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THE TUFTS DAILY Monday, December 1, 2008
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Some TCU senators call

for restraint with funds
by Jeremy White Two days later, TCU President
Daily Editorial Board Duncan Pickard published an
op-ed in the Daily calling upon stu-
Even as Tufts Community Union dents to support a “complete plan”
(TCU) senators work overtime to for the funds that would bridge
determine how to spend the nearly the financial aid gap by channel-
$690,000 in recovered funds, some ing money directly into next year’s
members of the body have begun operating budget and by creating
moving in the opposite direction by an endowed scholarship for which
urging fiscal restraint. an anonymous donor would match
Since the administration deliv- funding.
ered almost $1 million to the Senate “I think everyone would agree
in September, the body has been that keeping a socioeconomically
actively calling on members of the diverse student body and being
community to suggest projects. able to keep our friends here next
With the economy struggling, year has to be one of our top priori-
many have advocated using the ties,” Pickard told the Daily.
Tien Tien/Tufts Daily
money to help the university bal- He said this would signal the
Members of the LGBT Center hope that the university will eventually set up a queer studies program.
ance its financial aid budget, but Senate’s support for administra-

As economy plummets, university campus-wide wireless Internet and

campus center renovations have
also gotten attention.
tive efforts to provide for all Tufts
students, regardless of need, and
it could have the added benefit of

puts queer studies program on hold Still, some senators have taken
issue with the desire to spend the
money immediately, instead sug-
attracting more donors.
“I think it would be a really
powerful statement to say we
by Carter Rogers Senators Ryan Heman, a soph- the former director of the LGBT gesting that the body hold onto the care about our students next year
Daily Staff Writer omore, and Joel Greenberg, a Center, told the Daily. bulk of the recovered funds. and we are going to take that into
freshman, have strongly advo- Yarbrough started teaching Sophomore Senator Sam Wallis account during this process and
Although students and faculty cated for the establishment of a Intro to Queer Studies in 2005, has supported keeping the funds follow in line with what the uni-
have made progress in expand- queer studies program. and the course was integrated until the financial picture becomes versity is doing in cutting their
ing opportunities to study LGBT Both senators said that if such into the women’s studies pro- clearer. budget and trying to jumpstart
issues in Tufts classrooms, plans a program were established, it gram. “To me, that was the first “It would be unwise for us just to some philanthropy outside of the
for the creation of a queer stud- would likely be interdisciplin- step in building something big- give some of this money to the uni- university,” Pickard said.
ies program have been put on ary rather than serve as its own ger, and I’m glad it sounds like versity to make up a moving target,” Meanwhile, TCU Treasurer Matt
hold due to the current eco- academic department. it [might] go to the next level,” he said. “We need more concrete Shapanka has echoed Wallis and
nomic crisis. Tufts took a step toward the said Yarbrough, who recently numbers.” called for “fiscal responsibility.” He
Tufts currently offers “Intro- creation of a queer studies pro- left Tufts to serve as the direc- At a Nov. 23 Senate meeting, supports waiting to spend the bulk
duction to Queer Studies,” a gram in 2003 with the inaugura- tor of the Center for Women at University President Lawrence of the recovered funds and rejects
course in the women’s stud- tion of the Queer Studies Scholar Emory University. Bacow said that next year, the finan- the notion that students should
ies program, but many would Series to “expose people to dif- Senior Sofia Nelson, who cial aid budget would need to be bear the burden of filling the finan-
like to see the class expanded ferent leading scholars in the works at the LGBT Center, has increased by $3 million to $4 mil- cial aid coffers.
into a larger program. Tufts field and drum up interest and lion in order to accommodate an
Community Union (TCU) knowledge,” Dona Yarbrough, see QUEER STUDIES, page 2 increase in demand. see FUNDS, page 2

Senate committee looks to foster greater student-faculty dialogue CSL reaches decision
by Matthew Repka
Daily Staff Writer
will survey Tufts’ faculty members, asking
what they believe needs to be improved.
on three amendments
Both Pickard, a junior, and Rattiner by Ben Gittleson
The Tufts Community Union (TCU) pointed to the Synaptic Scholars’ Fireside Daily Editorial Board
Senate’s Education Committee is leading Chats, where students and faculty come
an effort to foster intellectualism and pro- together to have conversations on broad The Committee on Student Life (CSL)
mote interaction between students and topics such as “Is There a Right and a on Nov. 21 approved the language of three
faculty. Wrong?,” as a model of the kind of interac- amendments to the Tufts Community Union
Education Committee Co-chair Brandon tion they hope to promote. The Institute (TCU) Constitution but simultaneously
Rattiner said that while Tufts does cultivate for Global Leadership established the called for a new vote on the proposals. TCU
a relatively intellectual environment, there chats program during the 2006-07 aca- President Duncan Pickard, one of three stu-
are insufficient opportunities for connec- demic year “to connect the knowledge and dents who originally submitted the amend-
tions between undergraduates and faculty expertise of Tufts faculty with undergrad- ments, subsequently withdrew them and
members. “We’re trying to make [this pro- uate interests and academic pursuits,” intends to put them to a vote in the spring.
cess] easier,” said Rattiner, a junior. “A lot according to the institute’s Web site. For an amendment to pass it must first
of the time, students are forced to do this Pickard, who is also a member of the be backed by a 250-signature petition and
stuff on their own.” Education Committee, said the commit- then gain approval from the TCU Judiciary,
“Student government doesn’t do enough tee would like to sponsor its own fire- the CSL and the student body at large. The
to foster a rich intellectual environment on side chats and at the same time “work student body voted last April to support the
campus,” TCU President Duncan Pickard with other student groups that are already three referenda, but the CSL never approved
added. The Education Committee is seek- using the format” to promote dialogue the language, so the measures were left hang-
ing to address this through fostering ini- between students and faculty. ing in the balance.
tiatives ranging from conversations in the Other potential initiatives include hold- Two of the amendments seek to make the
style of the Synaptic Scholars’ Fireside ing a debate between faculty members selection and reauthorization of TCU com-
Chats to an online forum where faculty next semester and hosting more public munity representatives an internal process,
can ask for student volunteers to help lectures by members of the Tufts faculty. and the third is intended to add an histo-
them with research. “Instead of bringing in outside people to rian position to the Elections Commission
“We want to try and make the learn- Tufts to speak about issues, [we should] (ECOM).
ing experience more personal and more have our professors give lectures about The CSL has yet to look at the language
meaningful,” Rattiner said. what they’ve been researching,” Rattiner of a fourth amendment that would expand
The committee is seeking feedback said. the Constitution’s anti-discrimination lan-
from both students and faculty on how to Additionally, the Education Committee guage.
best improve on-campus learning, with plans to lobby for the creation of an online As part of its Nov. 21 decision, the CSL
the goal of introducing programming forum where faculty members “can talk refined the definition of its role in the amend-
next semester. Rattiner said the commit- about what they’re researching and solicit ment process, saying it must approve an
tee plans to sponsor roundtables, focus volunteers,” Rattiner said. The committee Shabazz Stuart/Tufts Daily amendment’s language before the student
groups and surveys of students beginning also proposes to arrange for professors The TCU Senate’s Education Committee vote occurs.
next semester to get a sense of student is hoping promote intellectual discussions
opinions. At the same time, the committee see INTELLECTUALISM, page 2 and debates on campus. see CSL, page 2

Inside this issue Today’s Sections

The men’s and women’s
Tufts researchers have basketball teams both News 1 Editorial | Letters 8
discovered novel appli- dropped their contests Features 3 Op-Ed 9
cations for silk. against Brandeis yester- Arts | Living 5 Classifieds 10
day. Comics 7 Sports Back
see FEATURES, page 3 see SPORTS, back page
2 The Tufts Daily News Monday, December 1, 2008

Visiting the Hill this week Ruling suggests wording change

MONDAY ism and religion. prime minister on civic crisis man- CSL Snyder withdrew his complaint
When and Where: 6:00 p.m. to agement. continued from page 1 last week, following a long and
“A Theory of Military 7:00 p.m.; Goddard Chapel When and Where: 12:00 p.m. to In the case of the three proposals bumpy appeals process.
Dictatorships” Sponsor: Office of the Chaplain 1:15 p.m.; Multipurpose Room, under consideration last week, the “The student body did not get
Details: As part of their weekly Sophia Gordon Hall CSL was not approached before the the good chance to really look at
seminar series, the Fletcher School “Middle East Sponsor: Friends of Israel student body voted last April. this amendment back in April, and
of Law and Diplomacy and the Challenges “It seems clear to us that it is thanks to the CSL’s ruling now the
Department of Economics have for an Obama “Tracing Global- the intention of the Constitution student body can really look at this
invited Andrea Vindigni, an assis- Administration” Scale Information that these things be vetted before and see what is the implication,”
tant politics professor at Princeton Details: David Makowsky, a senior Flow Using Internet they go to a vote,” said CSL Faculty said Snyder, who is also a copy edi-
University, to speak about dif- fellow at the Washington Institute Chain-Letter Data” Co-Chair Steven Hirsch, an associ- tor for the Daily.
ferent facets of military dictator- for Near East Policy, will discuss Details: David Liben-Nowell, an ate professor of classics. The CSL recognized Snyder’s
ships. issues that President-elect Barack assistant computer science pro- Certain student groups, such as claim about the lack of advertis-
When and Where: 12:00 p.m. to Obama will have to deal with, fessor at Carleton College, will the Asian American Alliance and ing for the referenda, which were
1:15 p.m.; 001 Braker Hall such as the threat of a nuclear discuss how information spreads the Queer Straight Alliance, send overshadowed in April by the TCU
Sponsors: The Fletcher School and Iran and conflicts between Israel on a global scale with the rise of community representatives to the presidential election.
the Department of Economics and the Arab world. A Kosher Internet chain letters. Senate as liaisons. “[W]e believe it will be in the
lunch will be served. When and Where: 2:50 p.m. to The Nov. 21 ruling suggested best interests of the student body
“The Goal of Student When and Where: 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.; 111A Halligan Hall altering the wording of the first to take a new vote on the three
Inquiry” 1:15 p.m.; Eaton 206 Sponsor: Department of amendment to more clearly estab- amendments in an election where
Details: David Hammer, a phys- Sponsor: Friends of Israel Computer Science lish how great a majority of sena- the proposals have been well-pub-
ics professor at the University of tors is needed to grant community licized ahead of time,” the CSL rul-
Maryland, College Park, will talk as THURSDAY FRIDAY representatives to organizations. ing stated.
part of the Center for Engineering The decision comes after the The Senate will lead a discus-
Education and Outreach’s (CEEO) “How Will Obama “The Science and CSL decided in May to seek more sion about community represen-
Engineering Education Seminar Reinvent the Innovation of input from the student body before tation and other issues relating to
Series. Government?” Human Exploration” ruling on the amendments’ lan- the amendments, Pickard said.
When and Where: 3:30 p.m. to Details: During a brown-bag Details: Dr. Jeffrey Davis, the guage. The CSL postponed action This initiative will follow recom-
4:30 p.m.; Curtis Hall basement lunch, Elaine Kamarck, a pub- director of space life sciences at until this semester, when it gath- mendations made by the CSL in its
Sponsor: CEEO lic policy lecturer at Harvard’s the Johnson Space Center, will ered more input from students ruling.
Kennedy School, will examine describe innovative space medici- and other interested parties. The Pickard will propose new ver-
TUESDAY how the Obama administra- nal and biomedical research strat- CSL kept the first hour of a Nov. 14 sions of the amendments next
tion will change the way that egies. Davis will also talk about meeting open to the public. semester. “Before we do that, cer-
“Women’s the U.S. government functions. the Orion and Ares projects, two Sophomore Chris Snyder had tainly we can have a conversation
Studies Research Under then-President Bill Clinton, new lunar exploration missions. submitted a complaint against in the community about whether
Colloquium” Kamarck created and managed When and Where: 12:30 p.m. to the amendments in April, alleging that’s the best way to move for-
Details: Senior Community the National Performance Review. 2:00 p.m.; Nelson Auditorium, that ECOM failed to prominently ward,” he said.
Health Lecturer Edith Balbach will R.S.V.P. to Douglas.Foote@tufts. Anderson Hall display an “abstain” option on the Pickard added that he will collect
address how the tobacco industry edu. Fruit and drinks will be pro- Sponsor: Department of ballot or sufficiently advertise the signatures for another 250-person
has used marketing techniques to vided. Mechanical Engineering proposed amendments ahead of petition for the new versions of the
target women. When and Where: 12:00 p.m. to time. amendments.
When and Where: 4:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.; Rabb Room, Lincoln “Evolution of
6:00 p.m.; 001 Braker Hall
Sponsor: Women’s Studies
Filene Center
Sponsor: Tisch College of
Citizenship and Public Service
Avian Vision and
Details: Dr. Richard Prum, the
Senators call for joint efforts
William Robertson Coe Professor INTELLECTUALISM Pickard stressed that faculty
WEDNESDAY “Negotiating with of Ornithology at Yale University, continued from page 1 and students alike are interest-
Terrorists in the will lecture about how certain to publish syllabi online before ed in establishing better con-
“Global Possibilities Middle East” birds evolve. Coffee, tea and course registration so that stu- nections outside of classes. “We
of Religious Details: Former Israeli negotiator cookies will be served in the lobby dents can get a better sense of want to find ways to fulfill that
Environmentalism” Moty Cristal will talk about how fifteen minutes before the event course material before signing interest,” Pickard said.
Details: Philosophy Professor he foresees the Obama adminis- begins. up. Rattiner echoed the belief that
Roger Gottlieb from the Worcester tration approaching the Middle When and Where: 4:00 p.m. to Pickard said he expects other interest on both sides is present
Polytechnic Institute will look at East. Cristal currently serves as 5:00 p.m.; 104 Barnum Hall groups to pick up on some of and noted that it is up to both stu-
the intersection of environmental- a senior consultant to the Israeli Sponsor: Department of Biology the goals of the Education dents and faculty to get involved.
Committee’s plan. “Some admin- “I think it’s time that students
To submit an event to “Visiting the Hill,” send listings to events@tuftsdaily.com. istrators have described it as the demanded that their teachers be
next trend here in student pro- more engaged, and I think it’s
gramming,” he said, referring to time for teachers to demand that

