoon Draws forth Long. counterpart Dr. Tim's drug Campsite sight Series of objects Managed Chemical suffix Art prints Pioneering TV co. Knowledge Choice abbr. Author of "Jude the Obscure" DOWN 60-minute units Seine's water Classified __ Portuguese explorer Express sympathy More severe Old French coin Kett of old comics 9 10 11 12 13 14 21 22 23 24 26 28 30 36 38 39 40 41 42 43 45 52

See anSwer h, page 21
Laugh-track users Displaced person Dignitary in D.C. Source of vitamins A and D Mental institutions Surpassed Be obliged to Lines of seven metrical feet Sameness Of mixed ancestry Docs NFL scores Boxer Muhammad Sandwich letters IV times XIII Swift-running bird Basutoland, today Letters on Cardinals' caps Riot queller Nose-and-throat problem Play division "For __ the Bell

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Chinese Restaurant Chapel Hill

lunch or dinner
with Student ID

$1.00 OFF

35 Chinese has the best variety of Chinese food around. You can choose from over 50 items on our Super Buffet, or order from the extensive menu. Tues-Fri Lunch 11am-2:30pm, adult buffet: $6.95 Sat-Sun Lunch 11am-2:30pm, adult buffet: $7.50 Tues-Sun Dinner 4:30pm-9:30pm, adult buffet: $9.75

University Square • 143 W. Franklin Street • Chapel Hill • 919.968.3488 •


Mill House has the best selection of student homes, close to town and campus. Now is the time to line up Fall 2013 housing...our best properties will go fast. Contact us to get on our wait list today!



1 7 10 14 15 17 18 19 21 22 23 26 31 34 35 36 39 40 41 42 43 47 48 49 53 57 60 61 62

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide
See anSwer a, page 21
38 39 41 44 45 46 Lennon's Yoko Esau's brother Agents Sat on eggs Cutting rays State gambling games 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 Clear frost Songwriter Harold Grenoble's department Delight Marching word Mayberry kid Egg on TV watchdog agcy. Period Mouse-spotter's cry ACROSS Vogue rival, briefly Use indigo Cranky character "Entertaining Mr. Sloane" playwright Conger Unworldly Euphemistic oath Gobbled up Lock of hair Start of a quip Copy Little tyke Dog's first name Medal metal Biblical doubter Table tyrant Thai or Malaysian Stringed instrument Historical period Part 2 of quip "For __ a jolly good..." Boffo review Ship's lowest deck Museum display Lifting devices Function Man with a title USSR jet Mack or Williams 55 61 62 63 66 67 68 69 70 71 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 End of quip Buzzy places Torrid Horn sounds French farewell Pres. Lincoln Insect stage Fuses metal Angler's requirement Upright DOWN $-due mail Bruins' great Superlatively majestic Fluttery flyer Beginning Lack Abominable snowman Hgt. Become informed about Broadcasted again Deuterium discoverer Fine spray Baja buck

The Daily Tar Heel

THE Daily Crossword
ACROSS Gets under way __-jongg Units of conductance Lyndon's running mate Capital of South Australia Perfect place Bloody state Who...? __ you the clever one! David __ Roth Auditor's letters Answer to 19A Mil. honor PAU's successor Anne who lost her head Similar things Mandible Italian cheese Word for the Beatles Sun. oration Who...? Forerunner of CDs "The Name of the Rose" writer Vietnamese dress Answer to 43A Be well enough for Fix the mosaic More weird Produce provider 63 Soap unit 64 Newspaper honchos, briefly 65 Ancient Hebrew mystic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 16 20 23 24 25 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 37 DOWN Former Dolphins' coach Instruct privately Over Rue Wistful Stick around Century plants Pueblo bricks Wife/sister of Zeus Quite a few Hurry! GI's garb His: Fr. P.E. Trudeau's party Earthenware vessels Singer Laine and others Golfer Stewart "Lou Grant" star Ed Link up with the internet Addis __, Eth. Pledge Mass vestment Tom's "Splash" co-star Nose around "The Stranger" author Fall behind

