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I would like to dedicate this piece of work to my first teacher, my source of inspiration in every field of life whether its a scientific research project, who like to help me in understanding complex fact of science or life even today, who inspired me to write, she is my source of wisdom and my motivation in my life my mother.

Chapter 1: Annas Early Life (Pre-1975) Family History Life in Mumbai Life in Army Chapter 2: Annas Development Work in Ralegan Return of Anna in Village Removal of Social Evils Formation of Constructive Bodies Rise and Development of Ralegan Siddhi Some moments of Annas and Ralegan Annas Development Warriors Chapter 3 : Annas Movements in Maharastra Anti-corruption protests in Maharashtra Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act Campaign against liquor from food grains RTI Movement Chapter 4 : Rotten System of India needed a Change Killings of RTI activists by corrupts Scams after Scam Chapter 5: Annas National Fight Against Corruption (Lokpal Bill) Jantar Mantar Movement Bhrastachar Mitao Satyagraha(Baba Ramdeb) August Kranti Post August Kranti December Andolan 2012 Events Chapter 6 : Support for Anna Hazare Teacher & student Support Doctors Dabbawalas Enngineers & IT Sector Advocates NRI Bollywood Artists From Various States of India 166-167 168 170 171-173 174-175 176-181 182-190 191-192 193-197

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Chapter 7 : Faces of Indias Anti Corruption Movement Ama Shaheed Rajiv Dixit Swami Nigamananda (died after 4 months fast) against illegal mining His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Justice S.H Kapadia, Chief Justice, Honble Supreme Court of India Vinod Sarmah,Director General,CAG Subhramanium Swamy Chapter 8: Additional Information Anna Effect Anna as News maker Team Anna Core Committee Warrior of Anna(Known/Unknown) Untold Stories of Anna Sayings of Anna Hazare Awards of Anna Hazare Concluding Remarks

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I would like to acknowledge all the media persons, reporters whose reports, collected from internet is being are incorporated in the work.


Family History Anna Hazare was born in a poor family. His father Baburao Hazare was an unskilled labourer in a Ayurbeda Pharmacy and his grandfather worked for the army as Junior Commissioned Officer in British Army deployed in Bhingar which made Baburao and family to move to Bhingar near to Ahmednagar. where Kisan Bapat Baburao Hazare was born on 15 June 1938. Parents of Anna hazare tried to sell coconut,flowers but failed finally used to have a stall of vegetable in Bhingar market.

Figure - Annas Birth Place, Laxmi,Bhingar 700 A, Lohar Lane, Bhingar, Ahmednagar 414002 Anna's grandfather died after a short illness in 1945, Anna was six years old that time but the family continued to stay in Bhingar until 1952. After the death of Annas grand father entire responsibility fell on shoulder of Annas father Babu Rao Hazare. After Anna there were three sons and two daughters. Baburao Hazare decided to move to Ralegan Siddhi where they owned small amount of agricultural land. So Babu Rao Hazare resigned from his job of unskilled laborer in Ashram Ayurveda pharmacy and moved to Ralegan. There Babu Rao Hazare bought two a pair of bullock but unfortunately on the same year Ralegan faced drought and Babu Raos financial condition worsened. Soon Babu Rao and his wife started selling gold jewelry.Annas maternal uncle who worked as supervisor in a textile factory in Mumbai offered babu rao to take Anna to Mumbai, as he was not having his own son and for Annas education baburao agreed to send Anna to his


maternal uncles place. But he became unable financially to continue the support Anna and Kisan's schooling ended in the Standard Seventh grade Life in Mumbai Mean while Anna's father, Baburao had trouble making ends meet and eventually had to sell one part of his farmland and another part mortgage to survive with family. This forced Anna who was in Mumbai and just completed his seventh grade in school to take up a job. Anna worked for a florist at Dadar, Mumbai earning about 40/- forty rupees a month. He eventually started his own flower shop. Two of his brothers came to Mumbai to join him as he owned two flower shops in his business increasing the family earnings soon to about 700-800 rupees a month.A good income in those times.

Fig - Dadar Railway Station,Phool Market of Mumbai in 1960s During those days, Annas friends circle began to grow and Anna has grown the interest of watching cinema. Every new movie they used to watch after 23 days of release. As you know injustice always infuriated Anna ji, One such incident happened when one day Anna Ji and few of his friends went to see a movie, his friend shouted Thief, and Anna caught the culprit and whacked him a few times, suddenly the thiefs criminal group surrounded Anna. But Anna was brave as he is today, he took the stick of his disabled friend and beaten up those culprits, he said I will take you on one by one, Come on !, The miscreants feared Anna and fled. Anna and his friends reported the matter in nearest police station and on vary next day police arrested six of them and called Anna and his friends for identification parade. Anna and his friends identified those culprits, they were taken in police custody. While they were taken up by police , they threatened Anna that they will take revenge after release, on that Anna replied Although I am alone here, but I have many friends on myside to fight Another incident was when a policemen was harassing a pavement fruit and vegetable vendor and asking him to pay money, when that vendor failed to


money to policemen, he started beating the vendor, on that Anna could not keep his cool, and thrashed the policemen with his baton. That policemen got eight stiches. Which caused an arrest warrant against him. Anna had to underground but he did that for the good. However after that incident the villagers started to think that Anna has become miscreant in Mumbai. But it was not correct, soon the villagers realized and started to respect him more. Anna lost his mother in 2002. he has two married sister one in Mumbai and another in Sangamner. Life in Indian Army The Indo-China War of 1962 caused heavy casualty of Indian Army and which resulted the Indian Army to commence emergency recruitment measures.The government appealed youths to join Army. Because of small physique Anna never thought of joining Army before, but after the call of mother land he could not stop and took the biggest risk which many healthy youth of his age may not have chosen. In the first two months i.e probably November-December 1962, Anna has undergone training at Bombay Motor Driving and Mechanical Training Centre, and got qualified. After succeful training , Anna was sent to Aurangabad. As it was emergency situation for Indian Army, Anna got selected in Army Supply Corps(ASCMT) regiment for a one year basic training where he learnt about handling guns,stand guns,light machine guns,motor driving and mechanical knowledge of various vehicles. At the end of the course Anna was attested as Nk/Dr Soldier and Annas regiment was sent from Aurangabad to Delhi on January 1,1964. Anna experienced heavy cold which he never experienced in his life. I remember being unable to button my shirt because of the numbness in my fingure says Anna Hazare is his book My Village My Sacred Land . After spending a month in delhi Annas company left for Ambala, where he was trained how o drive vehicles in Hilly regions of Kalka,Nahan,Shimla,Rampur and tapir Hills, In those areas which was 14000-15000 feet high above sea level, where there were snow. After 6 months

Fig - Anna as Nk/Dr in Indian Army


of training Anna started carrying supplies to the Chinese border. Then Anna was posted in Punjab as a truck driver. Being far away from home and separated from all his friends, Anna felt lonely. He started thinking deeply about the purpose of human life on earth. He was frustrated with the materialistic approach of people, where every one thinks about themshelves He was desparately seeking the answer, he talked with many people but no one could give a proper satisfactory answer.The selfish world has depressed Anna. So he decided to end this useless life of a selfish world. Anna wrote a two page essay on why he wanted to end his life. Anna Hazare However, on further reflection, he realised that his suicide may affect the marriage prospects of his younger sister. Therefore, he decided to postpone the implementation of his resolution until his sister got married. During that time Annas regiment was responsible for carrying supplies of ammunition, fuel and food stuff etc to the khem karan border in Lahore sector. During war Pakistan had bad intentions to capture Indian territory and destroying roads, bridges and fuel stores to block the supplies. And also in due course of destruction, if they find and supply convoy on the way, they used to destroy that too. The supply were stored in a temporary depot at Mogha in Punjab about 100 to 125 Km from the battlefield of Khem Karan, supplies were loaded into trucks every morning and delivered to the border by night time. The vehicles had to be driven without light and if a truck go close to the side of the road , then there is a danger of mine explode. The supply convoy had to face 24 x 7 firing and the task was very important and risky. One day on 11 december 1965 Naik (Nk) Anna Hazare was driving his vehicle as part of the convoy of 20-25 vehicles across international border the enemy some how got the information about the convoy. Two saber jet came flying towards Annas convoy. They were flying so low that Anna thought they were their own. But they were fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force. They came from right of the vehicles crossed over to left, took a turn behind the convoy and then started firing. Anna just crouched under the steering wheel and started to press the break with hand. The truck slowed down and hit a pole an the side of the road and came to a halt. All drivers under took all passive measures to ward off the attacks. Some jumped from truck and lay on ground, some tried to hide in bushes. Anna opened the door and jumped off and hide somewhere, the jet come flying once more from behind them and fired at them and went ahead. During the second round of firing, Anna lay down absolutely still about 10-12 feet away from the truck. The enemy thought Anna was dead, so instead of firing at Anna they aimed at the


vehicles. The attack continued for 10 to 15 minutes.Anna remained there for

a Figure - PAK Air attack during 1965 while to make sure they were not coming again. Most of the fellow soldiers were killed. There were 25 to 30 bullet holes in Annas vehicle and the front tyres had brust. The rim had a hole in it. The wind screen had bullet holes in three places. Fortunately the petrol tank and engine were intact. A piece of glass had cut on the fore head of Anna, which was bleeding. Annas fellow soldiers sitting next to him lost his right arm and leg. Jairam the driver of front truck lost both his legs below knees. With the help of some people Anna unloaded the supplies from a vehicle and made a space for four wounded men and drove them to a hospital 70 Km away. Jairam died but other three survived.Anna saved himself and other three. Then he thought, why God has speared his life, why god did not allow him to be martyre. The question was constantly churning his mind. In another incident in Mizoram, Annas convoy of trucks were on its ways to Aizwal, the capital of Mizoram. The mizos were fighting for independent Mizoram, hated the Fig Anna with his fellow soldiers in presence of the Indian battle field Army. They were aided both by Pakistan and China in their fight against India. On that day they


planted threaded grenade across the road. The trick is they used grenade and clips of the grenade is fixed to thread, which is placed across the road for vehicles to cross. When a vehicle pass by , it takes away the thread and along with it the clip of the grenade moves out and it blasts the next vehicles. Same thing happened that day, the first vehicle took off the thread , second vehicle blown and Anna was in the third vehicle. In yet another incident, Anna had a near escape when he was posted in Nagaland. One night, underground Nagas attacked the military post and killed all the inmates. Anna had gone out to answer nature's call at that time and, hence, he was the lone survivor. These two events had a deep impact on Anna's mind. He realised that his life was not to be wasted and he came to believe that God considered his life to be precious. Otherwise, he thought, he could have had died along with his colleagues in either of these incidents. Anna was deeply shaken and questioned him as to why only his life had been spared among all his colleagues, however, he got no answer. As the Indo-Pak war came to an end, Anna Hazare requested for some leave .While moving back the question as to why only he survived never left his psyche. At delhi railway station he saw a booklet in a bookstall. The book attracted Anna towards it. It was Call to the youth for Nation building by Swami Vivekananda. He read and re -read throughout his journey back home. All his unsolved question was getting solved. The book gave a new meaning to Annas Life . One particular thought in the book really hit his mind hard that was, Swami Vivekananda propagated that we human being are meant to live for others not for themselves as most of the humans are doing presently which is next to animal behavior. He decided the rest of his life will be for the nation. As India and Indian needed to be rescued from the clutches corruption, God has saved our Anna during the battle of Khem karan. He started reading more books by Vivekananda,Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave. The thought started taking shape in the form of vision and he took the biggest decision of not to marry whole life for the sake of society and nation and in 1970 he firmly told his parent about his decision not to get married. He requested his parent to arrange marriage of his younger brothers. He wanted his native village ralegann Sidhhi to improve but did not know how and where to start. He used to come to his village on vacations and spend endless days sitting on the rocks at the outskirts of the village. In 1971, Anna was transferred to Bombay, from Bombay he started visiting the village frequently, from 1971-1974 he interacted with the villagers. He also


spent Rs 3000/- for giving a facelift to the Padmavati temple with a coat of oil paint. He established a good relation with the youth of the village. And on 1975 he successfully completed his 15 year service in Indian Army and preferred not to continue for the greater interest of society. However he was entitled with pension. During his 15-year tenure as a soldier, he was posted to several states like Sikkim, Bhutan, Jammu-Kashmir, Assam, Mizoram, Leh and Ladakh and braved challenging weathers. While in Army , his fellow soldiers used to call him shastri ji even the bosses used to call him shastri. Anns used to fight for various issues in Army too, wherever he see discrepancy. In this chapter itself readers must know the fact that Anna was hounred with various awards in Army and discharged with honour from the service. To divert the Indian Citizens from Lokpal Fight , before every fast be it August Kranti or December fast some persons with bad political intensions used to allege that Anna deserted Army and Anna is RSS agent to reduce Annas popularity. But those fools dont know it does not matter for a common Indians , where he belongs , who is Anna, he already has become our leader, our hero. In response to that Delhi-based activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal had moved an RTI application seeking details of Anna's service. The RTI reply from In response from Army's public information officer (ASC records, South, Bangalore) dated August 3 puts the record straight that Anna "never deserted" the Army, and that he was "honourably" discharged from the armed forces on completion of the 12 years of his service. The response following a Delhi-based RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal's plea came a week after the aforesaid politician had made several serious allegations of corruption against Anna. The RTI response states that five medals were notified to Anna - Sainya Seva Medal, Nine Years Long Service Medal, Sangram Medal, 25th Independent Anniversary Medal and Paschimi Star during his tenure with the Army. On the same instant Puneite Shashikant Mendhale who was closely associated with Hazare and his former boss, the late General YD Sashrabudhe came indefence of Annas reputation. The following what Mendhale says Hazare met his former boss at the memorial, he put on his


trademark Gandhi topi and executed a smart salute to the general. When General Sashrabudhe remonstrated him about the salute, Anna said: How can I forget that you are my former boss? Both had tears in their eyes. Supporting Hazares campaign, Mendhale said: On August 16, I sent a message to Anna asking his personal assistant to tell him that he is now facing the second battle of Basant. But, this time he is fighting internal enemies, not external ones. During the 1965 Indo-Pak war, Hazare drove General Sashrabudhes jeep. During my interactions with the general, he used to praise Annas patriotic spirit and his bravery, recalled Mendhale.




RETURN OF ANNA TO RALEGAN In 1975, Ralegan Siddhi was caught in a web of poverty and illicit liquor trade. The per capita Income was unbelievably low. at Rs 271. The whole village had no cultivable land, they had only 20 odd cattles for milking, there was no source of drinkable water and the general area around the village was devoid of trees. His village was located in rain shadow area which was draught stricken. The villagers were very poor and their only source of income was sale of locally brewed illicit liquor. There was not even one concrete house in the village and all were living under thatched huts. There was no school in nearby areas up to 20 kms. Drinking water used to come once in a week in water trailers sent by the Collector from Ahmednagar 60 km away. In general, villagers were living under very poor and pathetic conditions. Although most of the villagers owned some land, cultivation was extremely difficult due to the rocky ground preventing retention of the monsoon rains; this situation had not been assisted by a gradual deterioration as trees were cut down, erosion spread and droughts were also experienced. The shortage of water also led to disease because conditions became unsanitary and water was re-used for multiple purposes. The economy of the village had become reliant on illegal manufacture and sale of alcohol, a product to which many of the villagers had themselves become addicted. Many inhabitants were at the mercy of moneylenders in order to survive, and those lenders would charge monthly interest rates of as much as 10%. Crime and violence (including Fig Anna returned to Ralegan domestic violence) had become commonplace, while education and employment opportunities were poor. Anna Hazare decided to do something for his village and at that stage he did not know as what he will do; nevertheless he decided to do something. He took premature discharge from the Army and came and settled in his village.


Hazare was relatively wealthy because of the gratuity from his army service. He set about using that money to restore a run-down, vandalised village temple as a focal point for the community. Some were able to respond with small financial donations but many other villagers, particularly among the elderly, donated their labour in a process that became known as shram daan.

Fig - Anna inspecting village development works

Fig -Villagers participating on village development

Anna only received Rs 25000/- from the Army as lump-sum payment for pension which he pooled in and jumped in to improve the village. There was one temple in the village Anna started living there. He vowed to remain unmarried and dedicate his life for the up liftment of the villagers. The transformation took place when Anna Hazare. settled In the village.

Fig Ralegan Siddhi Before Anna

Fig - Ralegan Siddhi After Anna



Renovation of Yadav Baba Temple(1975) To begin with. he donated Rs 3000 to renovate a local temple. In that temple he baptized the villagers with his five commandments. prohibition, family planning, a ban on open grazing, a ban on felling trees and voluntary labor. Voluntary labor was necessary to ensure minimum dependence on the government for doles. "It socialized the costs of the projects." explains Hazare. Even those who were working outside the village contributed to development by committing a month's salary every year.

REMOVAL OF SOCIAL EVILS Prohibition of alcohol(1976) Hazare and the youth group decided to take up the issue of alcoholism as a means to drive a process of reform. At a meeting conducted in the temple, the villagers resolved to close down liquor dens and ban alcohol in the village.

Fig Anna on Villagers for Prohibition of alcohol Since these resolutions were made in the temple, they became, in a sense, religious commitments. Over thirty liquor brewing units were closed by their


owners voluntarily. Those who did not succumb to social pressure were forced to close down their businesses when the youth group smashed up their liquor dens. The owners could not complain as their businesses were illegal. Among those who joined Hazare were a few young men. They called him Annabig brotherand listened with fascination to his dream of transforming their village. Gradually, more youths joined the group, and Hazare suggested they form a Tarun Mandal . One night, a few Tarun Mandal members rushed to the temple with the news that some drunks from a neighbouring village had beaten up Gulab Bhalekar, a 40-year-old Ralegaon farmer, because he had not saluted them. Anna seized the opportunity to call a village meeting at which he lashed out against drinking, illicit distilling and gambling. Im warning all distillers here, he said. Shut shop! Some distillers, fearing Anna and his boys, readily complied. Others had their liquor dens smashed up. But Hazare was not content with simply putting an end to the illegal distilling. You can drink elsewhere, he told villagers. But if anyone here is found drunk, hed better watch out. He soon proved he meant business. A few days later when three men returned to Ralegaon drunk after a binge in a nearby village, Hazare had them tied to the temple pillars and personally flogged them with his army belt.

Fig The pole to which the drunk used to get flogged by Anna tied up Anna Hazare is unfazed by criticism of such behaviour. Rural India is a harsh society, he says, if you want change, its sometimes necessary to be tough. Indeed, no one I met at Ralegaon holds Hazares harshness against him. I was a miserable drunk nine years ago, said 44-year-old Haribhau


Mapari, a Ralegaon farmer. But after being thrashed, Ive not touched a drop of liquor. Anna saved me. Doesnt a mother administer bitter medicines to a sick child when she knows that the medicine can cure her child? The child may not like the medicine, but the mother does it only because she cares for the child. The alcoholics were punished so that their families would not be destroyed. Hazare appealed to the government of Maharashtra to bring in a law whereby prohibition would come into force in a village if 25% of the women in the village demanded it. In 2009 the state government amended the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949 to reflect this. Removal of untouchability (1976-86) There were 41 families of dalits living in the village. Out of them were 17 Mahars, 15 Chambhars, 2 Matangs, INhavi, 1 Bharhadi and 5 were Sutar families. Five of these families were landless. Mahars, Chambars and Matangs are the three castes which come lowest on the Hindu caste ladder. Untouchability in many forms did exist in Ralegan. These people were not allowed inside the temple. They were given water from the well but not allowed to draw water from the well on their own. They were not allowed to participate in community functions and marriages. During community lunches they had to sit separately and were served the last. At Anna Hazare's initiative the people of Ralegan decided to alleviate these disparities at both the social and economic levels. The dalits now participate in all the social functions. Their marriages are held as part of community marriage program together with those of other castes. As members of the Tarun Mandal, Mahila Mandal and Gram panchayat theharijans are even part of the team cooking or serving food in community lunches, even to the higher caste people. Once the Satyanarayanpooja in a local temple was performed by a local . These activities have helped in breaking the social barriers between dalits and other castes. In 1972 eleven dalit families had jointly borrowed Rs. 22,500/ from the Ahmednagar Bank for bringing their 32 acres of land under irrigation. They did dig a well and lay a pipeline to their fields with this money but a few years later, because of some discord amongst themselves the electricity bills were not paid and repayment schedule of the bank loan was also not followed. As a result, the bank decided to recover the arrears (loan and interest totalling about Rs. 75,000) hy auctioning the land. Anna Hazare intervened at this point and on his suggestion the Tarun Mandal took the responsibility of cultivating the land on lease for 10 years and pay back the loans. The bank officials also agreed to allow a grace period. ThcTarun Mandal paid off the


loans in just three years by collective farming on these lands. Later some of these lands were brought under farm-forestry by planting Subabul (Lucena) trees which yielded fodder and fire-wood. During the lease period the dalit owners got 25% of the produce and after the lease was over the lands were handed back to the original owners. For all other economic programs the people from the oppressed castes were chosen to be the first beneficiaries. Twenty-five women got cows or goats with Government subsidy and bank loans and became members of the cooperative society. Dalit wells were repaired/deepened with Government grant and a co-operative society was registered for sharing of water. A community centre with an electric connection was built, landless families were given land (5 acres each) and 9 houses were constructed with a NREP (National Rural Employment Program) grant. Like in any other village in India, dalit houses in Ralegan also were on the outskirts ofthe village. The new houses were built next to the village temple. The village people also contributed to construction of these houses by way of Shramadaan. All these houses have a lighting connection and smokeless chulhas. Dalits have also benefited by way of subsidies and loans for sewing machines, irrigation pumps, gobar gas plants, common toilets and bathrooms, free books, notebooks and uniforms for the school children. Seventeen families are members of the Krishna Lift Irrigation Schemes. The only barber in the village used to hire out for wage labour to supplement income from the traditional occupation. He received training in running a poultry farm and with a bank loan of Rs. 9,000 he was able to start a poultry farm as an additional source of income. The carpenter families are also farmers. They have been able to improve their agriculture. Three of them got loans for buying cows, one ol them dug a well and bought a pumpset with assistance from the bank for irrigating his fields. One of these families opened a grocery shop, also with bank assistance. During the ten year period i.e. trom 1976 to 1986, the Social Welfare Department had spent Rs. 7.93 lakh and the Panchayat Samitis had spent Rs. 73,000 under IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Program) grant on program of economic advancement of Dalit families in Ralegan Siddhi. However, more significant than the amount of money spent is the spirit of integration that thc people of Ralegan have demonstrated. They have shown that development with equity is real development and that it is also possible to accomplish this within a short span of 10 years.



Baning tobacco,cigarette and beedies(1980) On day when Anna was outside of Ralegan , members of Tarun Mandal decided to ban the sale of tobacco, cigarettes, and beedies (an unfiltered cigarette where the tobacco is rolled in tendu also known as Diospyros melanoxylon leaves instead of paper) in the village. In order to implement this resolution, the youth group performed a unique "Holi" ceremony twenty two years ago. The festival of Holi is celebrated as a symbolic burning of evil. The youth group brought all the tobacco, cigarettes, and beedies from the shops in the village and burnt them in a Holi fire. Tobacco, cigarettes, or beedies are no longer sold.

Fig - Village started celebrating together

Banishing Dowry The evil practice of dowry given at the time of marriage is well known even to the village people. But this evil cannot be banished by individual action. Ralegan people do not accept any dowry at the time of their son's marriage. However, they cannot extend the same rule in the case of daughters of Ralegan i.e. no dowry will be given in their daughter's marriage. Till such consciousness to banish dowry reaches other villages it is bound to remain only a one-sided affair for the people of Ralegan.


Fighting Superstitions Goddess Padmavati is the village deity of Ralegan. During the annual village festival of goddess Padmavati, the people used to bring goats to the Padmavati temple for sacrifice. After the sacrificial killing of the goat and ritual of offering it to the goddess the people had a feast at their homes with meat and alcohol freely served to relatives and other guests. During the pooja rituals some persons would start dancing vigorously pretending that they were possessed by the goddess. The villagers would ask questions about their problems and seek remedies from these persons (often called devarshis) supposedly blessed with divine powers. This entire drama gave rise to many superstitious practices. People used to trust the tantra-mantra or the ash given by this person even for treatment of well-known infectious diseases. These practices were not peculiar to Ralegan Siddhi but the people of Ralegan, especially the Tarun Mandal, decided to put an end to it. As a first step they told the people that if sacrificing a goat and offering it to the goddess pleased her then why should the sacrificial goat be taken home for a feast, let it remain with the goddess to make her happier. As a result, the practice of sacrificing animals at the temple stopped. Secondly when some people got "possessed" by the goddess and started dancing, the one who started first was beaten up by the Tarun Mandal members. He immediately started behaving normally; since that day no one in the village has ever got possessed by the goddess! Exposure of these practices has brought ahout a dramatic change in the beliefs of the people of Ralegan.

FORMATION OF CONSTRUCTIVE BODIES IN RALEGAN Formation of Trun Mandal (1978-1979) A youth group. Tarun Mandal. was formed. The group worked to ban the dowry system, caste discrimination and untouchability. Liquor distilling units were removed and prohibition Imposed. Open grazing was completely banned with a new emphasis on stall-feeding. The cultivation of waterIntensive crps like sugarcane was banned. Crops such as pulses, oilseeds and certain cash crops with low water requirements were grown Nyay Panchyats All elections to local bodies began being held on the basis of consensus. "It made the community leaders complete representatives of the people." says Ganpat Rai Avti. head of the village council. A system of Nyay Panchayats


(Informal courts) were also set up. Since then. no case has ever been referred to the police. Gram Sabha (1998-2006) The Gandhian philosophy on rural development considers the Gram Sabha as an important democratic institution for collective decision making in the villages of India. Hazare campaigned between 1998 and 2006 for amending the Gram Sabha Act, so that the villagers have a say in the development works in their village. The state government initially refused, but eventually gave in due to public pressure. As per the amendments, it is mandatory to seek the sanction of the Gram Sabha (an assembly of all village adults, and not just Fig Anna addressing Gram Sabha the few elected representatives in the gram panchayat) for expenditures on development works in the village.

Formation of Mahila Mandal The availability of drinking water, fodder, toilet facilities, bathroom etc. have reduced the drudgery of women. The moral upliftment of the village has improved the status of women at home and in society, due to change in attitudes of men towards women. Mahila Mandals (Women's Groups) manage the women-specific issues. Besides, all women's panchayat (assembly) is another step to encourage the participation of women: The village milk dairy is run by women. Atrocities on women are taken up very seriously and the culprit is dealt with strictly. Even husbands are not spared. However, it still needs more time for women to attain equality with man. A scheme of sewing, cloth cutting and tailoring has failed particularly due to low demand and lower returns. Lack of marketing strategy is the prime cause of failure. In general due to added development activities, the load on women in field and home activities has increased but they feel that they have regained their lost dignity and have equal participation in decision making process, today.



Fig Annas Gram Sabha Structure at Ralegan

Water Cooperative Society(1980-86) Padmavathi, Santa Yadav Baba, Goutama, Santa Janeshwar, Santa Tukaram and Krishna Water co-operative society.

