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5 Phase S.E.L.F.

Aware Model
S.E.L.F. stands for S.imple E.asy L.ight and F.un. When we are coming from this place of our essential S.E.L.F. then these are some of the characteristics that naturally arise from there. Therefore the basis for this model lies in coming from this authentic place as evidenced by these. This does not mean that all of these qualities must be present, there may be only one or they overlap and dance back and forth. Whichever phase of the model one is in, the quality and success of that phase is determined by whether one is grounded in some aspect of the S.E.L.F.

If none of the aforementioned characteristics are present then it is the job of the coach to question, point, invite, and use whatever tools may arise in order to become rooted again in the S.E.L.F perspective. It is from this place that all true creativity is born, all innovation takes place, and all positive change comes in to the world. It is also from this place that the model can flow properly.

5 Phase S.E.L.F. Aware Model

If we are not centered in S.E.L.F., then by default we are engaging with life and with our coach from the small s.e.l.f. This stands for s.erious e.goic l.eft brained f.olly. From this place we are stuck in the mode of manipulation, judgement, criticism, and jockeying for better position or advantage in life. All of these being born of fear in which there is nothing simple, easy, light or fun about us and naturally our results will carry the residue of these characteristics because everyone and everything we have interacted will have been affected by them. The Five Phases within this model are drawn from the 5 phases of Chinese Medicine. They have a natural synergistic effect as one feeds the next and they circulate continuously. Explore Authentic Desire - The Element of Water This is the first phase that we explore in the process, the element of water. Water is represented by the season of winter. Winter is the seed energy out of which every project and manifest creation is born. There can be no manifest existence without this phase. In exploring our authentic desire to change something in our lives we may use a question such as What do you want?. Or from a more objective, open perspective What is wanted in this situation?. This second question really allows our smaller self to get out of the way and allow a deeper intuition to arise as to what is authentically wanting to happen. Water is the connection point to our deepest selves, it comes forth from a place of quietude and listening. Envision Design Plan - The Element of Wood Once the authentic desire has been answered or discovered for now we begin to let it grow in to the idea stage in which we brainstorm how it might look or how it might come in to being in our lives or in the world. This phase of wood corresponds with the season of spring when things burst forth with renewed energy after the winter. Wood is about planning and dreaming and feeling into the possibilities of what is to come. It has an unbridled sense about it like a horse just out of the gate set forth in to a newfound pasture. The other aspect of wood lies in the cultivation and the courageous declaration of our plan of action.

5 Phase S.E.L.F. Aware Model

Implement Right Action - The Element of Fire As a tree is exposed to more and more light or fire from the sun it begins to burst forth with leaves and the beginnings of its fruit. This is where we take action and actually take our beautifully crafted vision in to the world. Again each phase carries forth the essence of the previous phases so in this the fire element is still the authentic desire of water and the transformative power of wood. The action we take in this element has a decided feeling of rightness and is not concerned with the consequences but rather leads fearlessly from the heart which is the organ represent by fire. Celebration and Fruition - Element of Earth Earth is represented by the season of Autumn. Autumn is when do the the work of harvesting what we have sown and cultivated. It is a time of celebration for that which has become manifest as a result of our dreams and our hard work. This is essential and often skipped in our modern culture hooked on productivity. There is often no pause or space for the acknowledgement of work well done. Structure and Support - The Element of Metal If our actions are unbridled and chaotic, then follow through and long term success of any endeavor is not likely. The metal element corresponds with the creation and implementation of structures to support the follow through of our actions and intentions. This is where coaching is especially beneficial. In holding the space for and inviting specific structure to be put in to place there is a greater chance for success and less probability that we will get sidetracked or lose momentum in moving toward our dreams. Structure found in the metal element is what keeps us on track and is essential in following through with our authentic desires.

Embedded throughout all of the phases in the S.E.L.F. Aware Model is the root authentic desire which is to return to, dwelling in and moving from our essential self. This central tenet exists in all Coaching on some level but is emphasized here and represents the core gifts, understanding, and training of Brett Avelin.