Senators debate whether funding financial increasing faculty-student inter-

students be more interested,” he
said. “It works both ways.”

aid is responsible use for recovered money

FUnDS would run contrary to the univer- keep faculty wages at satisfactory Proponents consider alternatives
continued from page 1 sity’s efforts to tighten spending. levels.
“I think that financial aid is not “Everyone is cutting spending “If we give money to the uni- QUEER STUDIES said.
our responsibility, and the uni- — across the university, across versity, it will help them with their continued from page 1 There are some possible cours-
versity has committed to meeting the country,” he said. “For us to overall goal to save as much as pos- pushed for more queer studies es of action, however, that could
that need no matter what,” he said. be spending just because we feel sible on what makes the university courses since her sophomore hasten the creation of a queer
“The rest of the country is trying to obligated to spend this money important,” Bonthrone said. “We year. After taking Intro to Queer studies program. One option is to
save money, and I think we should — because we’ve gone through a would give the money towards Studies, she began to wish that change Tufts’ major in women’s
be doing the same.” three-month process of soliciting financial aid and give them one Tufts offered an advanced queer studies to one in women, gen-
Shapanka said that since the opinions — is unwise.” less thing to worry about.” studies course. Nelson put forth der and sexuality studies. “[This]
recovered funds replace money Both Wallis and Shapanka Bonthrone said that given the the idea of expanding queer is a model that many other
allegedly skimmed from each fam- advocated saving the bulk of the economy’s current volatility, wait- studies in an op-ed published in schools have taken,” Nelson said.
ily’s contribution to the Student money while setting aside a por- ing for more data before acting the Daily last year. Replicating this would mean
Activities Fee, they should be spent tion for supplemental funding for would be out of touch with the “The university called on us to Tufts could offer “more queer
on all members of the community, the Allocations Board, which dis- reality of the situation. put an academic lens on diver- studies courses under that major
not just those who receive aid. tributes money to student groups. “The last thing you’re going to sity issues that we’ve been strug- that you could de facto concen-
“Most parents and students They have also considered allow- find is clarity at any point in this gling with in our community, trate in,” she said.
would be upset if they found out ing some of the funds to accrue academic year,” he said. “If peo- … which is a great suggestion,” Yarbrough recommended that
their student activities money interest, which could be spent on ple want a clear situation where Nelson told the Daily. “Not that the university hire professors for
was going towards someone else’s financial aid. they know what’s going to happen you can completely remove the its other academic departments
financial aid,” he said. Senator Toby Bonthrone, a with the economy, they’re setting a emotional, but one of the things who can teach courses in the
Senator Greg Meiselbach, senior, said the plan to save the benchmark that is far too high.” the university needs to do is queer studies program.
a senior, agreed. “I think it is a money is out of line with the Pickard issued a similar call for provide the courses and profes- “You can always work to see
noble idea, but unfortunately, the Senate’s obligation to support the swift action. “I think that this is an sors needed so that students can if there are other departments
money is derived from the Student university as much as possible on opportunity that we have now, and turn an academic lens to these who are looking for something
Activities Fee and thus shouldn’t behalf of students. I hear the concerns that we don’t issues.” specific and would look for a
be allocated to financial aid,” he “For us to turn around and not know what the financial situation The current economic crisis queer studies person as well,”
said. “It is not the role of student do anything in return when we is going to be like in years to come, has meant that plans for a queer she said.
senators to pledge … activities fees have an opportunity that’s equiva- but ultimately when we’re making studies program have been put Greenberg said that the pro-
as aid or grants for our peers.” lent to a lottery win — that doesn’t this decision we could always wait on hold indefinitely. According gram would shine light on an
Pickard responded to this by seem very ethical and that seems for more information,” Pickard to Heman, right now is likely “the under-addressed subject.
pointing to the symbolic value to be abrogating responsibility said. “Instead of tying up the worst time in the world” to talk “I think that’s something Tufts
of a scholarship fund that would for the future of Tufts to anyone Senate and the student body with about starting a new academic really needs,” Greenberg said.
honor Tufts’ commitment to its but the students,” he said. “I don’t this conversation, we should make program. “Part of the mission of Tufts is to
students. think that is any form of leadership a decision unless there’s a compel- Nelson agreed. “I completely give its students a world perspec-
“Giving money in the scholar- or solidarity.” ling reason to keep the money for understand the financial situa- tive and a diverse perspective,
ship benefits all students,” Pickard Bonthrone added that the uni- the future.” tion the university is currently in and I think we normally think
said. “It leaves a legacy that honors versity’s immediate goal after pro- The funds in question are and that no action on this [can of those words to mean differ-
not only the current students at viding for students is retaining the left over from the $902,338 that be taken] in the near future until ent places, different countries,
Tufts but also past students who staff crucial to the institution’s aca- the university gave the Senate the financial situation improves. different colors of skin, but not
paid into the recovered funds and demic caliber. in September as repayment for And while I want it to remain different sexual orientation.”
had money stolen from them as He suggested that supplement- money allegedly embezzled by on the radar screen of those He continued, “I think there is
well.” ing financial aid would take some former Office of Student Activities in charge of this … until funds an aspect of diversity that is cov-
Wallis cautioned against putting strain off the administration’s employees Jodie Nealley and Ray become available, I don’t expect ered in that field that is glazed
the money into any projects that focus on students and help it to Rodriguez. any action to take place,” she over at the university level.”


Faculty commutes range from short to jumbo

Michael Goetzman | Spotlight

Some professors scrap the car in favor of other methods, like bikes or scooters The importance
Kerianne Okie
of being Ernest
Daily Editorial Board

Tufts may not be considered a
“commuter school” in the typical

sense, but for the faculty — some year and a half has passed since
of whom live as far away as New Alec Ernest set foot on campus, and
York City — getting to Tufts everyday in that time, we’ve seen him go from
is often more complicated than just the cloyingly boisterous, big-haired
getting in a car. and belligerent freshman to the slightly more
When Computer Science Lecturer subdued sophomore who, shedding his dark
Ben Hescott gets up in the morning locks, also seemed to shed a bit of his ram-
to commute from Arlington Heights, bunctiousness.
Mass., to Tufts, he must often brave Yes, I think many would agree that Alec is a
the inclement weather conditions, tamer beast these days — thawing the hearts
preferring, instead, to travel by bike. that once hardened against him and his sur-
“I have a lot of pressure at home plus ruckus. But despite the reformation, there
and from family members to buy a is no end to the irony of the last name, for Alec
car and stop biking, but I resist this,” is still anything but earnest.
he said. “I don’t want to deal with The first day we met, I remember sitting
parking [and also my commute] is shotgun in his SUV as we drove around Santa
not that far. It’s about 25 minutes on Monica and wondering, “Did he just call
the bike, so it’s nice to kind of collect himself a ladies man?” It seemed a stretch.
your thoughts. My girlfriend at the time also met Alec and
“You’re not really in the traffic — reported that she was surprised by his candor
you have to pay attention a little bit in discussing the women that ebb and flow
but I’ve got a lot of bike paths on the throughout his life. She also added that he
way so it’s easier in some ways,” he made a few brazen attempts at flirtation. So
continued “And there’s a lot of free- I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when
dom because if I want to get to MIT or she visited Tufts six months later and, upon
Harvard for a meeting it’s very close our returning from a night on the town, found
and it’s very quick to get there, and her suitcase missing a number of delicates.
I don’t have to worry about parking And by delicates I mean thongs. Guess who
and stuff like that.” shot them all over the room?
Hescott is one of many professors I guess the main question that comes to
at Tufts who hits the road on a bike mind when one thinks of Alec is not who
everyday. Associate Professor Alva he is, but who the heck he thinks he is. He
Couch, also of the computer science brandishes a big game. An accomplice to his
department, has the luxury of choos- big game is the classic Ernestian technique
ing from his extensive bike collection for getting attention: He says blasphemous
when he makes the seven-mile com- things and sits back with a grin as he watches
mute from Woburn, Mass. his listeners’ faces contort with forced smiles
“I have 30 bicycles in my collection, Despite Massachusetts’ less-than-tropical temperatures, many professors still brave the in attempts to conceal how uncomfortable
including seven I have earmarked elements and bike to work. they are. Once you’re used to it though, it’s
for commuting,” Couch wrote in an not half bad; entertaining, even. And I’ve seen
e-mail to the Daily. “Among these, Couch also varies his morning trek up to five more miles on the inbound it evolve: He’s honed his skill into a marvel-
I have several fixed-gear bicycles by choosing from a number of differ- journey. It is a really fun part of my ous ice-breaking social instrument. He uses it
… and a one-speed beach cruiser ent routes. day. I need the exercise and also use mostly around girls he is interested in. And the
equipped with ice tires with car- “Though Tufts is only seven miles the time to reflect on what needs to girls seem to like it too; they see it as a sort of
bide studs. I ride different bicycles away via the shortest route, I usually be done today. I vary the bike I ride fearlessness. And so does he.
depending upon my mood, how tired add a minimum of two miles in order and the route to get more exercise on “Look at the dirty things that spill from my
I am, the weather and my route to to make for a more pleasant ride,” he mouth!” he seems to exclaim. “Each one a
Tufts, which I vary from day to day.” said. “If I have the time, I may add see COMMUTE, page 4 monument to my audacity! My utter distaste
for the rules!”
I’ve got to admit, it’s impressive. I’ve been

