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Nazia Iftikhar
Six years of senior Level, Experience
+92-333-528-1851 naziagulzar@yahoo.com

Over 12 years of experience in the field of professional communication and marketing experience, with Cement Marketing experience in Strategy Planning, Network sale, Channel Management and Institutional sale f administrative experience served mostly in the media sector organizations, electronic media . Playing a diverse range of roles in communications to organizational development and management, her chief motivation is to use my designing, writing, speaking, communications, organizational development, and management skills. The main areas of experience can be described as: Administer all aspects of Media & Communications Public Relations Creative ability Planning & organizing Communication skills Relationship building skills Excellent communication skills both written and oral Leadership abilities Strategic thinking: Experienced in developing marketing strategies Decisive: Capable of delivering quick solutions to the marketing troubles. Strong sales support and project management, leadership and training skills Excellent analytical skills: Expert in forwarding thinking & market research Sound expertise in development processes and product marketing Excellence presentation skills Effective listener Exceptional communication, writing, presentation and analytical skills Administration & Administrative Support Marketing Services Customer Relations/Services Provided consultation, ideas and Solutions to the Senior Management for inside and outside Public Relation Strategies


Sunlighth for Human Development Network

Disaster Risk Management, Pakistan V.President

01/08/2010 to continue

To provide leadership to the profession, the Board and the membership; To represent the Association, and the profession, in a variety of fora; To support the Association and its policies internally and externally; To exercise the governing authority of the Board of Directors when advised to do so by the Board; Plan and chair Board and general meetings, including meeting agenda preparation in consultation with the executive director; To act as the main liaison between the Board and the executive director; To enforce adherence to the Association's Constitution and By-laws and assure the integrity of the Board process; To initiate and lead the Board's process of annual performance review of the executive director in consultation with the vice-president/president-elect; To review financial reports submitted by the executive director, and to advise the Board of these reports and any necessary actions by the Board; To communicate with the membership on a regular basis such as by way of visits, or in inCite columns.

Operationalization of District Disaster Risk Management Functionalizing of District Government Mainstreaming of DDMA, Line Departments & Stake Holders. Work Closely with the DCO office to make DDMA functional Provide support to the DCO office for development and preparation of PC1/Projects and budget allocations to DDMA Assist DDMA in acquiring staff and equipment Coordinate with various departments and stakeholders on behalf of the DDMA Facilitate the DDMA in setting up district DRM coordination forum involving various departments, I/NGOs and other stakeholders Coordinate implementation of community based/ local level risk management programmes under the one UN DRM program Implement capacity building activities with district level departments

Design and implement community based/ local level disaster risk management programmes/ projects Maintain a monitoring system to check project progress and ensure the achievement of outcomes and outputs given in the logical frame work matrix Establish multi-stakeholder network Submit project reports to UNDP as per schedule Conduct Trainings on: Camp Management, Coordination Mechanism, Search and Rescue Operations, Early Warning, Food Security and DRM,

2. Community Based Disaster Risk Management Responsibility:

Implement the Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Project of UNDP Hazard Mapping of Vulnerable Communities Search the vulnerable community and Asses the Risk factor Conduct the survey and concept/case study Organize drills and activities of awareness raising Make the community organizations (COs) in respective areas to cope the disasters Give the training of preparedness, response, recover and rehabilitation to COs capacity building of community to utilize the community own resources Asses the damages and make the plans of reconstruction and rehabilitation Focus on structural and non structural development Establish the early warning system Give the training to master training Conduct the Vulnerable Assessment Conduct the hazard mapping and assessment Conduct Trainings on: Community Based Search and Rescue Operations, CBDRM, Community Based Early Warning, Hazard Mapping,

3. Flood Management:
Coordination for rescue and relief activies Response and Relief Activities Camp Management

Rapid Assessment of Damages and compensation Prepare the plan of rehabilitation of flood effected families


Friends withour Boarders Search & Evaluate the family eligible for the Compensation Fund Arrangement of Medical Checkup of Camel Jockeys Completion of file & documentation Make and ensure the proper utilization of GRANTED micro finance into business Cooperation with LINE DEPARTMENT Conducting the workshops for public awareness Arrangement of Net Working Meeting with Line Departments


Friends without Boarders

Pakistan DESIGNATION: Project Manager

From June-2000 to June-2010

Friends without Borders is an NGO working for Peace, Human Rights and Social Development in Lahore, Province Punjab, Pakistan. Deal Specially with the Peace and Advocacy My Responsibilities: Provide Consultancy to enhance the role of Women in mainstream To develop the women empowerment Provide the advocacy for women crises and make the appropriate measures Design Result oriented Activities and its implementation Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Report Writing Monitoring and Evaluation of Staff Make the Coordination between the clients & Upper Management Regularly update the top management with the progress & Development Survey & Assessment of a PNGO(Project Non Govt Organization) Arrange Counseling Make Rehabilitation plan Advocacy for women rights Sensitize the gender protection issues Technical experience of communication


Jaffer Brothers (JBS)


From February

1998 to June 1999


DESIGNATION:Assisstant Marketing Manager

My Responsibilities of working: Responsible for the marketing, sales & products development of the Group publications ROP/Display category. Sales account management, forecasting and strategy. Provide support to other categories in business development along with agency & client relationship management for facilitative business generation. Achieved a 27% increase in the business category revenue.

Event Management Innovative technique in Advertising and Marketing Identify means of accessing the industry faster; identify distribution channels that can help Company sell more Analyze the comparative Firms Product Evaluation with reference to Sales Customer care management Customer motivation plans Customer attraction strategies Sales growth plans Regularly update top management with the progress of the sale Carry out analysis and report-making to improve efficiency Carry out Sales Analysis Reports for the top management