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Question :Application of MIS in manufacturing and service sector

MIS is defined as a system which helps the management to achieve the organizational goals. MIS in service industry consists of all the basic applications such as personnel, payroll, inventory etc., plus the important application called mission critical application. This helps to offer the distinctive service to the customers.

The different types of service industries are, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Airlines Hotels Hospitals Banks Insurances

Applications of MIS in airline industry:

The main function of airline industry is to move people and goods from one location to other safely on time. The following are the different expectations and perceptions (understanding) about distinctive services from the industry by the consumers. Flight schedule convenience Ticket prices Facilities in the airport Assistance in travel arrangements Arranging hotel accommodation Transport facility available in the airport Solving their problems immediately in the airport front office

Application of MIS in Banking A bank acts as a place, where the financial services are offered, which may include provision for the retail banking, investment banking, personnel banking etc. The following points should necessarily be addressed during the designing of an MIS for a bank a. Customer database The factors which greatly influence the service expectations and the perceptions can be summarized as follows i. Customer ii. Operator

iii. Range of the service which is being or is to be provided iv. Class of the customers v. Working hours b. Service to the account holders The Management Information Systems must give the following reports to the management: i. The non moving account. ii. The account with the balance more than say Rs. 50,000/iii. The account going down below the minimum balance. iv. The routine payments not made. v. The routine credits not arrived. vi. The defaults on loan repayment. vii. The delays on crediting cheques amounts. viii. A sudden rise and fall in the account movement. c. Service for business promotions The MIS should lay a great stress on the collection of the data from the various sources, in order to analyze and conclude the future business strategy. With the help of such information, banker is able to move out to talk to the customer and as a result of this; he is also able to get some type of business for the bank. Application of MIS in Hospitals The front end applications a. Patient database i. Handling the queries on the existing patients and the patients treated and discharged. ii. Queries can also come from the visitor, a doctor or other employees of the hospital. b. Medical server database i. Name, address, telephones etc. of all medical staff. ii. Hospitals, work times and the locations on the week days for the contact. c. Resource planning and control i. An online query facility for answering the number of queries on the availability, scheduling and re scheduling of the resources and the facilities. ii. For judging the usage of the facilities and to put them in the proper use. The back Office applications a. Core applications are:i. Manpower and personnel planning. ii. Hospital billing and the recovery. iv. An inventory control procurement, the planning and the control. v. The expiry date management. vi. Resource utilization and the analysis. vii. Financial accounting.

b. Critical control application i. Patients waiting time and the service cycle. iii. Stock outs of the critical drugs. iv. Analysis of the delays in terms of the duration and the causes. v. New trends in the service demands and the service performance in such cases.