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12 degrees Taurus The Angels of Loving Relationships Also known as The Angels of Galago Beloved, We instruct a child of God

how, by impregnation of the aura which is the magical space surrounding him or her, by means of the electric fluid, which is willpower, and the elements of fire, he or she can magically secure honour, esteem, dignity, friendship, and love etc. Our specialty is teaching the sons and daughters of God to use will, which is the fire element, to create honor, esteem, dignity, friendship and love for all. We awaken the desire, the will, to relate to others in sacredness and peace. At this time, Divine Providence has ordained that kindred souls find each other to create powerful friendships and relationships of all kinds, and circles of loving people who are aligned with Gods Will for heaven on earth. These sacred relationships and groups bring forth blessings to everyone. They are filled with grace and mercy, wisdom, justice and harmony, respect, honor, love, and dignity. For heaven to manifest on earth, it is important for people to find their spiritual friends and family, to find people who share a will and vision of perfection, in order to dance awake the Sacred Dream together. Will is the original element of fire. Through grace and mercy, intuition and clear understanding of Divine Laws, we help the individual will of a child of God attune to Gods Will. Gods Will is evident in the Laws of Nature, which express themselves on every level. One of the most important of these laws is YE SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW! This law holds true on every level; on the level of will, thought, feeling, and sensation. Whatever is WILLED results in thought. Whatever is thought results in feeling. Whatever is felt, results in physical realities. Therefore, the use of WILL to SOW ONLY THAT WHICH BRINGS GRACE AND MERCY, WISDOM, THE SPLENDOR AND MAJESTY OF GOD, AND DIVINE JUSTICE, guarantees that the harvest will be sweet and that mankind co-creates with Divine Providence the splendor and majesty of heaven upon this earth. Therefore we inspire manifesting the dream of The Highest Good of All Concerned in right relations. We inspire unlimited childlike fantasy and imagination in both desiring and visualizing right relations. This is so important that we urge each of you to go into the depths of your heart and connect strongly with your desire for true friendships and love that strengthens the dignity of all. We help you fan this will for loving relations into a powerful flame that lights the way. Desire is the fire element of will. The beings of the fire element, the element of will, will help you in finding friends and partners who resonate with you in the sacred dream of heaven on earth. In this holy energy, the honor, love, respect, and dignity that is the birthright of all manifests. G-A-L-A-G-O G Grace and Mercy *Ais the desire of a person who is attuned to wisdom and enlightenment. *LSuch a person seeks to manifest the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness *Ain order to spread wisdom to all . *GThe feelings of happiness and complete satisfaction

*Obrings absolute success and happiness in every respect in the material world. * MIRACLES *********************** THE LAW OF ONE: * We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are helped. Therefore, in the name of who I AM; [I am one with all beings, all masters, saints, and prophets, with angels and all enlightened beings throughout time and space and beyond, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and all loving], I ask that ONLY that which is THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED Happen here and now, as well as through all space and time. I am deeply grateful that this is happening. So be it. Amen. ********* Feelings. *Use Rapid Eye Movement [REM] while surfing feelings that come up. Feelings change when they are felt. Negative ones process toward healing and positive ones get more positive. Rapid Eye Movement or REM is the eye movement that the body does automatically in dreaming. * Emotional processing uses many of the same neurological states as dreaming, and could be termed "a waking dream". REM is moving the eyes back and forth, right to left and back again, over and over, at any speed that is comfortable, while reliving the memories or just feeling any feelings. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FEELINGS and any insights, memories, or thoughts that arise, let the eye movement be absentminded and automatic, don't pay attention to it. * Eye movement shifts the emotional-thought energy back and forth from one brain hemisphere to the other and allows it to process naturally. Emotions are magnetic energy, the Divine Feminine, and attract realities into physical manifestation. To heal our physical world, we must heal our emotions. Bypassing, denying, or suppressing feelings makes them go underground into the subconscious and the tissues of the body store them as tension. Even though painful feelings are unconscious at this stage, they still magnetically attract. In their unconscious state, it is difficult to heal them, which is why it is so important to process them by letting them flow and be felt, and thereby change, when they spontaneously come up. * If you feel good, enjoy the feelings. Only process negative feelings when they spontaneously come up on their own. This is a major paradigm shift for our culture and times. To acknowledge feelings with unconditional all encompassing love, to feel them without acting out destructively, and to understand that their nature is to stay pure and healthy by flowing, like water; is to finally understand and embrace the Divine Feminine Magnetic Nature that gives birth to heaven on earth. * In cases where the negative feelings are overwhelming, a special session of finding the original wounding event and reliving it to process all the emotions may be necessary. Email for more information.