RISE OF RALEGAN Collective marriages(1976) Most rural poor get into a debt trap as they incur heavy expenses at the time of marriage of their daughter or son. It is an undesirable practice but has almost become a social obligation in India. Ralegan's people have started celebrating marriages collectively. Joint feasts are held, where the expenses are further reduced by the Tarun Mandal taking responsibility for cooking and serving the food. The vessels, the loudspeaker system, the mandap, and the decorations have also been bought by the Tarun Mandal members belonging to the oppressed castes. From 1976 to 1986, 424 marriages have been held under this system.



Fig - Collective marriage in Ralegan Work began with the percolation tank constructed In the village. In 1975. the tank would not hold water. The embankment wall leaked. Hazare rallied people to voluntarily repair the embankment. The seven wells below It swelled with water, for the first time In the living memory of the people. In summer. The people reposed their faith In Hazare and his vision. Education(1979) In 1932, Ralegan Siddhi got its first formal school, a single classroom primary school. In 1962, the villagers added more classrooms through community volunteer efforts. By 1971, out of an estimated population of 1,209, only 30.43% were literate (72 women and 290 men). Boys moved to the nearby towns of Shirur and Parner to pursue higher education, but due to socioeconomic conditions, girls could not do the same and were limited to primary education.



Figure School of Anna Hazare Hazare, along with the youth of Ralegan Siddhi, worked to increase literacy rates and education levels. In 1976 they started a pre-school and a high school in 1979. The villagers formed a charitable trust, the Sant Yadavbaba Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, which was registered in 1979.

Fig - Anna inspecting computer education at Ralegan School A Rs 22 lakh school building was constructed using only the resources of the village. No donations were taken. Money. If needed, was borrowed and paid back. The villagers took pride In this self-reliance. A new system of sharing labour grew out of this Infusion of pride and voluntary spirit. People volunteered to work on each others' land. Landless labour also gained employment. Today the village plans to buy land for them In adjoining villages.


Grain Bank(1980) In 1980, the Grain Bank was started by him at the temple, with the objective of providing food security to needful farmers during times of drought or crop failure.

Fig - Grain Bank in Ralegan Rich farmers, or those with surplus grain production, could donate a quintal to the bank. In times of need, farmers could borrow the grain, but they had to return the same amount of grain they borrowed, plus an additional quintal as an interest. This ensured that nobody in the village ever went hungry or had to borrow money to buy grain. This also prevented distress sales of grain at lower prices at harvest time. Milk production (1980) It takes six months before a crop is ready for harvesting and selling. As a result, alternative sources are required for income earning during lean periods. Dairy farming was seen to provide a viable alternative. This was made possible by the increase in green fodder owing to increased availability of water. A milk cooperative was set up in the village in 1981, called the Shri Sant Yadavbaba Dudh Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha. It has 225 members and is headed by a nine-member committee. Anna Hazare encouraged villagers to sell low-yield milch cattle and buy high-yield breeds of cows and buffaloes.



Fig Milk Collection Centre at Ralegan The current breed has been improved through artificial insemination. The presence of a veterinary doctor in the village has resulted in improvements to cattle stock. The village currently owns 627 milch animals, 155 bullock pairs and 366 sheep and goats. The average milk yield per family has increased from 1.58 litres pre-1975 to an impressive 4.96 litres in the current phase . Currently, 3000 litres of milk are marketed every day. The price of the milk varies from Rs. 8-10 per litre and the village earns 23 a revenue of Rs. 30,000/day. The monthly turnover of the society is Rs. 7-12 lakh per month. The cooperative has built a building worth Rs. 8 lakh from its profits . A mini-truck and a thresher have also been purchased.19 All records are computerised. The society has its own milk testing machine and weighing machine, and plans are afoot to set up a chilling plant and packaging machines for the future. The society assures livelihoods to 225 families. Watershed development programme(1982-83) Ralegaon Siddhi Project, covering four watersheds in geographical area of about 892 hectares in Maharashtra, is one of the success stories. In a total project outlay of of Rs.112.75 lakh, the State Government contributed Rs.52.75 lakh , Rs.47 lakh was borrowed from banks, Rs.11 lakh was put together by villagers through shramdan and the remaining Rs.2 lakh was


raised from other sources. Result of the initiative: a series of checkdams, cemented bandharas, and nullah bunds have been built at strategic locations. All these increased the infiltration of harvested water and recharged ground water. Today Ralegoan Siddhi has two percolation tanks, thirty nullah bunds, eighty-five wells, and eight borewells all of which are viable right through the year. Farmers now grow two or three crops every year including fruits and vegetables. All the soil and water conservation structures were built through community action. The villagers have stopped grazing their animals

Fig - Watershed in Ralegan Siddhi on common lands; instead, they have switched to other ways. To take care of equitable distribution of water, they have formed associations pani puravatha mandals. The success story owes much to leadership of Sri Anna Hazare who turned a once poverty stricken Ralegaon Siddhi into a self-sufficient village. It is the peoples participation that gave it all element of sustainability

Fig Villagers engaged in development work By keeping an eye on conserving every drop of water and preventing erosion of the fertile soil, he steered the villagers to begin working towards water conservation. At the outset, they completed 48 Nala Bunding work, contour trenches, staggered trenches, gully plugs, meadows development and of


forestation of 500 hectares of land. Thereafter, they constructed five RCC weirs and 16 Gabion Weirs. This resulted in increase in the ground water level. After that, Hazare along with his team worked out the cropping pattern suitable to the quality of soil and the water volume available for farming. This led to increase in the water table by making water available for 1,500 acres of land instead of 300 acres. As a natural sequel, this effort led to yielding of food-grains and the villagers became self-sufficient in terms of food. The table turned turtle earlier there was no work available for the villagers, now manpower was required to be imported from neighbouring villages. The farmers started growing high-yield varieties of crop and the cropping pattern of the village was changed. Hazare has helped farmers of more than 70 villages in drought-prone regions in the state of Maharashtra since 1975. When Hazare came in Ralegan Siddhi in 1975 only 70 acres (28 ha) of land was irrigated, Hazare converted it into about 2,500 acres (1,000 ha). Kukadi Canal lift irrigation system(1986-2001) In order to bring in an additional supply of water for irrigation, it was decided to lift water from the Kukadi Canal. The 200km canal flows 3km from Ralegan Siddhi and is built on a tributary of the Krishna River.This was formed at an estimated cost of Rs. 30 lakh. Loans were taken in two instalments, Rs. 21 lakh in 1986 and Rs. 9 lakh in 1992. Initially, 103 persons from the village participated in the scheme, which had a combined total area of 525 acres.



Fig Kukadi Canal Lift Irrigation System

A loan of Rs. 1,825,000 was taken from the Bank of Maharashtra in 19931994 by collectively mortgaging the land of members. Labour, as with all development projects, was provided through shramdaan worth 3 lakh. The second instalment was taken in order to benefit an increased command area. A new pipeline was added and pump sets increased. The cost of electricity of Rs. 800,000 and water charges of Rs. 80,000 are divided among the members of the society. Around 400 ha or 1000 acres of land in four villages would be irrigated. Today, the scheme covers only 700 acres of land: membership of 30 of the 170 households has been terminated and proceedings have been initiated against them as they defaulted on payments. Owing to gravity-related problems, water does not reach some of the land for which it was planned. Therefore, households owning 100 acres of land withdrew. However, some of these joint families have now split since the children no longer live with their parents Additionally, 12 new members have joined. The society now has 260 members. By 2001, the Rs. 30 lakh borrowed had been returned with interest at 16 percent. Kukadi Canal supplies about 40 percent of the village's water needs. In the absence of lift irrigation, one acre of land yields an income of Rs. 10,000 based on rainfed millet and sorghum; if there is a drought even this is not possible. Drought occurs every three to four years, sometimes


consecutively. With assured water supply, the income from one crop is Rs. 35,000 to 40,000 per acre (an increase of Rs. 25,000 per acre) based on cultivation of the same millet and sorghum, with additional onions, vegetables, bananas and horticulture (and perhaps sugarcane) as well as a second crop of groundnuts, wheat and gram. As such, access to water can raise incomes by three to four times. Even though this is a drought-prone area, canal irrigation (through the lifting of water) provides two guaranteed crops instead of one. However, the problem is that, even though water is available in the canal, it cannot be lifted because of load shedding which motivated Anna to start a movement for power supply(described in movements section of the book)

Another area was providing for the fuel and green fodder requirements of the village. Before the reforms, indiscriminate grazing by villagers had left the grasslands bare. Contrary to the popular belief of the villagers, young and stunted grass was not enough to satiate the hunger of cattle. Further, the hooves of the cattle trampled the young grass and loosened the soil. This had to be prevented. Under the guidance of Anna Hazare, the villagers undertook a tree plantation drive.

Fig Children planting Sapling under Annas Guidance for Khuhadbandhi



Almost 4 lakh saplings were planted and nurtured (mostly by young school children). The Forest Department provided free saplings and money for labour under the Social Forestry Programme.13 Kurhadbandi, or a ban on felling trees, was introduced. Further, social fencing, or charaibandi, was undertaken by the villagers to prevent cattle from grazing indiscriminately. Instead, the practice of stall feeding with cultivated fodder was adopted. Ralegan Siddhi now has 500 acres of grassland. As green fodder increased, the number and productivity of milch animals increased. Milk yields went from 2 litres a day to 8 litres a day. This also resulted in a modest rise in income levels.

Fig Ralegan Nursery The changes in the economics brought all the villagers under one roof of unity and people voluntarily contributed in terms of labour and money to build a school, a hostel, a temple and other buildings. Mass marriages, grains bank, dairy, cooperative society, self-help groups for women and youth mandals helped develop the village in all aspects and gave a new face to it. Hazare opines that proper planning of natural and human resources can result in the betterment of a person, area, village instead of exploiting such resources. He says, Today we all are exploiting the earthen resources like


petrol, diesel, kerosene, coal and water. This can never be termed as perennial development as it is going to lead a state of destruction one day. The sources of energy are limited and hence I am concerned about the next generations. Today many of the villages of almost every state are feeling the brunt of water shortage. Building concrete jungles does not mean development as Gandhiji had rightly said. Creation of a human idol should be the main objective rather than creating towering buildings. Surely, one needs to live for oneself and the family but simultaneously one owes something to your neighbour, your village and your nation too. For this, you need an idol who could lead to this goal. Such leadership is not created by power or money but only by virtues like pure thinking, matching action and willingness to sacrifice. It is the thumb rule of farming that When a seed buries itself, it leads to a better yield. in order to get better yield of grains, one single grain needs to burry itself. The society needs such volunteers who are ready to get buried in selfless service for the better future of the society.

Fig - Anna Addressing Villagers on development Issue Hazares Ralegan Siddhi became the first role model of an ideal village and has become a tourist spot for many visitors across the nation, since it shows the metamorphoses from the worst village to an ideal village. Visitors include politicians, researchers, social workers and students. Four postgraduate students have completed Ph. D. thesis on Ralegan Siddhi.


Solar Energy The village's biggest accomplishment is in non-conventional energy. For example, all the village streets are lit by solar lights. Each light has a separate solar panel.

Fig - Solar Energy in Ralegan Health facility

Fig Health Facility in Ralegan

Family Planning(1983) Ralegan Siddhi started family planning during 1983, initially an attempt were made to educate the people but some did not agreed , so it was decided by Gram Sabha not to provide them with the benefit of the developments. So many agreed, but some still requested Gram Sabha to allow them to have a boy child, since they were having 3-4 girl child. Gram Sabha made them realied that there is no difference between boy and girl. Now after 24 years the bebefit of family planning can be seen at ralegan.In ralegan young men


undergo sterilization after one child even if it is a girl baby. This is a significant social change. Bio Gas (1983-84) Ralegan probably the first village in India to curtail open defecation through the building of community latrines (1983-1984). People were encouraged to use the latrines to reduce the incidence of disease. An additional benefit is that seven biogas plants function entirely using human sewage. However, community biogas plants have recently stopped working owing to maintenance issues; individual plants and the one at the hostel are running successfully. Summary He motivated some young persons of the village and first undertook the task of watershed management for the village. Prior to the rainy season they made bunds so that water did not flow away. They planted trees, ensuring cleanliness in the village and organized classes in a make shift classroom at the temple. The village had almost 2500 acres of land out of which only few acres was cultivable. Through sustained efforts of Anna and his team, the water table started rising, land bank of cultivable land increased, children started learning, and people purchased few buffalos and cows. Today the Anna Hazare, s village displays a different story.All 2000 acres of land is being cultivated, village has 3000 cattle, all houses in the village are pucka and per capita income of villagers has gone up by many folds. There is one school which is of international standard. This school apart from taking students of the area also admits students who have been dropouts or failures. The School is being run like military schools and it produces very good results. All areas around 40 kms of Ralegan Sidhi have green cover, water level has come up and water is being conserved through water shed management techniques. He accomplished all this through Sharam Daan, motivating villagers to work on the rolling landscape of the area around his village. He developed a very innovative bunds and small reservoirs along the contours which were designed to hold almost every drop of whatever scanty rainfall the parched land received. Soon the subsoil water reserves reached a level sufficient to cater to the agricultural and drinking needs of the village even if it did not rain for two consecutive years. There is one institute come up in the village being supervised by Shri Anna Hazare which conducts classes for students and farmers from all over the globe. They come to learn techniques of rural development and watershed management.


Today Anna has been asked by the Maharashtra Government to bring up 300 villages of the state on model village like Ralegan Sidhi. Shri Anna is on advisory in agriculture and rural development of five states and has got 45 awards to his credit out of which 30 are international awards. Milestones in the history of Ralegan Siddhi Pre-1975: Ralegan Siddhi suffering from acute deprivation and poverty 1975: Arrival of Anna Hazare after taking voluntary retirement from the army 1976: Rebuilding of temple precinct through donations by Anna Hazare 1976: Dowry ban, liquor prohibition, collective marriages 1979: School up to the 12th Standard sanctioned by the government 1978-1979: Formation of tarun mandal 1980: Grain Bank started 1980: Milk collection centre 1980: Urja gram scheme initiated 1980-1983: Biogas scheme launched 1980-1986: Establishment of six water cooperative societies 1982: Branch of Bank of Maharashtra opened 1982-1983: Soil conservation measures undertaken under the COWDEP 1983-1984: Percolation tank repaired 1983-1984: Community latrines/bathrooms 1993: Ideal Village Programme launched by government 1994-1995: National Training Centre for Watershed Development launched 1995-1996: First technical batch of 62 trainees trained in watershed and rural management 1995: Hind Swaraj Trust formed 1996-2000: 17 SHGs established 1998: Cooperative (credit) society set up



Some moments of Annas and Ralegan

Fig Anna doing Exercise

Fig Anna doing pranayam

Fig Anna Inspecting Village

Fig-Anna takes care of Hind Swaraj Trust Fig Anna lives in a small room 10x10 in size, with a bed , a table and chair. A plate and a glass. He has a mobile phone too. No bank balance, no land. As he donated his land to village.



Fig School Children pray during a morning assembly at a school in the Ralegaon Siddhi village

Fig - Veteran Indian social activist Anna Hazare inspects a school building under-construction in the Ralegaon Siddhi village

Fig - Students touch the feet of veteran Indian social activist Anna Hazare as a sign of respect as he visits one of his schools in the Ralegaon Siddhi village

Fig -Children play a game of kabaddi on the grounds of a school in the Ralegaon Siddhi village



Fig - Students play during a recess break at a school in the village of Ralegaon Siddhi

Fig A man walks out of a computer institute in the Ralegaon Siddhi village, June

Fig Students attend class at a school in the Ralegaon Siddhi village, The school was founded by Anna Hazare in 1979

Fig A portrait of Anna Hazare hangs on the wall of a restaurant in Ralegaon Siddhi village



Fig (From left) Akshay, Maruti, Nisha, Kantabai and Kausalya Hazare outside their home at Ralegan Siddhi




Sri Ganga Ram Babu Rao Mapari

Sri Madhav Biva Mapari

Sri Bhausaheb Bhaguji Awati

Shri Sadahi Sambhaji

Shri Sampat Gulabrao Pote

Shri Ganpat Vithoba Awati

Shri Devrao Patil Pathare

Shri Ganpatrao Shankar Pathare

Mohanbhau Mapari

Shri Bagdi kisan mapari

Shri Sonba Chander Awati

Shri Dadabhau Sitaram pathare



Shri Baburao Ganji Mapari

Shri Gapatrao Rabhaji Pathare

Shri Sadashiv Jijyaba Mapari

Sau. Shantabai Mapari

Sau. Sakharabai Gajare

A 68-year-old Thakaram Lakshman Raut, manager at NTCWM and one of the trustees of the Hind Swaraj Trust (HST), has spent more than three decades managing various sectoral developments in Ralegan Siddhi. Having pursued a degree in MSc, he is passionate to work for the betterment of the village. A former principal of the secondary school of the village, he is currently a watershed development trainer in Ralegan Siddhi. Originally hailing from a small town of Karjat in Ahmednagar district, Raut a close friend and aid of Anna, has seen the barren lands of Ralegan Siddhi turning into lush green



Dinesh Patil, former Principal of National Training Centre for Watershed Management (NTCWM), Ralegan Siddhi Annasaheb Rambhau Kale, 56, Principal of secondary school Shri Sant Yadababa Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (SSYSPM) in Ralegan Siddhi, stresses on field learning than classroom learning. An MA in Hindi, he is an ardent follower of Anna. Hailing from Ranjangaon Tehsil, a few kilometers from Parner, Kale is painting Annas vision of development amongst children Rajaram Gajre is a one-man-show for many departments in the village. He has been handling a plant nursery, wedding planning and mahila mandals of the village for more than two decades. Gangaram Baburam Mapare, 64, head of Paani Puravtha society, it was coming back to square one. He had started his construction business in Pune but migrated back to Ralegan Siddhi. While majority of the villagers followed one path, Mapare wanted to experiment. A bachelor of science, he left the village two decades ago, but came back to supervise the water supply department, despite having a house, car and a set business in Pune

Fig - School Teachers of Ralegan



The World Bank Group has concluded that the village of Ralegan Siddhi was transformed from a highly degraded village ecosystem in a semi-arid region of extreme poverty to one of the richest in the country. The Ralegan Siddhi example, now 25 years old, by demonstrating that it is possible to rebuild natural capital in partnership with the local economy, is a model for the rest of the country

- Report of World Bank

By Indian standards, Ralegan Siddhi is a rich village now. By the 1990s, not a single resident depended on drought relief programs. Incomes have risen to the point that more than a quarter of the residents now earn more than 500,000 rupees a year, or over $11,000. The village is so prosperous today that a major bank has opened a branch there. Ralegan residents reportedly have private savings of Rs. 30 million, or about $700,000. The progress in Ralegan is even more striking in light of the fact that only a million households in India earn more than one million rupees a year, and such people are considered super rich by the National Council of Applied Economic Research. For a village that was once badly degraded both economically and environmentally, this is indeed a miracle.

- Report of CPRC-IIPA




Movements in Mahastra
In 1989, Hazare went on a nine-day fast to get regular power supply to farmers in Ahmednagar district. A surge of sympathy for him and the cause followed his hospitalisation, and about 12,000 people staged a roadblock. Though peaceful, the vast numbers of protesters unnerved the authorities, who ordered the police to fire. Four farmers died and many were injured. A rattled State government caved in and provided stable electricity supply and introduced some development schemes for farmers. In 1991 Hazare launched the Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Aandolan (BVJA) (People's Movement against Corruption), a popular movement to fight against corruption in Ralegaon Siddhi. In the same year he protested against the collusion between 40 forest officials and timber merchants. This protest resulted in the transfer and suspension of these officials.

Fig Anna addressing executive meeting of BVJA



Fig : Anna Hazare listening to the problems of people at Nanded, Maharashtra In May 1997 Hazare protested against alleged malpractices in the purchase of powerlooms by the Vasantrao Naik Bhathya Vimukt Jhtra Governor P. C. Alexander.

Fig Anna addressing rally in Maharastra In November 1996, he accused Minister of State for Irrigation Mahadev Shivankar of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Minister of State for Agriculture and Water Conservation Shashikant Sutar of the Shiv Sena of unjust and frequent transfer of personnel in their departments and of accumulating vast properties all over the State and not declaring them as assets. Hazare sat on a 14-day fast refusing all solid food until both were divested of their portfolios. The then Chief Minister, Manohar Joshi of the Shiv Sena, accepted the letters of resignation of the two Ministers but did not pass them on to the Governor, stating that a commission of inquiry would decide the fate of the two Ministers. Ultimately, both were stripped of their posts.



On 4 November 1997 Gholap filed a defamation suit against Hazare for accusing him of corruption. He was arrested in April 1998 and was released on a personal bond of 5,000 (US$100). Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas (Trust), registered on 5th November 1997, has wide ranging objectives which include the following: (1) to create empowered citizenry consistent with the principles outlined in the Indian Constitution, (2) to create enriched egalitarian society,. (3) to help build national character, (4) to get social justice for the poor and underprivileged sections of the society and (5) to eliminate corruption from day to day life and bring about good governance. The Trust organizes public awareness meetings to achieve these objectives.

Fig BVJA Innaugurated The Trust has set up committees in 35 districts and 180 talukas of Maharashtra to educate citizens, the stake holders in a democratic society, about their rights and responsibilities. Efforts are on to start similar activity in other states of India. In all of its activities, the Trust follows peaceful Gandhian principles of non-violence.



On 9 September 1998 Hazare was imprisoned in the Yerawada Jail to serve a three-month sentence mandated by the Mumbai Metropolitan Court. The sentencing caused leaders of all political parties except the BJP and the Shiv Sena came in support of him. Later, due to public protests, Fig Anna sent to Jail the Government of Maharashtra ordered his release from the jail. After release, Hazare wrote a letter to then chief minister Manohar Joshi demanding Gholap's removal for his role in alleged malpractices in the Awami Merchant Bank. Gholap resigned from the cabinet on 27 April 1999. In 2003 corruption charges were raised by Hazare against four NCP ministers of the Congress-NCP government. He started his fast unto death on 9 August 2003. He ended his fast on 17 August 2003 after then chief minister Sushil Kumar Shinde formed a one-man commission headed by the retired justice P. B. Sawant to probe his charges. The P. B. Sawant commission report, submitted on 23 February 2005, indicted Sureshdada Jain, Nawab Malik, and Padmasinh Patil. The report exonerated Vijaykumar Gavit. Suresh Jain and Nawab Malik resigned from the cabinet in March 2005. Three trusts headed by Anna Hazare were also indicted in the P. B. Sawant commission report. 220,000 (US$4,180) spent by the Hind Swaraj Trust for Anna Hazare's birthday celebrations was concluded by the commission as illegal and amounting to a corrupt practice, though Abhay Firodia, an industrialist subsequently donated 248,000 (US$4,710) to the trust for that purpose.

The setting apart of 11 acres of its land by the trust in favour of the Zilla Parishad without obtaining permission from the charity commissioner was concluded as a case of maladministration. The commission also concluded


that the maintenance of accounts of the Bhrashtachar Virodhi Janandolan Trust after 10 November 2001 had not been according to the rules and 46,374 (US$880) spent by the Sant Yadavbaba Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Trust for renovating a temple was in contravention to its object of imparting secular education.

Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act

Before 2006 in the state of Maharashtra, even honest government officers were transferred to other places according to ministers wish. Sometimes within months of being posted to a place, whereas some corrupt and favoured officials were cozy in their postings for many years in some cases even for 10 to 20 years and since there was not any guideline or law many government officials were reluctant to process files that contained important public proposals and decisions. Anna fought hard for a law whereby a government servant must clear a file within a specified time and that transfers must take place only after three years. After many years of relentless efforts of Anna, finally on 25 May 2006 state government of Maharashtra issued a notification announcing that the execution of the special act, The Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act 2006, aimed at curbing the delay by its officers and employees in discharging their duties. This act provides for disciplinary action against officials who move files slowly and enables monitoring officials who stay too long in a post, or in a department, and for involvement in a corrupt nexus. Within this act, it is mandatory for the government to effect transfers of all government officers and employees, except Class IV workers, after the stipulated three years. Act also prevents the government from effecting frequent transfers of officers before the stipulated three-year tenure, except in case of emergency and under exceptional circumstances. Maharashtra is the first state in the country to have introduced such act. However, like others, this law has also not been followed in its true spirit.



Campaign against liquor from food grains

Constitution of India Article 47 commits the State to raise the standard of living and improve public health, and prohibit the consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs injurious to health. In 2007 Maharashtra Government rolled out the grain-based liquor policy aimed to encourage production of liquor from food grain in the light of the rising demand for spirit used for industrial purposes and potable liquor and Issue 36 licenses for distilleries for making alcohol from food grains. Anna Hazare opposed the governments policy to promote making liquor from food grains in Maharashtra. He argued the government that Maharashtra is a food-deficit State and there was shortage of food grains and it is not logical to promote producing liquor from food grains. One of the State ministers Laxman Dhoble said in his speech that those opposing the decision to allow use of food grains for the production of liquor are antifarmers and those people should be beaten up with sugarcane sticks. Hazare initiated fast at Shirdi, but on 21 March 2010 government promised to review the policy and Anna ended his 5 day long fast. But the government later granted 36 licences and grants of 10 (US$0.19) (per litre of alcohol) to politicians or their sons who were directly or indirectly engaged in making alcohol from foodgrains. Some of the main beneficiaries of these licences includes Amit and Dheeraj Deshmukh, sons of Union Heavy Industries Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gopinath Munde's daughter Pankaja Palwe and her husband Charudatta Palwe, sons-in-law of P.V. Narasimha Rao, Rajya Sabha MP Govindrao Adik. The government approved the proposal for food grain-based alcohol production in spite of stiff opposition from the planning and finance departments saying there is a huge demand in other countries for food grain made liquor in comparison with that of molasses. Anna filed a Public Interest Litigation against the Government of Maharashtra for allowing food-grains for manufacturing liquor in the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court. On 20 August 2009 Maharashtra government stopped the policy. However, distilleries sanctioned before that date and those who started production within two years of sanction were entitled for subsidies. On 5 May 2011 court refused to hear a Public Interest Litigation saying "not before me, this is a court of law, not a court of justice" as a reason of not hearing the plea. One of Principal Secretary in Maharashtra state C.S. Sangeet


Rao, enlighten that there is no law exists to scrap these licences as this is a government policy.

RTI Movement
In the early 2000s Hazare led a movement in Maharashtra state which forced the state government to enact a revised Maharashtra Right to Information Act. This Act was later considered as the base document for the Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI), enacted by the Union Government. It also ensured that the President of India assented to this new Act.

Fig Anna fighting for RTI

On 20 July 2006 the Union Cabinet amended the Right to Information Act 2005 to exclude the file noting by the government officials from its purview. Hazare began his fast unto death on 9 August 2006 in Alandi against the proposed amendment. He ended his fast on 19 August 2006, after the government agreed to change its earlier decision.




Murder of RTI activist by Corrupts After RTI has come many people were killed , who used RTI to bring out corruption War against corruption has taken a hit because of the rising attacks on whistle-blowers.11 Indians have lost their lives in the past few years for exposing corruption. They are: Lalit Kumar Mehta, an activist in Jharkhand, was murdered May 2008. He had exposed corruption in the local jobs-for-work scheme. Kameshwar Yadav was gunned down by unknown persons in Jharkhand in June 2008. He had used the right to information law to expose a nexus between officers, politicians, contractors and middlemen in siphoning off government funds meant for irrigation work. Venkatesh, a right to information activist from southern Karnataka state whose questions had exposed encroachments on government land, was murdered on 12 April 2009. A local criminal leader was arrested in connection with the killing. Satish Shetty, a right to information activist from the western city of Pune, was killed by unidentified men while on a morning walk on 13 January 2010. His questions had exposed land scandals in the area.

