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Seminar topics I.

Factors affecting bank profitability: Objective: 1)To focus on factors affecting bank profitability in post liberalization period 2) The underlying objective is to empirically test which variables have significantly contributed towards bank profitability. Description: profit is the engine that drives any enterprise. Profitability is one of the major criteria for evaluating the performance of a bank. Focus on internal and external factors which effects banks profitability. Discussion points: 1) How do you measure the efficiency of the banks? 2) Do banks need to keep a check on expenditures for unproductive purposes? Ref: Journal of accounting and finance, volume 26, no.2 April 2012- September 2012. II. Balanced score card: Objective: Using balanced score card as a performance measurement tool. Description: Discussion questions: 1) How balanced score card is used to measure the non financial performance aspects of a company? 2) How balanced score card is used to measure the financial performance aspects of a company? Ref: Journal of Accounting and Finance, volume 23, no.1 October- March-2009

III. Complete financial analysis of information technology company Objectives: 1. To study compare comparative incomes balance sheets 2. Examine trend ratios and analyses them. Description: Discussion Questions: 1 compare &contract the past performance t present. 2. State the overall performance of the company.

Reference: Journal of Accounting and finance IV. Ratio analysis of manufacturing company Objectives: 1. To study financial ratios of manufacturing company 2. To study the relationship of the select ratios among themselves Description: Ratio analysis is a systematic use of ratio to interpret & asses the performance & status of a firm. As a tool it allows analysis between components of financial statement to obtain a better understanding of firms position & performance. Discussion Questions 1. Assessment of profitability ratios 2. Assessment on liquidity performance 3. assessment on overall performance Reference: Journal of Accounting & Finance volume 26, No.2 April 2012 to Sep, 2012. V. Guidelines of taxation for the year 2011-2012 Objectives: 1. To assess the taxable income under various heads fro other sources, income on capital gains, income fro business and deductions. Discussion questions:How is the latest tax policy affecting the general public? Reference: 1.Journal of accounting and finance, volume 25, No.2, April 2011 to Sep 2012. 2. Tax planning by tax man-2011-2012 VI. Future prospects of FDI inflows to India Objectives: 1. To study the role of FDI in Indian economy. 2 .Examine the share of FDI in each sector Description: Discussion Questions: 1. Is FDI benefiting the general public? 2. How FDI is affecting the economy? Reference: Journal of accounting and finance all in 20, No.2 Sep 2006 VII. Switch from GAAP to IFRS

Objectives: 1. How IFRS is gaining competitive advantage over GAAP 3. How will IFRS convergence take place? Discussion questions: 1. How IFRS is benefiting the companies. 2 compare & contrast between IFRS & GAAP Reference: Journal of accounting, volume 25, No.2 sep 2011 www.icai.org, www.kpmg.fi VIII. Financial perspectives of mergers & acquisitions. Objectives: 1. To examine the potential motives behind mergers and acquisitions 2. To evaluate the impact of mergers & acquisitions Description: The analysis has to be made to compare the financial performance of the pre & post mergers to get some insights into the factors that would have possibly induce the mergers Discussion questions: 1. What are the factors or motives behind the mergers and acquisitions? Reference: Finance India, March 2012, volume 26, No., march 2012