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E Business Plan Computer Consulting - Repairing Service I.

Executive Summary: Our company provides the computer consulting & technical services such as repairs, upgrades, securities, networking, etc. Focusing on a small market segment computer home users, we will attract customers attentions & loyalty by the distinct services, professional manner and quick responsiveness. 1. Missions: Increase the standard of computer literacy for a wide range of home-based computer users. Provide an ideal environment for Computer Science students who are in trouble of looking for a place to apply the theory knowledge in practice.

2. Goals: Succeed on modeling an effective business via the on-site and on-call service and response Establish a distinguish brand identity known for quality guaranteed & timely, cost-effective services. Develop a competent work force that is incentive to use their own good judgments to solve customer problems. Build a loyal repeat customer network.

II. Market Research: 1. Market Segmentation: To measure clients satisfaction towards the existing computer consulting/ repairing services, we have sampled the market segmentation by conducting an online survey on 20 people (mainly friends). The survey can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dC1STmVUUlJoX1VHdU13MHplRGtqTmc6M Q The survey was to investigate client behaviors when computer problem, errors occur. The result showed that 71% of the asked people say no the repairing services. They prefer to find the solution by themselves. Consulting/repairing workshop is likely to be the last consider.

Priority when computer problems happen

Google solution Go to repairing workshop Seek for help from friends Others

Despite that, the home pc user is still our target market. We assume that clients do not want to depend on the experts because they are not contented with the existing services. This assumption is supported by the survey evidence when most of the asked people responded negatively to the repairing workshop. They felt unsatisfied with the poor service, return date delay or unfriendly manner of shop staffs. We are confident at resolving the existing workshops weakness. The survey showed that the standard of computer literacy is not high, only a quarter of asked people can give a clear definition about Trojan. It also indicated that predominant users lack the necessary knowledge about security and protecting their own computer. Therefore, the market segmentation of home pc user is extensive but very challenging. 2. Service Business Analysis: The PC market in Vietnam is growing at a dizzying pace. It reflects the fact that computer has found its way to become an indispensible part of our normal life. However, as said before, the research indicated that the awareness of personal computer hardware & software among PC users is averagely not high. Except for the technicians and specialize experts, people normally utilize computer to deal with day-byday paper works, to communicate or entertain. They usually dont pay enough attentions or often ignore the issues of computer healthy & securities. This down fact contribute to the conventional problems of unexpected crash, crucial data loss, poisonous infection that cause iteration, even severe headache to most users. Therefore, the demand for the experts who can help them solve these problems is extremely huge. The market for the computer consulting services is very promising. We aim to provide the services to the home pc users who have little or no knowledge about computer protection, upgrade & repair. In fact, the small business clients are more willing to invest in technology as part of their plan. In contrast, home pc users typically dont have the urgent needs for technical

assistance. They tend to put a slight upon the problematic symptoms or prefer to seek the solutions by themselves. As long as their computer is still executable, they dont bother to waste their time on the experts. Thus the main competitors in our business area are surprisingly client themselves. Nevertheless, customers will have to alter their attitude when they know that friendly, efficient help is just an instant message on our website or a phone call away. Other heavy-weight competitors that should be listed here are the repairing, computer components shops. They hire the well-trained, competent staffs and do quick work. However, clients have to bring their computer to these shops to receive services. They do not offer any kind of pick-up and drop-off service, not to mention the on-site help. They really offer hardware support. III. Business Strategy: 1. Products & Services: Our company provides the consulting & repairing, upgrading services to clients are the home pc user. As the clients demands grow and our business areas expanded, we will aim to the small business clients. Consulting service: To distinguish our services from others, we will offer on-site repair and consulting services. Therefore, customer only needs to create an account on website to ask for help from our experts. All are FREE. We will have technicians online as much as possible. Repairing package: Only when the problem requires more detailed diagnosis or repair, we will offer a pick-up and delivery of PC needing repair. This package includes: A complete computer healthy status check Fixing the problems/errors Software support - extra installations accordance to customer preferences

Fee: depends on problems in market rates (minimum is 30k for delivery fee) Upgrading package: For the clients in needs of upgrading software, hardware or install external devices (wireless, tv, etc). A complete computer healthy status check Upgrade Software/ Hardware Software support - extra installations accordance to customer preferences Maintenance service 3 months

Fee: depends on software/ hardware (minimum is 50k for maintenance service) Home diagnosis: Total check for computer healthy status at client home Fee: 20k

2. Marketing Strategy: Product: Timely, cost-efficient services. To exploit competitors weaknesses, we will emphasize on our quick response service via on-site help, pick-up & drop-off repairing policy. Price: Our business is not intended to generate profit so our services are surprisingly competitive. The online consultation is free. With only 20k, client can have full attention from one of our technicians. Promotion: Intractive Website, Facebook page Build a professional image for our work force with staff uniform (HANU sport uniform with stickers) Organize monthly event to promote company images. The proposal events are Free Computer Diagnosis, Computer Parts Exchange Fair Discount, promotional Gifts for mass order

Package: We aim to provide clients the creative service packages with extra software installations suitable with customer ages, preferences. Teenage: Teen theme, selective music, self-motivation books Elderly: Financial management book, health advice book, fortune-telling books

Place: An outstanding advantage of our business is the small size and flexible working places. The consulting services are done via the internet. Also with our pick-up & drop-off policy, clients dont need to take time out of their busy days to haul a computer in our workshop. 3. Operation Plan: Our business mainly focus on the consulting service on the internet hence the online consulting section on website will be operational at least 6 hours a day, seven days a week. However, all company staffs are constrained by the school timetable so our on-site service can only be available from 6pm to 12pm. Also, we have a hot-line number so that clients in urgent situation can contact us during the class time. Our technicians are responsible for answering clients. Therefore, customers are promised to always receive one-on-one personal attention. All are FREE. For the charged services, technicians have to ask client to fill in the order form, arrange the appointment date and take responsibility to solve his client problems. At the end of the month, secretary uses these order details to calculate profit margin & expenses. Our business is scheduled to run in 3 months. The opening date is at the early October & the close down is at December. During the start-up phase, we will aggressively run advertisement on our website and the high-traffic forums. Also, we will organize the training days for the whole staffs so that everyone is familiar with the appointed positions & able to cooperate well with colleague.

After two weeks of warming up, we have the opening day with an impressive promotional event. Still continue periodic advertisements on the internet, we shift the workforce attention to providing the best quality services to clients. When the business has been stably operated, there will be regular stakeholder meeting at the end of week so that project members can discuss and review the work theyve done. Another promotional event might be held in November in order to generate more business traffic & word of mouth. The business is expected to close down in middle December so that everyone can take a rest and have little peace of mind before dwelling on the final exams.

Figure 1 Project Plan

Figure 2 Gantt Chart partial

IV. Financial Management: Our financial plan contains the limited growth prediction as our main business activity is free consultation. We dont have an office as all staffs mostly work online. The operating expenses may arise from delivery cost, hardware fix, renew cost. However, the good news is that the minimum cost of each repair/ upgrading package is enough to cover these expenses hence it is capable to maintain a positive cash balance, as long as we do not have to pay for the staff.