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Asset Particulars
Asset particulars of Justice D V Shylendra Kumar, Judge, High Court of Karnataka

Particulars of assets of Justice D V Shylendra Kumar , Judge, High Court of Karnataka is being displayed here as the Hon'ble Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court has prevented the informa from being displayed on the High Court website.



Immovable assets:
Sl No Description Value

Immovable property bearing No 505 in HSR Layout, Sector-II, Bangalore, measuring 50x80, allotted as per allotment letter dt 5-42005 [Allotted in place of Site No 1141 located in I Stage, V Block, HBR Layout measuring 40x60 allotted in the year 1987]

Rs 3,67,900 [Rs 3,22,400/paid to BDA on 27-6-2005, Rs 55,000/- had been paid earlier for the site allotted in the year 1987]

Agricultural land in all measuring about 11 acres, located in Sy Nos 1386, 20 and 19/2 of Sangeetha Agrahara village, Denkanikote taluk, Tamilnadu [ancestral property allotted to his share in the family partition of the year 1976, now held as a HUF property]

Agricultural land measuring about 59 cents located in Sy No 552, Jujuvadi village, Hosur taluk, Tamilnadu [purchased in the year 1978 for Rs 3,000/-]

Current value of these assets are not known nor relevant for the present purpose

Note: House property bearing Corporation No 10, 9th Cross, Park Area, Wilson Garden, purchased the year 1990, jointly by self and wife Smt Veena S Kumar for Rs 7,50,000/-. My joint share in this property gifted to wife in the year 2008. Now wife is the full owner of this property.

Movable assets:

A. Motor Vehicle:

Sl No 1

Description Motor Car, white Maruti Zen, bearing Regn No KA-01 N-5675 [purchased during February, 1996, with bank finance]

Value Rs 3,55,000

B. Deposits & Balance in bank accounts:

Sl No 1

Description Balance in Savings Bank in State Bank of India, SPB Branch, St Marks Road, Bangalore-1 as on 31-3-2009, held jointly with Smt Veena S Kumar; [Cheque for US $15,000/- received from brother D V Vishwanath residing in USA credited to this account on 14-7-2008 proceeds Rs 6,36,150/-] Loan to brother D V Subramanya Balance in savings bank with ING Vysya Bank, High Court Extension Counter, High Court Building, Bangalore 1 [as on 31-32009] Balance in F1 account with ING Vysya Bank, High Court Extension Counter, High Court Building, Bangalore 1 [as on 31-3-2009]

Value Rs 4,93,592

2 3

Rs 1,00,000 Rs 5,74,426.47

Rs 25,209/-

5 6

NSS a/c in Post Office including accumulated interest as on 31-3-2009 Balance in PPF account at SBI Cauvery

Rs 3,96,169/Rs

Bhavan branch as on 31-3-2009 7 Balance in GPF maintained by the office of the Accountant General in Karnataka [as on 31-3-2009] Fixed deposit in SBI Branch, Bangalore-1 [jointly held with Smt Veena S Kumar]

1,52,957.30 14,23,145/-

Rs 3,00,000/-

C. Stocks & Debentures:

Sl No 1 Description Value

Ashok Leyland 2500 shares [purchased in the year 2008 at the rate of Rs 39.50 per share Rest of the shares acquired before assuming office as a judge) Continental Construction Co Ltd., 150 shares

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Garden Silk Mills Ltd 100 shares ITDC Cementation Ltd 100 shares GWL properties 50 shares Mafathlal Dyes 38 shares Mukunda Industrial Finance Ltd 500 shares Siemens Eq. New 40 shares Twilight Litaka Pharma Ltd 300 shares Usha Martin Info 16 shares Usha Martin Equity 18 shares Surat Textile Mills Ltd 200 shares SM Dye Chemicals Ltd 2348 shares

14 15 16

Raymond Wollen 100 shares SBM 2 shares Bangalore City Motor Owners Consumer Cooperative Society 10 shares of face value of Rs 100/- each Nyaya Mitra Bank 50 shares of Rs 100/- each Advocates Cooperative Society 1 share of Rs 100/Rs 1,000/-

17 18

Rs 5,000/Rs 100/-

NOTE: particulars furnished above may not be accurate to the pie or to the decimal, but are sufficient to serve the purp for which it is furnished.