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(CommercIaI SectIon)

Room No. 613-B, Statesman House

Barakbamba Road, New DeIbI-1

No. 114-22/2006-Connl Daicd 22
Scicnlcr 2006

Subject: TarIII Ior LocatIon Based ServIces (LBS)

DSNL Ias lanncd io iniroducc Locaiion Dascd Scrviccs (LDS} in iIc
ccllular scgncni. TIcsc alicaiions/scrviccs arc undcr icsiing/validaiion
roccss and arc lilcly io lc rogrcssivcly offcrcd io CcllOnc cusioncrs.

2. In iIis conici, iIc concicni auiIoriiy Ias dccidcd io launcI iIc
following four scrviccs.

2.1 TrackIng ServIces:
(a} Fcsourcc Tracling and Managcncni Scrviccs (FTMS}
(l} Pcolc Findcr Scrvicc (PFS}
2.2 InIotaInment ServIces:
(a} Advcriiscncni
(l} Daiing Scrvicc

3. TIc alovc scrviccs Iavc alrcady lccn icsicd and arc lcing validaicd.
DSNL can inncdiaicly siari iIcsc four scrviccs aficr iIc conlciion of

4. TIc following iniroduciory iariffs arc dccidcd for iIc alovc scrviccs Ior
a perIod oI sIx montbs Irom tbe date oI commercIaI Iauncb oI tbese

4.1 Resource TrackIng and Management ServIces (RTMS):

A. MontbIy RentaI
Nunlcr of vcIiclcs/Asscis in a grou MoniIly Fcnial (Fs}
1 60
2 io 10 400
11 io 25 1000
26 io 50 2000
51 io 100 4000
101 io 250 8000
251 io 500 16000
501 io 1000 32000
> 1000 50000
B. Cbarge per LocatIon Query Fs. 0.10
C. Cbarge per PUSH SMS to VebIcIe
Irom Web PortaI
Fs. 0.30
D. Cbarge per LocatIonJStatus Query
by PULL SMS Irom SMS ServIce User
Fs 0.30

FIIe No: 114-22J2006-CommI.
4.2 PeopIe FInder ServIce (PFS):
A. MontbIy RentaI Fs. 30
B. Cbarge per LocatIon Query In
WebJWAP InterIace on
(I) FInd Buddy In tbe Map
(II) FInd LocatIon oI Buddy
Fs. 0.20
C. Cbarge on gettIng Map wItb
IocatIon on MobIIe devIce wbIcb
(I) LocatIon Query and
(II) TransIer oI Image IIIe over
GPRSJEdge to MobIIe DevIce
Fs. 0.50
D. Cbarge per PUSH SMS tbrougb
WebJWAP InterIace
Fs 0.30

4.3 AdvertIsement:
A. MontbIy RentaI Fs. 300
B. Free SMS 600
C. Cbarge Ior PUSH SMS (On montbIy basIs)
1. U io 9999 SMS Fs.0.50
2. Fron 10000 io 24999 SMS Fs.0.40
3. Dcyond 25000 SMS Fs.0.30

4.4 DatIng ServIce:
A. MontbIy RentaI NIL
B. PremIum SMS Fs 1.00 cr SMS
4. As a ronoiional ncasurc, ii Ias also lccn dccidcd io waivc off iIc
MoniIly Fcnial on iIc scrviccs in Para 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 for a criod of iIrcc
noniIs fron iIc daic of conncrcial launcI.

(F. P. DIalla}
ADC (Conncrcial}
Coy io.
1. All CCMs DSNL Circlcs/ Disiis/ Daia Nciworls DclIi/ IT Circlc Punc;
2. PS io CMD DSNL/ All Dircciors DSNL Doard;
3. Sr. DDC(CS}/ Sr. DDC(DD}/ Sr. DDC(IT}/ DDC(TFF}/ DDC(Droadland}
/ DDC(Fcgln} / DDC(Mlig}/DDC(CA}/ DDC(T&C}, DSNL Co;
4. OL Scciion for roviding Hindi vcrsion;
5. Ccnl Sccy, DSNLEU, Dada CIosI DIavan No.1, Paicl Fd, O. SIadiur
Dcoi, ND-8;
6. Ccnl Sccy, AIDSNLEA, Ncw DclIi
7 Ccnl Sccy, SNEA (India} 7/55 FancsI Nagar, Ncw DclIi-15

(FalcsI SciIi}
AD (Connl.}