Fig Spot where Satish Shetty Shot



Vishram Laxman Dodiya, a roadside vendor and prolific right to information activist, was hacked to death by three men near his home in Surat in western Gujarat state on 11 February 2010. Three men have been held in connection with the murder. Shashidhar Mishra, an activist from Begusarai in the eastern state of Bihar, was shot dead by unknown men as he returned home on 14 February 2010. He had exposed alleged scams in welfare schemes in village councils. Sola Ranga Rao, a right to information activist from southern Andhra Pradesh state, was murdered near his home on 11 April 2010. Vitthal Gite, an activist from the western state of Maharashtra, was murdered on 18 April 2010, after exposing alleged irregularities in a village school. Dattatreya Patil, another activist from Maharashtra, was murdered on 22 May 2010 because of his "right to information activities". Amit Jethwa, an environmentalist working in Gujarat's Fir forest, was shot dead on 20 July 2010. His applications had revealed illegal mining in the protected forest. A number of people, including a relative of a powerful local MP, have been arrested. Ramdas Patil Ghadegaonkar, a milk seller from Maharasthra, was murdered on 27 August 2010. He was using the right to information law to unearth information about illegal dredging of sand from the local Godavari river. Shehla Masood, an RTI activist and a strong supporter of Anna Hazare's anticorruption movement, was shot dead around 11.30am IST. An unidentified assailant shot her in front of her house in Koh-e-Fiza, Bhopal.

Even a policeman (or auxilliary to the police) could not escape death for seeking information under the Right to Information Act, 2005. On July 25, 2010, Babbu Singh of Uttar Pradesh Home Guard was killed allegedly for seeking information about government funds and work done by his village Pradhan at Katghar village in Uttar Pradesh



J Dey was going back home from Ghatkopar after meeting his mother Bina Dey on his motorcycle on 11 June 2011 around 3PM, he was shot dead by four unidentified motorcycle-borne gunmen in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai. He was taken to Powai Hospital but they did not have the facilities so he was rushed to Hiranandani hospital later. He was reported dead on arrival, with nine exit wounds on his body, at the Hiranandani hospital. The police believe the murder was a professional job, and may be related to his reporting on the oil Fig J Dey mafia.[2] The oil mafia, which pilfers oil being transported and also dilutes it before sale, has been under pressure since the killing of Yashwant Sonawane in January 2011. He had also recently reported that Chhota Rajan was the mastermind behind a murder attempt on don Dawood's brother, Iqbal Kaskar, in Mumbai. The murder was widely denounced by the press and the local government.

The rotten system of India needed a change In India No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail permanently despite huge evidence because Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CBI directly come under the government. Before starting investigation or initiating prosecution in any case, they have to take permission from the same bosses, against whom the case has to be investigated. No corrupt officer is dismissed from the jobbecause Central Vigilance Commission, which is supposed to dismiss corrupt officers, is only an advisory body. Whenever it advises government to dismiss any senior corrupt officer, its advice is never implemented. No action is taken against corrupt judgesbecause permission is required from the Chief Justice of India to even register an FIR against corrupt judges. Nowhere to go - People expose corruption but no action is taken on their complaints.



There is so much corruption within CBI and vigilance departments. Their functioning is so secret that it encourages corruption within these agencies. Weak and corrupt people are appointed as heads of anti-corruption agencies. Citizens face harassment in government offices. Sometimes they are forced to pay bribes. One can only complaint to senior officers. No action is taken on complaints because senior officers also get their cut. Nothing in law to recover ill gotten wealth.A corrupt person can come out of jail and enjoy that money. Small punishment for corruption- Punishment for corruption is minimum 6 months and maximum 7 years.



Scams after Scams From 1947 to 2012 , India observed a huge number of scams of worth 910603234300000/- i.e 91 lacs Crore + 2 lacs crore NRHM Scam, so it comes around 93 lacs crore approximately.

1947-2005 Jeep scandal case (80 Lakhs), 1948 Cycle import scam, 1951 Haridas Mundhra scandal, 1957 Pratap Singh Kairon Scam, 1964 Nagarwala Scandal, 1971 Cement Scam involving A R Antulay, 1982 Bofors Scandal, 1989 Harshad Mehta securities scam, 1992 Palmolein Oil Import Scam, Kerala, 1992 Sugar import scam , 1994 Purulia arms drop case, 1994 SNC Lavalin scandal, 1995 Telgi scam, 1995 Bihar fodder scam, 1996 Sukh Ram Telecom Equipment Scandal, 1996 C R Bhansali Scam (1100 crore), 1996 Fertiliser Import scam (133 crore), 1996 Cobbler scam , 1997 Sukh Ram telecom scam, 1997 Hawala Scandal, 1997 Ketan Parekh securities scam, 2001


Barak Missile Scandal, 2001 Calcutta Stock Exchange Scam, 2001 Provident fund (PF) scam ,2002 Kargil Coffin Scam,2002 Taj corridor scandal,2003 HUDCO scam,2003 Gegong Apang PDS Scam, 2004

2005 January 2005 Telgi Scam 171 crores - Telgi was sentenced 13 yrs RI and 100 cr fine. Mayawatis Taj Corridor- 175 crores alleged scam Case was dropped in 2007 by the pecial designated court due to insufficient evidence Motilal Goel Scam 1000 crore

February 2005 West Bengal Telecom Scam 400 crores Indias unchecked textbooks racket estimated 225 crores Urea Scam 133 crores March 2005 Meghalaya lottery scam - 25000 crore April 2005 Ration Card Scam 3 crore Car Financing Scam ? crore Junior Basic Trained teachers recruitment scam- ?



May 2005 Flood Relief Scam 13 crores June 2005 Temple Lands Scam 30 crores Franking Scam 30 crores July 2005 Volkswagon Equity Scam 11 crores Sep 10 CBI names 6 accused National Slum Development Programme 1.52 crores (Same guy of Flood Relief Scam May 05 who said Victims can eat plastic bags) Kerala State Electricity Board 89.32 crores (alleged corruption worth Rs. 100 crores was also involved in the drinking water project) August 2005 Indian Oil Corporation Scam ? crores September 2005 Just talks of investigation of scam shaves off 89000 crores from the market capital CBI nets 70 officials in all-India anti-corruption drive Nagmani Scam 1.5crore Stamp Scam (Goa) - 30.19 crore October 2005 Evasion of duty on High End Cars ? crore Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) land scam ? crore Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) Scam- 9.1 crore November 2005 Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) Scam ? crores National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) Scam 250 crores Sep 2007 HC pulls up CBI for not registering case



December 2005 Election Fund Scam ? Crores Operation Blackboard scam 1000 crores Oil for Food Scam ? January 2006 Rice Scam 320 crores Benami Demat Scam 30 crores (Sanjay Pandey the same guy in cobbler scam pre 2005) February 2006 Benami IPO Scam 32 crores Liquor Scam 3600 crores March 2006 Jaitley an MP who allegedly bailed out Ketan Parekh in Madhavpura Mercantile Co-operative Bank scam case The controversial Scorpene Deal ? crores April 2006 MTNL GSM Scam 450 crore May 2006 Chautala Scam 1400 crores BPL Red Cards Scam 1400 crores June 2006 The Great Wheat Scam ? UTI Franchisee forgery ? crores Punjab State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Scam more than 3 crores



July 2006 BPO Scam more than 3 crore Bellary bribe 150 crore Duty Exemption Pass Book (DEPB) scheme Scam 10 crore August 2006 Unaccounted money on sale of petrol pumps 18 crores Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh goes on a multi-crore holiday extravaganza 2.5 crores Tata Finance scandal ? crores September 2006 Top Punjab cops booked for wireless sets scam 5 crores Koda Scandal 2500 crores Nov 09 First arrest made Feb 10 1 crore ceized , Ujjawal Chaudhary, senior Income Tax (I-T) officer who was going to reveal connections with politicians and hawals traders abruptly shifted Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh in real estate fraud more than 2100 crores Earlier, all of them had got anticipatory bail from the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Today, they moved regular bail applications. A senior counsel of the Supreme Court appearing on behalf of Captain Amarinder Singh had stressed before the court that his client be granted regular bail till the conclusion of the trial. October 2006 West Bengal State Consumers Federation Ltd (CONFED) Paddy Scam ? crore SEZ Controversies RBI fears of a revenue loss some Rs. 170,000 crore over the next five years by way of income tax, excise and customs duties foregone (based on a NIPF study). Read More 1 Dharmesh Doshi, Madhavpura Cooperative Bank scam 1030 crores Barak Missile Deal 400 crore The CBI case alleges that Rs 2 crore were paid to the president of a political party (Jaya Jaitley), who functioned from


the residence of the then Defence Minister (George Fernandes). March 2008 Nandas claim innocence Blood Test Kit Scam ? November 2006 Bangalore Development Authority and Bangalore Mahanagara Palike on illegal constructions 180 crore NSDL and CDSL bags illegitimate profits in an IPO manipulation scam 116 crore December 2006 SMS Con 40-100 crore Agrofed job scam ? crore Haj Quota scam- bribes taken to illegally procure seats from the Governments subsidised Haj quota for 1 lakh muslims. January 2007 Illegal Telephone Exchanges Scam 1000 crores Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) Scam swindled 12,000 crores of small investors before leaving the state Karnataka State Government to award a meagre cash prize (Rs. 2,000) to Jayant Tinaikar, who reportedly exposed the fake stamp paper scam 12 years ago. February 2007 Uranium Corporation of India Limited Scam 20 crores Oriental Bank Scam 596.44 crores Mandankumar Scam 3.5 crores March 2007 Pune Hassan Ali Khan Scam 50 crores - I-T department, ED, and IB estimates that several thousand crore rupees were routed out of India(possibly swiss banks) through havala and banking channels.



Congress MP Moni Kumar Subba from Tezpur, lied about his Indian nationality for 16 years manages to scam the country off by 25000 crores There is little chance of recovery in most of these cases as there are not many assets to recover the arrears, officials claimed. April 2007 Air Ticket Booking Scam 13 crores The Royapettah Benefit Fund (RBF) in Chennai went bust drowning Rs 450 crore and leaving investors and depositors in the lurch a company allowed to operate by RBI. Fertilizers Subsidies Scam ? crores May 2007 Arunachal Pradeshs corrupt governance: 1000 crores (Read moreMisappropriation under former CM Gegong Apang and present incumbent Dorjee Khandu) Aug 10 - Apang arrested There were a number of cases regarding mismanagement in the Public Distribution System. People in the villages were not getting enough food allotted by the Centre. Cooperative rural banking scams affected small depositors like labourers and teachers. The hydel power sector was also in doldrums. Sampoorn Gramin Rojgar Yogana Scam 457 crores . Dec 07 Scam referred to CBI. A muti-crore scam under which the poor were deprived of foodgrains under the state scheme. A systematic loot was taking place in the state and the government was not willing to give permission for holding a CBI probe into the scam running into crores of rupees. Warehouse Receipts Scandal 500 crores July 2007 Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) Scam ? Hyderabad Metropolitan (HMWS&SB)Scam ? Water Supply and Sewerage Board

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) recruitment scam 8 crores



Three judges of the High Court were found taking favours from Ravi Sidhu, former PPSC chairman. On April 19, 2004, 25 sitting judges of the High Court had gone on mass leave protesting Chief Justice B K Roys move to seek an explanation from two judges, Justice Vinay Mittal and Varinder Singh, who had allegedly applied for membership of a private golf course, Forest Hill Resort Club. The club was involved in litigation and was later demolished on the orders of the High Court. The club was illegally constructed in complete violation of Forest and Environment laws. Honorary memberships were given to IAS officers and the two judges to legitimise the illegalities August 2007 Delhi Development Authority canteen owner Ashok Malhotra ownedmore than 50 cars and 10 motorcycles were recovered, all bearing special VIP number plates. Raid unearthed 5000 land documents, ? crores Former Supreme Court Chief Justice YK Sabharwal was involved in dubious judicial deal-making that earned his sons huge profits. ? crores September 2007 Kerala State Cooperative Bank Scam 2000 crores Aircraft Import Scam 1059 crores Leave Travel Concession (LTC) Scam loss of Rs 200 crore to Government and PSUs. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Land Scam ? crores ISRO comes directly under the prime minister and it is they who have to launch an inquiry and not us. If they are ready for it, then the state government will provide all necessary help, Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan October 2007 Das filed the petition challenging the actions of the banks in waiving of around Rs 2,300 crore of public money arbitrarily without any valid reason. Describing this as the largest single waiver in the history of Indian banking industry.



Fake housing projects in north India 500 crores - Y S Rana from Delhi. Rana was the owner of PS&G Developers and Engineers Ltd arrested by EOW. Kidney Transplant Racket ? crores more than a 1000 victims. Many innocent labourers lost their kidney in lure of money and job.The racket is believed to be spread in various states, including Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Maharashtra. Source Coal India Ltd illegally diverted at least Rs10 crore from the funds it had collected for over a decade and meant for the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund (PMNRF). Part of the funds collected at the time of the Kargil war for the NDF have been transmitted as late as 27 August 2007, after the initiation of this inquiry. The Kargil war happened in 1999. December 2007 Funds collected for victims of the Kargil war, Orissa cyclone and Gujarat earthquake were misused by top IAS officers in Punjab the documents prove that officers posted as deputy commissioners in Ludhiana, Patiala and Sangrur misappropriated and misused crores of money while heading the Red Cross societies in their districts. Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) Land Scam 6 crores January 2008 Punjab VB arrests whistle-blower Punjab vigilance bureau is penny wise and pound foolish. A sub-divisional officer (SDO) who blew the whistle on a scam worth crores was arrested by the bureau in an alleged graft case (see pre 2005 SNC Lavalin). While the SDO has been suspended, his own report on the utilisation of border area funds exposing what is probably the tip of the iceberg is gathering dust.



February 2008 Kolkotta Museum Scam 18 crores One of the biggest repositories of the countrys cultural and historical heritage, has been siphoning off crores of rupees under the pretext of preserving priceless artifacts, a probe has found. March 2008 Senior Punjab IAS officer suspended for going out of his way to help a company by hiring it without inviting tenders and extending advances without proper bank guarantees. The company failed to repay, causing loss of Rs 20 crore to the corporation. KPMG India is fraud haven April 2008 BCCI Dalmiya Scam ? crores Illegal export of sandalwood 5 crores June 2008 Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Ajay Vishnoi quits after Income Tax raid on brothers premises 500 crore Hotel Le Meridien Credit card skimming 1 crore July 2008 Parliamentary horse trading ? crores Ghaziabad Provident Fund scam 23 crores involved 83 accused included 36 judges, including one sitting Supreme Court judge, 11 High Court judges and 24 judges of subordinate judiciary. Beneficiaries of the ill-gotten money which was siphoned off fraudulently on the basis of fake documents and fictitious government servants and withdrawal of crores of rupees from the provident fund account of third and fourth-grade employees in Ghaziabad region between 2001 and 2008. Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan denied heading the bench hearing Dec 08 - CBI says it would seek permission to interrogate the judges. Oct 09 Key accused dies of heart attack while in custody Jul 10 No evidence against 17 out 41 judges and 24 remaining judges



Ghaziabad police sought permission from the Chief Justice of India and Allahabad Court to initiate a probe against the judges accused in this scam. While the Allahabad High Court dismissed the petition summarily, at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice K. Balakrishnan handled the request with remarkable astuteness and ordered a novel method of investigation that would protect the prestige and the reputation of the judiciary as far as possible. August 2008 Fake Currency Scam in Uttar Pradesh Bank 1.5 crores September 2008 Fake RBI Cheques Scam 14 crores October 2008 Shirdi Ghat Repair ? crores November 2008 Mid Day Meal Scam 15.37 crores 2G Spectrum Scam 1,76,000 crores Dec 08 Center claims that charges are baseless Satyam Computers Emergency Management Research Institute (EMRI) Ambulance Services Scam 5600 crores December 2008 E-ticketing fraud 5 crores January 2009 Madhukoda Mining Scam, 4000 Crore Rice export Scam, 2500 Crore Orrisa Mining Scam, 7 Crore 11 Directors of National Agricultural Marketing Federation of India(Nafed) face criminal action in a Rs3,700 crore fraud. Satyam Fraud 7 to 14000 crores Pricewaterhouse Coopers saw no fraud in Satyam Nov 09 CBI arrested Satyams internal audit head V S Prabhakar Gupta for allegedly fabricating account books, just days before it is due to file


a second chargesheet in the multi-crore fraud at the IT firm. Jul 10 Promoters wrongfully gained 2643 crores. Reports said that investors like DSP Merrill Lynch, DSP Blackrock, ILFS Financial Services and Deutsche Bank offloaded their shares days before Satyam fraud came out in open. May 2009 Computer Purchasing Fraud 1.53 crores Divine Homeopath Investment Manager 1600 crore Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) arms deal scam ? crores - Jul 10 - 6 firms get blacklisted Dr A S Bindra father of ace shooter Abhinav Bindra and managing director of Punjab Meats Limited, Dera Bassion had charges of cheating, fraud and forgery. He committed fraud with a Delhi-based private financial company, Apple India, to the tune of Rs 4.31 crore and with the IndusInd Bank to the tune of Rs 5 crore. June 2009 Ashok Jadeja Divine Ayurved and Money Multiplier 100 to 1600 crores MCD 45000 Fake Employees Scam 500-1000 crores annually July 2009 Bitumen Scam more than 100 crores Chhattisgarh Paddy Scam 4000 crores August 2009 All India Council of Technical Education bribery scam ? crores Chairman R.A. Yadav, who drew a monthly salary of about Rs 80,000, had amassed property worth crores. Metal Scrap Scam ? crores SBI Kanpur 52 crores - Assistant General Manager, 2 Chief Managers and some senior managers, who were suspected to be directly involved in pilfering the bank by crediting fake cheques into select accounts.



September 2009 Austra Coke 1000 crores Bollywood star Nasir Khan figures in multi crore rupee chit fund scam 191 crore October 2009 Gold Quest Scam 1100 crore December 2009 Dr Suresh Dhotre medicine fraud 47 crores January 2010 IAS officer Pradeep Sharma Bheed Bazaar Land allotment scam 70 crores Railways and LIC Scam 400 crores February 2010 Bhopal Home Loan Scam 2 crores Wipro Embezzlement Fraud 180 crores Chak De India Scam ? PAN Card Scam 3 crores March 2010 Kandla Port Trust (KPT) Scam ? crores 16000 acres of land was leased out to few parties at nominal rates. Fake Income Tax Returns Scam 6 crores April 2010 President of the Medical Council of India (MCI), Dr Ketan Desai in college scam 500 crores - Demanded Rs 40 lakh from students seeking admission in a capitation fee racket and money for allotting seat as a management quota student. Financial Fraud hits 87% of Indian companies



June 2010 Canara Bank defrauded 9.14 crore Railway Recruitment Board Paper Leak 15.5 crore July 2010 Lalit Modi Indian Premier League (IPL) Scam 1200 crores August 2010 Commonwealth Games Scam - 8000 crores September 2010 Senior citizen savings scheme (SCSS) Post Office Scam - 2 October 2010 International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Infrastructure creation Scam in Goa - ? crores Adarsh Society Scam ? crores November 2010 State-owned Mineral Scrap Trading Corporation (MSTC) was defraudedby jewelery traders 1400 crores December 2010 Citibank swindle 300 crores



2011 NRHM scam ISRO Spectrum Allocation Scam Goa mining scam Indian Black Money in Swiss Banks, Bellary mines scandal Bain India incident BL Kashyap - EPFO Scam (169 crore) Investment scam (1000 Crore) Education scam (1000 Crore)

(Source : http://kaushik.cc/blog/list-of-scams-in-india/, Wiki Pedia)

2012 I believe that in coming years we will see more number of such scams

The repeated killings and every day scam of million dollars like Jeep Scam of 1948 to 2G and CWG Scam of 2011 complled ordinary Indian to come to road. Citizens were fadeup and wanted a leadership, which Anna Hazare provided. Anna Hazare gave hope to every ordinary Indian by Jan Lokpal Bill.




(Lokpal Movement / Second Freedom Movement) The word Lokpal was coined in 1963 by L.M.Singhvi, a Member of Parliament during a debate in Parliament about grievance redressal mechanisms. The Lokpal bill was first introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968 and passed the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969. But before it could be passed by Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha was dissolved and the bill lapsed. The Subsequent versions were reintroduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and in 2008 but none of them passed. The bill was inspired by the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Anna Hazare and Team wanted a strong Lokpal and they named it Jan Lokpal Bill where as Government proposed a weak Lokpal Bill. Here is what Annas Jan Lokpal in Nutshell Lokpal will have powers to initiate suo motu action or receive complaints of corruption from the general public. Lokpal will have the power to initiate prosecution of anyone found guilty. Lokpal will have police powers as well as the ability to register FIRs. Lokpal and the anti corruption wing of the CBI will be one independent body. Punishments will be a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of up to life imprisonment.



Government Proposed Lokpal in Nutshell: Lokpal will have no power to initiate suo motu action or receive complaints of corruption from the general public. It can only probe complaints forwarded by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha or the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. Lokpal will only be an Advisory Body with a role limited to forwarding reports to a "Competent Authority". Lokpal will have no police powers and no ability to register an FIR or proceed with criminal investigations. The CBI and Lokpal will be unconnected. Punishment for corruption will be a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of up to 7 years. Anna was not convinced with Governments version of Lokpal , so a massive awarness campaign organized by Kiran Bedi,Arbind Kejriwal and many others. Although Anna Hazare and Swami Ramdev now stand in the public limelight, the movement was pre-launched by several anti-corruption campaigns occurring from late October 2010 through late March 2011. A huge non political organization called India Against Corruption formed under a combined leadership. A series of events occurred and every ordinary citizens got involved in the fight against corruption.



Fig - Press Conference at Press Club of India

October 29th, 2010: A Press Conference was held at Press Club of India which was addressed by Kiran Bedi, Swami Ramdev (through phone), Arvind Kejriwal and Madhu Trehan. The Conference was held to highlight the fact that Shunglu Committee had inadequate powers to investigate the CWG scam. Nov 1,2010 Scam November 14th, 2010: For registering a complaint regarding corruption in the Commonwealth Games, nearly 10,000 people assembled at the Parliament Street Police Station. Those eminent personalities who were present include Swami Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Swami Agnivesh, Justice Tewatia, Sunita Godhra, Arch Bishop Vincent M Concessao, Devendra

By order of Defence Minister of India A.K. Antony, the

Indian Army establishes a court of inquiry into the Adarsh Housing Society


Sharma, Anna Hazare, Maulana Mufti Shamoom Kashmi, Maulana Kalve Rizhvi and Subhash Chandra Aggarwal.

Fig Ramdeb and Anna Hazare at Jantarmantar on 14th November The complaint is against Union Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy, CWG Chairman Suresh Kalmadi, and Sports Minister M.S Gill. The complaint comprises 377 pages of evidences, collected from various Government committees, CVC (Central Vigilance Committee), Income Tax Department and others.

Nov 24,2010 The Central Bureau of Investigation's arrests of several senior bankers under allegations of receiving bribes to issue corporate loans in the 2010 housing loan scam December 1st, 2010 A Press Conference was held in New Delhi, in which a comprehensive Anti-corruption Bill, Jan Lokpal Bill, was released. A letter


was subsequently written to the PM, CJI and all CMs for a strong anticorruption system, Lokpal/Lokayukta.

Fig Press Conference on December 2010 by Baba Ramdeb, Bharat Swabhiman Dec 10,2010 The Central Government of India and the Directorate General of Income Tax (Investigation) file a delayed joint affidavit to the Supreme Court of India declaring the Nov 2007 wiretapping of corporate lobbyist Nira Radia in the Radia tapes controversy December 9th, 2010: A day long seminar was held at IIC on How effective are our anti-corruption agencies in tackling high level corruption? Dec 22,2010 A 20,000-person anti-corruption protest in response to the 2G spectrum scam held at New Delhi's Ramlila ground



Fig 20,000 citizens gathered in Ramlila Ground for 2G Scam

Jan 17,2011 The Supreme Court of India criticizes the administration for not publicly disclosing Indian nationals named on Rudolf Elmer's "black money" list disclosed by Julian Assange's Wikileaks Jan 18,2011 The public release of an anti-corruption open letter from Azim Premji, Keshub Mahindra, and other leading Indian industrialists demanding reform of "the widespread governance deficit in almost every sphere of national activity, covering government, business and institutions" Jan 29,2011 Former Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu announces launch of his "war on corruption" through his NTR Memorial Trust and Jana Chaitanya Vedika January 30th, 2011: In what could be termed as the biggest outpouring against corruption by citizens, thousands turned up to march against corruption in more than 50 cities in India and some even in US. In Delhi itself nearly 30,000 people assembled at Ramlila Maidan and marched towards Jantar Mantar. Copies of CVC Act, CBI Act and Governments draft Lokpal


Bill were torn by thousands of people all across the country giving a strong message that the people just do not have faith in all these weak and ineffective anti-corruption agencies. People demand that all these agencies should be either wound up or merged into proposed new Lokpal Bill. Waiving copies of these laws, the people then tore them off. People were then explained the important features of the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by people. The people then waived copies of the Jan Lokpal Bill, as drafted by the people and demanded that this Bill should be enacted by the government. A campaign for creating of 'Vote Bank Against corruption' was also launched t. Just like parties create vote banks on religious lines and caste lines, IAC created a vote bank of people against corruption. Vote bank consisted of people from all castes and religions. It united India. Thousands of people from across the country took the above pledge and cast their vote against corruption. This campaign will continue even after the rally. This campaign launched today will be taken all across the country and people will continue to vote against corruption and for demanding enactment of Jan Lokpal Bill. Cities where the march against corruption was held: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Vishakhapatnam, Coimbatore, Trichy, Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Barabanki, Patna, Bhagalpur, Jhansi, Gwalior, Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Aligarh, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat, Raipur, Amroha, Bilari (Moradabad), Jaito, Faridkot, Bokaro, IIT-Kharagpur, Jalaun, Ambikapur, Surguja (CG) and many others. Eminent personalities who joined the march: Delhi: Maulana Masood Madani, Kiran Bedi, Medha Patkar, Swami Agnivesh, Mufti Shamoon Qasmi, Sunita Godara, Ram Jethmalani, Harsh Mandar, Arvind Kejriwal, Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan, Archbishop of Delhi, Justice D. S. Tewatia, Devinder Sharma, PV Rajgopal, Trilok Sharma (Bharat Swabhimaan Trust), BHarat Vij (Art of Living), Col. Sherawat


Chennai: N. Gopalaswami (Former CEC), Banu Kumar, Executive Director, 5th Pillar, Sai Praveen, Infosys, Devendra Oza, IAS (Retd.), Subramani, 5th Pillar, Mr. Mathur, DGP (Retd.), Deepa Rangarajan, ACA - Bombay Stock exchange, Louis Menezes, IAS (Retd.), B.S. Raghavan, IAS (Retd.) Hyderabad: J. M. Lyngdoh (Former CEC), Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (Lok Satta), Dr. K. S. Ratnakar (Director, Global Hospital), Raja Mouli (Telugu Film Director) Pune: Vineeta Deshmukh (RTI Activist) Mumbai: Juio Francis Ribeiro (Former IPS, civil servant and social activist) Y P Singh (Former IPS) On January 31, memorandums were sent to all major political parties, demanding for a string anti-corruption agency. Feb-Mar,2011 The Central Bureau of Investigation's arrests of coconspirators implicated in the 2G spectrum scam On Feb 2, letters were written to PM, Sonia Gandhi and other key leaders and ministers for seeking an appointment. The letter was signed by Swami Agnivesh, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Kamal Jaswal. Feb 8,2011 Indian-born American executive Anjan Dutta-Gupta charged for bribing United States Navy officials in seeking software contracts worth approximately $10M Feb 10,2011 The Supreme Court of India orders all trial courts in the country to expedite handling of corruption cases; also, all High Courts of India ordered to seek quarterly reports from lower trial courts on the progress of corruption cases On Feb 14th, Sonia Gandhi writes back to Swami Agnivesh -- an acknowledgement. On Feb 17, Anna sends a memorandum to the PM (in Marathi). In the letter he writes about his intention to go on a fast.