THE Daily Crossword
1 6 9 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 23 25 26 27 29 32 35 37 38 39 43 44 45 46 47 50 51 52 54

See anSwer b, page 21
21 Caste mark 22 Muse of lyric poetry 23 First name in mysteries 24 More deluxe 28 Smidge 30 Mary Kate or Ashley 31 Tight-mouthed 32 Hi! 33 Baltimore player 34 Panted 36 Daffodil 40 Wait around 41 One of the Gabors 42 Slip up 48 Overacted 49 Drink slowly 51 Risk a ticket 53 Clark of "The Misfits" 55 Annual melt 56 Conceal 57 Heinous 58 Singe 59 Knight of the road 60 Eye drop 64 Letters for pipes 65 Had a session

When the time comes to ditch the dorm or move in with friends, check out the really cool houses at:

Bolinwood Condominiums
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4 bedrooms, 2 baths
$2,040/mo., August 2013 Carrboro

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Private balconies, on site pool, basketball court, laundry facility, N-line bus stop

500 Umstead Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919-942-7806 |

The Daily Tar Heel

Thursday, December 6, 2012



Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Focus on the GAME
Nikon Prostaff
Wild Bird Center (919) 933-2030

HOURS: Monday-Saturday 10-6 Sunday 1-5 The Shops at Eastgate Chapel Hill


A perfect gift for your sports lover.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

Over 50,000 gourmet food, gift and entertaining ideas to help you survive the holidays - and the end of the semester! Shop online or visit our Chapel Hill store. A few favorites to make it all a little less stressful:

J & M Cheese Straw Sampler

Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

Southern Season Peanuts


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25.00 - $39.95

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University Mall, Chapel Hill | | To order call 1-800-253-3663 toll free

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


t one! A great gift for the holidays...You know you wan


We Deliver!

115 E. Franklin Street • Chapel Hill ww




Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

RALEIGH: North Hills DURHAM: The Streets at Southpoint GREENSBORO: 1951 Battleground Avenue CHARLOTTE: SouthPark · Northlake

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Line Classified Ad Rates
Private Party (Non-Profit) Commercial (For-Profit)

DTH office is open Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Line Ads: Noon, one business day prior to publication 25 Words ....... $18.00/week 25 Words ....... $40.00/week Display Classified Ads: 3pm, two business Extra words ..25¢/word/day Extra words ...25¢/word/day days prior to publication EXTRAS: Box: $1/day • Bold: $3/day BR = Bedroom • BA = Bath • mo = month • hr = hour • wk = week • W/D = washer/dryer • OBO = or best offer • AC = air conditioning • w/ = with • LR = living room

To Place a Line Classified Ad Log onto or Call 919-962-0252
Child Care Wanted
cHAPEl Hill-cARRBORO ScHOOlS 2012-13 afterschool group leader positions: lead elementary children in recreational and enrichment activities. November 30th thru June 7th. High school diploma, experience working with children required. M-F, 2-6pm, $11.52/hr. Positions open until filled. Substitute positions, flexible days and hours, $9.79/hr. To apply email or call 919-967-8211 ext. 28263 for more information.


Deadlines are NOON one business day prior to publication for classified ads. We publish Monday thru Friday when classes are in session. A university holiday is a DTH holiday too (i.e. this affects deadlines). We reserve the right to reject, edit, or reclassify any ad. Acceptance of ad copy or prepayment does not imply agreement to publish an ad. You may stop your ad at any time, but NO REFUNDS or credits for stopped ads will be provided. No advertising for housing or employment, in accordance with federal law, can state a preference based on sex, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap, marital status.

For Rent
“SHORT STORiES BY PickTHORN.” Pickthorn.” on Amazon, kindle. check it out., 501-843-7785.

For Rent
Get a Jump Start on Housing for Next Year!

For Rent
PROFESSiONAl/gRADUATE STUDENT to share great townhouse. 15 minutes to UNc. includes fireplace, W/D, dishwasher, private bath, near walking trail, on bus route. $390/mo. +security deposit. 919-357-4230.
$400/MO. PER BEDROOM in legal 6BR/5BA townhouse. 4 buslines, minutes to UNc, hardwood floors, W/D, extra storage, free parking, non-smoking., 919-933-0983.

