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Nicole Beck

Person Centered Planning


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First Meeting
At our PCP meeting we had four people present; Nicole, her teacher, her mother and the facilitator. We followed the MAPS outline to figure out exactly what Nicole wanted out of the meeting and what she wanted to work on. The meeting was very successful and this newsletter depicts what exactly happened at our first meeting. Enjoy!

Nicoles History
Nicole was born on May 7th, 1992 in Skokie Illinois. She has 1 older brother and 4 sisters. Her hobbies include soccer, swimming and hanging out with family and friends. She loves reading and writing but dislikes math and science. Reading and writing come very easily for her, which explains why she enjoys them so much. On the other hand she has to work very hard to understand math and science. Nicole also has trouble staying on task and sitting in her seat for a long period of time. She found that this started happening a lot when she got to middle school and the classes became much longer When Nicole grows up she wants to be a special education teacher.



Where do you see yourself after graduation? Nicole: Getting into college. Teacher: I would love to see Nicole getting into the college of her choice. Mom: Getting into the college of her choice but of high standards

What is the one thing that would make school better? Nicole: I would like more one on one attention and more interactive activities. Teacher: I feel like she needs more guidance and fewer distractions. I would like her to sit in the front of the class so she can pay more attention. Mom: I feel like I need to guide her more at home and to double check her homework and help her study
If you could have anything what would you wish for? Nicole: A big house with a big yard and a lake in the back. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Nicole: Married with six kids and I will be a special education teacher. Why do you want to become a special education teacher? Nicole: I struggled a lot in school and I can relate to the type of students that are in special education classrooms.



What are your fears?


Nicole: I am scared that I will fail algebra. Also, I am afraid that if I go to college the class size will
intimidate me and I will not be able to concentrate in class.

Teacher: I fear that I am letting my student down and not proviing her with the necessary resources. Mom: I fear that she will be intimidated by her peers and will have a hard time in school. I also fear
that she will no succeed in school and that she is going to get picked on by her peers.

Why are you scared of failing algebra?

Nicole: I am not very good at math and it is really hard for me to concentrate in class.
What have the teachers done so far to make your time in class easier for you to concentrate?

Nicole: They have helped me after class and by allowing us to do small group activities.
Do you think those have helped? What do you think will help you more?

Nicole: Yes it has. But I would also like more one on one and not lecturing at me. Having more
interactive activities helps me a lot.



Nicoles Response:

Who is Nicole?

Strengths: I feel that my strengths are in writing papers, reading, working on creative projects, and working in groups. Weaknesses: I really struggle in math Math, with paying attention and sitting still and because of this I am often times disruptive.

3 Characteristics: Outgoing, loving and easy-going

Hobbies: Hanging out with family and friends and Teachers Response: watching movies Strengths: She is a strong reader and has great comprehension skills. She tends to participate when it comes to journaling or any writing activity. She has great social skills and loves to talk. She also knows a lot about current events and the world around her. She works very well with one on one activities. Weaknesses: Math is her weak point and she tends to give up because she knows it is going to be challenging for her. Staying on task is also difficult for her but when guided by her peers she seems to do better 3 Characteristics: Outgoing, active and friendly

Moms Response
Strengths: She cooperates and helps out with chores. She listens and is a great child! She spends time with family and values family time. She volunteers to do activities with the family or around the house. Weaknesses: She gets frustrated easily because she is unable to stay on task. She has a hard time asking questions, managing money and time and she needs a lot of reminders and guidance to stay on task. 3 Characteristics: Patient, kind and a team player.

Who do you feel most comfortable with helping you?

Nicole: My mother
How do you think you will succeed more in the classroom?

Nicole: Getting a tutor and having someone make sure that I am

staying on track and understanding the material because I am hesitant to ask questions.

Teacher: To make sure her needs are implemented through her

IEP and have checkpoints to make sure that her needs are being met and that she is on task with everything. How would you like to monitor your progress with short and long term goals?

Nicole: I would like to invest in a planner so I can write out all of

the material and have a teacher look at it everyday to make sure that I know what is due and make sure that I have completed everything. How would you like to prepare for your future?

Nicole: I would like to get an internship or shadow a teacher so

that I will gain more experience and be the best teacher that I can be.