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Final Major Project


THEMES / SUBJECTS What Themes/Subjects will form the basis of your work for the final major project? This should include Theoretical and non design based content and concerns.
GENERAL THEMES: Craft, Use of stock, Extensive use of print and application, Product finery and quality, Illustration and application SPECIFIC SUBJECTS: Print and finishes, Illustration, Stock

DESIGN CONTEXT Identify areas of professional/ creative practices that will inform the contextualization of the work that you produce. This should include specific designers, studios, practitioners and products as well as broader creative disciplines and methods of Production / Distribution.
DESIGN DISCIPLINES What areas of graphic design practice do you intend to investigate in relation to the practical and conceptual production / distribution of work in response to selected briefs

DESIGNERS/STUDIOS: Tigerprint, Hallmark, The Beautiful Meme, Sumo, Made by Analogue, We are unit, Studio Mikmik AUDIENCE/CONTEXTS: Children, High end shopper, Upper Class, Young Adults PRODUCTION /DISTRIBUTION METHODS: EMAIL, PHONE, MAIL OUT, POSTCARD, USB DIGITAL PORTFOLIO, PAPER PORTFOLIO, STOP MOTION, SKYPE
Illustration, Concept development and communication, Printing processes and Finishes, Packaging, Retail, Packaging, Branding and Identity, Type and Layout

DESIGN SKILLS What practical design skills do

Type and Layout Printing Processes and its application

you intend to further develop and apply during your final major project. What do you intend to use the skills for. Consider extending the use of skills that you already have in order to deliver work of a professional standard as well as identifying new skills that you will need to develop.

Craft Quality Setting up documents for print Presentation of work Photography What do I want to use the skills for?

PROPOSED BRIEFS List any briefs that you have already identified as possible starting points for your Final Major Project. You should include possible competition and Live briefs as well as identifying briefs that will allow you to develop a significant body of research and development in relation to your stated Themes/subjects, Design disciplines and production / distribution methods KEY TEXTS. List a selected number of books, articles and texts that are central o your proposed area of practice. These should include a combination of design and nondesign based books, theoretical texts as well as visual publications.

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