For Sale
PiANOVillE ElEcTRic FUll SizED piano by Baldwin. RP2 model with great features, like new. Perfect for small apartment, student. $480 or best offer. Near Duke., 919-493-3845.



is now showing 1BR-6BR properties for 2013-14 school year. Check out our properties at or call at (919) 933-8143.


Help Wanted
NATiONAllY REcOgNizED and locally owned insurance agency seeks full-time sales associate. Prefer candidate to possess Nc Property and casualty license but will consider licensing. Excellent phone and computer skills a must. Small business environment with competitive wages. Please email inquiries, resume to lEARN ART OF lANDScAPE gardening and experience cycles of nature. Physically demanding work with established contractor. Driver’s license required. Full-time or part-time. Andrew Bryan, 919-929-9913.


For Rent
All REAl ESTATE AND RENTAl advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis in accordance with the law. To complain of discrimination, call the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development housing discrimination hotline: 1-800-669-9777.

For Rent
STUDiO APARTMENT: $600/mo. Available NOW! Full kitchen and bath with tub, wood floors, good closet space. 1 mile from campus along Mlk. 308 Umstead Drive. call Wendy, 919-942-3448, 919-933-8500. 2BR/15BA TOWNHOME. with W/D. city center, Pittsboro. $750/mo. contact chatham lee Realty: 919-708-5464.

For Sale
POOl TABlE: california style, eight foot. White with black felt, $960. located in Durham. Email

The Daily Tar Heel office will close Thursday, Dec. 6th at 5pm for Winter Break
Deadlines for Wed., Jan. 9th issue:
Display Ads & Display Classifieds: Monday, Jan. 7th at 3pm Line Classifieds: Tuesday, Jan. 8th at noon

QUESTIONS? 962-0252
Misc. Wanted


Bright, clean townhouse with large deck, large lR, DR, kitchen, large BRs, new efficient HVAc, W/D. Neighborhood pool, tennis. Next to park and ride, Meadowmont. $1,350/mo.

Misc. Wanted

For Rent

For Rent

We will re-open on Monday, January 7th at 8:30am

Robert H. Smith, Atty At Law

UNC Community

Julia W. Burns, MD

Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
109 Conner Dr., Building III, Suite 203 919-428-8461 •

Tar Heel Born & Bred!


The Complete Car Care Experts 919-493-2300 5116 S. Hwy 55, Durham, NC

Midway Barber Shop
Serving the Community for Over 60 Years

Carolina graduate, expert in traffic and FREE criminal cases for students for over 20 years. CONSULTATION
312 W. Franklin Street • 967-2200 •

Specials: TUES all Cuts $8 / WED Face Included w/Cut THURS $1 Off with Coupon ($10 minimum purchase)


Interested in this Space?
Advertise in the DTH Service Directory... It’s effective and affordable!
CALL 919-962-0252

707 W. Rosemary St. • Carrboro • 919-942-6338

Up to 30% OFF Boxes • 15% OFF Shipping w/Student ID UPS • FedEx • DHL • Postal Services 1202 Raleigh Rd. (Glenwood Square) • 968-1181




Thursday, December 6, 2012 Help Wanted Help Wanted

Exam Survival Guide
Help Wanted Volunteering
YMCA YOUTH BASKETBALL: Part-time staff officials and volunteer coaches are needed for the upcoming January thru March season. Fun, instructional program for 4-13 year olds. Contact Mike Meyen at, 919-442-9622.

