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Its amazing the moments that stick out to you.

When it happen, you arent sure why, but you know you will remember it as it occurred. In that moment, you feel vulnerable, but youre content. Youre afraid youll regret it. This is the moment you will look back to and never regret - regardless of what happens. Perhaps I am exaggerating. Im not Rick, but she could be Ilsa. I remember every detail, only because we were part of a system and not individuals. When we have to wear a uniform, its not hard to remember what she wore. However, the small things we do to differentiate ourselves are what I remember. Her hair was up; I hadnt noticed how often she did that until then, but I digress. Like always, she wore our mundane work shirt. I wonder if we would have looked better in polos, but we wont know in our time. Like always, she had her nametag on at the bottom of her shirt, out of sight. Most days, she wore a hoodie, but in this moment, it was off. These are all the typical things, nothing out of the ordinary. She was always studying, but in CTS, no one can study. If you come with the intention of studying, you are lying to yourself. We have jobs on the hour on Mondays. It must have been around one oclock. The bosses were out to lunch, and the cramped-closet of an office we were given seemed spacious when just four people were inside. There we were, the four of us, but for some reason we clustered together around a desk. A desk filled with closed Japanese textbooks. Either we were all comfortable with one another, or we had habituated to the cramped conditions. As a reflection of the multiple personalities employed at CTS, all the chairs in the office were different. Some were fought for; some were named after whoever claimed them. She sat in the Cyd chair. Its comfortable, but just like I had said before, no work could be done in B05, especially in the Cyd chair. Lorelai sat next to Elle. Theo stood across from Elle, hovering over the desk, and I sat on the stepping stool next to Theo, but in reality, I was diagonal to Elle. Aside from Lorelai and I, we were all relatively new friends. Lorelai and I had known each other since we were ten. In those eleven years, we argued more than necessary but we always had a mutual respect for one another. Elle started to work at CTS a semester before, but we became closer a few months before this day. Theo was the last of the gang to join CTS, but he fit right in. He was agreeable and smart. We talked about anything and everything - lighthearted and entertaining. At some point my leaving for LA was the subject of conversation. I mentioned one of my worries would be keeping in contact with friends. Losing people is one of the hardest things for me to do, unless its necessary. Very rarely has it been necessary. Losing Elle would never fall under that category. Elle mentioned she was horrible when it came to texting people and keeping in contact. Naturally, the next line I had, as a joke, was I would not text her after I left for LA.

In that moment, I looked into her eyes as I said it, and for the first time she let down her sarcastic guard and showed a hint of vulnerability. She seemed hurt that I said it. She asked if I really wouldnt text her. In keeping the sarcastic faade, I simply said if she werent going to text me, I wouldnt either. Before I responded, as I looked into her eyes, I noticed their true color. They were amazingly blue. A deep, radiant blue. Only a fool would never have noticed them before. I should be considered the dullest knife in the drawer. I couldnt look away. I responded and said something along the lines of if youre not gonna text me then I wont either. She replied quickly she would if I did. I took that opportunity to look into Lorelais eyes. She too had blue eyes, but I didnt notice anything spectacular about her . Not that they arent great, its just that the emotional charge wasnt there. I looked from one girls eyes to the other. Emotion, nothing. Emotion, nothing. I cant say I remember the rest of the conversation. It hit me hard. I had fallen for a friend. An amazing friend. Someone who transcended the shallowness that goes along with college, and well, life really. My first instinct was to run. I grabbed a scooter, went down the hallway, and returned. I knew I couldnt run from Elle. But I didnt know what to do. A task done on a daily basis. You look into over a dozen pair of eyes a day. Green, blue, brown, black. Some amazing, others dull. That doesnt matter. What matters is the spark that lies beneath, only to be ignited at a random moment in time. Maybe I was wrong to say life is predetermined and our paths have been set. There is no way this was part of the plan. Something so small left a great impression. It cant be that our makers hid these Easter eggs so intricately.