Feb 21,2011 In a public address to the Parliament of India, the President of India Pratibha Patil stated that measures to ratify the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and other legislative and administrative measures necessary to improve transparency will be taken On February 26, Anna writes to the PM for setting up a joint drafting committee. He writes about going on an indefinite fast in the letter.In the subsequent month (February) several meetings took place with party bigwigs. On February 27, 2011 Rally taken out from Jantar Mantar to Ramlila ground under the banner of Bharat Swabhiman, for stringent Lokpal Bill and to bring black money stashed in foreign banks. On 28th February Baba Ramdeb organized a War Against Corruption rally in Ramlila maidan where he introduced Anna Hazare to the rest of India. I also come to know about Anna on that only and mesmerized by his speech.100s or NGOs joined over 1 lakh crowd. Floowing speakers has given fiery speech Vishwabandhu Gupta, Omprakash Singhal, Acharya Govind Dev Ji Maharaj, Govind Ram Khairnar, Acharya Vijay Kaushal, Swami Agnivesh, Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj, Hariom Pawer, Anna Hajare ,Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Dr Subramanyam Swamy, Maulana Mufti Hussaini Kajmi, Gajendra Solanki, Govind Acharya, Ramjeth Malani All members spoke and explained how corruption was rampant in the country and how the government itself was indulging in it. The most highlighted topic was Indian black money lying in tax havens of Switzerland. I watched live telecast for 4 hours that day. Mar 1,2011 The United States Securities and Exchange Commission action against Indian School of Business Chairman Rajat Gupta in the Galleon insider trading scandal; Gupta had also violated McKinsey & Co.'s firm policy by corruptly backdealing through his own consulting firm, MindSpirit LLC



Mar 3,2011 The forced resignation of Chief Vigilance Commissioner P.J. Thomas on charges of corruption by the Supreme Court of India. Prime minister writes to Anna Hazare , invites him for discussion. On March 7th, Anna met with PM who asked him to wait till May 13th. Anna refuses. March 8 : Anna writes a letter on March 8th reiterating his demand for a Joint committee. Prime minister sets up sub-committee to look into the Lokpal Bill, members include ministers A.K. Antony, M. Veerappa Moily, Kapil Sibal and Sharad Pawar. March 11: All Party meeting at India Islamic Center meeting (A GOM on corruption is formed meanwhile)

World Dandi March(12 March -26 March)

240 mile Dandi March II against India corruption culminated with events in 10 countries, 45 cities in US and 40 cities in India Dandi march II happened in 10 states in USA and in the state of California alone marchers covered 45 cities and ended at Gandi Statue at San Francisco. What started as a 240 mile 15 day march initiated by Mr. Jawahar Kambhampati and Mr. Srihari Atluri with a handful of volunteers on March 12th set a wild fire and culminated with marchers marching March 26th in 10 countries, 40 cities in India and 10 states in USA. Indians across the globe, as far as from Nagpur to New Jersey and Sydney to Seattle shouted in one voice to enact JAN LOKPAL bill and ratify UNCAC.



Fig World Dandi March in USA

The recent scams involving unimaginably big amounts of money, such as the Commonwealth Games, Adarsh housing scam of Mumbai, monumental corruption and plunder in the allocation of mining leases, serious allegations leveled against judges and even former chief justices of the Supreme Court , 2G scam which broke all previous records are well known. It is estimated that more than half a trillion dollars are stashed away in foreign havens since 1948, while 80% of Indians earn less than 2$ per day and every second child is malnourished



Fig World Dandi March in USA While the original Dandi march broke the salt laws, the second Dandi march asked for enactment t of Jan Lokpal bill that will bring justice to all Indians by combining and strengthening the anti-corruption laws. Slogans of the participants of the Dandi march II said, Corruption ko hatana hiBharat ko bachana hi roughly translated to we will end corruption to save our mother India. The support for the march was tremendous. The marchers also chanted Raghupati Ragava Raja Ram, Gandhijis favorite prayer. While the spirited volunteers stopped at the signals/junctions shouting Bharat Mata ki JAI, inspired onlookers in the cars waved and honked to show support.

Fig World Dandi March in USA A team of 6 marchers (Jawahar Khambampati, Srihari Atluri , Kewal Parnami, Srinivas Nandiwada, Subhash Karri and Sunil Kumar) took off from work and


completely walked for 240 miles for 15 days irrespective of blistered feet, severe down pour, hot sun and cold weather dedicating each day of the walk to one section of society (Eg:- Teachers, Social Activists, Women, Youth, Farmers, Armed Forces, Freedom Fighters, etc.,) who are acting as building blocks of the Nation. And as such they dedicated the last day of the walk to the Nation. There came along hundreds of NRIs and other local organizations supporting and sharing great ideas and enthusiasm while passing from city to city for these 15 days

Fig Culmination of World Dandi March in USA

The spirits were at the pinnacle on 26th March when Indians all over the world tagged along with them. In US, on the last day, events were conducted in 14 cities and around 800 participated. Irrespective of the inclement weather in US, people turned up in hundreds. Some of the major gatherings included San Francisco 150 members, Seattle 100 members, NJ 100 members, Houston 100 members, Carbondale 70 members. In another 10 counties, around 200 people


participated. In India 8000 participated in 40 cities and some of the major cities include Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur and Ahmadabad. A Huge number of participants were seen in Bangalore with 400 members, Penukonda with 400 members, Karimnagar with 500 members, Nandyala with 500 members, Srikakulam with 600 members, Mumbai with 600 and Siddipet with 800 members. An open letter addressed to Prime Ministers Office was released globally at every location that they will not be mute spectators while corruption grows boundless back in India and as such system changes should be brought in. Later Jawahar Kambhampati, who was the initiator of the idea of Dandi March II, submitted a memorandum to Mahatma Gandhi to save country from corruption. This effort now has support from the stalwarts in anti-corruption movement and other progressive groups in India such as Lok Satta Party (Jaya Prakash Narayan, National Chairman), India Against Corruption (Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, New Delhi) , Save India From Corruption, People For Loksatta (USA), Youth For Better India (Hyderabad), The 5th Pillar (Vijay Anand, Chennai; Shobila Kali USA), Bharat Swabhiman (Babaram dev), Shankara Eye Foundation and Saaku (Bangalore). Towards the end all the Supporters of the Walk left with a pledge of NOT giving or taking a bribe for rest of their life. With a great sense of gratitude and satisfaction the team concluded the event successfully at the Feet of Father of the Nation. Mar 13,2011 Corruption The "Drive around Delhi" protest organized by India Against

Mar 17,2011 The Wikileaks' Cash-for-votes scandal involving the delayed leak of a diplomatic cable describing an Indian legislative aide showing a US


embassy official "chests of cash" used to bribe Indian lawmakers over a vote on an Indo-U.S. nuclear deal back in July 2008 On March 21: Anna writes to PM informing him of his reservations of forming a sub-committee consisting only ministers to draft the Lokpal Bill. He again asks for a joint committee, else his fast continues. On 23rd March, V Narayanaswamy writes back seeking to meet Anna ji on 28th March, 2011. Anna did not go for the meeting, and writes a letter to Narayanaswamy on March 24th Swami Agnivesh, Justice Tewatia, Sunita Godara and Devinder Sharma go and meet Anna. They ask the civil society to request Anna to not go on a fast. They submit a letter to Antony specifying their demands once again. Mar 28,2011 As many as 45 cities in USA, 40 cities in India and eight other countries globally joined in an anticorruption movement. Indians across the globe , as far as Nagpur to New Jersey and Sydney to Seattle shouted in one voice to enact Jan Lokpal Bill and ratify UN Convention against Corruption Activists meeting with sub-committee remains inconclusive, Anna Hazare says he will go on fast as scheduled. Mar 30,2011 Famous cricketer Kapil Dev's letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, complaining of the inadequacy of Commonwealth Games corruption investigations and petitioning for the Jan Lokpal Bill March 30th, Anna writes to all big leaders and parties to join his fast. April 1: Kapil Dev writes to PM April 4th: Press conference to declare the fast.



Jantar Mantar Movement

4 April 2011 Anna Hazare announced that he would commence his "fast unto death" and that this would last until a comprehensive measure to tackle corruption was introduced. He claimed that the government had excluded "civil society" from the panel set up to draft the Jan Lokpal Bill, and implied that at least one of the people who was to be on the drafting committee - Sharad Pawar might be unsuitable for that role because of his large landholdings.

Fig- Anna at Jantar Mantar Kiran Bedi and Swami Agnivesh voiced their support for Hazare. Later a video exposed Agnivesh talking to Kapil sibal and saying, this is happening like mad. The more concessions are given, the more these people are trying to


climb over the head and that no more concession to be given and the movement need to be stopped. 5 April 2011 Hazare initiated his fast at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Elsewhere, people attended a protest at Freedom Park, Bangalore . Freedom Park becomes the cynosure of all eyes as Bagaloreans from all walks of life throng the place to support Anna Hazare Campaigners for India Against Corruption (IAC) estimated that a petition circulated in the city of Pune which demanded that the government enact a bill had attracted between 5000 and 6000 signatures between 3 April and 5 April. Hazare has been involved with IAC, a group established by various prominent activists with the primary purpose of achieving the legal enactment and subsequent enforcement of a strong version of the Jan Lokpal bill. In Mumbai around 6000 residents joined fast for one day, In pune 6000 joined the campaign. 7 April 2011 Two rounds of talks failed. There was agreement regarding constituting a panel to examine the Bill but the government would not accede to demands that it should be a formally constituted panel or that Hazare should lead it. As a consequence of this, Hazare continued his fast. Narendra Modi, the chief Minister of Gujarat lashes out at Manmohan Singh for resisting the passage of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Sonia Gandhi, the president of the Indian National Congress party and the head of the National Advisory Councilappealed to Hazare to end his indefinite fast.


8 April 2011 Protests spread to numerous other places, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Patna, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Pune, and the University of Jammu.

Fig- Youths across the joined movement The government continued to squabble with the activists stating that the bill drafting committee will be headed by a government appointed minister and not a civil society member as the protesters demanded to avoid allowing the government to make the bill less powerful. The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, met with the President of India to outline to her how the government was going ahead with the demands of the population.


15 supporters of Hazare on fast were hospitalized. Bollywood came out in support of the protests, with actors, musicians and directors speaking in support of the movement and Hazare. Director Farah Khan, actor Anupam Kher, music director Vishal Dadlani, poetfilmmaker Pritish Nandy and actor Tom Alter all visited Jantar Mantar; others stated their support for the movement via social networking websites or the media. Oscar winning Indian composer A. R. Rahman also declared his support for the anti-graft movement. Renowned Indian/Qatari artist Late M. F. Hussain showed his support by drawing a cartoon of Hazare. Indian students at Cambridge University, the former alma mater of the Indian Prime Minister also expressed their support for the movement. Many prominent people from government agencies as well as from various corporate houses came out in support of the movement. Some of them were - Delhi Metro chief E. Sreedharan. (also called the Metro Man of India), Punj Lloyd chairman Atul Punj, Maruti Suzuki chairman R. C. Bhargava, Hero group's Sunil Munjal, Tata Steel vice-chairman B Muthuraman, Bajaj Auto Chairman Rahul Chairman and Bajaj,Godrej Group head Adi Godrej, Biocon Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Kotak

Mahindra Bank vice-chairman & managing director Uday Kotak. They all declared their support for Hazare and the movement. ASSOCHAM President Dilip Modi and FICCI Director General Rajiv Kumar, too came out in support of the movement. Infosys Technologies chairman and chief mentor N R Narayana Murthy came out strongly in support of Anna Hazare, saying the need of the hour


was a strong, effective Lokpal. If India were to have a whistle-blower policy and a Lokpal which people could approach, then corruption, especially in business, would automatically fall, he said. The Government of India accepted the compromise formula that there be a politician chairman and an activist non-politician Co-Chairman. It was reported that Pranab Mukherjee will be the Chairman of the draft committee while Shanti Bhushan will be the co-chairman. Bhushan was one of the original drafters of the Lokpal Bill along with Hazare, Justice N. Santosh Hegde, advocatePrashant Bhushan, and RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal.

9 April 2011 After accepting all the demands of Hazare, the Government of India issued a Official Gazette saying that the draft of the lokpal would be made and presented in the coming monsoon session of Lok Sabha. Victory celebrations took place at locations throughout the country. and even Hazare's village. Kailash Kher joined the growing list of Hindi film industry personalities supporting Anna Hazare's crusade against corruption.On Saturday evening, the sufi singer regaled a crowd of around 2,500 at Azad Maidan, celebrating Hazare's victory.



Fig- Kailash Kher Singing Anna Hazare Song Bollywood lauded the outcome, repeating their support for the movement. Protesters and leaders of the movement alike stated that the path to attaining complete passage of the bill is still a difficult one, and the movement may see harsher days ahead. Many commentators have called the movement the 'wake-up' call for India. Within a day of the beginning of the agitation, more than 30,000 people had pledged their support to the Lokpal Bill. Organisers of the India Against Corruption said 30,000 people from Maharashtra expressed their support on their website. The website has 20,000 members in Mumbai alone. Within a few days the Facebook page forIndia Against Corruption had more than 220,000 likes.



People across the nation started wrting songs,poetry,paintings of Anna Hazare, youtube shows 2,280 Songs on Anna. But the most popular one is Kailash Khers Ambar Tak Yehi Naad Gunjega. 16 April 2011 The first meeting regarding a draft of the Lokpal Bill was held on 16 April. The government agreed to audio-record all meetings of the Lokpal Bill panel and to hold public consultations before a final draft is prepared. Hazare demanded that the proceedings be televised live but the government refused.

Nine such meetings were held between Team Anna and Government but government did not agree with the Key point of Anna Hazare. Government said lets put two drafts in cabinet and let cabinet decide. But unfortunately only th government version of lokpal was placed in cabinet. So Anna decided to continue the protest.



May 2011 - Assam IAC public meeting at Guwahati on 20th may, 2011 which was attended by Anna-ji. The responses was truly amazing. Over 30,000+ people attend the event. The massive groundswell of support was both moving and impressive. It is a continuing sign that there is a significant momentum from all parts of the country for the Lokpal bill.

Fig Anna addressing thousands of Citizens in Assam,India The rally was organised by farmers body Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS). Around 15,000 people from all walks of life and different parts of the state had congregated to listen to Hazare. The KMSS has been vocal for long on the issue of corruption Kiran Bedi said Hazare was the present day Mahatma Gandhi and Akhil Gogoi, RTI activist and leader of KMSS, the Hazare of Assam. She said names such as Hazare and Kejriwal were synonymous with honesty Kejriwal said their demand was that everyone including the prime minister and judges of high courts and the Supreme Court be brought under the purview of the Lokpal Bill. Jagoron Sochetan Nagorikor Ek Moncho(Forum of Concerned Citizens) headed by Chandan Bordoloi,Pranjal Bordoloi, Kuldeep Sharma,Gurpreet Singh Uppal extended their support to Anna. This group later formed the foundation of India Against Corruption(Assam)



Bhrastachar Mitao Satyagraha June 2011

It is estimated that around $350 billion to $1.4 trillion worth of black money is stashed away in foreign banks. Baba Ramdev launched the Bhrashtachar Mitao Satyagrah which was held at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi on 4 June 2011. Key demands were: 1. Declare all illegal wealth/black money lying in foreign countries, which belong to Indians as National Property. 2. Declaring money laundering as a National Crime and should be punishable. 3. Investigate and shut down the Mauritius route of foreign investment.

Fig Ramdeb a mass leader against Anticorruption movement in India



4. Sign and ratify the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, pending since 2006 5. Recall Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes to curb corruption, bribery and illegal flow of money in the internal economy of the country. 6. Enact a strong Lokpal bill. 7. Establish infrastructure to deliver medical and engineering education in Indian Languages. 8. Enact Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act to enable all citizens to avail government/public services easily and quickly 9. Enact the Kisan Vetan Ayog to establish standards for payment of wages to farmers and classify farming as skilled labour. Ramdev declared that a people's movement to liberate the country from rampant corruption and build a strong spiritual Bharat' would be launched by him in June. The movement was called "Satyagraha against Corruption". He declared one of the main objectives of the movement was to bring about an end to corruption and bring back black money stashed away in various financial institutions in the country and abroad. Four senior Union Ministers Pranab Mukherjee, Kapil Sibal, Pawan Kumar Bansal and Subodh Kant Sahay met Ramdev to discuss his issues and demands at Delhi Airport on June 1, 2011. Back-channel talk between two sides were held in The Claridges, New Delhi on June 2, 2011. The next day, talks were held for a third time between the ministers and Ramdev and both sides claimed consensus. The government gave a response to the demands but Ramdev planned to go ahead with his hunger strike. A volunteer centre at the extreme end of Ramlila Maidan was set up and the ground was booked for 40 days for the protest. 250,000 square metres (2,700,000 sq ft) of overhead waterproof tenting and 650 toilets were stationed inside the maidan, out of which 40 percent were designated for women. A


drinking water facility, medical facility and a media centre with three communication towers. Ramdev claimed that Bharat Swabhiman Yatra had evoked massive support from the masses and more than 10 crore people had been directly involved with the movement. His yatra ended on June 1 at Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh after traveling over 100,000 kilometres (62,000 mi) across the country. Almost 3.2 million "netizens" joined the campaign. On the midnight of 5 June, police raided the site where Ramdev was fasting and forcefully detained him and removed his supporters from the site after firing tear gas shells and resorting to lathicharge to end his day-old indefinite hunger strike. Seventy-one people were injured and moved to hospital, four of whom were reported to be in critical condition.

Fig Police action at Mid night at Ramlila Maidan



Minister Pranab Mukherjee called the police action "unfortunate", but added that the government had to do that as Ramdev had no permission to hold a protest at Finance the Ramlila Ground. About 5,000 supporters were still missing according to Ramdev. Jadeep Arya, a key advisor on Ramdevs team, said that about 19 girls students from the Chotipur Gurukul who were seated near the dais were thought to be still missing. Behen Suman, womens representative of the Trust, said many of these girls were roughed up when the police tried to reach Ramdev and were crying since police officials were pulling their hair, dragging them and their clothes were torn. Police, however, said no one was missing. There is an allegation that CCTV footage of the raid is missing.

Fig Delhi police firing tear gas shell at closed pandal of Ramlila maidan



A senior police officer commented on the police action saying, "there were talks in the police headquarters since June 2 that Baba Ramdev would be detained as we knew he is definitely not going to hold a yoga camp." Allegedly, Ramdev's detention was not a spontaneous decision but had been planned for several days. The police said Ramdev was informed around 11 pm on Saturday that his

permission to continue his agitation had been cancelled. By that time, over 5000 police officers, including 12 battalions of the Delhi Police, three battalions of Rapid Action Force, two of Central Reserve Police Force commandos and local police were briefed by senior police officers to get ready for action. The Ramlila Ground was then surrounded by several buses and tempos, heading towards the ground from Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab but were sent back from the borders.

Fig Police treatment on unarmed , peaceful protestor



On 6 June, the National Human Rights Commission of India issued notices to the Union Home Secretary, Delhi Chief Secretary and the Delhi City Commissioner of Police seeking reports within two weeks regarding the midnight crackdown at the Ramlila Ground. In a response to the crackdown on Ramdev, Hazare said that he would hold a one-day hunger strike at Jantar Mantar on 8 June. The venue was changed to Rajghat when he could not get police permission to do so. Protests were held in many different parts of country, including the cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jammu, and Lucknow. Protests against the action also spread to Nepal.

Fig Forceful removal of peaceful protestor at midnight



The Supreme Court of India issued notices to the Union Home Secretary, Chief Secretary of Delhi, Delhi administration, and Delhi Police Commissioner asking them to respond within two weeks, after taking suo motu cognizance of forceful eviction of Ramdev and his followers from the Ramlila ground. The Supreme Court on August 29, 2011, blamed the Delhi Police for the forcible eviction of Ramdev Baba and public who had gathered at Ramlila ground on June 5, 2011. The Delhi Police had earlier refused to file suo moto cognizance of the brutality on innocent protesters, as advised by Supreme Court of India.

Fig- Anna Hazare Boycotted Meeting scheduled with Government on 6th June with Government and protested on 8th June at Rajghat


The dissatisfaction among common Indian has crossed its limit after such incident which has actually added more to Annas August Kranti. The crackdown received criticism far and wide. BJP President Nitin Gadkari said, "Home Minister P Chidamabaram has replaced General Dyer who had massacred peaceful agitators in Jallianwala Bagh during the freedom struggle". LK Advani termed this police crackdown as "naked-fascism". Human Rights groups demanded answers from the government.
9 June 2011

Hazare described his fight against corruption as the "Second Freedom Struggle" and set an ultimatum of 15 August 2011, as the last date to pass a strong Jan Lokpal Bill, threatening to otherwise intensify his anti-corruption agitation and start another fast from 16 August.
16 June 2011

The Government and the civil society split wide open due to differences in jointly drafting the bill. Government representatives said that if a consensus on the common bill was not reached, two drafts would be sent to the Cabinet, one drafted by the Government and the other drafted by the civil society. Team Anna also claimed that only 15 points, out of a total 71 recommended, were agreed upon and included in the joint draft. Hazare declared that if the government version of the bill was passed in the Parliament, he would start his hunger strike from August 16, 2011.
22 June 2011

In a veiled warning to Anna Hazare for his proposed fast, Congress leader Digvijay Singh indicated that the Gandhian might be meted out the same


treatment, depending upon the prevailing situation at that time, as yoga guru Ramdev was given at Ramlila ground. July 2011 Union Cabinet has approved the official draft of Lokpal Bill on 28th July 2011 and trashed the key proposals moved by Team Anna. Following are the major points of contention between the UPA government and Anna Hazare's team On Prime Minister Government: A serving Prime Minister should be kept outside the purview of the Lokpal and can be probed after he/she demits office. Team Anna: A serving Prime Minister must come under the Lokpal purview. On Judiciary Government: The higher judiciary should be kept out of Lokpal ambit as Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill is already pending before standing committee. Team Anna: The higher judiciary must come under the Lokpal ambit. On MPs Government: The conduct including the speeches and voting of MPs inside Parliament should be kept out of the Lokpal Bill. Team Anna: The conduct of MPs within Parliament must be included under the Lokpal Bill.

On Powers of Lokpal Government: The Lokpal Bill will be able to probe any MP, minister or Group-A and other equivalent officials. But the Lokpal cannot recommend the removal of a minister. It will only probe but won't have the powers to prosecute the minister. The Lokpal will instead recommend prosecution to the Supreme Court.



Team Anna: All bureaucrats must be included under the Lokpal Bill and the Lokpal must have the power to recommend the removal of any minister barring the prime minister. The Lokpal must also have police powers such as filing FIRs, chargesheets and initiating prosecution of a minister or bureaucrat.

On merger with CBI/CVC Government: The Government disagrees with the merger of the Lokpal with agencies such as the the Central Bureau of Invesigation (CBI) and the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). Team Anna: The Lokpal must be merged with the CBI and CVC for better functioning.

On panel selection Government: A nine-member selection panel, headed by prime minister, will be created to appoint the Lokpal. It will include, among others, the Speaker, Leaders of Opposition of the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha, one minister and eminent jurists. Team Anna: Apart from the prime minister, Speaker and Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the Comptroller and Auditor General and Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) should be part of the Lokpal selection panel as otherwise it would become a political appointment.

On Lokpal's removal Government: A Lokpal can be removed or impeached by the President on a reference to the Supreme Court. Team Anna: Any citizen can move the court seeking removal of the Lokpal.



August Revolution (August Kranti)

As the key features of Annas Lokpal was trashed , so it became mandatory for Anna who is fighting against corruption from many decades to declare August Kranti. Hence August Kranti became historical once again after 1942.

Fig News before Annas August Kranti 5th August 2011 For the first time in 120 years history of Mumbai Dabbawalas they announced non delivery of food on 16th August, as token of support to Anna hazare, There are around 5,000 dabbawalas who cater to 2,00,000 customers in the city. 11th August 2011 On 11th August P. Chidambaram who is accused in 2G case with A. Raja said Anna's August 16 fast is unjustified 14 August 2011 In a scathing attack on Anna Hazare, Congress spokesperson, Manish Tewari, and an MP from Ludhiana constituency, described Anna Hazare as being "involved in corruption from top to bottom", "neck deep in corruption, and also mentioning that the social activist needed to be shown his place.


15 August 2011 Anna Hazare announced at a press conference that he and his supporters were determined to go ahead with the fast on 16 August 2011 as planned. He also urged people to court arrest to push for a stronger Lokpal bill.

Fig Honourable Prime minister addressing from lal Quila Prime Minister Manmohan Singh affirmed his commitment to root out

corruption but said there is no magic wand to do so and decried hunger strikes as a means to achieve the objective, in an apparent reference to Anna Hazare who is scheduled to begin fast . On the same day evening some thing happened which made those corrupt politicians realized that what Anna Hazare is capable of. How much ordinary Indian citizens support him. Anna on 15th August evening visited Rajghat to pay homage to Mahatma alone with two of his followers, the news spreaded like fire and local people started


gathering in Rajghat in hundreds. Parents brought their children to show them the Modern Gandhi of India. They just wanted to have a look on this living legend. I witnessed the same on TelevisionI feel unlucky for not being at Rajghat on that day on the other hand I felt licky to see this atleast on television

Fig Local people gathered to see the great Anna Hazare in Rajghat Section 144 was imposed a night before the planned protest date, at JP Park, Rajghat and Dilli Gate, which prohibited assembly of five or more persons. The development came even as a large number of Hazare's supporters started gathering at the park with candles and flaming torches in their hands. At night many states and major cities of India switched off lights in support of Annas movement from 8PM-9PM.



16 August 2011 Historical Day Anna Hazare was detained by Delhi Police in the early morning 7:30 AM before he could start his hunger strike at JP park, Delhi. Delhi Police had asked Anna not to leave his home, which he declined, and Anna was detained at his residence in Mayur Vihar. Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Manish Sisodia and more than 1200 supporters were also taken into preventive custody by the Police.

Fig Anna Hazare arrested from his residence



Anna Hazare was sent to seven days judicial custody to Tihar jail after refusing to sign a personal bond to be released on bail.

Fig - Anna arrest echoes in Parliament, both Houses adjourned

Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan, detained by Delhi Police on the morning ahead of Anna Hazare's fast-unto-death, were released in the evening at around 6:30pm IST.

Fig - Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan, detained by Delhi Police The current telecom minister Kapil Sibal was greeted with black flags and booed by a group of students at a seminar on the Jan Lokpal bill.



