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CPO Services In fulfilling its duties and responsibilities, the Career & Placement Office pro vides relevant

services to all its interns, graduates and alumni to help in impr oving and developing the students and the APC Institution. Job Placement. The office is responsible for the placement and evaluation of wor k performance of all interns. Some responsibility includes monitoring the work p erformance and progress of Interns. The office provides career opportunities and gives assistance by matching the students skills with the network of job openings provided by APC s Industry Partners. Training. The office provides the senior/ graduating students training & develop ment seminars, lectures, symposia and workshop conducted in APC during Saturdays and CPO Events. Resume Database. The CPO maintains a database of resumes of graduating students. These documents will be available to companies who wish to hire graduates and a lumni of the college. Graduates / Alumni Directory. The office maintains a list of names, courses and majors/ specializations, complete addresses and contact numbers of graduates, wh o wish to be referred to companies for possible employment. Job Invitation File. The office posts and maintains a compilation of job invitat ions / openings received from various companies in marketing and industry. Company Profile Bank. The office maintains a file of company profiles for studen ts and alumni who wish to know the background and nature of business of companie s they wish to apply for. Career Counseling Sessions. The CPO provides career counseling sessions to under graduates, graduating and alumni and provides referral services for job openings to industry partners. CPO Events & Activities. It takes charge of various Career and Placement Activit ies such as Annual Job Fair and other alumni services.

Responsibilities of Placement Officer : 1. To prepare Brochures for departments and send to prospective companies by April of every year. 2. To correspond to prospective companies for interview date and schedule of events. 3. To arrange for interview facilities at the campus and written test halls. 4. To receive the personnel and provide necessary inputs about the college and to co-ordinate student representatives for smooth functioning at various locations (interview halls, written test halls, canteen etc) 5. To collect the appointment letters or correspond to get them as soon as the interview is over. 6. To distribute appointment letters and collect acceptance letters from the

students and dispatch to employees. 7. To identify a standby placement officer to take over the responsibilities during the absence of Placement Officer.

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