The Daily Tar Heel

Residential Services, Inc.
Want to build your resume & gain valuable experience?
Work with children and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities, helping them achieve their personal goals. Earn extra money and gain valuable experience! Good for psychology, sociology, nursing majors, and other related fields. Various shifts available including weekends. $1 0/hr. 0.1 APPLY ONLINE by visiting us at:

Aries (March 21-April 19) Today is a 7 -- Okay, you can shop now ... don’t overspend from guilt. Keep it light. Others ask your advice. reaffirm a commitment. Get your message out. Accept a grand social invitation. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Today is an 8 -- Your dream is in action. Create flexible structures, and don’t forget a deadline. While reason and emotion argue to a standstill, romance hovers nearby. Look for hidden resources. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Today is a 9 -- You’re gaining skills. Be watching for a need to fill, and stay respectful to folks who feel strongly. There’s a serendipitous meeting. it’s a safe bet. Make a wish. Cancer (June 21-July 22) Today is an 8 -- Completing old tasks pays best, so decrease obligations. Take care of a friend. Supply the food. You can find what you need nearby. You’re admired for sticking to your standards. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Today is a 7 -- Stillness is restful. Balancing powers and keeping your word is essential. Get cleaning out of the way. You’re attracting more attention. Hold on to whatever you’ve gained. Consider all possibilities. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Today is a 9 -- An old friend can help you make a dream real. Think about it. You have plenty of luck. delegate to a perfectionist. Find another way to cut costs.

If December 6th is Your Birthday...

ave ar!! H e No F
You can still place a DTH classified ad during the UNC holiday breaks! They will be posted on our ONLINE Classified page! Check it out...

Enjoy alone time, and savor moments with loved ones this year. romance, partnerships and networking bustle until June, when career and finances shift into overdrive. reflect on what’s important, and keep to your plan. Give attention to health.
To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging.

Help Wanted
YMCA YOUTH BASKETBALL: Part-time staff officials and volunteer coaches are needed for the upcoming January thru March season. Fun, instructional program for 4-13 year olds. Contact Mike Meyen at, 919-442-9622. THE CHAPEL HiLL-CArrBOrO YMCA is looking for member service and childwatch workers. Member service staff greet members, answer questions, take payments and process membership and program registrations. Childwatch provides care for children while parents use the Y. Must have experience working with small children, customer service experience, computer literacy and phone experience preferred. 2 positions available: (1) Mondays and Tuesdays 5:30-8:30pm, alternating Saturdays 7:30am-1pm, alternating Sundays 12:30-4pm or (2) Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:30-8:30pm, alternating Saturdays 1-7:30pm, alternating Sundays 12:30-4pm. Applications can be found on our website,, or you can apply at the Chapel Hill Branch at 980 MLK Blvd. Send applications to or turn in at the Y. EOE.

Homes For Sale
COndO FOr SALE, CHAPEL HiLL. 2Br/1.5BA, 375-B Umstead drive, Chapel Hill, nC. Marble tiles in bath and kitchen. On city busline. Contact Mark Heizer: 919-604-3478,’agent=1 0811&property=res181462.

Spring SemeSter houSing
roommate for January thru May, August. 10 minute walk to campus! Own bedroom, 2 closets in 3Br duplex. 2 female roommates. W/d in unit. rent, utilities under $600/mo. Parking included.

Chapel ridge roommate
Female seeking roommate for a 2Br available december 15. rent: $684/mo. includes all utilities, internet, cable and amenities. 2 months FrEE rEnT! cas911@live.unc edu, 304-282-2494.

BahamaS Spring Break
$189 for 5 dAYS. All prices include: round trip luxury party cruise, accommodations on the island at your choice of 13 resorts. Appalachia Travel., 800-867-5018. click on “Classifieds”

LOWEr LEvEL PrivATE rOOM and bath. Seeking professional. 3 minutes from UnC and major busline. 919-929-6879.



Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Today is a 6 -- naturally, you’re in the middle of the controversy. A bonus boosts self-esteem. devote yourself to the task. Private meetings are best. don’t fret a temporary setback. Win the prize. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Today is a 9 -- Physical effort works today. Spend time outdoors. Make a new connection. increase vigilance; you get through where others fail. Postpone travel and impulsiveness. Stick to work ... it’s profitable. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today is a 7 -- Your logic spreads. rise to the occasion. You may respectfully disagree with an opinionated person. Pay back a favor, after paying bills. Celebrate an attractive person’s loyalty. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is a 9 -- Someone has a great idea about renovating your home. Consider options privately. You have the skills required. Continue to check off the list. if traveling, consider comfort first. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is an 8 -- Confer with your team. Postpone travel for now... stay with the group. You get more if you act quickly. Others find you fascinating. Enlist help with subtle bribes. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Today is a 7 -- Simplify matters. A crazy scheme could work, but don’t start a new project yet. Physical effort helps clarify your thinking. Love hits you like a feather. disrupt the status quo.
(c) 2012 TriBUnE MEdiA SErviCES, inC.

260 Erwin Rd Chapel Hill, NC IF YOU NEED A RIDE: COLLEGE MINISTRY: Sundays at 9:30am & 11:05am

Amanda Dean, Campus Minister
Sunday: 7pm Worship Monday: 11:30am-1:00pm Lunch at Lenoir Thursday: 6pm Dinner & Program Also: Fellowship, Spiritual Growth Groups, Service Opportunities, Alternative Spring Break, Music Groups, Residential Community

Presbyterian Campus Ministry • 919-967-2311 110 Henderson St., Chapel Hill
• Thursdays Fellowship dinner & program 5:30-8 PM

Our Faith is over 2,000 years old Our thinking is not

God is still speaking


• Weekly small groups • Sunday Worship at our six local Partner Churches. • Trips to the NC mountains & coast as well as annual spring break mission opportunities.

Multi-cultural • Mutli-racial
Uniting - Just Peace Church.
-College Students WelcomeCoffee Hour & Classes at 10:00 a.m. Worship at 8:45am & 11:00am

United Church of Chapel Hill: Welcoming & Affirming Open to EVERYONE Social Justice • EQUALITY

919- 942- 2152 • 214 Pittsboro St. - Across from the Carolina Inn

Saturday: 5:15pm Sunday: 9am, 11am & Student Mass at 7pm 919-929-3730 • 218 Pittsboro St., CH

Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship
Sunday Evenings at 5:00PM Friends Meeting House 531 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill

Pastor: Isaac Villegas 919.357.5496

Meets Sundays at 10am
7326 Sunrise Rd., Chapel Hill

Come worship with a peace church.

Religious Directory

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


318 W. Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC 27516 919-933-9909


Stuff someone’s stocking with an Armadillo Grill gift card!
…and don’t forget to pick up a container of queso and salsa to bring home for the holidays!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel

Exam Survival Guide

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Make the right move!

117 E. Franklin Street P.O. Box 732 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Tues-Fri 11-6 • Sat 10-5 • Sun 12-5 Tel: 919-967-2037 • Fax: 919-967-6651 w w w. c r e a t i v e m e t a l s m i t h s . c o m

Walk to Campus!!
Now’s the time to find that perfect rental home for next school year! Simply visit or come by our office to get your copy of our annual walk-to-campus list.


Featured Hot Spots for 2013, 2014
Mill Creek 2 BR’s Chancellor’s Square Large selection of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 bedroom units!

Dunlap-Lilley Properties
930 MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 106 967-5551 / 967-9992
Check out our website to see other great rentals available NOW!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam Survival Guide

The Daily Tar Heel

Student Stores

December 6th - 14th


Three convenient locations to sell your books back and get CASH... not a gift card.

1) Daniels Building
Thursday 12/06 - Saturday 12/08 7:30am - 8:00pm Sunday 12/09 1:00pm - 6:00pm Monday 12/10 - Friday 12/14 7:30am - 8:00pm

2) UNC Student Stores at Rams Head Dining (2nd Floor)
Thursday 12/06 - Saturday 12/08 10:00am - 7:00pm Monday 12/10 - Thursday 12/13 10:00am - 7:00pm Friday 12/14 10:00am - 2:00pm

3) UNC Student Stores at Granville Towers (The Agora)
Thursday 12/06 - Saturday 12/08 10:00am - 7:00pm Monday 12/10 - Thursday 12/13 10:00am - 7:00pm Friday 12/14 10:00am - 3:00pm • (919) 962-5066 •

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