Got silk? Material no longer just for nice dresses

surprised more than once by the interested
fluttering of a girl’s eyelashes and her slightly
embarrassed rouge cheeks. Yes, some fall for it,

Tufts professors find applications in optical devices, enzyme preservation his sort of candid crudity, for it’s not without its
particular charm — a mirthful laugh and rogu-
ish look from those light blue eyes.
by Nick Bugas It’s mechanically strong, it’s versatile, When asked if he had any remarks about
Contributing Writer you can process it in water and it’s the TUTV series “Mouthwash,” Alec, who
compatible with the b o d y, ” plays Travis, said, “I really didn’t kiss as many
Because of its smoothness, strength Kaplan said. girls in the show as it seems like. Everyone
and luster, silk has long been used thinks I’m kissing mad girls, but I counted and
in clothing. In recent years, how- it really was only like three.” Ah yes, only three.
ever, researchers like Biomedical A wee number compared to his lifetime of
Engineering Professor David Kaplan smooching.
have been experimenting with new Alec was one of the few students around
applications — particularly in biologi- campus this Thanksgiving weekend. When
cal integration — of this unique mate- Fi b ro i n , we spoke on the phone, I kind of felt like I was
rial. a protein talking to the planet’s lone survivor of a freak
“Silk is an amazing biomaterial. in silk, can catastrophe: “Wanna know how many people
be isolated in I saw on campus on Thanksgiving? Not one,”
a solution. The he said.
process begins Bored out of his mind, Alec got to think-
when silk cocoons ing about his priorities in life. “I have a list of
are cut, cleaned, things I need to do in my life,” he said. “Of
boiled and filtered to course, be a fireman.” But number one on the
create a crystal-clear list: “Become the guy that drives the horse car-
fibroin solution that can riage through Central Park.”
then be used in a As you may know, Alec is not wholly the
variety of applica- macho troublemaker that I’m making him
tions. out to be. He has a softer side, whether he’s
In the summer of willing to admit it or not. Heck, he told me he’s
2006, Kaplan, while working on engi- still afraid of the dark. Adding, “Dude, I have a
neering an artificial cornea out of mct
nightlight at home,” as if I didn’t believe him.
silk, went to Associate Biomedical As an ode to our California roots, we will
Engineering Professor Fiorenzo thing like this, so David and I started occasionally skateboard late at night under
Omenetto, a specialist in femtosec- talking.” the glow of campus lights. I’ve caught glimps-
ond lasers and ultra-fast nonlinear Kaplan and Omenetto immediately es of the earnest Alec, a guy who squeezes a
optics. began researching silk’s optical prop- kind of blunt honesty from us all, whether he
“David asked me to poke holes on erties, and over the past two years, silk knows it or not.
some silk,” Omenetto said. “They were has proven itself an ideal material in
making a scaffold to make a cornea many respects.
out of silk. I looked at it and saw that Pure silk fibroin is incredibly trans- Michael Goetzman is a sophomore who has
it looked like it would be a good mate- not yet declared a major. He can be reached
mct rial for optics. No one had done any- see SILK, page 4 at Michael.Goetzman@tufts.edu.
4 The Tufts Daily Features Monday, December 1, 2008

Omenetto envisions creation of optical While some professors live almost on

device to determine medicinal needs campus, others endure lengthy journeys
SILK two days,” Omenetto said. COMMUTE “For rain, I have an excellent rain
continued from page 3 Enzymes contained in the film, continued from page 3 cape … It covers my legs by cover-
parent, and its surface, even on the because they keep their functional- days on which I can afford to take the ing the area between my shoulders
nanoscale, is smooth. “You can get ity, create encouraging possibilities time for more.” and the handlebars. In extreme con-
features down to 10 to 20 nanome- for silk. When Couch isn’t riding his bike, he ditions [such as] wind-blown rain, I
ters,” Omenetto said. For compari- “You can start thinking of a pair brings one of his many scooters along use the cape over a rain suit. I carry
son, this is less than one one-thou- of glasses with enzymes in them to aid him during his commute. a cape and a rain suit on all com-
sandth the thickness of a strand of that change the optical properties,” “If I take the bus, I get from Medford mutes because one never knows in
hair. Omenetto said. Square to Tufts via kick scooter; that New England when it will rain,” he
These qualities make silk ideal for The fact that silk can be safely is faster than taking bus 94 or 96,” he said. “Winter cycling requires special
making optical devices such as lenses implanted into the body and dissolve said. “I also take the kick scooter from equipment. When it snows, I use a
and diffraction gratings that focus or after a certain period of time means my office to Davis Square when I must bike with studded tires. These studs
spread light. that enzyme-carrying silk devices can travel to Boston. On occasion, just to give grip on black ice, which com-
The quality of these devices is serve as biosensors. liven things up, I will ride one of my monly occurs on my commute. My
excellent, and although similar ones “We’re dreaming that one day we adult kick-scooters with large pneu- clothing is alpine climbing clothing,
can be made from plastics or glasses, can make a little optical device that matic tires instead of a bicycle. This is of the sort one wears for mountain
silk is unique in the easy and envi- can tell you if you’re doing okay or much more of a workout. hikes in the snow.”
ronmentally friendly way in which it if you should take some medicine,” “On campus, I get around on many Couch added that, sometimes, unex-
is processed. Omenetto explained. Another simi- kinds of weird human-powered vehi- pected obstacles hinder his travels.
“The cool thing about doing things lar idea is an edible bacteria sensor cles, including several kinds of kick “I have to be careful to remember
with silk as opposed to glass and that could be put in with packaged scooters, a Trikke camber-powered that my shoes are not studded like my
plastics is that silk is all processed food and let consumers know if it is scooter [and] a Bouncer Bike with tires,” he said. “On occasion, I forget
in water, it’s all at neutral pH and it’s spoiled or not. eccentric wheel drive,” he continued. this, put a foot down on glare ice and
all at room temperature; so instead There still remains a lot of work For professors who live closer to fall down.”
of glass at 2,000 degrees and plastics to be done before such devices can Tufts, a bike or scooter may be unnec- Although some professors have to
with acids and other toxic mixtures, be created, but the possibilities are essary. Philosophy Professor Jody deal with rainy bike rides and snowy
it’s all green. You can put this all back exciting. The interdisciplinary nature Azzouni lives just off of Ball Square walks, others have gruelingly long
into the environment,” Omenetto of this research has brought students and walks the 10 to 15 minutes to Tufts commutes. During Associate Professor
said. and faculty from all fields together in everyday, and because of his proxim- of English Virginia Jackson’s first two
Silk optical devices are proving collaboration. ity to Tufts, he doesn’t have a driver’s years at Tufts, she commuted every
most innovative because of their “I didn’t do any silk [research] license. week by train from New York City.
biological functionality. In a recent- before I came here,” Omenetto said. “I did [have a driver’s license] at “That was arduous,” she said. “I
ly published article in the journal “It’s a weird thing that happens by one time,” Azzouni said. “The last mean, in some ways it’s very pleasant;
Nature, Omenetto and Kaplan wrote, sharing the hallway. You know how time I drove was the day I passed the you know you sit by the water really
“Although the variety and quality a lot of people talk about getting test, and I said ‘Oh that’s nice, okay, all the way from New Haven to Boston,
of silk optical elements is impres- people from all disciplines — well it I did that.’ It was a rite of passage or and it’s very pleasant to work on the
sive, the key advantage of using silk happens like this.” something. I’m from New York and train — but it’s a four-hour trip.”
essentially lies with its biocompat- The duo’s success is largely due to it’s insane to have a car there and it’s Jackson left New York every Monday
ibility.” their compatible personalities and insane to have a car up here too, I morning and stayed with a friend in
One interesting discovery Kaplan complementary expertise. think. So I don’t.” Cambridge until Wednesday after-
and Omenetto made was in pre- “It’s a great team,” Kaplan said, Azzouni walks rain or shine, and noon every week. “My partner teaches
serving certain enzymes in the silk “both on the science side and the harsh winter conditions don’t bother at NYU … and my son was still in high
films. personality side.” him much. school,” she said. “We said we wouldn’t
“We did some experiments with “I’m absolutely excited. This is “There have been some rough days move him while he was in high school,
some enzymes that if you put them about as close as I will ever get to … there’s a particular place, appar- so I was the moving piece.”
at room temperature, they lose their having a good idea,” Omenetto said. ently, which is right in my path, where Jackson now commutes to Tufts
activity. If you mix them in the silk “There are so many things to do. all the snow from Somerville seems to from Cambridge, either by bike or T,
solution, they stay active for a year, Yeah, I don’t sleep much anymore, get dumped, and I have to do a lot of but even outside of New York, she sees
whereas they lose activity outside in but neither does David.” maneuvering to get around that when no need to buy a car.
it’s … pretty wintery, but otherwise it’s “I don’t [find it difficult not having
not so bad,” he said. “Besides, winters a car],” she said. “I got one of those
just aren’t what they used to be, so Zip[car] cards ... and I haven’t even
most of the time it’s a perfectly okay used it.”
walk.” In addition to biking or walking to
Hescott, however, explained that work everyday, many professors find
sometimes biking in the winter is try- other advantages to living close to
ing. campus.
“On a night … where I’m biking “I can literally [say], ‘Oh I forgot
home and it’s twenty degrees outside, that,’ [and] go home, get it [and] come
it’s cold and I think ‘okay, do you really back,” Azzouni said.
want to be doing this?’” he said. “But Hescott agreed that living closer
that’s not very often — I would only keeps him connected. “I think it’s a lit-
say about one percent of the time … tle bit easier for me [to meet with my
The only times I wish I had a car are students] … I try not to come in on the
when I’m late or if it’s [snowy]; I don’t weekends, but if it’s the only time that
like it in the snow.” I can meet with a student I’ve been
When conditions aren’t perfect, known to sort of say ‘okay, I’ll find an
Hescott makes sure he is prepared for hour,’ and since it’s only four miles
the weather. “When it’s raining I have away it’s not really that big a deal,” he
a rain slicker and rain pants,” he said. said. “I [also] have a lot of students
“A lot of times I’ll actually [keep] a dif- that are in theater, so if I want to stay
ferent set of clothes here.” and I want to see their show … I don’t
Couch takes precautionary mea- have a long commute to go home so it
sures for all types of conditions. makes quite a big difference.”

