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Curriculum Vitae


D.o.B : 25/Nov/1968
Mail Add : Flat No.7, Cosmo Apptt.,137-B/12,
Zakir Nagar, new Delhi-110 025. (INDIA)
Mobile: 91-9810078799 (o) 41734944 Fax; 41734987
E-mail : skrazvi@gmail.com

BA,(University of Delhi,1989) LL.B.(JMI, Delhi,1992)

English, Urdu, Hindi and working Arabic.

Practicing Advocate since Oct.1992 registered with Bar
Council of Delhi, under the name and style of S.K.Razvi &
Co. (since 1994) currently Legal Vistas, Law offices (since
Panel Advocate, Government of NCT of Delhi at High
Court of Delhi.
Expert on US Judicial system and Court room and Court
recording technology legal components, architecture and

Practicing for more than 15 years, independently mainly on Civil and
Corporate side including Arbitration.
Partner , Legal Vistas, law offices since 2006

 Preparing the academic course on ecourts: Court room technology

and court recording technology and eADR for law students and
para legals alike.
 www.ecourttech.com new web page on ecourts in India and
 www.earbitration.net/skrazvi.asp my web page for sample
publication and conference papers.
 Portal in US www.eadrline.com operated by E arbiter Inc, Seattle
WA, USA(Oct,2008).
 Collaborates with National Center for State Courts, USA
internationally on court room technology; www.ncsconline.org
 Founder/Initiator on earbitration since Nov.2006;

 Content provider to Statutory Compliance software for HR, Labor
and Environment Laws.
 IT and Law advisor to online Library Project of Delhi High Court
Bar Association.
 Pro bono Litigation on EU-India GSP dispute (2002)
 Experience in Political-risk management and Environment
legislation in India and South Asia.


International Visiting Leadership Program (IVLP)-US Judicial

System, Deptt. Of State, US, October 6 to 30, 2008.

Visiting scholar at Economic Policy Institute, Washington DC,

USA Feb,2004

Board Member:

Director, E-Arbiter Inc, Seattle, WA-runs online dispute

resolution and ecourt technology portal

Director, Legal Vistas Consultancy P Ltd.-runs online

earbitration.net and other projects related to development
sector with IT components
Director, M/s Miftah Advisory India P ltd., investment and
regulatory advisory on Islamic Banking and Micro Finance in

Public Interest Litigation

 Petition on establishing Human Rights Courts at District Level
under Protection of Human Rights Act,1993 (Supreme Court of
India) and Disaster Management Law.
 Petition on Mediation techniques as Court-annexed mediation
and legal training of Lawyers before High court of Delhi,
 Petition on Labour safety standards in Delhi , Delhi High Court.
 Petition on Domestic Violence enactment of provisions in India at
High Court of Delhi. ( Now Central enactment )
 Petition on behalf of 1000 Toxic Gas affected people in Delhi
before Supreme Court of India (1995)
 Petition on deportation of minor girls from Dubai, directions on
the age for minor girls in Passports.
 Petition on Estate officer under Wakf Act.

 Guest Faculty to Workshop by Central Warehousing Corporation,
New Delhi more recently on 5.3.2001. It was an in-house training
program “Role of Women in Productivity”. The topic was Women
Rights Vs. Responsibilities at Work place
 Workshops on HIV-AIDS, Hosted on behalf of NGO on GENDER
and WORK ( Trade Union Initiative) 1999.
 Petitioned Parliamentary committee on print and health laws in
India in 1997
 Interacted briefly with US think-tank IRIS-Maryland, through
participation in Conferences and workshop (on Reform of Indian
Tax and Revenue System) here at New Delhi in India. I submitted
a concept paper on the same. 1996
 Panel Environment Lawyer(Consultant) for South Asia, IDI,
Ireland (1995)


 Collaborated on WTO-Anti-Dumping measures by India with Dr.

Rob Howse, University of Michigan School of Law 2004.
 International Election Observer in General Elections Sri Lanka
Dec’2001 ( sponsored by ACILS-USA)
 Often invited by US embassy in India for discussions on Human
Rights issues in India and Muslim response to US foreign policy,
legal framework in India.

International Conferences:

 “Advancing IT application in Courts and eADR:

Challenge to meet backlog in India” Adopted for publication and
conference by Knowledge Global, Suffolk university, Boston, Mass.US.

 “Islamic Banking and Finance: Foundational Challenges in India”

submitted for Conference organized by Harvard Program on Islamic
Banking and Finance, Harvard School of Law, Boston MA, USA; April,

 “Relation of IT and Insurance in managing Legal Services in India”.

International Conference on Services Management, New Delhi, March,

 Paper on Cultural Nationalism Vs. Pluralism:: An electoral challenge

in India; at international Conference in IIU, Malaysia,(August,2004)
inaugurated by H.E.Prime Minister of Malaysia.


 Presented paper at NSALSA, Conference USA, on Protecting Minority

Rights: “Protetion of Human Rights Act, 1993 : The progress and
implementation a critical analysis of Executive and Judicial success in
India.”at Seattle University, School of Law, USA. (February,2004)

FORTHCOMING PAPERS 2009 conferences:

“Ecourts and Court room technology: The Digital Divide and

Challenges” Adopted for publication and conference by Knowledge
Global, Suffolk university, Boston, Mass.US. 2nd Knowledge Global
Conference April,2009



INDIA. This paper was submitted to two journals and was
evaluated by them namely Third World Quaterly and Columbian
University Political Science journal in 1999.

 Concept Paper submitted to IRIS-Maryland on Indian Tax

administration and the needed reforms. It was written in addition
to the what was prescribed by the famous Chelliah committee .
This paper was written in 1996.

 “Employment Law and the fast changing realities in Indian



Writing in newspapers (National and international


Some of Publications :

“ Guarding The investor interests ‘ Business Standard, June, 2003

“The colour of Panchayats” 73rd Amendment to Indian Constitution One India

One People January, 1999

“Theorising Revivalism” Article on Cultural nationalism The Pioneer July


Ed.Letters on Kashmir in Economic Times(Daily), May 7,1996, Feb 22,1996

Articles on Development and Panchayat, Economic Times (Daily) June14,1995
And Development India.

Has been invited on CNBC “India Talks” in 1999 show to speak on

PIL on Himalayan seismic conditions and law on the same.

Hosted seminars and conferences on Legal Reform under various

banners, inviting members of Bar and Judiciary and other stake

As Board member of SARDI, a labour support organization,
interaction with UNDP, ILO, ACILS and National Centers in India.
Working, on draft Employment Legislation in India.
Advisor to other NGOs on legal and administrative matters
including Vikalp, MDS, Delhi.


Court room technology and eADR practices in India their standardization and
architecture implementation through earbitration.net and eadrline.com alongwith

Consultant with ABA(international initiatives)

Syed Kamran Razvi