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Dear Salutation, Today our great city stands at a crossroads. We are at risk of suffering from a worsening economy, increased crime, and a continued rise in our homeless population. We must move forward and avoid returning to a past where our city was dangerous, crime-ridden, dirty, and inhospitable for both those of us who lived here and the millions who wanted to visit or move here, but were too afraid. I’m running for mayor because I know I can lead New York City into a future that we can all be proud of. With a firm belief in hope, hard work, and personal responsibility, I am confident that together we can reach our shared vision for a vibrant, unique, and just city filled with talent and opportunity for all. Over twenty years ago, I founded The Doe Fund with little more than a bedrock belief that all human beings, even the poorest, would grasp an opportunity and rebuild their lives. After giving up successful business careers, my wife Harriet and I started the Ready, Willing & Able program from our kitchen table with nothing more than faith, tenacity, and hard work. From those humble beginnings we have built a nonprofit organization that employs thousands of people each year. We have put hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the people we serve, becoming a national model for creating jobs, reducing crime, and ending homelessness. We have made New York a cleaner, safer city for us all. By providing hope and opportunity, thousands of poor New Yorkers have realized the American Dream. Based on that experience, I have decided to run for mayor so that, together, we can support small and large businesses, create jobs, and attract the entrepreneurial talent we need to move our city forward. We can create jobs at the top, middle, and even the first rung of the economy that will grow our tax base and continue to make New York the center of the world.
T: 212.901.9919 P.O. Box 450 • New York, NY 10028

We can support our great and unique institutions, our museums and art galleries, our theaters, our parks, and our music and dance venues. We can only do this together. We can accomplish this with a government made up of the best, the brightest, and the most innovative and competent people. Only a government with a powerful and positive vision can attract real talent and commitment. I respectfully ask for your support. Please consider giving as generously as you can. Your donation of $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $4,950 or whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated. My pledge is to fight to keep our city a place worthy of your pride. Together we can prevent special interests and over-regulation of our business community from defining our city’s growth and promise, and we will move New York forward as the most vibrant, prosperous, safe, and just city in the world. Warmest regards,

George T. McDonald P.S. Please return your check in the enclosed envelope or contribute by visiting our website at Together we can win this race.

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