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Movie Review Grant Beighley | Pants Optional

‘Australia’ successfully recycles old plot material

in favor of captivating romance and adventure
by Devin Toohey
Daily Staff Writer

“Australia,” like “Moulin Rouge”

(2001), continues with director Baz
Scented candles
Luhrmann’s formula of something
and other things
that rock

Starring Hugh Jackman, Nicole race yourselves; the holiday season
Kidman, Bryan Brown is upon is, and before you know it,
Directed by Baz Luhrmann it’ll be beating you into submission,
regardless of how many papers you’ve
old, something new and a lot of stuff postponed writing until the last minute.
that’s so old one can’t help but love Since being at home, for however brief a
it. Luhrmann has clearly given up on time it may have been, has put me in the hol-
the idea of ever coming up with an iday spirit (aka the delightfully disillusioned
original story, but that does not seem spirit), this edition of “Pants Optional” is
to bother him. “Australia” works well dedicated to all the little things (namely
because it embraces so many aspects consumer goods) that make the Christmas/
of all these ancient and familiar genres Hanukkah/ Ramadan/ Arbor Day season all
that it blends together (from Western the more bearable.
to romance to rag-tag group adven- First things first: scented candles. Ain’t
tures). nothing in this world like a good scented
The plot sounds like a volume of candle to say, “I must be happy; I smell pine
recognizable stories put into a blend- scent coming from a tiny jar!” Even better are
er and shoved back together. Hugh the cookie-scented and nonsensically-named
Jackman (who seems to be channel- candles, such as “Snowy White Woods” and
ing a ’60s-era Clint Eastwood) plays “Christmas Eve.” Christmas Eve smells like
Drover, a hard-as-nails cowboy who’s scotch, mothballs and increasingly repressed
simply trying to hide the fact that he’s If this weren’t such an epic movie, Kidman and Jackman might have a rational response hatred, so if scientists have found a way to put
had his heart broken. Nicole Kidman to a sudden downpour of rain. that into wax, I can only assume the cure for
is Lady Ashley, a prim-and-proper is beautiful” trick has been done. chaos, not a grand moment in which cancer is just around the corner. And in case
lady of high society who is clearly The “story” is just an excuse to bring freedom and nationalism are threat- you weren’t aware, repressed hatred smells
out of her element as she frets over every superbly hyperbolic scene of ened. something like a mixture of Miracle Whip and
the state of her luggage in the rugged passion between Drover and Ashley to While the ideals may have been possum fur.
Australian Outback. The two are comi- the forefront. One cannot help but get thought of later, “a random act of vio- The second thing on my list of totally
cally mismatched, though, of course, swept up in the operatic intensity of lence which takes all order from your awesome consumer holiday-oriented goods
they end up falling madly in love with their love. The movie promises adven- life” is probably how many Australians comes in the form of radio, which, at its root
each other. ture and romance in the opening title actually reacted to the Japanese air level, is still a business. Where I’m from, a glo-
But plot does not matter much in cards, and no amount of plot is going raids. The film shows the audience rious gumdrop and dog-feces-graced land
“Australia.” The opening hour and a to interfere with those things. that life happened before the raid and known as New Jersey, three of the biggest
half is centered on someone getting a In fact, due to this outlook, Luhrmann will go on after the raid. It becomes an radio stations switch over to an all-Christmas
monopoly to sell beef to the army, but somehow manages to breathe new life event, not the whole film. music format on Black Friday. Not shock-
that would only be boring if the audi- into the tired World War II genre. In Of course, nothing in this film, no ingly, the month leading up to Christmas
ence actually cared about World War “Australia,” the war is just another matter the thought behind it or the scen- yields some of the highest ratings the stations
II-era cattle economics. The story is part of the story. The Japanese attack ery, would have worked without the bril- see all year, as well as the highest prices paid
merely an excuse to show the spectac- on the city of Darwin comes much liant acting. Both Kidman and Jackman for advertising airtime. I wouldn’t mind these
ular landscape as Luhrmann’s camera later in the film than it would have are, naturally, phenomenal. Kidman in stations so much if they didn’t play the same
flies over the Outback, showing the if another director were tackling the particular does a perfect job of going 10 songs on heavy repeat and splice in adver-
mountains and cliffs with such majes- project. Also, when the bombs hit, it is one moment from hilariously uptight tisements for Jonah’s House of Pork between
ty that he’s practically daring someone just seen as a random act of violence “Ave Maria” and “I Saw Mommy Boffing
to try to argue that the whole “nature that throws the characters’ lives into see AUSTRALIA, page 6 Santa Claus,” both of which I’m pretty sure
are about Santa.
Another expense that we bear in the name
Album Review
ONLINE @ tuftsdaily.com of holiday cheer is those damn little lights

‘The Final Riot!’ crisply that let everyone driving by your house know
there’s a bunch of holly-jolly a-holes inside. As

captures the essence

of Paramore live
THE SCENE | WMFO DJs small an item as Christmas lights may seem
to be, they’re damn expensive, especially since
three-to-four strands die of natural causes
every year. I don’t know about other parts
of the country, but where I’m from we also
by Grant Beighley engage in the age-old competition of white
Daily Editorial Board vs. colored lights. White lights are the tuna
casserole of exterior illumination. They’ve got
Besides Fall Out Boy, there are few no soul; they just make your shrubberies a bit
pop-rock bands that consistently stay brighter than they formerly were. If I wanted
in the public spotlight long enough to that, I’d just set my front yard on fire. Again.
But after all the shenanigans of the holi-
The Final Riot! days, the true meaning of this magical season
Paramore is found in only one place: FOOD. No matter
what may be ailing you at this point in your
life, be it a lost job, a nasty divorce or simply
Fueled By Ramen an existential crisis, eating a ton of food to the
point of uncomfortable fullness and potential
vomiting always makes you feel better. So
warrant being pulled into the full cate- what if your morals are falling through and
gory of “pop” music; however, Paramore you’ve lost grasp of the true meaning of being
has somehow wedged itself into that Jessica Bal/TUFTS DAILY alive? There’s delicious food to be had, and
narrow position. After the success of for the next four hours, you can focus your
the first single, “Misery Business,” It’s 11 p.m. on a Friday night and the party is just winding up in the Tufts radio sta- discomfort towards your stomach rather than
off Paramore’s second album “Riot!” tion. The lights dim and DJ Afroman, with hair to match his on-air alias, leans into the any other part of your life.
(2007), the band went on to release mic to call out: “Yo yo yo! Let’s get it poppin’!” Most of what’s said in this column should
“CrushCrushCrush” and “That’s What Cue the beat, being spun on the mixers by a couple of students. With music pound- be taken as tongue-in-cheek, but, mind you,
You Get,” both of which received heavy ing in their headphones, rappers spit lyrics at each other with incredible speed. In the there’s always some truth in jest. The holidays
airplay on MTV and radio. In addition packed station, more than 15 spectators provide a cadence of “oh’s” and bopping truly do bring with them more love and caring
to its media success, the band also heads to complement verses ranging from city life to Larry Bacow. The next hour in then any other time of the year, but it’s buried
spent the majority of two years on the the uppermost floor of Curtis Hall is dedicated to live rap battles and hip-hop beats, way deep down in a bunch of other superflu-
road touring with the record, and has courtesy of WMFO’s “Freestyle Cyphers” show. ous crap. Make of it what you will.
only now released a combination live To read the full WMFO DJ profile, visit The Daily’s Arts blog, “The Scene,” at
CD/DVD and documentary about life TuftsDaily.com.
on the road with Paramore, entitled Grant Beighley is a senior majoring in
— by Jessica Bal English. He can be reached at Grant.
see RIOT, page 6 Beighley@tufts.edu.
6 The Tufts Daily Arts & Living Monday, December 1, 2008

‘Final Riot:’ An early milestone for young Paramore

continued from page 5
“The Final Riot!”
The live CD opens with a
Top five albums rather lackluster dual gui-
tar intro from Josh Farro and
The following is a list of the top five albums played by Taylor York. Most of the group’s
the DJs at WMFO during the preceding seven days: songs are clever mixtures of
power chords and moderately
paced, single-note riffs, but
the intro, which could have
been something energetic and
explosive, instead just sounds
like the band is vamping for

time rather than building ten-
sion to a crescendo.
The set contains all of the
band’s biggest hits, includ-
ing the aforementioned sin-
gles as well as “Pressure” and
“Emergency,” the two singles
from the group’s first release,
“All We Know Is Falling” (2005).
amazon.com Fortunately, after spend-
5. David Byrne and Brian Eno: ing night after night playing
“Everything That Happens Will the same songs, the band has
Happen Today” refreshed not only the big-
TODO MUNDO, 2008; name singles, but even the
lesser-known tracks with new
arrangements and vocals that
make the audio CD a valu-
able part of the package. If
the songs sounded exactly as
they did on the original stu-

dio album, the visuals would
be nice, but a solely audio
CD would serve no purpose
(and believe it, most bands
that release DVDs are aware of
The band’s exceedingly crisp live sound might save Paramore some cash
Another detail that slides
when it looks to record its next album.
under the radar of most music
fans is that the human ear bers. Even though she’s prone ily go hand-in-hand, and it
amazon.com is more forgiving of audio to squeaking on the higher becomes readily apparent why
4. Spoon: “Gimme Fiction” slipups and pitch mistakes if notes, Williams maintains a tour managers are necessary
Merge Records, 2005; there is an image accompa- constant ferocity throughout to keep band members from
nying the sounds. For a good the set without taking any wandering off.
example, look to AFI’s 2006 noticeable wear and tear on “The Final Riot!” may
DVD “I Heard a Voice,” which her voice. be marketed only towards
sounds awful without video, While the performance DVD those who are already fans of
but miraculously sounds bet- is a great use of an hour in Paramore, but even for new-
ter when viewed. its own right, the documen- comers to the band’s sound,
To Paramore’s credit, the tary section gives a hilariously the production and perfor-
audio component of “The Final disillusioning look into the mances on the record are in

Riot!” is nearly flawless, but life of modern-day rock stars, such fine form that it’s nearly a
not in the massively touched- who — keep in mind — are greatest hits collection rather
up and re-tooled way. Every no older than anyone at this than a live set.
instrument sounds crisp and school (drummer Farro is 18, Most importantly of all, it’s
well-mixed, and, most shock- oldest member Jeremy Davis massively refreshing to see a
ingly, front-woman Hayley is 23). Put bluntly, the short rock group be able to replicate
Williams’ voice is in fine form biopic reveals that talent and to near-perfection live what
on even the toughest of num- intelligence do not necessar- they can do in the studio.

3. Girl Talk: “Night Ripper”
Illegal Art, 2006;

2. Pink Floyd: “Dark Side of the Moon”
Capitol, 1973;

Spoiler alert: These two fall in love. Wait, is that Ewan McGregor? No ... different ambiguous accent.