With the Government of India, preparing to release Anna Hazare late in the night, however Anna refused to come out of Tihar jail until the government agreed to an unconditional permission to hold protests at JP Park. Arrest of Raja Bundela Budelkhand Congress President Mr. Raja Bundela had given his arrest with his 5000 supporters from Pragati Maidan on 16th August 2011 at 4.00pm. All his supporters were holding placards, wearing caps and T-shirts embossed with Anna pictures. They did not try to break barricades or clash with the police. They are all united in support for Anna and Bundela ji.

Fig - Arrest of Raja Bundela Demonstrations were held all over India protesting Anna Hazare's arrest. In Chennai, Mahatma Gandhi's secretary, V Kalyanam led the protestors Referring to Anna Hazares arrest in New Delhi, Kalyanam said it was easier to fight foreign tyranny than the tyranny of our own people. He ridiculed the contention of Union ministers like Kapil Sibal and Chidambaram that Parliament was supreme and civil society had no voice.


Fig Thousands ready for arrest, but no vehicle to carry them Around 2,000 supporters gathered at Mumbais Azad Maidan morning and

announced their jail bharo andolan following the news of Mr. Hazares arrest. Angry over Annas arrest, thousands of supporters of social activist Anna Hazare shouted slogans in his support as they held candle light vigils at several places in the city Tuesday. Raising slogans in support of Hazare, the protesters with candles, placards and banners in their hands gathered at India Gate, Chhatrasal Stadium where thousands of Hazares supporters were detained, and outside Tihar Jail where the Gandhian has been kept.



Fig Thousands gather at India gate for candle Light march

Of the 22 conditions the police placed before Team Anna to hold their protest at JP Park from August 16, the civil society activists accepted 16 restriction and rejected six, terming them as unconstitutional. The six conditions were - three days' time frame for the fast, restricting the number of protesters to 5,000, allowing government medical officers to examine people fasting thrice a day, not to use loudspeakers or public address system, only 50 cars and 50 two-wheelers would be parked around the venue and not to erect a tent on any road. Hazare had wanted a month for the protest.



However, since the police gave "verbal" assurance of relaxing the conditions for the fast, Team Anna is insisting on a written assurance. "We have asked for written assurance from the police," said an Anna aide. Hazare refused to leave the jail unless he is allowed to continue with his indefinite fast, and the curbs are lifted. Assam In Assam, thousands of farmers, students and lawyers marched. Several hundred protestors who hit the streets against the arrest of veteran anticorruption crusader Anna Hazare were detained by the police across Assam At the premises of the Nationalist Congress Party office on the bank of Dighalipkukhuri river in the heart of Guwahati, about 500 leading citizens from different walks of life joined a hunger-strike. It was organised by the Assam chapter of 'India Against Corruption', demanding a stronger Jan Lokpal Bill.

Fig Massive Protest in Assam against Anna Hazares Arrest



A large number of protestors were arrested from Guwahati, Jorhat, Teok, Dibrugarh, Karimganj, Silchar, Tezpur and other parts of Assam while taking out protests in the wake of Anna's arrest. Members of Gauhati High Court Bar Association and Guwahati Advocate Association also brought out two separate protest marches condemning the arrest of the veteran Gandhian leader. Maharastra In the IT hub of Hyderabad, lawyers boycotted courts, students skipped class and hundreds took to the streets. Protests against arrest of Anna Hazare swelled across the country as sit-ins, rallies, relay fasts and candlelight vigils were held for the second day i.e 17th August while some lawyers struck work and a couple of trains stopped briefly. In Delhi, thousands of Hazare supporters chanting patriotic songs and carrying placards took out a rally from the historic India Gate and marched close to Parliament House to express solidarity with the 73-year-old Gandhian in his crusade against corruption. According to reports from the state capitals, workers of political parties held rallies in various states to press for a strong Lokpal Bill. Protesters stopped the Gujarat Express at Udhna station in Surat for 30 minutes while school children in Varacha area of the city took out a march in support of Hazare's anti-corruption movement. A report from Pratapgarh said a train was stopped by some social activists. Candlelight marches were held in Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Goa among other cities with people from different walks of life venting their anger at the Delhi police action and speaking passionately on the urgent need to end corruption. Supporters of the Gandhian thronged the Azad Maidan in Mumbai and falyed the undemocratic manner in which Anna Hazare was taken into custody.


Maharastra Over 3,000 people have been picked on the charges of unlawful assembly from across Mumbai after they held demonstrations protesting against the police action against activist Anna Hazare, police said. People in large numbers held protest at Azad Maidan without requisite permission in support of Anna Hazare and were picked up for unlawful assembly, a police officer said.

Fig - Thousands of people Protest in Mumbai

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil took stock of the situation in the state in the wake of the pro-Hazare protest with senior home ministry and police officials. The situation, however, is peaceful, Patil said adding no untoward incident has been reported anywhere in the state.



At Azad Maidan, Bollywood actor Purab Kohli and music director cum singer Vishal Dadlani were among those who extended their support to Hazare's cause. Elsewhere in Maharashtra, about 900 protesters at Hazare's Ralegan Siddhi village and 600 people from Ahmednagar city were detained for blocking roads to condemn the arrest of Hazare, police said. People had blocked Nagar-Pune state highway for more than four hours. The protesters burnt the copies of Lokpal Bill presented by government in Parliament, they said. In Solapur, 500 people, most of them college students, were picked up when they tried to disrupt vehicular traffic on Sat Rasta square, protesting police action against the activist. Thousands of flickering candle flames threw dancing shadows on the silent serene green glades of IITBombay night as students formed a five-km long human chain and chanted slogans against corruption. Dinesh Joshi, a research scholar at IIT (B) said of the total 7,000 students at the institute, over 5,000 of them turned out late evening. It is just a spontaneous reaction from the student community against the suppression of civil rights and corruption, he said, adding that some students were also observing relay fasting. Students also formed a human chain through lanes inside the heavily wooded campus. Chandigarh As support for Team Anna swelled on day 2 of the protest against his arrest in Punjab and Haryana, the picket got support from unexpected quarters the all-powerful Khap (caste) panchayats. The controversial panchayats held a meeting in Jind district of Haryana pledging support to Team Anna in its crusade to fight corruption. Lawyers in the state capital Chandigarh held rallies in Annas support. Advocates of the Punjab and Haryana High Court suspended work


expressing their solidarity. All demonstrations in the city were peaceful and no untoward incident was reported.

Goa Hundreds of Anna Hazare supporters courted arrest at the police station in Panaji against the police action on their leader in Delhi this morning. The activists of India Against Corruption walked into the police station. The speakers demanded that central government should not try to suppress the voice of common man on the street by opting for tactics like what they adopted towards Anna. Hazare's movement elicited support from renowned freedom fighters like Madhavi Desai, who recalled their 'satyagraha' held in Panaji to liberate Goa from Portuguese rule. "What's the use of independence if we have to suffer same atrocities at the hands of our own people," she questioned. Jaipur The support for Anna Hazare swelled on the second day of his arrest as various organisations came out in support of the Gandhian leaders demand for a strong Jan Lokpal and to protest his arrest. The lawyers of the lower and High Courts shunned work in support of Anna Hazare while various professional and trade organisations joined the fast and expressed solidarity with the rest of the nation. High Court Bar Association General Secretary Kapil Mathur said the advocates expressed solidarity with Anna and his team and had sent a memorandum to the President calling for a strong anti-corruption law.



Bhubaneswar Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said the Centre's action against Anna Hazare, reminded him about the situation during the Emergency. Stating that the central government should not have arrested Hazare, Patnaik said the Gandhian wanted to hold peaceful protest.

Meanwhile, the state witnessed wide-spread protest rallies and dharna condemning Hazare's arrest. Apart from Bhubaneswar, reports of protests were also received from Cuttack, Berhampur, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Sundergarh and Keonjhar districts. The monsoon session of the Orissa assembly took off in a stormy note here on Wednesday, thanks to the developments in New Delhi on the Anna Hazare front. As soon as the Question Hour began, the opposition members marched into the well of the House. This was opposed by the Congress whose members wanted to raise the ongoing peoples agitation against a power project in western Orissa. The BJD members were also heard shouting pro-Hazare slogans. Speaker Pradip Amat adjourned the House till afternoon when some BJP legislators made an attempt to force their entry into the Speakers podium. Uttarpradesh The arrest of Anna Hazare and his team in New Delhi has evoked wide support across Uttar Pradesh, the country's most populous state. People -- young and old -- drawn from different walks of life came out on the streets in all major cities and towns of UP, raising slogans in support of Anna, while condemning the Union government for putting the crusader behind bars.


While lawyers boycotted work in several places including Lucknow, students and teachers joined hands to take out processions or stage token protest demonstrations, and senior citizens donned pro-Anna caps, and holding proAnna placards , took out silent marches in their respective localities to express solidarity with the activist. Reports about such protests came in from several places including Allahabad, Varanasi, Kanpur, Agra, Sitapur, Firozabad, Mirzapur, Jhansi, Ballia, Gorakhpur, Sultanpur and Ghaziabad. Candlelight marches were being taken out in different parts of Lucknow as a mark of solidarity with team Anna. Demanding the immediate release of Hazare, students of the Allahabad University and colleges in Kanpur took out processions during which they burnt the effigies of Congress leaders. While the UP police did not create any hurdle for the protestors, they did took some people into custody, where demonstrators had staged road-blocks, which naturally disrupted normal life and movement. Lucknow witnessed widespread support for Anna. Cutting across age and status, pro-Anna activists were out on the streets in different localities of the city right from the morning. Mahatma Gandhi's statue at the city's busiest Hazratganj junction became the focal point of all protest demonstrations as people in big and small groups continued to pour in from all directions throughout the day to stage their protest.

Support for Anna Hazare swelled Wednesday across Uttar Pradesh as employees of government offices, banks and public sector undertakings as well as lawyers suspended work to join street protests in support of the now jailed anti-corruption crusader.While reports of people taking to streets to express solidarity with Hazare poured in from different cities, huge crowds were seen in





Meanwhile, UP Chief Minister Mayawati Wednesday came out in open support of the anti-corruption movement launched by Gandhian activist Anna Hazare.I wholeheartedly support the issues raised by Anna Hazare, she Chennai Support for veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare swelled here Wednesday with large number of people from varied walks of life pledging support. Around 5,000 people visited the protest venue till 4 p.m. More office-goers are expected after the office hours, Bhavana Upadhyaya of India Against Corruption (IAC), the outfit backing Hazare, said. said.

The IAC is holding protests at a construction site and people are fasting inside the multi-storied building.Bhavana said that out of the 36 people on indefinite fast, a 55-year-old was hospitalised while the number of people on relay Patna In Bihar, hundreds of people took to the streets and staged dharnas in Patna and other districts to protest the arrest of Anna Hazare and his colleagues in Delhi. There were numerous reports of people in Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Sitamarhi, Munger, Ara and Champaran districts staging protests against Anna arrest. "I was stunned the way police acted against Anna Hazare. It is an undemocratic action," said Professor N K Choudhary of Patna university, who along with dozens of people including intellectuals, activists, students and others staged dharna at Kargil Chowk in Patna. fast has increased to 100.



"Police action will prove counter productive for the UPA government because a strong message has been spread that it was an attack on people's fundamental right to protest" Choudhary added.

Fig Protest Rally in Bihar against the protest of Anna Hazare

Angry protestors burnt effigies of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and HRD minister Kapil Sibal in Patna. Theatre activists have decided to take out a candle march protest marches in Patna. Some people staged a sit-in and went on a hunger-strike at Kargil Chowk near the historic Gandhi Maidan.Others marched in various places of the city, shouting slogans against the Congress-led union government and denouncing

night in Patna.

The Bihar's ruling Janata Dal-United and its ally BJP conducted separate


the police action against Hazare and his supporters.People gatherted at several places for the second consecutive day to express their support to Anna and protest action against him, a police official said. Anna was arrested on Tuesday ahead of his fast and then subsequently released.

Gujrat Protests were held in many parts of Gujarat against the arrest of Anna Hazare with people sitting on dharnas, shouting slogans and some shopkeepers closing their outlets for the day. In Surat, protests were held by the local ABVP members in different parts of the city. Some of the shops in Surat diamond market remained closed as mark of protest against the arrest of Hazare.

Fig - Gujrat Protest against Anna Arrest

In Ahmedabad, sit-in demonstrations and slogan-shouting were held at Income Tax circle and near the Town Hall by volunteers of local NGOs, terming the arrest of Hazare as illegal and unconstitutional. In Vadodara, former BJP leader Nalin Bhatt submitted a memorandum to the district collector while demonstrations were held in Raupura area of the city


where people criticised the move by the Centre.

In Nadiad, district

headquarters of Kheda district, supporters of Hazare stopped the Mumbaibound Shatabdi Express at the railway station for 10 minutes. The train began its journey only after the Railway Police Force intervened and detained 50 odd protesters. In Rajkot, over hundred people including some senior citizens held demonstrations with some of them sat on fast till Hazare was released. Over 100 ABVP members and some local NGOs had gathered at the Lalbungalow circle in Jamnagar and shouted slogans against the Congress government. Bhavnagar also saw some groups supporting Hazare and demonstrating near Ghoghagate area of the city.

Jharkhand Over 55 persons from Ranchi were taken into preventive custody during the day-long protests and demonstrations by various organisations following the arrest of civil right activist Anna Hazare in Delhi. All of them were let off after a few hours, police said. "India Against Corruption, Jharkhand chapter convener Sanjay Seth, who was among the detained demonstrators, said hundreds of people from different walks of life staged demonstration at Albert Ekka Chowk and other places across the state to protest the arrest of Hazare.



Fig Jharkhan Protest Annas Arrest "We have decided to observe black day tomorrow. All our activists will wear black dresses and black flags will be put on vehicles, shops and our houses till Anna Hazare is released from custody," Seth told reporters in Ranchi. The '74 Chetna Manch, a forum comprising participants of Jayaprakash Narayan movement, also staged a sit-in to support Hazare's demand for an 'effective' anti-corruption bill. Pitching in his support, Jharkhand Assembly Speaker C P Singh termed the arrest of the civil right activist as "undemocratic" that "scuttled" his fundamental right.

Punjab Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal strongly condemned the arrest of Gandhian Anna Hazare by the Delhi Police and termed it as "murder of democracy". Meanwhile, people from all walks of life, including advocates and academicians, took to streets at several places in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana voicing their support to civil society members in their crusade against corruption.



Fig Thousands of people cried in Anger in Punjab against Annas Arrest

In Chandigarh, several intersections and round abouts were blocked by people, including advocates, officials said here. A long queue of stranded vehicles was seen on several roads in Chandigarh in the wake of blockades laid by people. At the rally ground in Chandigarh, 'India Against Corruption' decided to sit on hunger strike in support of the civil society members. NGO's founder member Davinder Sharma told reporters that five people from the NGO would sit on relay hunger strike till the government comes out with a strong Lokpal bill. Meanwhile, Shiromoni Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Singh Badal condemned the Centre's move and said it was "black day" for largest democracy of the world. "It was the black day for largest democracy of the world when its citizens were not allowed to carry out their peaceful protests against rampant


corruption in the government and citizens were jailed without specifying any charge," Sukhbir said. Indian National Lok Dal's general secretary Ajay Singh Chautala dubbed Anna's arrest by Delhi police as "undemocratic, unconstitutional and illegal." Meanwhile, at Phagwara in Punjab various organisations held protests against arrest of Hazare and other members of civil society. Reports of peaceful protest by various organisations, including students, have been received from Karnal, Panipat, Hisar, Bhiwani, Ludhiana, Patiala, Amritsar, Jalandhar and Kaithal. Anna appeals for peace in entire country As talks between the government and Team Anna continued over the location of Anna Hazares fast, the civil society leader on Wednesday appealed to the people to maintain peace and calm. I appeal to people to maintain peace and calm and join us in the fight against corruption, senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan quoted Hazare as saying in his message from the Tihar Jail. Bhushan maintained that he would inform the people about Hazares release and their future course of action

Across Andhra Pradesh, a Congress party stronghold, thousands went on snap fasts, staged sit-ins, blocked roads and formed human chains.



17 August 2011

Fig- Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar meeting social activist Anna Hazare at Tihar Jail. (PTI photo) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday took a swipe on civil society activist Anna Hazare, saying those who believe that their voice and their voice alone represents the will of 1.2 billion people should reflect deeply on that position. Asserting on the supremacy of Parliament in legislative affairs, Singh also said that they must allow the elected representatives of the people in Parliament to do the job that they were elected for After almost a day, Anna still refused to leave jail and spent the night in a room in Tihar jail, despite the government decision to free him.



Delhi Police made concessions for Anna Hazare to fast, stepping up from seven days to 14 days and finally 21 days at Ramlila Maidan.

Fig Sri Sri strongly protested against Annas arrest

Congress made a statement that they suspected a foreign hand in the protests and asked the government to probe if the US was behind Anna's agitation .



Fig Baba Ramdeb in support of Anna , outside Tihar Jail Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on 17th August met President Pratibha Patil and asked her to direct the Delhi Police to allow activist Anna Hazare to hold his fast for a more powerful anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.Ramdev met the President at 11.45 am and submitted a memorandum supporting Hazare's fight against corruption In a late night breakthrough in the deadlock between Anna Hazare and Delhi police over the duration of his anti-corruption protest, the Gandhian accepted the offer for 14 days of hunger strike beginning on Thursday, Aug 18 at the Ramlila Maidan. Anna has accepted the DP (Delhi Police) permission for two weeks (of fast). Anna now shall be at the Ramlila Ground grd post 3PM", Hazare''s aide Kiran Bedi twitted.



Kerala In Kochi IT professionals took out a march here raising slogans against the arrest of civil rights activist Anna Hazare. The professionals numbering about 500, holding placards and carrying the national flag, took out the march, Rajesh, who led the protest, said. Tihar Jail surrounded by lacs of people from all sides of it, even administration could not move in and out. Government tried to put Anna in detention , but for the first time in the history of India , a Jail has been jailed by the thousands of citizens.

Fig Thousands of citizens surround Tihar Jail for 3 days



18 August 2011 Anna Hazare agreed to leave jail after Delhi Police granted him permission to fast for 15-days against corruption at Ramlila Maidan. However, he would spend another night in Jail till the venue is ready. Arvind Kejriwal left Tihar jail being there for two days. Kejriwal called this move as just the beginning of their fight against corruption, and also confirmed that Anna Hazare would leave the jail once the grounds at Ramlila Maidan are ready for the fast. 19 August 2011 Anna Hazare left Tihar Jail at 15 minutes to noon IST after 3 days, to a spontaneous roar of welcome from the huge crowd assembled near the Jail. Just past the gates, he raised his hand in the air and shouted "Bharat mata ki Jai (Victory to Mother India)".

Fig Anna comes out of Tihar, a historical moment for India



He also addressed the public stating: "Whether I am there or not, this fight will continue." which too received a huge roar of applause. Anna waved the national flag towards the crowd, who responded by waving hundreds of smaller flags and chanted "Anna zindabad (long live Anna)". Paying obeisance to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat and Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate, Anna Hazare reached Delhi's Ramlila Maidan to launch a 15day mass protest against corruption.

Fig Anna on his way to Rajghat ,World witnessed the Rise of a Anna a Modern Gandhi



Anna Hazare finally launched his protest at Ramlila Maidan as he declared that he will not quit the venue till the Jan Lokpal Bill is passed. Varun Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party MP announced that he will introduce Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill in the Lok Sabha as a private member's bill, saying that Jan Lokpal Bill is better than anything the nation has seen before and would like to make a small contribution in his own way. 21 August 2011 Anna Hazare's camp called their supporters to confront individual Members of Parliament and Union Ministers at their residence and also warned the UPA government that its days would be numbered if it failed to pass the Bill by August 30. Over 100,000 supporters had thronged Ramlila Maidan , to show their support against corruption. Around 50,000 supporters marched in the streets on Mumbai to support Anna Hazare's call for an effective anti-corruption legislation. The marchers started from the Bandra railway station and walked all the way to Juhu, reportedly in one of the biggest protests in Mumbai.



Fig - More than a lakh people march from India Gate to Ramlila Grounds on 21 Aug 22 August 2011 On behalf of Anna Hazare, Sri Sri Ravishankar met NDA leaders at L. K.

Advani's residence to discuss the Lokpal issue and garner opposition support. Anna Hazare, on his 7th day of fast said he would not negotiate with any other mediator, including P. Chidambaram or Kapil Sibal. He also said he would only negotiate withCongress MP Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) or Maharashtra Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan regarding the Jan Lokpal Bill. A final year Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) student of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has refused to accept his degree from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The civil engineering student, Shashi Shekar Singh, has announced that he would not accept the degree from the prime minister, who is scheduled to attend the graduation ceremony, being held afternoon, as


the chief guest. He has been urging his batchmates to join the protest. A group of 200 students have been sitting on a relay hunger strike on the campus to express solidarity with Anna's anti-corruption movement Guru said they were treated as secondary citizens, and were deprived of many civil rights such as inclusion of their names in voter lists and getting a ration card. "Hazare's Jan Lokpal bill shall certainly help us in giving back our basic human rights as citizens of India," Guru said.

Guru is getting ready to leave for Delhi to be at the Ramleela ground with other hizras. Accompanying Guru are Laila Shaikh, Reena Gaikwad, Deepa Bhingardiwe, Sujata Sale, Muskan Shaikh and Asha Nagarkar. They will meet Hazare at the Ramleela Ground and sit for a hunger strike there.

Fig Eunuch comes out in massive number to streets "We are with Anna and have not consumed food for the past three days and our relay hunger strike shall continue till the Jan Lokpal bill gets passed in Parliament," Laila Shaikh said. "Anna is our inspiration and he has backed us in our fight for our rights in the past. We are leaving by Monday evening for Delhi on the Jhelum Express. We will be carrying the message of support from the 2,500 eunuchs from





Eunuchs in the city are also backing Hazare. Panna Gebrial, a eunuch who is president of Aashirwad, a trangender organisation, said that all 10,000 hijras from the community in the city was backing Hazare.

"We have to face maximum corruption in the red light area from the police and municipal corporation regarding many issues related to our livelihood. Anna is our only hope and we shall be with him throughout his fight against corruption and for the Jan Lokpal bill," Gebrial said.

A big group of eunuchs from the city is also leaving for Delhi to join Hazare's agitation at the Ramleela ground. "Our blessings are considered a good omen. After God, our best wishes shall definitely give Anna great success in his agitation and the Jan Lokpall bill shall be passed," Gebrial said.. 23 August 2011 South Indian superstar Rajinikanth pledged his support for Anna Hazare's movement for the Jan Lokpal bill stating that he was happy that an able and dedicated leader like Anna Hazare is leading the fight against corruption. He also congratulated all Indians for lending their support to the 'bloodless revolution'. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appealed Anna Hazare to end his fast. He wrote a letter to Anna stating that he will ask Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar if Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill can be sent to the Standing Committee. Prime Minister also said that the government was concerned about Anna's health.

Dinesh Yadav a youth from bihar raised pro-Hazare slogans and poured petrol on himself before setting himself on fire near Rajghat on August 23.


He sustained 90 per cent burn injuries and was rushed to LNJP hospital. Dinesh Yadav died on 29th August, 2011.

Fig - Dinesh Yadav A patriot , self immolates himself in Rajghat

Al though people did not pay tribute to him and said its not correct, but we must salute his patriotism, If Dinesh yadav would have born in British rule, he would have been with Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad. We must recognize his tribute for Nation. But youth also must understand that the fight against corruption can not be fought that way. These corrupts are not sensitive to recognize the sacrifice of life also. So better be alive and fight against corruption.



Fig - Dinesh Yadav with Anna Cap while burnt, death of a patriot

24 August 2011 In Chennai students, lawyers, traders and people from different walks of life, observed fasts and boycotted classes, expressing solidarity with the social activist. School and college students observed a day's fast in Thanjavur after boycotting their classes. In Kancheepuram, about 1,500 college girls boycotted their classes and observed fast in support of Anna. Bharatiya Janata Party MP Varun Gandhi visited Ramlila Maidan on

Wednesday morning. He stated his visit was as a common man and had nothing to do with his party as he supported the cause of Anna Hazare. An all-party meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at his official residence in New Delhi represented by finance minister Pranab


Mukherjee. However the meeting ended with Mukherjee appealing Anna Hazare to end his fast, prompting the civil society to declare that they were "back to square one".

Fig - All-party meeting

25 August 2011 Massive support across the nation. In gurgaon most of the 12,000 shared and CNG auto-rickshaw drivers in the city went on a strike in support of anticorruption crusader Anna Hazare. More than 6,000 auto drivers took out a protest march in the city starting from gaushala ground covering mini secretariat to Old Railway Road and New Railway Road covering more than 5km. Many of the auto drivers also went to Ramlila Maidan to support the crusade against corruption.


Fig - 6,000 auto drivers took out a protest march

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday offered a new formula saying that the Government was ready to debate all versions of the Lokpal Bill in circulation at Parliament. He also said that the bills prepared by Aruna Roy's NCPRI and Jaiprakash Narain will also be debated by the Parliament alongwith the Jan Lokpal Bill. Union Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh met Anna Hazare at his protest camp at Ramlila Maidan. Deshmukh reportedly conveyed a message from the Prime Minister to urge Anna to end his fast and also asked him to consider the Prime Minister offer to debate all versions of Lokpal Bill in Parliament. Anna Hazare had asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to start the parliamentary discussion the next morning itself. Hazare had also put forward


his three demands to the Prime Minister - Citizen's Charter, Lokayuktas in all states with Lokpal powers and inclusion of lowest to highest bureaucracy.

Fig- Massive crowd of Ramlila Maidan ( only 10% shown in picture) Popular Tamil actor Vijay on Thursday joined a number of celebrities in expressing support to Anna Hazare's fast for a strong Lokpal, saying the Gandhian's stir has triggered a nation-wide debate on uprooting corruption. Vijay, who has acted in over 60 films in Tamil language and has a huge fan following, flew in from Chennai this morning and met Hazare at the Ramlila Maidan, the venue of his fast.



Fig- Vijay addressing at Ramlila Maidan

Saluting Anna's "will power", Vijay said the way the movement is getting public support that too without any political background is praiseworthy. "The movement has triggered a nation-wide debate on uprooting corruption. I am very proud to be here as a Tamilian from Tamil Nadu. I pray for his good health," he told Hazare's supporters. Vijay is the second celebrity from the south to express his support to Anna Hazare after Super Star Rajinikanth, who lent his support to the campaign .



26 August 2011 Government asked Anna Hazare to guarantee of ending his fast once the discussion(debate) opens in Parliament. Veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri visited Ramlila Maidan and met Anna Hazare on his 11th day of fast, expressing his support to anti-corruption movement.

Fig Controversial statement and act of Ompuri and Kiran Bedi at ramlila maidan Puri had hit out at MPs for being "anpadh (illiterate)" and said "sab neta chor hain (all leaders are thieves)" while Bedi had parodied politicians for "wearing masks", pulling a scarf over her head.



Om Puri and Team Hazare member Kiran Bedi face privilege proceedings in Parliament for their "derogatory and defamatory" references to politicians during their speeches at Ramlila Maidan 27 August 2011 Actor Aamir Khan arrived this afternoon at the Ramlila Maidan where Anna Hazare, 74, is on a hunger strike.  The actor said, "Anna has not eaten for 12 days.I am worried about you. In everyone's heart, there is concern for you.  This will be a long process, and we need Anna's leadership for our struggle.  So I urge him here to please end his fast Mr Khan also sang "Mitwaa" from his super-hit movie 'Lagaan' for the thousands in Anna's audience.

