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Speech text How To Become A Successful Student

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our lecturer, En. Mohd Ariff, and fellow friends. In this glorious morning, I, Nadiatul Shima Abu Bakar, am going to give a talk on How To Become a Successful Student. As we all know, life of a student is always packed with many sorts of activities. School in the morning, co-curricular in the evening and some of them went for tuition at night. At home, parents have to educate them to be a good person, teach them how to pray, read al-Quran and etc. Looking at the excellent students who got straight As in the television, we sometimes wonder, when do they find the time to study, do their homework, do revision and at the same time performed in the extra-curricular activities? In this speech, I am going to share with you some tips on how you, your children or your students can be a successful student and benefit from it.

First of all, set your goals. Research* shows that people who set goals accomplish more than those who do not. How do we set our goals? In deciding your goals, ask yourself these 3 questions, What is the outcome that I want?, What do I do to get there? and Why do I have to achieve the goal?. These three questions will lead you in setting the goals and insyaAllah towards success. A simple example, I want to get 5As in UPSR. I need to work hard and study smart. I want to attend a prestigious school. Hence, you must have good motivation in achieving these goals. When you feel motivated, you will have a strong desire to do well and to achieve your goals.

The second tip that you need to do to become a successful student is pay attention in the classroom. This factor needs a lot of encouragement if you have disruptive friends in the classroom. When we are highly motivated in listening to teachers teaching in front of the class, our friends quietly distracting us in so many ways. How do we avoid this? The answer is ignore. We need to focus and listen attentively to what the teacher is teaching because the core knowledge is being delivered during the teaching and learning process in the classroom. Thirdly, you need to participate actively in the lesson. Always ask questions if you do not understand. People who always ask questions somehow get an extra knowledge. You can also seek clarifications from your teachers personally or you can ask your friends if you are too shy to approach the former.

As I have already mentioned earlier, life as a student is packed. So, in order to overcome this is my fourth point which is a good time management. There are so many activities going on in school and outside of the school. We need to organize it. You need to build a well-planned daily schedule which starts from early in the morning until at night, 24 hours 7 days a week. This schedule must include schooling hours, extra-curricular, leisure time and etc. You can use a planner or a notebook to jot down all your assignments and important dates. This way, you will not forget your homework, dates of tests or

due dates for your assignments. A successful student is one who prepares for exams in advance and not at the eleventh hour. So, being organized allows you to have an ample time to do revision and be wellprepared in facing the exam thus it will be less stressful.

Last but not least, a good student must have diverse interests. You should take part in extra-curricular activities such as sports, volunteering, cooking class and many more. These activities help develop leadership skills and teamwork besides instilling values like cooperation and tolerance. When in life and also in learning, we need to be receptive on other peoples opinion or views. What is success if you lack common courtesies, right? Besides that, by doing extra-curricular activities especially physical ones, it allows our mind to grow and helps us in grasping the knowledge that we get in the classroom.

I will end my speech with a saying, Time and tide wait for no man. So, students should not waste their time unnecessarily. Do not skip school and do not spend hours on social network but you need to study smart and systematic. Hope you find my talk helpful. Thank you for listening. Assalamualaikum.