Stellar performances anchor complicated plot

continued from page 5
and being the focal point of all
sells this character with such
sincerity and so little preten-
sion or saccharine cuteness
scious of its director’s past,
with a very evident nod to
the prior film’s style via some
laughter to the next moment, that he accomplishes what so handy map-usage. And, as
where she is the center of many other child actors have evidenced in a scene where
pathos. attempted and failed. one character discusses cattle,
But the true actor worth Now, one might say that but Kidman’s character thinks
mentioning is Brandon many of these issues were he’s talking about something
1. Mistletoe Disco Band: “More Walters, who plays the mys- already addressed in “Moulin completely different (think:
Christmas Disco” tical young Aborignese boy, Rogue.” This may be true, but naughty poetry), some ideas
Holiday Records. Nullah. It is very easy to care Luhrmann probably sees him- are just so good that a film-
for Nullah, even for those who self as a director not above maker can’t leave them behind
despise child actors. Walters redundancy. The film is con- for a little bit of novelty.
Monday, December 1, 2008 The Tufts Daily Comics 7
Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau

Non Sequitur by Wiley


Married to the Sea


Level: Holding someone’s clothes at NQR

Late Night at the Daily

Solution to Tuesday's puzzle Via text message

Jo: “Can you give me Tien’s number”
Schmieder: “(***) ***-****”
5 minutes later ...
Schmieder: “55379009 ... Haha that one’s not
a phone number, it just says boobless upside

Please recycle this Daily

8 The Tufts Daily Editorial | Letters Monday, December 1, 2008

Robert S. Silverblatt
Pledging our support
Editor-in-Chief The Pledge of Allegiance has been a topic enced. The words “of America” were added and strip it of historical context.
of discussion since it was first penned by the next year in order to further clarify. All this is not to say that we approach this
Editorial Baptist minister Francis Bellamy in 1892, Even the salute, which is today performed debate with a hardheaded sense of justice.
Rachel Dolin Managing Editors but a particular debate has arisen in the with the right hand over heart, was altered We do not see the current pledge as offen-
Kristin Gorman years since 1954 — something that we are in the 1940s. The original salute (termed sive or dangerous, or as conferring too great
Jacob Maccoby Editorial Page Editors reminded of by the passing of Reverend the “Bellamy salute” after the author), con- a connection between Church and State.
Jason Richards George M. Docherty on Thanksgiving Day sisting of an extension of the right arm with Indeed, non-believers who feel strongly
Harrison Jacobs
Vittoria Elliott at the age of 97. Docherty, after all, was one the palm held up, bore a striking resem- about the matter can easily make use of
of the original proponents of the insertion blance to what later became the Nazi salute. the art of mumbling — a skill that has aided
Giovanni Russonello Executive News Editor of the phrase “under God.” President Franklin Roosevelt mandated the countless children during Christmastime
Sarah Butrymowicz News Editors While some may shudder at the thought change in 1942 — some 50 years after its choir recitals.
Pranai Cheroo of altering the pledge in its current form, it inception — in order to avoid compari- Yet we do feel that a more appropriate
Nina Ford is important to note that the wording and sons. summation of the bond between man and
Ben Gittleson
Gillian Javetski the symbolic acts surrounding it have been Finally, in 1954, Congress passed a reso- country could be had by removing “under
Jeremy White modified several times in order to keep up lution to insert the phrase “under God,” God,” if for no other reason than that it is
with changing national circumstances. primarily to draw a distinction between more inclusive that way. The purpose of the
Alexandra Bogus Assistant News Editors
Michael Del Moro The original pledge read, “I Pledge Americans and the atheistic followers of pledge has always been, after all, to express
Allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for communism in Korea and elsewhere. as accurately as possible the allegiance that
Carrie Battan Executive Features Editor which it stands, one nation indivisible with There is a fear in America that even mar- We The People feel to our nation. The words
Jessica Bidgood Features Editors liberty and justice for all.” In 1923, however, ginally updating venerable customs and are not nearly as important as the ideas
Robin Carol the National Flag Conference changed “my practices diminishes their value; that to behind them — something that should
Kerianne Okie Flag” to “the Flag of the United States” so alter the pledge in particular, even in order always be made clear. Altering the wording
Charlotte Steinway
that the large influx of new immigrants to make it more applicable to a broader wouldn’t change the meaning of the pledge.
Sarah Bliss Assistant Features Editors would know which flag was being refer- swath of people, would give it less meaning Besides, believers could always mumble.
Meghan Pesch

Mike Adams Executive Arts Editor Kayla Murdock

Jessica Bal Arts Editors
Grant Beighley
Sarah Cowan
Catherine Scott

Emma Bushnell Assistant Arts Editors

Matthew DiGirolamo

Jyll Saskin Executive Op-Ed Editor

Jwala Gandhi Assistant Op-Ed Editors

Nina Grossman
Harrison Jacobs
Ellen Kan
Andrew Rohrberger
Molly Rubin

Thomas Eager Executive Sports Editor

Sapna Bansil Sports Editors

Evans Clinchy
Philip Dear
David Heck
Carly Helfand
Noah Schumer

Scott Janes Assistant Sports Editor

Jo Duara Executive Photo Editor

Alex Schmieder Photo Editors

Laura Schultz
Rebekah Sokol
Annie Wermiel

James Choca Assistant Photo Editors

Emily Eisenberg
Aalok Kanani
Meredith Klein
Danai Macridi
Tim Straub

PRODUCTION Off The Hill | University of Cincinnati

Marianna Bender Production Director
Emily Neger

Kelsey Anderson
Leanne Brotsky
Executive Layout Editor

Layout Editors Executive orders are part of a worrisome trend

Jennifer Iassogna By Jeremy Davis
Julia Izumi of political science at the University of and imprisoning those who opposed his
Andrew Petrone The News Record Cincinnati. “Thus the executive orders have war-time policies. Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Muhammad Qadri the power of law, but unlike other laws that in a most infamous 1942 event involving
Daniel Simon
Amani Smathers The office of the U.S. president is often have to go through Congress … the law presidential authority, through an exec-
Steven Smith referred to as the most powerful in the deriving from executive order does not.” utive order called for 100,000 Japanese
Katie Tausanovitch world. Whether you believe that or not is Naturally, many presidents take advan- Americans to be rounded up.
Adam Raczkowski Executive Technical Manager purely at your discretion, but one thing is tage of executive authority to imple- It’s quite evident that when temptation
certainly clear: The presidency has become ment laws that would otherwise not pass arises and presents itself to the president,
Michael Vastola Technical Manager a formidable position of power within the in Congress or have the support of the the potential for abuse is always there; it
Hena Kapadia Executive Online Editor United States through the use of presiden- American people. Executive orders are usu- just depends on the character of the presi-
tial executive orders. ally done discreetly and become law upon dent to be restrained and remain mindful
Minah Kim Online Editor
Editors The modern president has powers being entered into the Federal Register. of the Constitution.
Matt Skibinski New Media Editor reserved to him that would make the office Similarly, presidential signing state- With President-elect Barack Obama
almost unrecognizable to many of the ments are another way presidents can poised for a popular presidency, he has
Kelly Moran Webmaster founders of our country and the crafters of exert their wills on laws. Signing state- the chance to reverse many of Bush’s poli-
Caryn Horowitz Executive Copy Editor our Constitution. ments are written commentaries issued cies and finally restore some constitutional
The Constitution was created with a by the president upon signing a bill into balance and restraint to our government.
Grace Lamb-Atkinson Copy Editors certain intent to emphasize a distinct sepa- law in regards to how he will carry out that But the potential for an abuse of presiden-
Michelle Hochberg
Ben Smith ration of powers within our government, law; they allow the president to execute tial powers will remain, so I will continue
Christopher Snyder thus providing a limited president in order laws passed by Congress in any manner he being skeptical about the self-restraint of
Elisha Sum to prevent one individual from attaining sees fit, regardless of the original intent of any president.
Ricky Zimmerman
and exerting too much executive power. Congress. Acting quickly will no doubt be Obama’s
Brianna Beehler Assistant Copy Editors Presidential executive orders, usual- George W. Bush has used more of these strategy for making an immediate impact
Casey Burrows ly wrapped in controversy, have been a signing statements than any other presi- upon arriving in the White House. His tran-
Alison Lisnow
Rachel Oldfield popular tool utilized by many presidents dent in American history, creating an sition team recently stated that Obama
Mary Jo Pham throughout our country’s history. When unnerving precedent. could make use of presidential executive
Lily Zahn implemented, these executive orders give By combining the use of signing state- orders to make initial policy changes right
the president a vast amount of power to ments and executive orders, the president from the start and undo some of the dam-
Malcolm Charles Executive Business Director carry out the objectives of his administra- has a considerable amount of authority age caused by the Bush administration.
tion and the executive branch. in the American political environment. Reversing Bush’s policies on the econ-
Dwijo Goswami Receivables Manager
“The president can use this special However, the potential for the abuse of omy, stem cell research, oil drilling and
Brenna Duncan Head Ad Manager power in times of crises and as a way to executive orders is not limited to the mod- Guantanamo Bay seems to be Obama’s
The Tufts Daily is a nonprofit, independent newspaper, pub-
bypass the cumbersome and sometimes ern age, as many past presidents have first priority.
lished Monday through Friday during the academic year, and lengthy lawmaking procedure that requires exercised this authority and overstepped No matter who occupies the office of
distributed free to the Tufts community. bills to be first discussed in the House of their bounds in many instances. president, history has shown that the allure
P.O. Box 53018, Medford, MA 02155 Representatives and Senate before becom- Abraham Lincoln suspended many con- of presidential authority remains a potent
617 627 3090 FAX 617 627 3910 ing law,” said Edmond Cata, professor stitutional rights, closing down newspapers factor in the use of executive orders.

