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Green Buildings

Case Studies

CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad

( CII, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, USAID and Pirojsha Godrej Foundation )

A unique Public Private Partnership

Centre of Excellence for Energy, Environment, Green Buildings, Renewable energy, Water & Climate change activities in India

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Vision of IGBC
To usher in a green building revolution in India To become one of the world leaders in green buildings by 2015

Green Building Movement

No 1 2 3

CEOs & senior people involved No. of professionals trained on LEED rating No. of registered Green Buildings Built in Area (sq.ft) Green Building products & equipments IGBC Membership
(Founding Members)

50 10 1 0 5 0 0 0

Till Date
~ 5500 ~ 7000 700 437 Million 110 963

4 5 6 7.

IGBC Local Chapters IGBC AP

9 224

Chapter Achievements
Chapter Bengaluru Chennai Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Hyderabad Ahmedabad Pune Kochi No. of Projects Registered 35 48 45 91 15 42 12 21 4 No. of Members 52 62 97 110 27 31 33 38 28

Green Building vs. Conventional Building

External Appearance : Both look alike Functionality Differences Conserve natural resources Concern for human comfort, indoor environment & productivity : Both are same

Tangible Benefits
Reduce operating costs Optimize life cycle economic performance
Sustained savings

LEED 2.0 Certified Gold Ebensburg, PA

Energy savings: 40 50 % Water savings: 20 30 % Reduction in initial investment

Intangible Benefits of Green Design

Environmental benefits
Reduce impact on the environment

Health and Safety benefits

Enhance occupant comfort

Improve Productivity of occupants

World Class Standards & Procedures

Cost of Green Buildings-Indian Experiences

Building CII-Godrej GBC, Hyderabad ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon Wipro, Gurgaon Year awarded 2003 Built-in Area (Sqft) 20,000 Rating Achieved Platinum % increase in cost 18 % Payback (Yrs) 7 years




15 %

6 years





5 years

Recently Rated Green Buildings

Technopolis, Kolkata Spectral Services Consultants Office, Noida HITAM, Hyderabad

2006 2007 2007

72,000 15,000 78,000

Gold Platinum Silver

6% 8% 2%

3 years 4 years 3 years

Cost showing a decreasing trend over the years Incremental Cost lower if base design has already factored normal Green features

Energy Savings Realized

Building Sq.ft Normal Building (kWh) 48,00,000 35,00,000 3,50,000 Actual Building (kWh) 31,00,000 20,00,000 1,30,000 % Reduction Annual Energy Savings (Rs in Lakhs) 102 90 9

Wipro ITC CII Godrej GBC

1,75,000 1,70,000 20,000

40% 45% 63%


Energy consumption depends on

Local climate, Density of occupancy, Occupancy schedule, Orientation of the building, Internal loads

Green Building Rating Systems

More than 30 rating systems followed world wide Some of the green building rating systems
United Kingdom BREEAM Australia Green Star Japan CASBEE United States LEED Canada LEED Canada India LEED India

New Rating Systems

LEED India upgrade to LEED 2009
Target : Dec 2010


Pilot rating launched on 25 May 2010 Projects can be registered at www.igbc.in

IGBC Green Townships

Core committee meeting held on 15 July, Chennai First stakeholders meeting on 21 August 2010 Rating system will be launched during Green Building Congress (7-9 Oct 10)

Other rating systems under development

IGBC Green Schools IGBC Existing Buildings

IGBC Rating Systems Rating

IGBC Green Homes IGBC Green Factory IGBC Green SEZ

Maximum Points
With interiors: 80 Without interiors: 75 100

LEED India NC points breakup

S No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Credits Prerequisites Sustainable Sites Water efficiency Energy and Atmosphere Materials and Resources Indoor Environmental quality Innovation Total New Building 7 13 6 17 13 15 5 69

Case Studies

AVANI Residence

Indias first platinum rated Green Home

Site Area: Built Up area:

1869.3 sq m 1829.7 sq m

Number of floors: Cellar+Ground+2

Occupants: 10

Site Efficiency Water Efficiency Energy Efficiency Materials Indoor Air Quality Innovation
Attempted: 73 9 23 20 10 7 4

Point achieved Max Points 9 23 20 13 10 3

Achieved: 72


Parking Facility

100% covered parking

Charging facility for electric cars and scooters.


Landscape design

Different zones have been designed based on species and their water consumption drought tolerant native species used Turf area is reduced

Grey Water Reuse

STP 1,100 LPD

Treated water Storage

5,000 Lts capacity

100% Reuse


Building Envelope

8 thick low U- Value (0.52 W/SqmK) Flycon Blocks for external walls

Under deck roof insulation with 4 thermocol

False ceiling



Double glazed Low- E glass for all conditioned areas U Value: 1.8 W/sq m K SHGC: 0.28

3.84kWp Hybrid solar PV system which generates 15 units/day

Renewable Energy
Solar Water Heater of - 300 LPD capacity

50% of the building electricity consumption is produced by PV panels

Nov 09: 1102 units Dec 09: 1343 units Jan 10: 1462 units

100% of waste is diverted from landfills

Waste Reuse

Brick waste and waste Cement mortar are re used Steel and empty cement bags were sold to local vendors for recycling

Rapidly renewable material bamboo is extensively used in the flooring Natural woolen Carpets in the major areas like living, drawing and bedrooms

Renewable Materials



Skylight in the courtyard Full length windows Natural lighting & Ventilation in toilets Sun pipes in the parking garage and in the cellar rooms make efficient use of daylight


Lazarus Hospital, Hyderabad

Good community connectivity Access to public transportation Public bus lines and local trains

Water efficient fixtures Targets 30% waster savings over the base line

Use of efficient lighting fixtures CFLs & LEDs in all the areas

Renewable energy Photovoltaic panels to harvest solar energy

Insulated panels for partition walls Gyp board ceilings

Waste collection bins Construction waste collection & segregation

Efficient Air Conditioning- VRV system

Aliens Space Station 1, Hyderabad

Points targeted
25 20 15 10 5 0 Site efficiency Water Energy Material Indoor Air Quality Innovation

Achieved Maximum Achievable

Features of the project

Water efficient fixtures

Other features such as:

Parking facilities Grey water reuse CFC free equipment Local materials Materials with recycled content

Site boundary preventing soil erosion Certified wood

Basic Amenities within the campus

Turf design

Energy Efficiency
Achieved points: 9 CFC free equipment Energy performance Metering Captive power generation Lighting Energy efficient equipment

Cummins Factory, Pune, Green factory

st 1

Category Site Selection & Planning Water Conservation Energy Conservation Material Conservation Indoor Environmental Quality & Occupational Health Innovation & Design TOTAL

Points Targeted 13 21 11 10 15 5 75

Maximum Points 16 21 23 16 19 5 100

Natural topography = 40%

Mitigation of heat island effect

Design for differently abled

Rain water harvesting Low flow fixtures

Turf area<20% Use of drought resistant plants

Segregation of irrigation Waste water treatment plant

Energy savings = 42%

Energy efficient lighting Efficient fans Wind Tower

Segregation of waste

Use of skylights Daylight in 96% of the regularly occupied spaces

Thank you
Vishal Garg vishal@iiit.ac.in