Fig- Amir Khan in Support of Anna hazare

But before that, Mr Khan paid rich tribute to Anna and said he supports the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal Bill developed by Anna and his team, which is being debated in Parliament. Mr Khan said, "I want to hug Anna because he has awakened all of us. This struggle against corruption - is all of ours. I have read Anna's Jan Lokpal bill.I have also read the other version. But Anna's bill is the one I support. Obviously, only Parliament can pass this bill. So Anna has tried to ensure it is debated, passed. We have elected our MPs. And right now, we


are all watching them to see if they give us a tough anti-corruption bill. We have to thank Anna for putting this bill and the issue of corruption in the spotlight. We hope our MPs will not fail us, that they debate this extensively. He also stressed, "We need to decide as to how we are going to live our lives... Will we give or accept bribes? Will we say no to corruption in our lives. Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday initiated his debate in the Parliament on the Lokpal Bill issue. Initiating the speech, Mukherjee again requested Anna to end his fast. Bharatiya Janata Party MP Sushma Swaraj, during the debate in Lok Sabha, expressed her party's support for Anna Hazare, and said the BJP largely agrees with the three pre-conditions(Citizen's Charter, Lokayuktas in all states with Lokpal powers and inclusion of lowest to highest bureaucracy) laid down by Anna to end his hunger strike and is willing to vote in favour it.

Fig Sushma Swaraj expressed support of BJP in Parliament. Praliament divided on Anna






singer Sonu

Nigam performed at Ramlila Maidan on Saturday. Sonu took blessings of Anna, who was on his 12th day of his indefinite fast.


Fig- Sonu Nigam in support of Anna hazare

Government agreed to voice vote on Lokpal debate in Parliament. Both the houses have passed the resolution agreeing upon all the three conditions set by Anna in Jan Lokpal Bill. "We have won only half the battle," said Hazare standing before wildly cheering crowds and flanked by his key aides and Union minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, former Maharashtra chief minister who has been an interlocutor. "I congratulate every MP on what has happened ." Anna Hazare said. Anna Hazare also declared of breaking fast morning at 10 am. With this declarartion cheer of victory erupted across the nation and across the world. People started celebrating Dipawali and Holi together in every state and every city and villages.



28 August 2011 Anna Hazare ended his 12-day fast after 288 hours morning at around 10

am before thousands of cheering supporters at Ramlila Maidan. Hazare was driven straight to Medanta Medicity run by eminent cardiologist Dr Naresh Trehan who was attending to him along with his team during his entire period of fast.

Fig Anna reading getwell soon card from Prime Minister of India

Thousands of supporters gathered at India Gate following anticorruption crusader's call to celebrate their victory.



Fig - Huge Crowd Cheering at India Gate 'Anna has pulled off a miracle', was the unanimous cry from Hazare supporters who thronged the India Gate in thousands following anticorruption crusader's call to celebrate their victory.

Fig People cheers at Ramlila Ground



Fig Annas Victory (of democracy) celebrated across India, in every village Cutting across the barriers of age and gender, people looked into a mode of celebration while dancing on the tunes of bands, doing Bhangra, singing patriotic songs, raising impromptu slogans, flying kites names after Anna, waving Indian flags, and some even distributing free sweets and chocolates among themselves.

Fig Across India citizens celebrates Holi and Dipawali together. Its a peoples victory



"Anna has awakened the nation", said 80-year-old Retd. Army Officer Shiv Kumar Sharma, who had come with his wife and friends to the India Gate.

Victory of People

Hindu-Muslim United

People celebrate Holi

People see Anna in God or God in Anna



Post August Kranti

August 31, 2011-Hazare returns to his native village, Ralegan Siddhi, and stays at Padmavati temple's guesthouse. Sept. 10, 2011- Team Anna calls for electoral reform by seeking right to reject and the right to recall elected representatives by the voters. Oct. 12, 2011 - Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena attacks Team Anna core committee member Prashant Bhushan in his chamber on Supreme Court premises over his remarks on conducting plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. Oct.16, 2011- Anna starts his weeklong "maun vrat"(Vow of Silence) at his native village Ralegan Siddhi. Oct. 18, 2011 - A man named Jitendra Pathak throws shoe at Arvind Kejriwal in Lucknow, accusing Kejriwal of misleading people. Nov.4, 2011- Anna ends his 19-day-long "maun vrat." Nov.6, 2011 - The Yuva Ghantanad Sanstha targets Arvind Kejriwal in Nagpur. Nov. 7, 2011- Anna Hazare plans to restructure his core committee, giving representation to religious minorities, tribals, Dalits and youth to strengthen the campaign against corruption. Nov. 19, 2011- A wax statue of Anna Hazare is unveiled in Varsoli village, around 110 Km from Mumbai.



Nov. 20, 2011- Union Finance Minister (FM) Pranab Mukherjee rejects Anna Hazare's demand for right to recall elected representative. The FM says it will create political instability in the country. Nov. 20, 2011- In a two days meeting of Anna Hazare's workers at Ralegan Siddhi, Anna directs his activists to file cases against political parties found using his name or photos during election. Nov. 22, 2011- The Prime Minister's Office writes a letter to Anna Hazare assuring him that the UPA government will bring a strong Lokpal Bill in the winter session. Nov. 23, 2011- Yoga guru Ramdev writes to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh threatening to launch a nationwide agitation against the UPA if the government did not take decisive steps to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill and repatriate black money stashed abroad in the winter session of Parliament. 24 November 2011 Union Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution, Sharad Pawar was slapped by a youth named Harvinder Singh at a the New Delhi Municipal Corporation centre while leaving the premises because of corruption and price-rise. There are several allegations of corruption against Sharad Pawar. Nov. 28. 2011- Anna Hazare announces his decision to hold a protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, Dec. 11 to intensify pressure on the Parliamentary standing committee. The Parliamentary panel on Lokpal Bill is likely to submit its report before Dec. 7.



Annas December Andolan

Dec. 1, 2011 - The standing committee examining the Lokpal bill overturns its earlier recommendation to include the Group C Central Government employees and leave them out of its ambit. Dec. 2, 2011- Anna Hazare says the government might have changed its stand on the Lokpal due to Rahul Gandhi's intervention. Dec. 4, 2011- Hundreds of Anna Hazare supporters participate in a car and bike rally in the capital Sunday to drum up support for civil society's version of the Lokpal bill. Dec. 09 - Upset over the draft report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee examining the Lokpal Bill, Anna makes a direct attack on the Congress-led UPA government by saying having a weak Prime Minister is dangerous for the country. Dec. 09, 2011 Anna upsets with the draft report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee examining the Lokpal Bill. He made a direct attack on the Congress-led UPA government by saying having a weak Prime Minister is dangerous for the country. He also blamed the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and the Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal for creating confusion on the Lokpal issue. Dec. 10, 2011 Anna reached New Delhi to start his day-long hunger strike at Jantar Mantar . Dec.11, 2011 - Anna starts his day-long hunger strike at Jantar Mantar. '



Anna Hazare sat on a day-long fast at Jantar Mantar protesting against proposals of Parliamentary Standing Committee on the anti-graft measure. The protest for the first time saw politicians sharing stage with Hazare, with leaders of of BJP, CPI(M), CPI, JD(U), Akali Dal, TDP and BJD participated in the public debate on Lokpal bill. Dec. 14, 2011 - Congress top brass, led by party president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, meets all the constituents of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and hold all party meeting on Lokpal Bill. Dec. 14, Congress top brass, led by party president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, met all the constituents of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and hold all party meeting on Lokpal Bill. He also called to extend the ongoing session of the Parliament to get the Lokpal Bill passed. Dec. 15, 2011 Anna said that he would launch a new movement, 'Jail Bharo Andolan' (put in jail), from January 1 in front of the houses of Member of Parliament (MPs) if they attempt to dilute the Lokpal bill. Dec. 16, 2011 - Kiran Bedi says team Anna will not launch the planned hunger strike campaign for the Lokpal Bill if the ongoing session of the Parliament is extended to discuss it. Dec. 17, 2011 - Anna Hazare writes a fresh letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying doubts have arisen over whether Lokpal Bill will be passed by December 23 when Parliament session gets over and threatened to go ahead with his proposed fast and 'jail bharo' agitation.



Dec. 18, 2011 - Anna says Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government has fooled people of India several times. He addresses a huge rally in Chennai. Dec. 21, 2011 - UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi says that the government is ready for a fight on Lokpal Bill. Dec. 17, 2011 Anna wrote a fresh letter to Prime Minister, saying doubts have arisen over whether Lokpal Bill will be passed by Dec. 23 when Parliament session gets over and threatened to go ahead with his proposed fast and 'jail bharo' agitation. Dec. 18, 2011 Anna said huge rally in Chennai. Dec. 22, 2011 Anna challenges the government for an open debate on the Lokpal Bill. 22 December 2011 Lok Sabha Session Started in Morning and it was expected that Lokpal bill would be introduced by Government on 11:00 AM Security Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha. After Lok Sabha approved Food Security Bill, Lalu Prasad Yadav started protesting and asking the government to include Muslim Minorities in Lokpal Bill and consequently Lok Sabhawas adjourned till 2:00 PM . UPA Government announced a core meeting and decided to include Minorities Reservation in the Lokpal Bill. Lok Sabha started again on 2:00 PM . Gurudas DasGupta adviced the Congress Government not to introduce

that Congress-led United Progressive Alliance

(UPA) government has fooled people of India several times. He addressed a

but instead, Food


the Lokpal Bill in a hurry. Lalu Prasad Yadav welcomed Government's move to include Minorities in Lokpal Bill but at the same time he also pointed out that this bill needs to be much strong enough and also adviced not to bring Judiciary and Prime Minister under the Lokpal. Leader of the House, Pranab Mukherjee then Responded to the MPs. Later on, Sushma Swaraj, leader of opposition pointed out the face that Religion based Reservation is against Constituition. Lok Sabhawas once again adjourned due to Verbal Clash between CPI-M and Trinamool Congress Members. Indian Government withdrew previous Lokpal Bill which was introduced in August 2011 and presented new bill "The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 2011" which was introduced along with a Constitutional (116th Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha on 3:30 PM which also included reservation for minorities and 50% reservation for SC/ST, OBC and women candidates. Anna Hazare, announced that Hunger Strike will surely take place on 27, 28, 29 and Jail Bharo Andolan subsequently to pressurize the Government. Anna Hazare dares the government for an open debate on the Lokpal Bill. Dec 19, 2011 - An anonymous letter received by the Delhi Police has threatened to inject anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his team with HIV contaminated needles.The letter threatened that Team Anna would be attacked by deadly needles if they kept demanding for a Lokpal Bill. The issue is being taken seriously by the Delhi Police, who have now filed an FIR and is on a manhunt for the sender of the letter. The letter reads that "a needle team, which has prepared 500 HIV positive needles, would inject the virus in atleast 1,000 people at the demonstration". The anonymous letter was sent on Dec 9 to the DCP Central office.


Dec. 23, 2011- Team Anna starts a mass registration for Anna Hazare's "Jail Bharo Andolan" (Fill the Jail Campaign) to protest against government's lokpal bill. Dec. 25, 2011 - Team Anna urged the Prime Minister and parliamentarians to come out with a real anti-corruption law to tackle corruption. Dec. 26, 2011 - Anna said, Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government does not want to eliminate corruption from India. 27 December 2011 Anna Hazare began his fast demanding a stronger version of the ombudsman Lokpal bill at MMRDA ground, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, after paying respect at the statue ofMahatma Gandhi in Juhu. Thousands of his supporters had joined his rally from Juhu Beach to the MMRDA ground. The rally also saw India Against Corruption members Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, Hazare boarding an open truck to reach the fast venue. Hazare was greeted by some people with Black Flags. The first day also turned out to be disappointment for the people who support the movemevt as the turn out was very low. Hazare addressing the crowd for the first time at MMRDA ground, said, "Dil diya hai, he vatan, tere liye jaan bhi de denge", which translates to "I(Anna Hazare) have given my heart,ready to give my life for you(India)."

27 December 2011 also saw Lok Sabha debating on Lokpal Bill in the parliament. The debate saw Bhartiya Janata Party leader Sushma Swaraj punching holes in the government's Lokpal bill. She added that the government has been compelled to introduce the bill that envisages the


setting up of an effective anti-graft ombudsman. The debate resulted in Lokpal Bill being passed to Rajya Sabha, however was not given constitutional status as expected. The bill that would have granted the Lokpal constitutional status failed as the government did not manage the two-thirds majority of MPs present and voting on two of the three clauses of the Constitutional Amendment Bill. Its numbers did not cross 273 which is just past the half-way mark of the total number of seats in the Lok Sabha. Both conditions need to be satisfied to amend the Constitution.

28 December 2011 The Lokpal Bill was sent for review to Indian President Pratibha Patil the next morning, on 28 December 2011. This is standard operating procedure for any legislation that will have financial implications. She later gave her assent for the Bill to be tabled in the Rajya Sabha, which is scheduled for discussion. On the second day of his fast, a day ahead of schedule, Hazare repeated his threat to campaign against Congress in the five poll-bound states for not bringing a strong Lokpal. Due to deteriorating health of Hazare and low turn out across the country were among the reasons for ending up his fast.He said that, the movement is not stopped, just postponed. Hazare also announced the cancellation of "Jail Bharo" movement due to his bad health condition. Dec. 29, 2011- after suspending his "Jail Bharo Andolan" Anna returned to his native village Ralegan Siddhi. Dec. 31, 2011- Anna's aide Suresh Pathre announces that the core committee meeting of Team Anna which was scheduled to be held at Ralegan Siddhi on Jan. 2 and 3, has been postponed due to Anna's ill health.


Annas December Fast Many anti Anna people said there was very low turn out in MMRDA ground . but that was because of 1) Team Anna planned fasts on working days (to coincide with bills discussion/passage in Loksabha, which is little ambitious on IAC's part) 2) Holiday season. Staff at the offices at 50%. Willing people cannot get leave. 3) MMRDA is not easily accessible for everyone compared to Azad Maidan etc One must not forget Bandra Juhu rally held recently, the rally was stretching from Bandra to Santacruz. It was Sunday. People joined in large number even it was raining heavily. Most of the people who joined that rally were educated and committed type and not jingoes.

Fig - 1 lakh march in Mumbai in support of Anna

Bandra to Juhu Circle s rally where more than 1 lakh people joined shows that India has awaken from a long sleep The rally was enormous in size



A Article from commonmanspeaks.com

With the Government sabotaging the passing of the Lokpal Bill on December 29 by their cheap tactics, Anna Hazares grudge against them is proved right. Now, the intentions of the Congress are crystal clear in front of the nation! But I would like to take your attention on some other serious issue. There has been a massive hue and cry by the media that Anna Hazares fast in Mumbais MMRDA ground, which took place on December 27 and 28, was a flop as very few people turned up at the venue to support the Gandhian. However, truth is something else at least on the second day. Agreed, the long distance shots seen on various news channels showed vast empty spaces on the ground. When I saw the footage even I felt the attendance was way below short of expectations. However, recently my brother Fenil Seta and few IAC supporters told me a totally different story. According to them, large number of people had turned up at the venue but since the ground covers a humongous area, the crowd looked small when seen from long distance. After watching the pictures and videos taken by them, I find no reason not to believe them. When my brother took apicture on the second day, he had to use the zoom function to the fullest effect. This is because he was just not able to go anywhere near the stage due to the strong crowd on the second day. To prove my point further, I would like you to watch the following videos: During Hazares August fast at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, the crowd started increasing as the days progressed. Given the fact that the crowd had increased on the second day at MMRDA, it would have increased further if the fast was continued for some more days. Considering that MMRDA is so far from Bandra and Kurla railway stations, with hardly any BEST buses running on the route, it should be said the turnout was good and the event by no means was a flop! It seems our media either didnt know the truth or for some strange reason was shying away from reporting actual facts! Was it money? Who knows?



Jan. 1, 2012- Anna, hospitalizes at Sancheti hospital in Pune, after complaining of chest congestion. Jan. 6, 2012- Key member of Team Anna, Shanti Bhushan, has been found guilty of evading taxes worth Rs.1.3 crores. STAR News-Nielsen Survey: Anna still has massive support , 6th Jan 2012 Jan. 8, 2012- Anna, discharged from hospital

Jan 22, 2012 Anna writes letter to PM . aaccusing him of betraying the country.

Jan 25, 2012-Around 2,000 villagers gathered at Ralegan Siddhi to watch the
special screening of Rumi Jaffreys Gali Gali Chor Hai along with social activist Anna Hazare and actors Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Mugdha Godse and Annu Kapoor. The movie was screened for Hazare and his villagers on a specially created LED wall screen in an open auditorium. Hazare greeted and welcomed the cast of the film and praised them for their effort. January 31, 2012 A controvery raised as yoga guru Ramdev levelled allegations that Hazare's condition was not improving because of the wrong medicines administered to him.Anna Hazare and Team did not support the controversy of wrong treatment. Feb 2, 2012 - In the mean time Annas Health worsend and he opted for Natural Cure Anna Hazare arrived in Bangalore today for ayurvedic treatment in Jindal Naturopathy Centre.



Feb 8, 2012 - Anna Hazare expressed "dismay" over the three Bharatiya Janata Party ministers in Karnataka viewing undesired video in the assembly and demanded that they should be "jailed" for bringing "disrespect to the Constitution". After touring Uttrakhand and Punjab, Team Anna has begun its campaign in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh for educating voters on the anti-graft Jan Lokpal bill Feb 18, 2012 - After successfully undergoing treatment for just over two weeks.Anna Hazare was discharged from Jindal Naturopathy Centre in Bangalore on Saturday Feb 19, 2012 - Social crusader Anna Hazare on Saturday announced that he is now fully fit to resume his anti-corruption crusade and the fight for a strong Lokpal.. Team Anna continued its Election Campaign in all poll bouns states which started on 5th February and still continued. Team Anna is not targeting any political party. Feb 23,2012 - Anna Hazare met Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi along with other IAC members. Anna was accompanied by Arvind Kejriwal, Santosh Hegde, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi. Team Anna wants inclusion of Right to Reject button in the EVM machines.

Feb 24,2012 Anna Hazare received S. R. Jindal Prize of Rs 25 Lacs, which he donated to Hind Swaraj trust, to be used for social work only. Former President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, who received S. R. Jindal Prize of Rs.1 crore for science and technology, which he donated to four charitable trust. Justice Santosh Hegde also received the same prize and donated it to Army Central Welfare Fund that is working for education and welfare of widows



Support from Teachers and Students
While Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption is spreading with intensity across the country, a huge support has come from the education field as well. Students as well as teachers from different city institutes have come forward in their own way to show their support for the Hazare's anti-corruption drive. Around 5,000 teachers from Shikshak Bharati Association fasted for a day and university teachers gathered at Azad Maidan in hordes. Lucknow University (LU) teachers took mass leave, more than 700 teachers of various government and private degree colleges took leave on Friday, paralysing academic work. Pune, Many city colleges wore a deserted look on Thursday as students took to the streets to express their solidarity with Anna Hazares crusade against corruption. Students skipped classes to take part in the rallies. Students of SNDT womens university held a protest rally which started from their college to Veer Savarkar Smarak on Karve Road. As students, we feel that we have to take active part in the fight against corruption. We all are here to supportAnna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill, said Shraddha Marathe, a student. At Fergusson College (FC), nearly 500 students, led by their teachers, were found shouting slogans and displaying posters in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill on the college premises. Indian Universities join hands to support Anna hazare about 1,000 students of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore skipped a meal protesting against Hazares arrest. They also resolved to stage sit-in demonstrations everyday till the central government agrees to a strong Lokpal bill. Hazare had planned to begin his fast for a stronger anti-corruption Lokpal bill in New Delhi . However, Delhi Police imposed certain conditions before


allowing the protest. Hazare refused to sign the undertaking, following which the police detained him and his other team members. The B-school's academic Dean Trilochan Sastri pledged to skip a meal every day until the government agreed to a strong Lokpal bill.

Fig - Students taking out a rally in support of Anna Hazare in Mangalore

"Students of IIM Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Gandhinagar, Guwahati and Hyderabad have agreed to join us in support of our cause and set up an online petition to mobilise support for a strong Lokpal to fight against graft in the country," said the students. More than 2000 people including students and faculty members of India's noted management and engineering institutes such asIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) have formally endorsed thepetition seeking support for Anna Hazare's fast against corruption by skipping one meal in the day so long as he continues with his fast.



Support from Doctors Members of Indian Medical Association take out a car rally in Ghaziabad in support of anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare; pledge attendance at the agitation announced by the Hazare beginning August 16.

Fig- Doctors affiliated to Indian Dental Association in Mangalore

Fig- Resident doctors across the nation joined Anna Hazare

All India Institute of Medical Sciences' Society of Young Scientists has extended its support to the protest against corruption by social activist Anna Hazare. A Team of 35 private doctors set up camp at Ramlila Maidan, offering free medical aid to protesters fasting as part of Hazares anti-corruption crusade. Over 700 protesters were rendered free medical service since Friday night, and around 25 were shifted to the Lok Nayak Hospital as their condition had deteriorated. Dr Sanjeev Chhibber, a cancer surgeon, said: We extend our support to the anti-corruption movement by offering our services for free. So far, we are a team of 35 private doctors who have volunteered to give free medical aid to Hazares supporters.



Schematic Diagram of Anna Hazares Support



Support from Dabbawalas

Covering Churchgate to Azad Maidan, more than 5,000 dabbawalas (tiffin carriers) joined the protest march. The famous dabbawalas also created history by breaking their 120-year-old tradition when they observed a bandh (strike).

Fig- Protest march of dabbawala Churchgate to Azad Maidan

The dabbawalas had decided to go on a fast last week after Anna pledged to start his fast on Aug 16



Support from Engineers and IT Sector

Robot flying for Anna

IIT Students Support Anna

Fig - People work in offices with Anna Cap and White dress



Technology support for Anna Hazare Anna Hazares movement against corruption is gaining lot of attention not only in India but across the world too. This movement has taken an interesting turn and the youth of the country is indulged in spreading awareness about the movement on internet with the help of mobile aps and social media websites. The smartphone users can now stay-up-to date with the latest news, regarding the movement with mobile app developed by Juvenis Tech is launched for Android and Symbian platforms, to spread awareness about the campaign and encourage participation. The app provides you with news updates, streaming videos, polling and information about Lokpal. Users can also register as volunteer for the movement via this app. The app can be downloaded both from Ovi Store and Android Marketplace. Get the Lokpal Bill in one Minute: Programmers at Krazy Koder, a free online lab for programmers, have come up with a game which can be played online with which you can help Anna Hazare collect the Lokpal Bill virtually. Anna Hazare game works only on Chrome & Firefox, In order to play this game simply click on the dark space shown below, now press the arrow keys to collect supporters & avoid colliding to politicians who come your way. On collecting 10 supporters, you are ready to collect the Lokpal Bill.



Fig Angry Anna Online Game Inspired by the insanely popular and one of the most addictive games of all time, Angry Birds, a bunch of geeks from a Noida-based company called Geek Mentors Studio, have designed a game called Angry Anna, which encourages online users to Play to support Anna Hazarein his battle against corruption in India. Just after the launch of the game earlier this week, it was already hit by massive fan followers, bringing over 50,000 hits to the home page and thousands of Twitter and Facebook posts. The game has been played more than 270,000 times since its launch.

Thousands of volunteers supported Annas movement online with Facebook and Twitter, including me.



Support from Advocates Supreme court lawyers cameout of Supreme Court against the illegal arrest of Anna Hazare.Lawyers of the apex court come out in support of the social activist's movement against corruption Lawyers here organised a demonstration near the Delhi High Court Wednesday, marching to India Gate to support activist Anna Hazares call for a stronger Lokpal bill. Around a hundred lawyers assembled outside the premises of the high court under the banner of the Adhivakta Parishad Delhi Pradesh (APDP), a lawyers wing. Jan Lokpal proposed by the civil society is an effective instrument, weapon and machinery to curb the corruption in the democratic society with strict hand, said the APDP in a statement.

Fig Advocates boycott Court and Join Protest

Bhubaneswar, Aug 17 Lawyers boycotted courts and students skipped classes in many towns across Orissa Wednesday to support activist Anna Hazares fight against corruption. Work at various courts across the state, including the Orissa High Court at Cuttack, 26 km from here, was paralysed as lawyers marched wearing black badges and covering part of their faces with black ribbons. Annas arrest was undemocratic, Lalatendu Samontray, secretary of the Orissa High Court Bar Association, the states apex association of lawyers, told reporters.


Judicial work was paralysed at the Allahabad High Court as lawyers blocked entry into the premises and staged demonstrations in support of jailed social activist Anna Hazare. The lawyers, led by High Court Bar Association (HCBA) President Umesh Narain Sharma gathered around the High Court premises, raising slogans against the arrest of Hazare two days ago. The advocates termed the government's move as "repression of a peaceful struggle against corruption which is enjoying country-wide support".

Lawyers in the state capital Chandigarh held rallies in Annas support. Advocates of the Punjab and Haryana High Court suspended work expressing their solidarity. All demonstrations in the city were peaceful and no untoward incident was reported.



Support from NRI

NRI of Colorado held a well-attended meeting in Longmont. The event was a huge success and we had substantial participation from the Indian community here in Colorado. It was extremely satisfying to have such a wide participation from our community members considering the fact that people we informed at a very short notice (just 3 days).

Fig- Perhaps one of the biggest gatherings for Anna Hazare was held in the city of Portland in the state of Oregon

Over 102 people came together to express their enthusiastic support at this event. The program started at 8 PM MDT and ended at 9.30 PM.



Fig- NRIs hold rally in Los Angeles, New Jersey in support of Anna.

Adults and children, both put in a lot of their time and effort in making this event a huge success with several banners, slogans, Indian flags, and Anna cap. Some of the popular slogans chanted by the participants were: Vande Mataram Bharat Mataki Jai Down Down Corruption Anna Hazare Aage Chalo, Hum Apke Saat Hai Nahi Chalega, Nahi Chalega, Bhrashtachar Nahi Chalega Ek Do Teen Chhar ..... Khatam karo ye Bhrastachaar... God Bless America and God Bless India



Fig- NRI of Colorado held a well-attended meeting in Longmont

Also, we had quite a few teenagers who were very keen to know about Anna Hazare and his team's proposed Jan Lokpal bill. Their excitement was particularly noteworthy and the ladies sang Hum Honge Kamyab, which is moved even the strongest folks attending the event. It was a tremendous display of patriotism and support on the part of everyone.