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Monday, December 1, 2008 The Tufts Daily Op-Ed 9

Congress should impeach and convict Bush and Cheney

by Matthew Diamante

Now that the election’s done, no further excuses will

hold. The House of Representatives should impeach
President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick
Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors, and the
Senate should convict them, thereby removing them
from power. Thus, until Barack Obama’s January
inauguration, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
(D-Calif.) should discharge the duties of United
States president.
This idea is, I admit, not likely to gain much sup-
port. The current administration is only weeks away
from completing its term, and one must take the
upcoming holidays into account; no congressional
quorums will be achievable for a good chunk of that
remaining time. Happily, however, while the fiasco of
the Clinton impeachment effort spanned several gov-
ernment agencies over a course of years, the House
is not required to wait for the executive branch to
appoint a special prosecutor, to wait for the officials’
formal findings or even to hold any investigative ses-
sions at all. The Constitution, after all, does not set
any threshold for impeachable offenses.
Let us recall that the House of Representatives
impeached Andrew Johnson by a vote of 126 to
47 for relatively nominal legal reasons; the chief
impetus behind that effort was a congressional
majority’s simple conviction that the president was
unworthy of his office, and the Senate came within
a single vote of removing him. Well, I say that Bush
and Cheney are not fit to stay in power for another
minute. The House should draw up a list of charges,
or use one of those already circulating, and after a
minimum of debate over a course of days, put the
motion to the floor. Up or down, representatives:
What’ll it be?
We should not entertain any protests that there’s
a dearth of items from which to draw up articles
of impeachment. For those who insist upon a clear mct
instance of criminality, there’s the administration’s
open history of authorizing warrantless wiretapping legislation it could until the White House and Capitol away.) There could be, of course, no hope of the
in defiance of federal law, to say nothing of the Plame Hill were secured in this November’s elections. Some Senate actually removing the disastrous duo, but a
identity leak. Those open to a more philosophical citizens have loudly protested that Pelosi is derelict House vote to impeach Bush and Cheney could have
definition of “high crimes” could fault Bush’s com- in her duties by refraining from holding impeach- a fighting chance, and since the matter’s ultimate
mutation of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence and his ment hearings for merely practical reasons, but conclusion would be preordained, what harm could
perennial stonewalling of the most rudimentary of while I was always sympathetic to the principles of there be in it?
congressional oversight. Finally, those who (rightly) this appeal, I never fully agreed. As an elected leader Some might ask why our representatives should
believe that the legislative branch should be the of her party’s representatives, Pelosi is answerable bother casting such an effectively symbolic vote.
nation’s most powerful could make a compelling to them in such matters as much as she is to her For one, it could deal the president’s ego a crushing
case for impeachment due to incompetence — and constituents in California’s eighth district. If, as blow that might forever wipe that smirk off his face,
this is merely the beginning of what could easily be was certainly the case, House Democrats had no never to publicly recur — a worthy pursuit in and of
a very long list. This time, in short, the Clinton-era stomach for an impeachment attempt, Pelosi would itself, I say. But when our grandchildren edge their
anti-impeachment cry that the proposed punish- have been little able to press such a case even if she hoverpods towards ours and ask what the country
ment is too heavy for the crime will simply not do. wanted to. did to repudiate the worst president in its history,
From the start of the Democrats’ continuing But now the speaker (who happens to be my own we could not only say that a mere seven years after
House majority status in January 2007, Pelosi has congressional representative) has what she wanted: the Sept. 11 attacks, we elected a half-black man
been the primary obstacle to impeachment hear- an incoming Democratic White House and wide named Hussein to succeed him — we could also say
ings. Famously declaring the prospect “off the table,” margins of congressional control. If she believes that, for perfectly moral and principled reasons, we
she justified this policy in unabashedly pragmatic that Bush and Cheney ought to be impeached, she impeached the national disgrace, and his repellent
and partisan terms, arguing that because Senate should ram through a vote as soon as possible. (Let vice president, too.
Republicans would never supply the votes needed those who want to protest that as the first in line
to convict Bush and Cheney, the Democratic Party’s to the presidency after Cheney, Pelosi would be
foremost concern should be to pass whatever sound pursuing an unworthy conflict of interest, protest Matthew Diamante is a senior majoring in history.

Booty Poppin’
by Brittney Taylor the figure in the middle of a dance move has a rear creators of the advertisement, it still hurts. I hope
end that draws undue attention. One could say she that by bringing attention to the subjugation I felt
I am concerned about the lack of forethought and looks extremely cultural, performing a movement because of the poster, people will begin to realize
cultural sensitivity that went into the creation of that is rooted in West African dance, but the verbal the power that words and images have. We are never
Spirit of Color’s (SoC) advertisement for its recent signifiers of the poster make the body position lose truly in control of how other people perceive us,
show. Though the flashy colors of the posters that historical meaning and immediately link it to the but as a black woman, my image is constantly in
were all around campus and the rhyming that is current and popular read of the highly seductive the hands of people who do not look like me. I have
incorporated into the title “Hood Stoppin’, Booty and grotesque dance of “booty poppin’,” which one to work against the images that the media imbeds
Poppin’” seem fun, I would like us all to look beyond might see in a rap music video. into the minds of Americans and that are then pro-
that to the unfortunate images that this can conjure So should we expect to see at the SoC show the jected onto my body. I am saddened that people in
in people’s minds. Black female bodies throughout dance moves we have come to expect in rap music the Tufts community were perpetuating images that
history have been linked to sex, from the rape of videos? I highly doubt it. Speaking from my expe- distort the black female body and reduce black cul-
enslaved black females in America to the display of rience at past SoC shows, there were a variety of ture to spectacle and fetish.
the Hottentot Venus and the sexual objectification dance forms showcased, and although a few were Please do not take this as my being against SoC or
of the girth of her behind (which was made to be an hip-hop influenced, none were characterized by the show in any way. This really has very little to do
inherently black-female physical attribute) to the “booty poppin’.” with that, and more to do with the institutional rac-
incredible way rap songs articulate pimping, use The use of slang and the black female body do not ism that tends to subconsciously seep into people. I
derogatory terms for females and explicitly recount do justice to the diversity of SoC members and the am just trying to bring these issues to the forefront
the use of the female body as a sex object. diversity of styles of dance used in their shows, nor of people’s minds so that as a community and soci-
This is only one way that the black female body do they do justice to black culture. The advertise- ety we are better able to identify the blows that are
has been and continues to be objectified in this ment fetishizes a type of black culture by using it being dealt to black women, black culture and mar-
country and beyond, and it is unfortunate that this as a spectacle. On top of that, it is coupled with a ginalized peoples and cultures in general.
SoC advertisement joins the long list. hyper-sexualization that, while perhaps an accept- I encourage people to talk about this, get it out
Not only does the title, with its absent “g’s” and ed part of mainstream culture and definitely a in the open, double-check themselves, hear oth-
use of the words “hood” and “booty,” which are characterization forced upon such culture through ers’ opinions, reformulate their own and just gen-
traditionally thought to be black slang, force people the aforementioned ways, not very many people are erally help one other and themselves to become
to paint a mental image of the black behind and all proud of. more aware. It would be a shame to let this topic go
the sexual connotations that come along with it, Personally, I feel that I have been reduced to my unchallenged.
but if anyone does not get the picture, there is one butt and that my culture has been reduced to slang
right there on the poster to drive home the point. and suggestive dance, and I am completely offended
With an arched back, arms raised and face turned, by it. While I doubt this was the intention of the Brittney Taylor is a senior majoring in American Studies.

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10 The Tufts Daily Sports Monday, December 1, 2008

Housing Housing Housing Travel Wanted

Somerville (Teele Ave) Close to Charlie Rent For Rent STS Travel f08 California Cryobank f08
Campus! Available June 1st. One 5 Bedroom Apartment, One 5 bedrooms, start June 1 - May Spring Break 2009. Sell Trips, Sperm Donors Needed. Earn up to
4 Bed, 1 Bath on 1st and 2nd floor 4 Bedroom Apartment. Walking 2010. 1and1/2 baths, new kitchen, Earn Cash and Go Free. Call for $1,200/month. California Cryobank
of owner occupied 2 family house distance from Tufts University. 62 dishwasher, disposal, washer/ Group Discounts. Best Prices is seeking males for its sperm
- 10 min walk to Davis Sq. and T. Powderhouse Blvd. Somervile, dryer. Also off-street parking. Guaranteed! Best Parties! donor program. Office located
Fully furnished kitchen, living room, MA. Call Charlie @ 781-646-7434 if Please call Danny 781 396-0303 Jamaica, Cancun, Acapulco, in Cambridge, MA. Apply online:
and bedrooms. Free W/D in base- interested. Bahamas, S. Padre, Florida. www.spermbank.com
ment. From and back porches with Information/Reservations 1-800-
back yard.$2400/month not includ- 648-4849 or www.ststravel.com.
ing utilities. 1st and last months
rent/security deposit required. Call classifieds policy All Tufts students must submit classifieds in person, prepaid with check, money order, or exact cash
Tim Moore @ 617-448-5626. only. All classifieds submitted by mail must be accompanied by a check. Classifieds are $10 per week with Tufts ID or $20 per
week without. The Tufts Daily is not liable for any damages due to typographical errors or misprintings except the cost of the
insertion, which is fully refundable. We reserve the right to refuse to print any classifieds which contain obscenity, are of an
overly sexual nature, or are used expressly to denigrate a person or group. Questions? Email business@tuftsdaily.com.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Thirty-eight Jumbos are All-Academic this fall
Plenty of Jumbos achieved as much success in the classroom this semester as they did in their
Treatment of Adults
athletic pursuits, as 38 Tufts student-athletes were named to the NESCAC Fall All-Academic team. Suffering from Anorexia and
Tufts had the fifth highest number of athletes named to the squad; Middlebury led with 55. Eight
Jumbos also received the honor of being named to the All-Sportsmanship team for their respec- Bulimia Nervosa
tive sports. Senior golfer Phil Haslett was one of just five athletes in the NESCAC to be named to
All-Conference, All-Academic and All-Sportsmanship teams. For the most effective treatment and highest staff-to-client ratio in New
England, informed clinicians refer their clients to Laurel Hill Inn. We
All-Academic provide extensive programming in a highly structured and supervised
non-institutional therapeutic setting. Evening, day, residential, and aftercare
Field Hockey Women’s Soccer programs in West Medford and West Somerville. Call Linda at
M Brittany Holiday - Sr. F Jesslyn Jamison - Jr. 781 396-1116 or visit our web site at www.laurelhillinn.com.
M Tess Jasinski - Sr. F Ali Maxwell - Jr.
D Emma Kozumbo - Jr. GK Kate Minnehan - Jr.
D Marlee Kutcher - Sr.
D Margi Scholtes - Jr.
M Maya Shoham - Sr. Three’s company: Trio of field
Men’s Cross Country hockey players net All-American
Football Jesse Faller - Jr.
DL Mike Cunningham - Jr. Josh Gordon - Jr. honors
WR Jake Dellorco - Sr. Sam Krumholz - Sr.
WR David Halas - Sr. Ryan Lena - Jr.
DL Jeremiah Lechleiter - Sr. David Tilton - Sr. Adding to its already stacked list of team accomplishments this
OL David Libardoni - Sr. Nick Welch - Jr. season, a record three members of the field hockey squad were
QB Tom McManama - Jr. honored on the individual level, netting spots on the Longstreth/
LB Tyson Reynoso - Sr. Women’s Cross Country National Field Hockey Coaches Association All-American teams.
Susan Allegretti - Sr. Tufts tied national champion Bowdoin with three representatives
Volleyball Betsy Aronson - Sr. on the list.
S Dena Feiger - Jr. Amy Hopkins - Sr.
OH Stacy Filocco - Sr. Leslie Johnston - Jr.
L/DS Natalie Goldstein - Sr. Lisa Picascia - Jr. First Team
Margi Scholtes - Jr.
Men’s Soccer Golf - NESCAC Defensive Player of the Year
M Peter DeGregorio - Sr. Brad Dreisbach - Jr. - Three goals, eight assists in fall 2008 season
M Bear Duker - Jr. Phil Haslett - Sr. - First All-American first team honoree since Meredith Leroux (LA ’00)
M Ari Kobren - Jr. Brett Hershman - Jr. - Named to NCAA All-Tournament team
F Dan Schoening - Jr. Ben Moll - Jr.
Second Team
All-Sportsmanship Tamara Brown - So.
- Set program single-season scoring record with 28 goals
Football Women’s Soccer - All-NESCAC first team honoree
LB Alex Perry - Jr. M Maya Shoham - Sr. - Scored six goals during the NCAA Tourney, including five in the national
semifinals and title game
Field Hockey Men’s Cross Country - Named to NCAA All-Tournament team
D Marlee Kutcher - Sr. Jeff Ragazzini - So.
Third Team
Volleyball Women’s Cross Country Amanda Roberts - So.
L/DS Maya Ripecky - Sr. Lisa Picascia - Jr. - All-NESCAC second team honoree
- Key anchor on a defense that surrendered fewer than one goal per
Men’s Soccer Golf game
M Ari Korbren - Jr. Phil Haslett - Sr.

