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Reflections for a New Year

Gerisval Alves Pessoa Our life is a book of stories that we wrote ourselves, success stories, failures, joys, of sorrows, hopes, joys, stories that have been completed, which need to be remembered or forgotten. Stories that need to be continued or that need to be evaluated to be reconstructed on the basis of our dreams. We have today, the last day of the year, a day of reflection, evaluation and inspiration for the New Year approaching we can write another chapter of our book, the book of our lives! Today, New Year's Eve, is a motivational day for us use part of our time to reflect and evaluate what we did during the 365 days of the year that is ending, what did not and should have done. What went right and what went wrong. We must list our experiences and sort the good from the bad. Let's use the good experiences to help us next year and learn from failures. Identify the areas we need to improve for the review of our life plan. Be ready tomorrow, already New Year, to start implementing actions towards the realization of our dreams. However, we must remember that this reflection needs to be a daily discipline and quiet so that we have effective actions. So do not wait, just define our goals and develop or revise our plan of life. Do not forget to include at the top the goal to be happy"! And, at least have the characteristics or traits of the following behaviors, such shares to be included in our plan towards transforming our dreams into reality: - Have a sense of gratitude. Gratitude to God, family and all friends; - Forgive others; - Praise the people by good attitudes and good results; - Give others people credit for their victories; - Commemorate each achievement; - Accept us responsibility for our failures; - Read every day; - keep a to-be list; - Talk about ideas; - Want others to succeed; - Share information and data; - Keep a to-do/project list;

- Exude joy; - Embrace change; - Continuously learn; - Operate from a transformational perspective.

If we go to work on our plans and goals, our plans and goals work for us (Jim Hohm). To all, a New Year of achievements, happiness, health, harmony, unity and peace much!

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