13-Nov ICAC Seminar For IAC Volunteers Hong Kong 25-Sep 'JLB Movement and way ahead' Hong Kong 20-21 Aug 'Relay Fast' USA - NJ - New Jersey 29-Aug Hong Kong 27-Aug Belgium - Brussles 27-Aug USA - Utah - Salt Lake City 27-Aug United Kingdom - London 27-Aug Germany - Munich 27-Aug USA - TX - Austin 27-Aug Australia - Sydney 20-Aug The Netherlands - Den Haag 25-Aug USA - CO - Longmont


Fig- 14-Aug 'Candle Light Vigil'

USA - NC - Charlotte

All over world NRI Supported Anna Hazare, a partial list of events is included 18-Aug Finland - Helsinki 23-Aug USA - CA - San Diego 23-Aug Switzerland - Zurich 22-Aug USA - FL - Gainesville 22-Aug USA - MS - Startville 21-Aug Hong Kong 21-Aug USA - NY - New York 21-Aug USA - MO - St Louis 21-Aug USA - IOWA - Cedar Rapids 21-Aug USA - Oregon - Portland 21-Aug United Kingdom - London 20-Aug USA - PA - Philadelphia 20-Aug USA - IL - Chicago 21-Aug USA - GA - Atlanta 20-Aug France - Paris 20-Aug ( People for Loksatta supports Janlokpal ) USA - TX - Houston 19-Aug USA - TX - Houston 20-Aug Canada - Toronto 20-Aug Germany - Bonn


20-Aug Australia - Sydney 20-Aug USA - Washington DC 20-Aug Germany - Hamburg 20-Aug United Kingdom - Cranfield 20-Aug Netherlands - Groningen 19-Aug USA - WA - Seattle 19-Aug Germany - Kaiserslautern 14-22 Aug United Kingdom - London 19-Aug Ireland - Dublin 19-Aug Ireland - Dublin 19-Aug Australia - Melbourne 19-Aug USA - MA - Quincy 18-Aug Support for Janlokpal USA - TX - Houston 18-Aug USA - MI - Detroit 18-Aug Canada - Quebec City 18-Aug USA - TX - Dallas 18-Aug USA - CA - San Fransisco 17-Aug Support for Janlokpal USA - TX - Houston 17-Aug Support for Janlokpal USA - NC - Cary 17-Aug USA - Oregon - Portland 16-Aug Support for Anna USA - TX - Houston(Indian Consulate) 16-Aug USA - FL - Tallahassee 16-Aug Support for Janlokpal Germany - Tuebingen 14-Aug Global Solidarity USA - TX - Houston 14-Aug Global Solidarity Germany - Frankfurt 14-Aug Global Solidarity Italy - Milan 14-Aug Global Solidarity Canada - Montreal 14-Aug Global Solidarity Hong Kong 17-Aug Support for Janlokpal Japan 14-Aug Global Solidarity UK - Manchester 15-Aug Global Solidarity Japan - Tokyo 14-Aug Germany - Mlheim an der Ruhr 14-Aug Global Solidarity UK - Newcastle 14-Aug Global Solidarity Singapore 14-Aug USA - NJ - NJ 14-Aug USA - MI - Detroit 14-Aug Global Solidarity USA - CA - Los Angeles 14-Aug Global Solidarity USA - TX - Dallas 14-Aug Global Solidarity USA - CA - Bay Area 14-Aug Global Solidarity Belgium - Gent 14-Aug USA - Washington DC 13-Aug CricketGiri UK - London 12-Aug UN Protest USA - New York


13-Aug Signature Campaign USA - FL - Gainesville 16-Aug 'Support to Anna' USA - TX - Austin 14-Aug Support for IAC USA - IL - Chicago 13-Aug Independence Day USA - IL - Chicago 14-Aug 'Candle Light Vigil' USA - NC - Charlotte



Support from Bollywood The peoples hurricane hits the government!! And there is no shelter this time... ANNA HAZARE is a storm to reckon with!! RESPECT!!!, filmmaker Karan Johar wrote on twitter.

Fig Salman Khan in Support of Anna Hazare

Mahesh Bhatt, who had termed Mr Hazares Jan Lokpal Bill as fascist, said: Anna and all those who stood by him have a right to feel triumphant. Congrats to Anna. The Govt did not have the moral courage to lock horns with his movement because their hands were stained with blood. Today Im truly proud to be an Indian. Today is Anna-Pendence day!! Anna Sahib breaks Anshan. His fight against corruption will give us better future ahead. Jai Hind! Jai Anna! Jai Lokpal, actress Prachi Desai said.



Fig Amir Khan in support of Anna Hazare To a new beginning. Lets applaud Anna for leading the people of India into a non-violent show of strength. Im proud to be an Indian. Jai Ho, veteran actress Shabana Azmi said.

Fig Shabana Azmi,Dia Mirza and Urmila Matond Kar in Support



Anna unites the people b4 breaking his fast. A big day for India. Now its our responsibility to sustain this momentum (sic), actor-director Farhan Akhtar said. Bipasha Basu tweeted: Anna is our true leader and his spirit has made everyone conscious that we can do away with corruption and need not accept it as a part of our lives. Big step forward for India n all of us (sic). Anna Hazares strong words stay with me. Be pure in your thoughts n actions! Protest against the wrong but peacefully!, she added.

Fig- Actor Ompuri giving the controversial speech at Ramlila for which was summoned by Parliament

Anna ji, you have already achieved the impossible. Parliament is finally debating on a topic FOR THE PEOPLE. God give you long life. Thank you Anna. Thank you Jan Lokpal team and the biggest THANKS to the PEOPLE of our Great Country for their courage and belief. JAI HO, Anupam Kher said.



Fig -Bollywood actor John Abraham participates in Dahi Handi celebrations in Thane

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar said: Every generation needs a new revolution. Hats off to Annaji. Jai Hind.



Fig Diya Mirza giving speech in Support of Anna Hazare

Annas fight is in every home. This will impact everyone of us for years to come! In my life, I hope Im able to keep this alive in my small way, actress Lara Dutta said.Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur said: 6 am. Woke to a new dawn, a new freedom, and saw a distant star of hope shining brighter and closer to every Indian heart... proud to be Indian.

Fig Vidya Balan in Support of Anna Hazare.



I am proud to have witnessed India that I have in the last 11 days. Even more proud of parliamentarians who upheld the democracy. Thank you Annaji Hazare for the awakening, actress Dia Mirza said. Riteish Deshmukh tweeted: ANNA stands tall today PEOPLE stand tall today INDIA stands tall today a day to remember. Actress Raveena Tandon was unhappy about the fact that she could not witness the end of Hazares agitation at Ramlila Maidan. Disgusting!! Just when we were waiting to watch Anna break his fast, glued to our screen, heavy rains start and there goes off the tata sky again!, Raveena tweeted. Rajnikanth, Nagarjuna, Vijay, Aamir Khan and Om Puri, director Rajkumar Hirani, Kailash Kher and Sonu Nigam also visited the Ramlila ground.

Fig- Singer Sonu Nigam singing at Ramlila Maidan



Actor Raghuvir Yadav. Bhojpuri actor and singer Manoj Tiwari was also seen there

Fig- Actor Manoj Tiwari singing patriotic song at Ramlila Maidan . Mumbai's Azad Maidan also saw participation from Vishal Dadlani of musical duo Vishal and Shekhar, actor Purab Kohli, producer-actor Raghu Ram, Celina Jaitly and Shreyas Talpade.

Fig- Shreyash Talpade and Celina Jaitley look straight out of a patriotic movie while participating in a rally to support Anna Hazare at Azad Maidan in Mumbai. (PTI)



Then Bipasha Basu and Shekhar Kapur tweeted their support.Dasari Narayana Rao, actor couple Jeevitha and Rajasekhar, actor Babu Mohan and others participated in it. Kannada superstars Vijay Raghavendra, Srinagara Kitty, Shivaraj Kumar, Ganesh and veteran actor Master Hirannaia Vijay came together and took out another anti-corruption rally in support of Anna in Bangalore.

Fig- Rohit Roy and Udita Goswami don Anna cap to show their solidarity for nation. (AFP)

Movies in Making on Anna Hazare

Satyagraha Prakash Jha is planning to make a movie on the priniciples of Anna Hazare, the movie will depict a nation wide non violent anticorruption movement headed by Anna Hazare. Amitabh Bachchan To Play Anna Hazare. Amitabh's character in Satyagraha will have plenty of element of Hazare. Prakash informs that the protagonist in his film will film corruption at the state level, unlike Hazare at the national level. Mala Anna Vhyaychay or I want to become Anna Soon, Anna Hazare's exploits in real life will be immortalised on reel life. And playing Anna will be Arun Nalavade of 2004 Oscar-nominated film Shwaas fame. So excited is Nalawade about his role in the film that he affirms it will be a lifetime role. "By watching television, I have already started learning Anna's body language and am trying to imitate his voice," said Nalavade, who was one of the producers of Shwaas. "Playing Anna is the biggest challenge in my


life and I am reading up on him. I shall try to give justice to the role." "Mala Anna Vhyaychay or I want to become Anna will be produced and directed by Ganesh Shinde. Shinde said he had recently completed live shooting at Ramleela Maidan in Delhi where Hazare had sat for the hunger strike. "I have also taken some shots from Mumbai and Ralegansiddhi of the agitations supporting Hazare," Shinde said. "This film is about an unsuccessful heart-broken youth who goes to commit suicide, but gets inspired by Hazare's work and finds the real purpose of his life."



Support from Artists Self-exiled artist M.F. Hussain, who died in London on Thursday, had drawn a cartoon extending support to Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign. Husain said that 'Anna is spearheading another revolution'Supporting Hazare's massive anti-corruption drive, Husain said that rampant corruption is eating into our country and it is good that people like Hazare have taken on the leadership to finish itIn the cartoon Husain had painted India crushing the demon of corruption. This cartoon was published in a daily when the Hazare sat on a fast for Lokpal Bill at Jantar Matar in the capital.

Fig - MF Hussains cartoon in support of Anna



Kureels cartoon, appreciated much in facebook

Fig Kureels Cartoon depicting Anna against a gigantic Corruption

Fig Kureels Cartoon depicting Anna against a gigantic Corruption



Support from All states of India

Support poured from every nook and corner of India, every state, every city and village, people started joining Anna. Anna became an Icon, a mass leader which people of India wanted to follow.

With billions of supporters across the nationa and globe, Anna became Gandhi of 21ts century. Some political leader said Anna as RSS agent, but he might not know a fact that,



(State wise struggle against corruption will be included in next edition)



Arunachal Pradesh








HHimachal Pradesh



Jammu and Kashmir

Madhya Pradesh





Anna Hazares campaign against corruption has reached Nagaland with several organisations coming out to support his cause.The Naga Council, the All Sumi Students Union, the BJP and several non-Naga organisations have extended their support to Hazare on Jan Lokpal Bill.Various organisations supported by the Naga Council and other Naga groups took out a candlelight procession in Dimapur on Friday evening in support of the movement.The powerful All Sumi Students Union said it would stand behind Hazare till his movement finds success. Indigenous Cultural Society Nagaland Chapter said corruption in India had deeper implications.







Uttar Pradesh



West Bengal




Amar Shaheed Rajiv Dixit

Rajiv Dixit was born on 30 November 1967 in Naah village, Atrauli tehsil of Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh . Under the tutelage of his father RadheShyam Dixit, he was educated till the 12th grade in the village schooling system in Firozabad district. In 1994, he moved to Allahabad (Prayaag) for higher studies. He pursued his M.Tech degree in Satellite Telecommunications from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and pursued his doctorate in telecommunications in France. Subsequently, he worked at CSIR as a scientist. But his passion for his motherland made him give up a paid-position for the sake of Indian culture and Swadeshi movement, serving the cause of "Rashtra Dharma". His audio cassettes on Indian Nationalism and greatness of India's past did well in 1999. He had been recording them over months traveling across India spreading his message of great optimism about India and its enormous contributions to the human civilization. He was a Brahmachari and never married. He was influenced by the ideologies of Indian revolutionaries like Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh. Later in life, he began to appreciate the early works of Mahatma Gandhi. His life was dedicated to not just ideas with high ideals, but also causes like stopping alcohol and "gutka" production, cow-butchering and social injustices. On the 9th of January 2009, he became one of the founders of "Bharat Swabhiman" movement. He died on 30 November 2010, while in Bhilai in Chattisgarh. The circumstances around his death are uncertain and the cause of his death is unknown. In his memory, the constructed Bharat Swabhiman building in Haridwar has been named


"Rajiv Bhawan". He refused to take any modern medicine on his death bed, insisting instead on Ayurvedic medicine Dixit suggested that the Indian supreme court should declare money held by Indians in Swiss banks as national property so that foreign banks would have to legally hand over this money to India. Dixit supported the movement of opening a chain of Swadeshi General Stores, where only Indian-made goods are sold. He believed in swadeshi. He initiated movements like the Swadeshi Movement and Azadi Bachao Andolan and became their spokeperson.He addressed a rally of over 50,000 people under the leadership of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch in New Delhi.He also took leadership of the programme held at Calcutta which was supported and promoted by various organizations and prominent personalities and was celebrated all over India on the eve of the 150th Anniversary of the 1857 war of Indian Independence. He demanded decentralization of taxation system, saying that the current system is the core reason for the corruption in bureaucracy. He said that 80% of taxes is being used to pay the politicians and bureaucrats and just 20% for development purposes for the people. He compared the current budget system of the Indian government to the earlier British budget system in India, presenting statistics to show that they are the same. Recently he was working with Swami Ramdev in Bharat Swabhiman Trust as national secretary. He also doubted the terrorist attack on the United States Twin Towers, claiming that it was stage managed by U.S. Government itself, and supported the claims of the Lone Lantern Society of the U.S He also said that "liberalization, privatization and globalization, the three evil faces staring at us today, have pushed us towards a suicidal state." He argued that modern thinkers have neglected agricultural sectors and farmers have been left to feed themselves and commit suicide.Expressing his views on the Indian judiciary and legal system, he said that India is still following the laws and acts enacted during the British era and had not taken the burden of changing them as per the requirement of Indian people.



Dixit was in Bhilai to deliver lecture as a part of his Bharat Swabhiman Yatra, where he died on 30th November 2010. His death was unexpected. The cause of death is still unknown, though it was initially believed that he died of a cardiac arrest.

Amar Shaheed Swami Nigamananda

Swami Nigamananda (Died after 4 months fast against Illegal Mining in Ganga) On February 19, 'Clean Ganga' crusader Swami Nigamananda sat on a fastunto-death in Haridwar to protest against illegal mining and quarrying on the river bed.



The 34-year-old ascetic died on June 13, ironically, on the same day the Government joined hands with the World Bank for a comprehensive Rs 7,000 crore project to clean the river. The swami died at the same hospital, the Himalayan Institute in Dehradun, where Baba Ramdev was being treated for complications induced by his much publicised nine-day fast.

Fig - Illegal Mining in Ganga This was not the first time Nigamananda had sat on a fast. He had undertaken one in December 2001 that lasted 68 days. In 1997, Nigamananda and Swami Shivananda founded Matri Sadan Ashram, a group of around 10 swamis, who have been running a 'Save the Ganga' campaign. The Supreme Court has banned quarrying and allows only collection of silt from river banks and river beds. On the basis of a pil filed in 2009, the Uttarakhand High Court also ordered a stay on quarrying. But despite protests and court bans, illegal quarrying continues to proliferate in the hill states. "The Government should be asked if it is monitoring who is quarrying and where, even after leases have been cancelled," says Vimal Bhai, convenor of the Matu People's Organisation, a group of environmental activists from

The Centre's past attempts to rid the river of pollution have come a cropper. The latest scheme will be implemented under the National Ganga River Basin Project. The Centre's share will be Rs 5,100 crore and that of the five state governments-Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West BengalRs 1,900 crore. World Bank will provide both technical and financial assistance-$801 million as loan and $199 million as credit


Blessings and Support of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar

Born in 1956 in Southern India, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was a gifted child. By the age of four, he was able to recite parts of the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Sanskrit scripture and was often found in meditation. His first teacher Sudhakar Chaturvedi, had a long cooperation with Mahatma Gandhi. By the age of seventeen in 1973, he had graduated with degrees in both Vedic literature and physics.

Fig Sri Sri against Corruption Sri Sri entered a ten-day period of silence in Shimoga located in the Indian state of Karnataka. TheSudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique, was born. With time, the Sudarshan Kriya became the centerpiece of the Art of Living courses. Sri Sri founded The Art of Living as an international, non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization. Its educational and self-development programs offer powerful tools to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well202


being. Appealing not only to a specific population, these practices have proven effective globally and at all levels of society. In 1997, he co-founded the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) to coordinate sustainable development projects, nurture human values and coordinate conflict resolution in association with The Art of Living. In India, Africa and South America, the two sister organizations volunteers are spearheading sustainable growth in rural communities, and have already reached out to over 36,000 villages.
Chief Justice of Honorable Supreme Court : Justice Kapadia

Born on 29th September 1947 . Enrolled as an Advocate on 10th September 1974 . Practiced in the Bombay High Court, both on the Original Side and Appellate Side in Suits, Letters Patent Appeals, Writs, matters under Negotiable Instruments Act, Detention Matters, matters under Bombay Rent Act, matters under Bombay Municipal Corporation Act including trials concerning fixation of rate able value, matters under Maharashtra Land Revenue Code including trials concerning valuation of properties for the purposes of fixation of NA assessments, challenge to the validity of notifications fixing Standard Rent, appeared in AOs, First Appeals under the BMC Act, Second Appeals as also in Land Acquisition References under the Land Acquisition Act as also in matters under Bombay Land Requisition and Acquisition Act. This is apart from the practice in Fig Justice Kapadia Industrial Law and Services Matters. Appeared as a counsel for the Department in Income-Tax matters. Appeared as a counsel for BMC in matters concerning rate able value and Octroi. Appeared as a counsel for Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation in High Court and Supreme Court in connection with


service matters including disputes concerning framing of Pension Rules. Also appeared for the Management and Unions in matters under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 and ULP Act, 1972. Appointed as an Additional Judge of the Bombay High Court on 8th October 1991 . Appointed as a Permanent Judge of the Bombay High Court on 23rd March 1993 . Appointed as a Judge of the Special Court (Trial of Offences Relating to Transaction in Securities) Act, 1992 on 15th October 1999 . During the above period, decided important matters under PIL pertaining to CRZ, financial matters under RBI and Banking Regulation Act; matters concerning the Constitutional validity of the 74th Amendment Act of 1992 dealing with Municipalities; matters under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act, 1976; matters concerning Mergers and Acquisitions; matters under Payment of Bonus Act; matters under Industrial Disputes Act. In addition to the above, dealt with matters under the Income Tax Act concerning Valuation of closing stocks, Accounting treatment to be given to Modvat Credit Convergence of Tax Accounting with Commercial Accounting, etc. As a Judge presiding over the Special Court has dealt with Civil and Criminal matters including matters concerning corroborative value to be given to the Report submitted by RBI and JPC vis--vis Evidence Act. As a Judge of the Special Court , has also dealt with Accounts and Finances of Banks and Financial Institutions as also accounts of the Share and Stock Brokers as also matters under Contempt o Courts Act where the Notified Parties had diverted their assets. As a Judge of the Special Court has framed Investment Schemes, Schemes dealing with Valuation and Disposal of Shares of Notified Parties as also Distributions of asset of the Notified Parties under the Act and declaring dividends to the Creditors of the Notified Parties. Appointed as Chief Justice of the Uttaranchal High Court on 5.8.2003. Elevated to the Bench of the Supreme Court of India on 18.12.2003. Has keen interest in Economics, Public Finance, Theoretical Physics and Hindu and Buddhist Philosophies. On March 3, 2011, the three member bench headed by Kapadia, quashed the appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner, P.J. Thomas, made by the


High Power Committee comprising Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister P. Chidambaram and Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj (dissenting). The judgment caused severe embarrassment for the Government and made Manmohan Singh admit the error in appointment. While the judgement was welcomed by most media pundits, some experts have expressed concerns of miscarriage of justice. Former IAS officer, S. M. Murshed writes, 'the ratio decidendi of the Honble Supreme Court is a bit difficult to comprehend, for, in the last analysis, the entire case against Thomas rested on a solitary, misconceived FIR which was filed as an afterthought and which should never have been filed. Given the facts, Manmohan Singh did no substantive wrong and he did not commit any error (in appointing Thomas).'

Comptroller and Auditor General of India Mr Vinod Rai

Vinod Rai (born May 23, 1948) is the present Comptroller and Auditor General of India. He assumed office on 7 January 2008. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Delhi, and Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University.He did his schooling from Vidya Niketan - Birla Public School - BPS Pilani Rajasthan. He belongs to Ghazipur UP.

Vinod Rai Mr Rai is a 1972 batch Kerala cadre officer of Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He was the MD of Kerala State Co-operative Marketing Federation from 1977 to 1980. Prior to his appointment as Financial Services Secretary, Mr Rai was Additional Secretary in the Banking Division of the Finance Ministry. He has been a Director on several Boards including the State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Life Insurance Corporation of India and Infrastructure Development and Finance Company of India. Mr. Rai was instrumental in setting up the India Infrastructure Finance Company


and was also on the Board of this company. Rai has also been the Principal Secretary (Finance) in the State Government of Kerala, apart from holding senior positions in the Ministries of Commerce and Defence, Government of India. As Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Vinod Rai has consistently hit the headlines for his unforgiving audits, ranging from the scathing report on the shoddy preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games to the latest on spectrum allocations for second generation (2G) telecom services. Bureaucratic grapevine suggests there was quite a bit of pressure on Rai to dilute the 2G report but he held fast, merely asking his people to check for unnecessarily harsh or unfair language. The report ripped apart the government, even pointing a finger at the prime minister for arbitrarily giving away spectrum, a valuable and limited national resource. The CAG report said the ultimate loss to the exchequer could be as high as Rs 1.76 lakh crore. Behind every gigantic scam that has shaken the Manmohan Singh regime CWG, 2G or KG basin - there is the quiet and assertive hand of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India Mr Vinod Rai. He is a keen tennis player and his other interests include cricket and mountaineering. He figured as one of the persons in Forbes magazine January 2011, the profile of the country's top auditor carried a picture of him executing a forehand shot. In January 2012, was choosen as UN auditor

Subhramanian Swamy
Subramanian Swamy (born 15 September 1939 in Chennai, India sometimes spelt Subramaniam Swamy) is an Indian politician, academic and an economist. He is the President of the Janata Party of India. He also presently serves as chairman of the SCMS Board of Governors of the SCMS Group of Educational Institutions in Kerala.



Swamy has previously served as member of the Planning Commission of India and Cabinet Minister of India. He has written extensively on foreign affairs dealing largely with India-China, India-Pakistan and Indo-Israel relation and is also a published author. In November 1978, Swamy was member of the Group of Eminent persons called to Geneva to prepare a report of the United Nations (UNCTAD) on Economic Co-operation between Developing countries (ECDC).Swamy simplified trade procedures and formulated a new export strategy which became the forerunner of trade reform adopted subsequently. In 1994, Swamy was appointed as Chairman of the Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade by then Prime Minister , P. V. Narasimha Rao. This was perhaps for the first time that a Opposition Party member was given a Cabinet rank post by the ruling party. In 1964, Swamy joined the faculty of economics at Harvard and since then has taught in the Department of Economics. He began as an assistant professor, and in 1969 became an associate professor. When he was Associate Professor at Harvard University, he was invited by Noble Laureate Amartya Sen for a position at Delhi School of Economics (DSE). He accepted the offer and came back. However, when he arrived for the position at DSE, his appointment was cancelled due to his views on the nuclear capabilities for India and market friendly attitude. Thereafter, he moved to the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and alongside to his teaching duties, he took special interest in talking to the hostel students. From 1969 to 1991, he was a Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He was removed from the position by its board of Governors in the early 1970s but was legally reinstated in the late 1990s by the Supreme Court of India. He continued in the position until 1991 when he resigned to become a cabinet minister. He served on the Board of Governors of the IIT, Delhi (197780), and on the Council of IITs (198082). He taught economics courses in summer session at Harvard until 2011.



Revealing 2G spectrum scam In November 2008, Subramanian Swamy wrote the first of five letters to PM Manmohan Singh seeking permission to prosecute A. Raja in regards to the 2G spectrum scam. However, Singh took no action, leading Swamy to file a case on his own in the Supreme Court of India regarding the matter, which then asked the Central Bureau of Investigation to produce a detailed report on the matter. He further called on the Indian government to re-auction the 2G spectrum without the involvement of Communications Minister Kapil Sibal. Swamy has raised allegations that Sonia Gandhi's two sisters Anushka and Nadia have received sixty percent of the kickbacks in the 2G spectrum scam, amounting to Rs.18,000 crores each. On 15 April 2011, he filed a 206-page long petition with PM Singh seeking permission to prosecute Gandhi. In the petition, he claimed to have strong evidence of corrupt acts committed by Gandhi as early as 1972; he also raised doubts regarding her acquisition of Indian citizenship. At a lecture on corruption given on 29 May 2011, he again repeated his allegation against Sonia Gandhi, saying she has Rs.1 lakh crore stashed abroad. Most of Swamy's letters to the prime minister regarding this matter are not supported by proof, but he is not defensive about his allegations, stating: "I am writing to the prime minister, I am not holding a press conference. The PM has agencies available to him, they can investigate. My job is to bring things to his notice." Also, "They say I have no proof. Rubbish! As if on other things, they always have proof.". Swamy Want to Prosecute Union Minister of Home Affairs P.Chidambaram in 2G Scam Case.Swamy filed various documents in the court, including a January 15, 2008 letter written by Chidambaram to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Swamy also placed on record the certified copy of the minutes of a meeting between Chidambaram, Raja and the Prime Minister during the tenure of Raja as the MOC&IT.




One major Anna Effect is United India, from Ricksaw puller to Billioners like Narayan Murthy, from student to teachers, from enunches to doctors, For the first time we felt that we are one. Reestablishment of Gandhian principles. Respect grown for Gandhi topi and National Flag. Chants like vande Mataram, Bharat Mata Ki jai , made us more dedicated to Nation. Certainly Anna has made all religions to get united, for the first time , after Mahatma Gandhi, some leader could unite us. For the first time we realized that we Indians can do what we want. For the first time we came out from a suppression of corruption empire established since 1947. For the first time we got an hope that India can be a better India, we started thinking that we can become a super power. As the support for Anna started growing in India, soon his ideologies being adapted by many people, Ajay is one of such person, who submitted his fathers acoount details to police claimning his father to put in Jail. IIT Kharagpur student Shashi Shekhar refused to take degree. he said he would take degree from such person who support Anna hazares Janlokpal Bill, While other students took the degree wearing Anna Cap. Fig Anna Effect

Fig Anna Effect



It's the Anna Hazare effect. Nearly six months after it was passed, the Delhi government has decided to implement a legislation that provides for pay cuts for who do not deliver services on time. Inspired by anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare, a prison guard sat on a fast outside Etah district jail alleging corruption there. Tufan Singh, who sat on the dharna outside the jail gate, alleged that there was a large-scale corruption inside the district jail. He demanded that it should be eradicated at the earliest. Singh alleged money was being taken from jail guards for allotting them favourable duty and also from prisoners to provide them better facilities. Senior officials are trying to convince him to end his fast. Citizens in Gujarat seem to have responded well to the anti-corruption crusade of Anna Hazare. Thanks to a growing number of complaints about bribery, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), has arrested over 240 officials from different departments from across the state this year so far. The Anna effect: Mumbaikars choose clean candidates for civic poll In another case, a public servant, police inspector Bhanupratap Barge set an example by voluntarily declaring the list of his movable and immovable properties on his Facebook wall



Fig - Anna Effect

Inspired by Anna Hazares iconic campaign against corruption Agra Police have launched an honesty drive a collective vow against bribery. The police organized a function at police parade ground a week ago led by DIG Asim Arun. We could see that people all around us were crying for change and they were looking at us and we experienced that every constable all up and down the ladder wanted change, said Asim. Theres already a visible change on the streets of Agra. Some illegal shop extensions in busy markets have been removed, making it easier for people to walk and park their vehicles.