StatISTICS | Standings SCHEDULE | Dec. 1 - Dec. 5

Men's Basketball Women's Basketball Hockey Men’s

(2-2, 0-0 NESCAC) (3-1, 0-0 NESCAC) (1-3-0, 0-2-0 NESCAC) Basketball vs. Lesley vs. Plymouth St.
7 p.m. 7 p.m.
Amherst 0 0 3 0 Amherst 0 0 5 0 Colby 2 0 0 2 2 1 Women’s at Salem St.
Bates 0 0 2 1 Bates 0 0 2 1 Middlebury 2 0 0 4 0 0 Basketball 6 p.m.
Bowdoin 0 0 4 1 Bowdoin 0 0 3 1 Williams 2 0 0 3 1 0
Colby 0 0 3 2 Colby 0 0 2 0 Bowdoin 1 0 1 3 0 1
Conn. Coll 0 0 0 4 Amherst 1 1 0 2 2 0 Hockey vs. St. Anselm
Conn. Coll 0 0 3 2 7 p.m.
Middlebury 0 0 4 2 Middlebury 0 0 3 3 Hamilton 1 1 0 1 1 0
Trinity 0 0 2 3 Trinity 0 0 4 0 Trinity 1 1 0 2 2 0
Tufts 0 0 2 2 Tufts 0 0 3 1 Wesleyan 1 1 0 1 3 0 Men’s at MIT
Wesleyan 0 0 0 4 Wesleyan 0 0 3 1 Conn. Coll. 0 2 0 3 2 0 Swimming and Invitational
Williams Williams 0 0 1 4 Tufts 0 2 0 1 3 0 Diving 7 p.m.
0 0 5 1
Individual Statistics at MIT
Individual Statistics Individual Statistics Swimming and vs. Wellesley Invitational
G A Pts. Diving 7 p.m. 7 p.m.
Tom Derosa 2 3
Jon Pierce 24.0 9.8 1.3 Julia Bailey 15.5 8.3 1.8 3
Nick Resor 3 0
Aaron Gallant 14.0 2.0 1.3 Colleen Hart 14.3 4.3 5.3 3
Lindsay Walker 1 2 Indoor Track
Dave Beyel 13.3 4.0 2.0 Kim Moynihan 10.0 3.8 2.8 2
Mike Vitale 0 2 and Field
Matt Galvin 7.8 3.0 5.8 K. Tausanovitch 9.5 5.3 1.5 2
Cory Korchin 0 2
James Long 5.8 3.3 0.3 Casey Sullivan 7.3 2.5 0.8 2
Dylan Cooper 0 2
Tom Selby 4.8 5.3 0.8 Rachel Figaro 6.0 5.0 1.0 2
Matt Amico 0 2 Men’s
A. Quezada 4.0 0.0 0.0 Kate Barnosky 4.0 1.0 0.5 1 at Amherst
Joe Milo 1 0 Squash
Dan Cook 2.8 1.5 0.3 Lindsay Weiner 3.8 1.0 0.5 1
Andy Davis 1 0 6 p.m.
Sam Mason 2.5 3.3 0.8 Stacy Filocco 3.5 0.3 1.0 1
Zach Diaco 1 0
Reed Morgan 2.0 2.3 1.3 Katie Puishys 3.0 1.5 0.5 25
Team 10 15
Peter Saba 0.5 1.3 0.0 Katie Wholey 3.0 0.3 0.5 Women’s
Brian Lowry 0.5 0.0 0.3 Vanessa Miller 2.8 2.0 2.3 Squash at Amherst
1.0 0.7 Kate Barnosky 4.0 1.0 0.5 Goalkeeping S GA S% 6 p.m.
Max Cassidy 0.0
Scott Barchard 101 13 .886
Team 78.8 40.5 14.3 Team 82.8 40.2 19.0 Jay McNamara 25 4 .862
Team 126 18 .875 Men’s Men’s
Jumbocast Basketball Basketball
Monday, December 1, 2008 The Tufts Daily Sports 11
Inside the NBA

New era of teams centered around point guards takes shape

by Ethan Landy take Derrick Rose, and he has not disappoint-
Senior Staff Writer ed thus far. After struggling last season with a
regressing Kirk Hinrich at the helm, the Bulls
The NBA is sometimes a predictable league. drafted a pure point guard. Rose leads his
The Los Angeles Lakers will always be a part team in minutes and is averaging 18.4 points
of the Christmas Day doubleheader, Stephon and 5.8 assists, making him an early favorite
Marbury will always do something that makes for Rookie of the Year.
you shake your head and big men will always Another ROY candidate is Memphis
be at a premium. Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo. Although he has
The Chicago Bulls, however, changed that been playing at the two-guard spot as the
last mantra in June when they took a point team has second-year point Mike Conley in
guard at the top of the draft instead of going the fold, Mayo could end up being the focal
with a big. With so many great young point point of his team’s offense in the future — par-
guards helping to establish their team as con- ticularly with whispers that Conley is on the
tenders, perhaps that decision was not so dif- trading block.
ficult to foresee. Mayo has proven that his game can trans-
This is no longer an era dominated by Steve late to the pros, as he has piled on over 30
Nash, who won back-to-back MVP awards to points four times already this season. In fact,
lead the Phoenix Suns, or Jason Kidd, who he is also in the top 15 in the league in points
has regressed since bringing the New Jersey per game. As one of three guards taken in the
Nets to consecutive finals appearances earlier top five in last June’s draft, along with Rose
in the decade and is now a member of the and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell
Dallas Mavericks. A new crop of point guards Westbrook, Mayo is proving that the hype he
has emerged, led by Chris Paul and Deron received since high school was warranted.
Williams. There are a number of other point guards
Paul and the New Orleans Hornets are who, despite having played a few seasons, are
off to a 9-6 start, and with the addition of just starting to round their games into elite
free agent swingman James Posey, they are form. Devin Harris, sent to New Jersey for Kidd
a legitimate threat to represent the Western at the trade deadline last year, is having an
Conference in the finals. Paul, who finished All-Star-caliber season, averaging almost 24
second in the MVP race last season and was points and 6.3 assists per game, and he’s still
a nearly unanimous first team All-NBA selec- only 25 years old.
tion, is once again leading the league in both And 22-year-old Rajon Rondo of the
assists and steals, while averaging 20 points Boston Celtics showed the value of a good
per game. point guard in the NBA Finals last year when
The fourth-year star is only 23 years old and he torched the Lakers to help his team win
is already regarded by many as the best point the championship. If anything, Rondo’s play
guard in the league. Paul has picked up his demonstrated that a team can only reach its
scoring since his rookie season and has scored true offensive potential if it has a player who
in double figures in all 15 games this year. He can run the offense and create opportunities
has also dished out at least 10 assists in all but for teammates through dribble penetration.
three games. Even with the “Big Three,” Rondo is prob-
Just behind Paul in terms of talent isWilliams, ably the most important player on the defend-
who forms a dynamic duo with Carlos Boozer ing champions’ roster, as the team’s two losses MCT
to pace the Utah Jazz. Although he has only so far this year have come in games where Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets has been at the head of a renaissance for the point
played in five games this year, Williams had Rondo has averaged a mere two points. guard position in the NBA this season. Paul, who has already collected two triple-doubles
a strong showing as part of the U.S. Olympic The number of quality floor generals under through 15 games, is among a pack of young guards giving their teams reason to believe.
team. He averaged 19 points per contest and the age of 25 is impressive, and many of these
had 10.5 assists last season as the Jazz fell to the players are just scratching the surface of their even cause Memphis fans to dream that Mayo in helping Spain to a silver medal and a near
Western Conference champion Lakers in six potential. As good as Paul was in his rookie will finally be their solution in the backcourt upset of Team USA at the Beijing Olympics —
games in the conference semifinals. season, averaging 16 points and almost eight after the squad spent much of the last few likely to be a top three pick at some point in
Both Paul and Williams have proven that assists, he has raised his field goal percent- seasons stockpiling young guards. the future, there is a chance that another team
an NBA team can feature a point guard as its age from the floor and beyond the arc and The point guard position has not seen so will be shaped around a rookie point guard.
centerpiece, and it appears that other teams has become the best distributor in the game. many potential superstars in some time. And With the success so far of players like Paul and
are starting to take notice. The Bulls bypassed This ought to give Bulls fans hope as they try with Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio — who at Rose, it is not a bad place for a rebuilding team
NCAA Player of the Year Michael Beasley to to build their team around Rose, and maybe just 17 years old showed flashes of brilliance to start.

Jumbos come up short in back-and-forth contest against visiting Judges yesterday

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL on our end,” Moynihan said. “We The Jumbos never let the Judges at bay, the Jumbos also shot just only a good three-point shooting
continued from page 12 just tried to stay composed and get too far ahead, managing to fight 25 percent from behind the three- team. I think we’ve proven through-
good job of staying level-headed as work our way back into it.” back to a 63-63 tie with five minutes point line during the contest, an out the year that we have other
we went back and forth,” Moynihan The Jumbos cut the lead to to go on a basket by Tausanovitch. area of their game that must be offensive options.”
said. “You just have to have confi- two, 50-48, before Brandeis But Tufts could not get over the improved upon in order for the As the squad prepares for anoth-
dence in your team and know that scored five straight points to take hump, and the Judges pulled ahead team to succeed; the squad cashed er contest on the road against
you can always bring yourself back a 55-48 lead with just over ten for good, answering all of Tufts’ in on just five out of its 20 three- Salem State tomorrow, Tufts knows
into the game.” minutes left in the game. The comeback attempts down the point attempts. which areas to focus on in order to
The Judges came out strong in back and forth continued as stretch. Tufts pulled within three “There is no way that a team prevent another narrow loss.
the second half, however, going on Tufts notched two straight bas- with 10 seconds left, but a pair of can shoot consistently from the “Definitely defense,” Moynihan
a 14-6 run to take an eight-point kets to pull within three with 8:42 free throws by Orlando sealed the three-point line every game of the said. “We’re going to harp on that
48-40 lead with 15 minutes left. remaining before they fell behind Jumbos’ fate. season,” Tausanovitch said. “We’re from here on out and make teams
“That little run they went on was by seven yet again with seven Aside from mustering the a good three-point shooting team, not want to run offense against
definitely a lack of communication minutes left, 62-55. defense needed to keep the Judges but you can’t win games if you’re us.”

Athletes of the Week

Julia Baily, women’s Basketball

Junior forward Julia Baily put together a week to be thankful for, highlighted by a dominant 27-point, 13-rebound effort in 32 minutes
against the Endicott Gulls in Tuesday’s 92-67 home-opener victory in Cousens Gym. She followed that performance with another solid
showing in her team’s narrow 81-76 loss to the Brandeis Judges yesterday, leaving her with 39 points and 20 boards across the week’s
two contests. Through four games, Baily leads the Jumbos in both scoring (15.5 points per game) and rebounding (8.3 per game).
Baily has more than doubled her scoring output from last season, helping to fill in the offensive gaps left by the graduation of center
Khalilah Ummah (LA ’08). The junior forward has also made strides on the glass, as her current average marks a 3.8 rebounds per game
improvement over last year. Baily’s play has been impressively efficient, as she currently sports a .463 field goal percentage, and as a
forward, she is a solid defensive presence down low for the Jumbos, racking up seven blocks and four steals per game.
Baily will next take the floor with the rest of the Tufts squad in a matchup with Salem State in another non-conference test for the Jumbos
tomorrow. She will look to improve on her seven-point output against the hosting Vikings during a 70-55 home victory last year.
Laura schultz/Tufts daily

tom derosa, Ice Hockey

Despite his team’s 4-3 loss to UMass Boston in the final seconds yesterday, freshman forward Tom Derosa paced the Jumbos in the PAL/Stovepipe Cup in Manchester,
N.H., over the weekend by tallying two goals and two assists, good for four total points on the tournament.
Derosa notched two points in the team’s losing effort against the Beacons yesterday — one goal and one assist — mirroring his equally solid outing against Plymouth
State on Saturday in the Jumbos’ 5-1 first-round victory.
Although Derosa had yet to score a goal after the squad’s first pair of contests entering this weekend’s tournament in Manchester, N.H., his scoring outburst over
the tournament’s two games now gives him five total points on the young season. Following up his first collegiate point, an assist in the team’s season opener against
Williams on Nov. 21, Derosa’s weekend performance moved him from relative obscurity to the top of the team’s scoring leaders list through its four games. The first-
year’s efforts this weekend might also herald his potential as another scoring threat for the Jumbos to look to this season.
Derosa and the Jumbos (1-3) now turn their attention to their first home tilt of the season, an out-of-conference battle against St. Anselm on Friday at the
Malden Forum.
Inside the NBA 11
Athletes of the Week 11


Women’s Basketball

Defense falters as women’s basketball Jumbos earn first win of season

but come up short against Beacons
team suffers first loss of young season in finals of weekend tournament
by Brian Comenitz floor in the second half,” senior for- The PAL/Stovepipe Cup didn’t against Plymouth State, the Jumbos
Daily Staff Writer ward Katie Tausanovitch said. “The end as well as it started for the ice put together a statement game
defense is something that we really hockey team (1-3), as the squad in order to earn their first win on
The women’s basketball team put could control and didn’t.” fell 4-3 in devastating fashion in the young season, 5-1. Tufts rode
together a convincing 92-67 victory Still, the game was close from the waning seconds of yesterday’s a dominant power play unit that
against Endicott on Tuesday night, start to finish as the largest lead of contest against the UMass Boston converted four goals on nine-man
the match was only eight points in Beacons in Manchester, N.H. advantage opportunities. The squad
WOMEN’S BASKETBALL favor of the Judges. Leading 3-1 with less than also benefitted from outshooting
(3-1, 0-0 NESCAC) Senior forward Lauren Orlando eight minutes remaining in the the Panthers 44 to 18.
Cousens Gym, Yesterday and junior guard Jessica Chapin led third period, the Jumbos lost their Freshman forward Evan Story
the way for Brandeis with 20 and grip on the tournament title, with notched his first tally of the season
Brandeis 34 47 — 81 19 points, respectively. For Tufts, the Beacons completing a late to put the Jumbos on top half-
Tufts 34 42 — 76 Tausanovitch, who is also a layout rally that was capped by two way through the first period. The
editor for the Daily, topped all scor- goals from junior Kris Kranzky in teams went into the locker room
Cousens Gym, Tuesday ers with 20 points and six boards. the game’s final three minutes. tied for the first intermission, how-
Senior co-captain Kim Moynihan Kranzky put the puck past Tufts ever, as Panthers junior forward
chipped in with 11 points, nine freshman keeper Scott Barchard Chris Chambers beat Barchard
Endicott 34 33 — 67
rebounds and five assists in a solid with two seconds left to put with a few minutes remaining in
Tufts 44 48 — 92 all-around effort. UMass Boston ahead for good the opening frame.
“It’s a bittersweet experience,” and finish the improbable come- It was all Tufts for the rest
bolstered by 38 percent shooting Tausanovitch said. “I had a good back victory. of the game following Derosa’s
from the floor. Five days later, the personal offensive day but above all Freshman Tom Derosa led the power play tally early in the sec-
result looked disappointingly dis- we lost, and the goal here is to win Jumbos in their losing effort with ond to put the Jumbos up 2-1,
similar for the Jumbos as they fell and that is much more important.” a goal and an assist on the after- igniting the winning effort which
victim to a Brandeis Judges team Junior forward Julia Baily notched noon, and sophomore Zach Diaco was led by Derosa’s and sopho-
81-76 — a team they held to 21 per- 12 points and seven rebounds in tallied the team’s lone power play more Lindsay Walker’s two point
cent scoring from the floor en route the loss to go along with her out- goal of the game. — one goal and one assist each
to a 57-43 victory last year. standing effort Tuesday against Derosa and freshman Nick — performances.
The loss dropped Tufts to 3-1 on the Gulls where she tallied a career Laura Schultz/Tufts Daily Resor put the Jumbos up 2-0 mid- Barchard responded nicely in
the year, as Brandeis improved to high 27 points and 13 rebounds to Senior co-captain Kim Moynihan, seen way through the second period the cage with 17 saves on 18
5-0 in a battle of unbeatens. lead Tufts to the victory. here competing against Bowdoin last before the Beacons’ Vinnie Jacona shots after putting together two
Defense was the primary issue The Judges created a seven-point year, posted 11 points yesterday. beat Barchard to move the score rough showings against solid
in yesterday’s loss, as the 81 points 22-15 advantage early on in the first to 2-1. Following Diaco’s man-up NESCAC competition the previ-
allowed marked a season high for half, but the Jumbos rallied back to end of the half, which ended in a tally, Barchard had a tough finish ous weekend.
the squad through its four games. take a 23-22 lead with an 8-0 run 34-34 tie. to the game, nabbing only five of See tomorrow’s Daily for full
“This loss stems more from our punctuated by a layup by junior “I think our team did a really his 22 saves and allowing three coverage.
defense and the fact that we allowed guard Casey Sullivan. Tufts and goals in the final frame.
them to shoot 52 percent from the Brandeis matched baskets until the see WOMEN’S BASKETBALL, page 11 In Saturday’s first-round matchup — by Scott Janes

Men’s Basketball

Judges overrule Jumbos to earn first win of season, 80-56

by Alex Lach 49-40, on a three-pointer by sophomore
Daily Staff Writer point guard Matt Galvin. But with 11 min-
utes left to play, the Judges went on a 12-0
It appears the men’s basketball team may run to extend their lead to an insurmount-
have awoken a sleeping giant yesterday. able 71-48. During the spurt, Brandeis hit its
stride offensively, while the Jumbos strug-
MEN’S BASKETBALL gled to find a rhythm throughout most of the
(2-2, 0-0 NESCAC) second half.
at Waltham, Mass., Yesterday “We missed a couple shots we usually
make and at the same time we didn’t have
Tufts 35 21 — 56 much of a flow,” Gallant said. “We weren’t
Brandeis 45 35 — 80 getting the ball inside and not getting open
looks and it sort of fell apart from there.”
Tufts shot a meager 23 percent from the
The previously winless Brandeis Judges field in the second half and ended the game
dominated the Jumbos handily, winning shooting a lowly 33 percent overall. The
80-56 in Waltham, Mass. Brandeis, which Jumbos’ 21 second-half points were by far
had been ranked ninth in the national pre- their lowest output in any half this season
season poll, had started the season a disap- through four contests. Pierce and Gallant
pointing 0-3. each tallied 13 points to lead the Jumbo
But yesterday the Judges looked like a scorers, while Galvin added 12 of his own
team worthy of their preseason hype. With a for a career high. Pierce’s fourth point was
balanced offense and a stifling defense, the the 1,000th of his career, a milestone he has
Judges turned a close first-half game into a achieved at an incredible pace.
second-half blowout. Their key to success The first half featured a much more com-
was a dominating effort in the paint on both petitive ballgame, as Tufts jumped out to
sides of the floor. an early 7-1 lead behind two buckets from
“They played off of [junior] Tom Selby Galvin and a Gallant three-pointer. But
a lot and were able to double [junior co- Brandeis gradually took control of the game
captain] Jon [Pierce] well,” Tufts assistant and managed a 15-14 lead that it did not
coach Sean Duke-Crocker said. “They did a relinquish.
good job of keeping out post players straight Still, the Jumbos managed a produc-
up. [Freshman] James Long struggled and tive night on the glass. Seven of their 16
Pierce struggled with double teams a lot, and rebounds in the first half were offensive, and
Brandeis took some of their moves away.” they finished with 14 for the entire game. Laura Schultz/Tufts Daily
The Jumbos had no answer for the “That’s one of the things we’ve been Senior guard and co-captain Aaron Gallant, seen here driving to the hoop in the team’s first
Brandeis frontcourt attack, as Judge junior stressing all year, making sure that we have home contest of the season against Babson on Nov. 18, posted 13 points and three rebounds
forward Terrell Hollins dominated inside four guys crashing the offensive glass; that’s in the Tufts’ 80-56 road loss against the Brandeis Judges in Waltham yesterday.
with 19 points and 10 rebounds, and gradu- a big part of our game,” Duke-Crocker said.
ate student forward Steve DeLuca added 19 “We just didn’t put them back in and that’s The Jumbos were also without the full winter break.
points, including three three-pointers and usually something that happens.” services of junior guard Dave Beyel, who is “It’s an NBA schedule, as we like to call it,”
eight rebounds. In the end, the Jumbos had no answer suffering from a calf contusion and was lim- Duke-Crocker said. “We’ll have short prac-
“Hollins had a really good day today; for Brandeis’ dominance inside, as the ited to 13 scoreless minutes off the bench. tices, but watch a lot of film and make sure
Selby played [him] tough, but Hollins just Judges outscored Tufts 40-20 in the paint. “He was not even close to 100 percent everyone knows what they have to do.”
had a great day,” senior co-captain guard Such high-percentage shots from the block tonight,” Duke-Crocker said. “Dave’s usually During such a demanding stretch of
Aaron Gallant said. “Tom’s one of our bet- accounted for the team’s finishing at 53 per- good for 15 a game and I don’t even think he games, Gallant said he knows the team can-
ter defenders, but Hollins was too big and cent shooting from the field. scored tonight.” not dwell on the mistakes they’ve made, but
too strong.” “They were flashing from the weak side and Beyel and the rest of the Tufts team have must instead learn from them and progress.
After trailing 45-35 at the half, the Jumbos getting good position and just making solid little time to recover as they host Lesley “We have to have a short memory and
stayed relatively even with Brandeis for the moves,” Duke-Crocker said. “Terrell is a great College tomorrow night in Cousens Gym; not look back,” Gallant said. “We have to get
first nine minutes of the second period — player and he killed us. We didn’t do a good the Brandeis contest marked the first of five going and move forward. There’s nowhere to
even cutting the lead to single digits — enough job of denying the entry pass.” games across 10 days for the squad before go but forward.”

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