Anna a news maker

Anna left a mark in all leading news papers of India across the year 2011









FRIDAY, 26 AUGUST 2011 18:25 AMARNATH TEWARY | PATNA Hazare mania: Several Annas take birth in Bihar With Anna Hazares fast generating mass euphoria across the country, hundreds of newborns are being been named Anna irrespective of their caste or community. In the last six days in the Government hospital in Darbhanga alone 185 baby Annas have taken birth. Cutting across the gender barrier even girl children are being named Anna by their parents. So we have Anna Jha, Anna Paswan, Anna Kumari Anna Shah and Anna Mishra taking birth at the gynaecology department of Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital [DMCH] during the last one week. If one Anna Hazare dies fighting for the cause of society, hundreds of Annas have already taken birth in Bihar to take the movement forward, said Sanjay Dutta of India Against Corruption movement

Anna Hazare and his anti-corruption movement have taken the world media by storm. British newspaper The Daily Telegraph ran an article headlined, A new 'Gandhi' shakes India. Los Angeles Times says that few can easily dismiss Hazare's "commitment, energy or swelling support". Even Pakistan daily, Dawn, published an editorial on the anti-corruption crusader. "At every turn, the organisers of his campaign have been aided by the blundering of the ruling Congress Party. Their response has been a masterclass in ineptitude... Through all this, the government led by the 78year-old bureaucrat-turned-prime minister Manmohan Singh, has failed in even the most basic aspects of public and media relations," said writer Patrick French in The Daily Telegraph.



n an article by Seema Sengupta, "What lies behind the crackdown on India's Anna Hazare?" The Guardian newspaper suggests a conspiracy theory behind the allegations made at the anti-corruption crusader.

Los Angeles Times' Mark Magnier reports that "the government gained little politically and stood to lose a great deal by arresting Hazare as he was about to launch an anti-graft hunger strike, analysts said. If anything, his stature has risen since he challenged the government and all but forced it to back down. Ministers have been left looking defensive as anger has spread." The New York Times reports that "Mr Hazare's refusal to leave jail had seemed to jolt his supporters and tapped into a visceral public disgust with official corruption... College students mingled with retirees and middle-class workers in a throng energized by the moment. People waved banners and chanted Mr Hazare's name. One hand-scrawled poster declared "Corruption Virus, Anna - Antivirus." In an editorial, The Dawn said, "Anna Hazare has added a dynamic new twist to the corruption allegations plaguing the government in New Delhi." The editorial also pointed out that "parallels can be drawn here between the two neighbours on either side of Wagah....It could be argued by some that the time may have come for the same sort of dissent in Pakistan. True, the present Supreme Court is seen as coming down heavily on corruption. But other voices too must be raised if we are serious about salvaging society."




































Shivendra Chauhan Shivendra Singh Chauhan works as a journalist with Navbharat Times. Currently, in order to work full time for the cause, he is on leave without pay from his organisation. He stopped collecting his cheques from his employer when a lot was happening in his personal life. Even he do not get time for his newly born baby. Chauhan is in charge of Facebook and Twitter updates for India Against Corruption. Inspite of financial crisis Mr Chuahan continued to serve his nation.

Ankit Lal The 26-year-old software engineer has been associated with the movement since Anna Hazare's fast at Jantar Mantar in April this year. He is in charge of the movement's official e-mail indiaagainstcorruption.2010@gmail.com. On an average, this e-mail address receives 400-500 mails on any given day. During the times when team Anna comes in the news, the address receives


over 1,000 mails. Lal, with the help another software engineer friend, makes sure that most mails are replied to. The inbox of the mail address reads 20,000.

Gaurav Bakshi The TV-savvy voice of the movement who reasons quietly in the face of the most pointed provocation

Aswathi M Aswathi M, 27 The media manager is responsible for calmly handling the hundreds of TV crews at Ramlila Maidan



Saket Mani A qualified doctor was in charge of 40 doctors and paramedics who were available round the clock to monitor Anna's team. He coordinated with all the doctors and ensure all medical investigations and tests were done. The entire medical team would report for duty as per a roster.

Neeraj The ground team leader whose dry humour gets him through negotiations with petty officials

Santosh Kohli Santosh Kohli, 25 The activist who handles the rural outreach, making sure Bharat is also part of the movement



Sneha Kothawade The idealist who is in charge of organising volunteers and preparing press releases bear any fruit

Ram Kumar Jha The Mr Fixit who organises the entire theatre of a protest from tents to food, water and security. He controlled 15 main team members who would in turn control yet another small army of volunteers. Jha's main area of operation was the security set-up, sanitation, food and water supply for the supporters. He was also in-charge of coordination of Anna ki Rasoi (Anna's kitchen) and the Information Centre. Amit Pandey Amit Pandey, who joined the campaign recently, was assigned the job of coordinating with the other coordinators across Delhi and India involved in support mobilisation. After a decision was taken by the core committee members on what the next step should be Pandey would then send a bulk message to all the 500 main city coordinators, who would then send messages to others creating a chain sms campaign.


Amit Kumar Mishra Amit Kumar Mishra, another key coordinator, was in-charge of communication and managing the donations received at the grounds.

Rishikesh Kumar He is a lawyer in the Delhi High Court. Kejriwal's famous "Joke-pal bill" comment, with which he described the government's version of the Lokpal Bill, was Kumar's accidental discovery. Ever since he got his law degree from the faculty of law in Delhi University in 2009, Kumar has been associated with Arvind Kejriwal's group, Public Cause Research Foundation. Kumar is also responsible for coordinating with different associations in the country to enlist their support. He is currently sending out invites to associations of markets, students, religions, lawyers and other professionals for Hazare's proposed fast from August 16.



Ashim Jain Jain left his system designer job in Bengaluru to be associated with the movement full time. e was also responsible for the IAC's new IVR system, Jain is also in charge of building the new website for the IAC.

Raju Parulekar Used to write blogs for Anna, has lots of contribution in the fight, we used to follow always, www.annahazaresays.wordpress.com



Dr Gitesh Devhane, Bavesh Bhati Dr Gitesh Devhane, 27, and Bavesh Bhati, 21, update details of the campaign ranging from candlelight marches to bike rallies on Facebook and Twitter pages of IAC

Kiran S Patnaik Kiran S Patnaik Senior Correspondent at Jan Samachar lives in Patna. His contribution to the fight against corruption in Anna Hazares fight is considerable.



Deepak Gadekar Goa anticorruption Crusader who lives in Mapusa, fighting single handedly in his town against corruption in Traffic police.

Vijay Verma lives in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh had significant contribution in Rampur movements.



Ravi Srivastava, a major anticorruption crusader , who was heading IAC navi Mumbai has been for raising voice against corruption and fighting for welfare of officer community since last 2 decades. He Lives in Kharghar, India

Ritesh Singh, Studies at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has considerable contribution towards fight against corruption in IIT Kharagpur campus.



IAC Coordinators Partial List IAC Assam: Chandan Bordoloi, Pranjal Bordoloi,Gurpreet Singh Uppal, Kuldeep Sharma etc. IAC Mumbai Coordinator: Mayank Gandhi, Preeti Sharma Menon, Naga Srinivas, Venkat Subhramanium. IAC Navi Mumbai Coordinator: Ravi Srivastava IAC Pune Coodinators : Mr. Deepak Bharadia, B.B.Somani, Dr.Satish Rajmachikar, Deepak Bharadia, Kkrishna Yadav, Aniket Deshmukh, Shekhar Mundada IAC Ahmedabad Coordinators: Raj Ahir, Praful Zaru, Ramesh Marand, Jaypalsinh Jadeja IAC UP Coordinator : Sanjay Singh IAC Bangalore Coordinators: Srinivas Alavalli, Prithvi Reddy, Nitin Jagtap IAC Chattishgarh Coordinator: IAC Chandigarh coordinator: Rahul Bhartiya IAC Chennai coordinator: Mr Venkata Narayanan, Banu Gomes IAC Hyderabad coordinator:Manali, Vijay ,Shanti Swarup Srinivas Chintapalli .Krishna Chaitanya , M Sudhakar IAC Indore: Prahlad Pandey IAC Jaipur: Nikhil Parnami IAC Jharkhand: Balram, Sanjay Seth, Dr. Vishnu Rajgadia,Advocate Rajiv Kr. Poonam Anand,Sudhir Pal,Gurjeet, Ganesh Reddy,Shakti Pandey,Sunil Mahto,Amit Jha,Basant Hetamsaria, Ramgarh, Vicky Kumar,Ashish Verma IAC Kanpur : Ashok Jain, Prashant, Imran Khan, Sahitya Pandey, Pranava Chaudhari, Shadab IAC Goa: Satish Sonak IAC haldwani: Shivangee dasheela,Manish Tripathi,R.P.Joshi,Jitendra Rautela, Gurvinder Singh Chaddha, Harish Arya, Naveen chandra Paneru IAC Ramnagar: Ankit Agarwal, Rajkumar pandey, Ajendra Sundriyal, Sanjay Rikhari, Shveta Mashiwal IAC Rajasthan : Manish Pandey, Sushil Gupta, Sunny dev, Kursid Alam IAC Bhimtal: Devki pandey,Lal Singh Negi, Riblesh kandpal,Sharad pandey, Prakash chandra kannaujia, Dinesh chandra sanguri IAC Nagpur: Mr. Ajay Sanghi IAC Trichy: V. Vijaya Krishnan, S. Sivakumar, Sivakumar, K. M. Ramakrishnan,G. H. Kumar,VR Venkatesh, Muthukumar Ramalingam IAC Sanfransisco Bay Area: Pramod Mahadevan. IAC USA Houston : Raghava IAC USA Boston : Arun IAC USA Edision: Raju, V Vamsi Rao


IAC USA Longmont : Manoj Gangwar IAC USA Ballwin : Sunil Sharma IAC USA St Louis: Sunil and Pooja Sharma IAC USA NY: Srinivas, Prakash IAC Atlanta : Anand, Madhav , Makrand , Sujith, Ventkat IAC Canada Toronto : Sonali Mahale IAC Japan : Mahesh IAC Australia:Surya,Ravi IAC Netherland : Rishav All creative works done by Branding team: IAC Branding : Sunil Lal , Ruchi Shukla, Saurabh Upadhyaya, Sanjeev Verma, Ashish Maurya , Durgadatt Pandey Active facebook Groups Salute to Admins and active members True Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev supporters against corruption 225000 members, India Against Corruption(IAC) - Mumbai 32,000 members , India Against Corruption 9,000 members , India Against Corruption (Assam) 7000 members , We support Anna Hazare. We are against corruption too. 4000 members, STOP CORRUPTION... SAVE INDIA... 10000 members, Corruption Lodge 202000 members, 1500 members, JAAGO BHARAT!!JAAGO STOP CORRUPTION..SAVE BHARAT!!! 10000 members, IAC India 1000 members, India Against Corruption (Goa) 900 members, IAC Websites
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When Anna was just a young boy , he was very mischevious and playful. When Anna was in third standard, they used to live at Nehru Square in Bhingar Village near Ahmed Nagar.At the foot of Bhingar Hill there was a large play ground there Anna used to play games like Gilli Danda(Vitti-dando) a game played with baton cowire shell games,marbles, a game with empty cigarette packets etc. Anna used to keep pigeons.He used to get thrilled by watching the pigeons circling highup in the sky and the sound made by their anklets. Every evening after returning home from school. Anna used to put away the school bag and rush off to play and did not take his studies seriously.He learnt only what was taught by the teacher.Even so he was better than other students. Once same home work was given to do.But according to his usual habit, he went out to play. After returning he had dinner and being tired dropped off to sleep without doing the home work In the class the next day, the teacher began checking every bodys home work. Anna was confused what to do, what to say.He told the teacher that he had forgotten his exercise book at home. But teacher was not convinced and asked Anna to go home right away and fetch it. Anna went home,but his conscience pricking him all the time.Anna tried to do home work in the exercise book of other subject but did not go to school. Even he could not goto play.Annas bag was still in the class room. He later confessed everything and Anna promised her not to make such mistake again.But Anna made his mother tell the teacher that he was sent by his father(when he was gone to collect the homework).



In Army Anna used to protest about rotten fruits provided to Jawans, while every body used to consume bad fruits, Anna used to stand for the greater benefit of the soldiers. In Ralegan One fine day one contingent of police led by one inspector reported to him at his residence at Ralegan. Anna very politely asked inspector purpose of his visit. The inspector informed Anna that Chief Minister had detailed him with 20 Sepoys saying that Anna was under threat in view of his role in unearthing Telgi Scam. Anna very politely told the inspector that he had died long back while serving in Army during 1965 Indo Pak War and if anyone wants to pump some bullets into a dead body let them. He asked the inspector to go back and inform the CM that he needs no protection. While serving as Commandant Mechanized Infantry Regimental Centre at Ahmednagar; I came very close to Shri Anna Hazare. Once I invited him to our regimental centre to address 5000 soldiers posted there and large number of them was under training. Anna accepted our invitation; most interesting part of his one hour talk to them was that out of 5000 persons not even single person dosed off, which used to be normal phenomena since training schedule for the soldiers used to be very hard and invariably some of them used to fall asleep in the mass lectures. All men identified themselves with Anna Hazare since he was Ex soldier were highly motivated with his talk to them. Although, the village of Ralegan Siddhi, calls veteran anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare as its Kutumbha Pramukh (head of families), his immediate family has little or no connection with him.His younger brother Maruti Hazare's family has never seen Hazare stepping into their home in the last 40 years.Also, Hazare never eats with the family to show that he he has no special ties and has dedicated his life to the welfare of the country. Kausalya Hazare, daughter-in-law of the house, has never seen Hazare coming into her home since her marriage.He had attended my marriage but has never come to our home. On his rounds in his village, he waves at us as he waves out to others, said Kausalya.She also spoke of Hazare's absolute refusal to accept anything from their house. "His meagre meals are supplied from the kitchen of the watershed management institute run by the Hind Swaraj Trust,"she said.This reluctance, Hazare's brother points out, is a sign of considerable foresight. "In case he had kept any social relations with us, people might have


doubted that he has some special interests and so he decided to cut all relations with us," he said. Some Facts about Anna in Village In the village, he sometimes doesn't come out of his house for days. No one has the guts to knock on his door. If someone has to bring him food, he'll keep it outside and leave. No one can dare to disturb him.

He will never sign a document without going through it. He'd check it 100 times and make at least 50 changes. No one can impose anything on him. If he has two back-to-back engagements and the first function stretches on a little and he gets late for the second meeting, he gets very angry Some Facts about Anna in Ramlila Maidan Well before he makes an appearance at the Ramlila Ground every morning Anna Hazare locks himself in a 10x10 feet makeshift room backstage and writes in meditative silence for over two hours. It is an activity he's particular about. Though the activist abstains from his routine yoga during fasts, writing is one thing he never compromises on wakes up at 6.30 am in a room hidden behind the grand stage. He takes about an hour to get ready. Shaving is a must, "a habit from his military days", An hour later, he gets down to writing. What does he write? "About little things, humanity, rights... He puts on paper a lot of internal thoughts," It is only at around 10 am that Hazare appears before the waiting crowd, which bursts into a prolonged applause on seeing the former soldier who ferried supplies to the frontlines in the Indian Army. He stays on the stage till 9 pm, sometimes sitting in an upright posture and sometimes taking help of the bolster to give his body some stretch.


The gathering keeps a steady chant of slogans hailing him. He faintly smiles. It is only occasionally that he picks up a mike and addresses the crowds. A portable toilet is placed next to his makeshift room. Doctors check him every three hours. At around 10 pm, the activist calls it a day and retires to his room. Anna likes to sleep at the venue when he's fasting




Nothing has swayed public opinion as much as Anna Hazares historic fast against corruption at Jantar Mantar. It is as if the whole nation has found a voice in Anna Hazare. Marches, fasts, candlelight vigils are being held across India. Anna Hazares fast has literally unleashed a peoples tsunami. The social media, especially Twitter, Facebook and individual blogs, are overflowing with emotions. The social media has also become a connect. City after city, organisation after organisation, is turning to social media to join hands, and strengthen the movement. India has seen nothing like this. Here are some quotes from this amazing mans addresses at Jantar Mantar,Ramlila Maidan.

1. Yuva Shakti hi Rastra Shakti HaiYeh Yuva Sakti hi Meri Asha Sthan Hai 2. Doesnt a mother administer bitter medicines to a sick child when she knows that the medicine can cure her child? The child may not like the medicine, but the mother does it only because she cares for the child. The alcoholics were punished so that their families would not be destroyed. 3. If people are convinced that you are not selfish, theyre on your side. 4. Khajane Ko Choro Se Nehi Paheredaro Se Dhokha Hai, Is Desh Ko Dushmano Se hi Nehi Gaddaro Se Dhokha hai 5. Anna Rehe Ya Na Rehe....Mashal Jalni Chahiye 6. Some has grduated,Some Post Graduted and Some has done PhD on corruption



7. The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without selfreliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man.
(Why should we fight? The funds in government treasuries are ours. The treasuries are not threatened by thieves but by those who guard it. The country is not betrayed by enemies but by these traitors.)

8. I want to tell the youth of this country that this fight should not be stopped with Lokpal alone. We have to fight for removing the faults of the present electoral reforms. Because of the fault in electoral system, 150 criminals have reached Parliament. 9. After Lokpal, we will also have to fight for farmers rights, bring a law that ensures permission of gram sabhas before land acquisition. 10. I feel a little weak. But there is nothing to worry about it. The fight will go on till we get a strong Lokpal. 11. We are ready to talk to the government but there is no communication from their side. Where should we go to talk and whom should we talk to? 12. The country did not get actual freedom even after 64 years of independence and the only change was that the whites have been replaced by the blacks. 13. The same loot, same corruption, same rowdyism still exists. 14. Government is giving land to the companies which employs labourers and suck their blood. They tell the labourers you ensure production or else you will lose job. 15. Is this democracy? All have come together to make money. 16. I have taken decision of my life, if Jan Lokpal Bill is not brought in the Monsoon Session then I will continue my fast beyond 21 days.


17. When government refused to take the Jan Lokpal Bill we went to peoples Parliament and now we will not move. 18. I have lost three kgs but I am getting energy from my supporters across the country. 19. I have full faith in my country. This government has looted the country, we will now only rest in peace when corruption gets removed from the country. 20. The countrymen should not lose this spirit, this is our fight against corruption. 21. Till Jan Lokpal Bill is passed, we will not leave Ramlila Maidan.

22. Bliss does not come from outside, it comes from inside, from serving the people. 23. All corrupt ministers should be sacked. They are behaving like traitors of our country. 24. Yesterday my Blood Pressure was down, but today it is back in control because the strength of the nation is behind me. 25. Today we will not just be like Gandhiji, but if the government doesnt accept the peoples demands, we will become like Chhatrapati Shivaji! 26. I will live for the good of the nation, and I will die for the good of the nation. 27. Youth must stand up for the country. 28.Only if a person transforms his/her village, should the person be given a ticket to stand for elections. 29. I would like to thank the people of India for their immense support. I request everyone to stay peaceful as long as this Fast Unto Death continues, and take it forward non-violently.



PRE 1975 AWARDS ARMY AWARDS 1. Sainya Seva Medal, 2. Nine Years Long Service Medal, 3. Sangram Medal, 4. 25th Independent Anniversary Medal 5. Paschimi Star MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 1988 PADMASHRI AWARD Presented by R. Venkatraman ( President of India) on 24th march 1990 at Delhi for Anna Hazares social work. PADMABHUSHAN AWARD Presented by R. Venkatraman ( president of India) on 6th April 1992 at Delhi for Anna Hazares social work. VIVEKANANDA SEVA PURASKAR 1994 Presented by Shri.Bada Bajar Kumar Sabha Pustakalay, Calcutta on 12th June 1996 for Anna Hazares social work done for develop village as a family. SHIROMANI AWARD 1996 presented by P.A.Sangma (Speaker of Lok sabha) on 22nd February 1997 at New Delhi for Anna Hazares contribution to National Development Integration, Enrichment of life and for his outstanding achievements in the choosen field of activities(social service). MAHAVEER PURASKAR 1997 presented by Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation , Chennai on 2th April 1997 for Anna Hazares excellent insphere of social & community service. CARE INTERNATIONAL AWARD 1998 presented by Care International Humanitarian on 8th May 1998 at Washington,D.C, USA for Anna Hazare demonstrating a profound commitment to improving life in developing world. Care Recognized Anna Hazaresdevotion to the ideas of sustainable development with whole hearted participation of villagers including women & youth.


JANA SEVA PURASKAR presented by Smt.Rajmathi at Sangle, Maharashtra on 28th February 1998 for Anna Hazares Social Work. DIWALIBEN MEHTA AWARD presented by Shri.Panduranga Shastri Athavale on 8th January 1999 at Mumbai for Anna Hazares Hard, Sincere, Dedicated & Devoted social work. NATIONAL INTERGRATION AWARD presented by (Dhum-Lajee)chiefminister- Himothkursh Sahithy Samskruthi Avam Jana Kalyal Parishad, UNA, Himachal Pradesh on 14th February 1999 for Anna Hazares Social Work. BASAVSHRI PRASHASTI 2000 AWARD Presented by Shri.Jagadguru Murugharajendra Brihan Math at S.J.M.Math, Chitradurga , Karnataka on 4th June 2000 for Anna Hazares relentless effort to bring in the value of based way of life in the society. GIANTS INTERNATIONAL AWARD presented by Shri.Vilas Rao Deshmukh (Chief Minister of Maharashtra) on 17th sept. 2000 for Shri.Anna hazares social work PAUL MITTAL NATIONAL AWARD 2000 (NEHRU SIDHANT KENDER TRUST LUDHIYNA 14001) Presented by shri. Balaramji Das Tandon (Minister, Punjab) on 14th november 2000. TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL (IT) INTEGRITY AWARD 2003 FROM TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL . DOCTORATE DEGREE GANDHIGRAM RURAL INSTITUTEDEEMED UNIVERSITY GANDHIGRAM DINDIGUL, TAMIL NADU-8-11-2005 VISHWA-VATSALYA & SANTBAL AWARD presented at Ahamadabad for Anna Hazares universal services to mankind including his incessant fight against corruption and his inspring efforts to improve the living condition of the poor & to riaise the ethical levels of the society.



ROTARY INTERNATIONAL MANAV SEVA PURASKAR presented by Supreme Court Judge Shri. D.P.Wadhwa at India Habital Center , Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 21st Feb 1998 for Anna Hazares Crusade against Corruption . JIT GILL MEMORIAL AWARD WORLD BANK 2008





Anna Hazare awarded Mahatma title by followers on 3 Oct , 2011


Ralegan Siddhi village's Gram Sabha in this district in Maharashtra approved the resolution coinciding with the 142nd birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation conferring on its famous son the title of 'Mahatma' in recognition of his contributions to the nation.

Anna Hazare spurns Mahatma title on 4th Oct , 2011 "I am a simple Indian trying to follow the path of greats like Gandhiji, Mahatma Phule and Dr B R Ambedkar. People should try to follow the ethics and values of these 'Mahatmas' in their lives to elevate themselves," Hazare said from Ralegan Siddhi Hazare asked the villagers not to call him 'Mahatma' as he was against such "deification" for carrying out his duties as a common citizen. But we the people of India know a man without any home,bank balance who live in temple of a village, but when this guy step down to road, then millions join him. Entire world shakes from political class to bollywood, all television channels do 24x7 coverage of that guy and billions behind him. When he sits on fast the parliament changes its stand. A man who can really lead India. A man who is just living for the betterment of India. He wants to free India from the clutches of corruption and poverty. He is none other than Anna Hazare. People call him, savior, Mahatma Gandhi of 21st century. Although Anna did not accept Mahatma title, but surely his name will be written in the history of India with golden letters. I call him the Great Anna Hazare.



After Mahatma Gandhi and Jai Prakash India got an real leader. Our idea of development is limited to construction of skyscrapers and wide roads only. On one hand, the height of buildings is going up day by day and; on the other hand, the level of human values is coming down. This is not real development. An individual should be able to stand on his own and at the same time think of betterment of fellow beings, which is true development. One should be able to look beyond oneself, think of one's neighbour, village and the nation. Today, there is a need to create such individuals who are capable of looking beyond oneself. Such individuals are not created through donations, subsidy and grants. This is possible through local leadership building programme where stress would be given on character, right values and dedication. Somebody has to make sacrifices.

Today Anna has almost acquired the stature of a saint. He donated his land for the hostel building. He gives his pension money to the village fund. A confirmed bachelor, he lives in the village temple with a bare minimum of personal belongings. He eats simple food normally cooked for the hostel boys. Both his parents and brothers stay in the village but they are no different from him than any other family in the village. This moral authority growing out of his selfless life has made him an unquestioned leader of the village.

Anna's moral code of conduct is also quite strict. Anna believes that punishment is an essential component of the process to bring about conformity to social morality. When a child stole a fruit from a tree on the common lands, he was tied to a pole and the fruits were kept before him to teach him a moral lesson. The fruit bearing trees are not protected by any watchman. Not a single fruit is stolen and ripe fruits are distributed to balwadi children and the school children. Public beating was used not to create terror but to bring public shame on the defaulter so that he/she exercises more selfcontrol. People are proud of Ralegan's achievements and they have a share and a stake in its glory. Therefore they would not do anything which will hurt Anna or bring a bad name to the village.


He says The dream of India as a strong nation will not be realised without self-reliant, self-sufficient villages, this can be achieved only through social commitment & involvement of the common man. The common man is put to lot of hardships and it has become difficult to make both ends meet as prices of essential commodities are rising constantly due to corruption. Hazare believes that our freedom is at the teeth of danger due to corruption and unless it is eliminated, the country will not be free in its true sense. Therefore, a peaceful war has been waged against corruption with the help of immense support from people. From a tenacious soldier to a social reformer, and a right to information crusader, Anna Hazares journey of four decades has been unprecedented in terms of a non-violent yet effective campaign of resurrecting a barren village into an `ideal village model and empowering the faceless citizen through pioneering work on Right to Information. His efforts to empower grampanchayats, protect efficient government officers from frequent transfers and fight against the red tapism in government offices have also received accolades. His fight against corruption and his work in social sector is inspiration to many people who would like to bring change in India. Anna may have an unfinished agenda at hand but his efforts all these months , havent really gone in waste. In the teeth of political class the elected representatives of the people claiming to be all powerful to run their show in a manner they like, it wasnt a mean achievement on his part to push through and underline the significance of Inclusive and Participatory democracy in modern era. Its time, therefore, We the people of India that in the Preamble of the Constitution of India, comes before Parliament, needs to be asserted. Anna has shown the way from where we all need to take it forward ; we need to keep the momentum going in the months and years to follow. In addition, some other positives also followed in the thick of Annas movement, like , the Lokpal Bill- weak or strong , Whistleblowers Bill and Judicial Accountability Bill that were



introduced in the extended winter session of Parliament , might probably have been still waiting to be framed and introduced but for Annas efforts. Anna tried his best but then he was politically outsmarted that has left him bruised. He would now need to re-group and re-frame his strategies based on the lessons learnt in the months gone by when, at one point of time riding on the wave of massive public support, it seemed he had brought the political class to his knees. He may have thus lost the battle for now, but then the war against corruption continues and no one knows it better than Anna. The Anna effect has truly been a path breaking phenomenon in the modern day democratic India.



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