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Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult An alchemical formula to rip a hole in the fabric of reality.

Disinformation s "wicked warlock" Richard Metzger gathers an unprecedented cabal o f modern occultists, magicians and forward thinkers in Book of Lies. Whereas pas t Disinformation volumes like "You Are Being Lied To," "Everything You Know is W rong" and "Abuse Your Illusions" focused on secrets and lies from the mainstream media, government and other establishment institutions to rethink what a politi cal science book could look like, "Book of Lies" redefines occult anthologies, p ackaging and presenting a huge array of magical essays for a pop culture audienc e. - Terence McKenna asks if we can contact "aliens" with the smokable drug DMT the a nswer may surprise you! - The Executable Dreamtime by Mark Pesce explores the relationship between spell casting and computer programming. - Comics genius Grant Morrison s Pop Magic! Explains how YOU can become a practici ng magician! - Memento Mori: (Remember You Must Die) by Paul Laffoley examines the growing fa scination with death in our culture and describes "Thanatonic" energy. - Artist Joe Coleman on the occult aspects of his work in Joe is in the Details. - Are You Illuminated? by Phil Hine takes the novice magician thru the stages of Initiation and beyond - Daniel Pinchbeck s psychedelic and magical experiences recounted in an extended excerpt from Breaking Open the Head - Chapel of Extreme Experience author John Geiger on the harrowing psychic explo rations of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin - Calling Cthulhu: Techgnosis author Erik Davis on H. P. Lovecraft - The Road to Excess sheds some light on a spooky little known incident in the l ife of Timothy Leary - Robert Anton Wilson on the similarities between Crowley and Leary - Tim Maroney s beginner s guide to Aleister Crowley - Genesis P-Orridge s personal memories of his magical education under William Bur roughs and Brion Gysin (an instant classic!) and his essay on British occult art ist Austin Osman Spare - Donald Tyson s The Enochian Apocalypse. Were the seeds of the end of the world s own in the Elizabethan era?

- The Crying of Liber 49, Richard Metzger s essay on rocket scientist and occultis t Jack Parsons - Julius Evola on Occult War - Cameron: The Wormwood Star by Brian Butler tells for the first time ever of the li fe and times of Jack Parson s "Scarlet Woman," witch and Beatnik artist Marjorie C ameron - Magical Blitzkrieg: Tracy Twyman and Peter Levenda on Nazis and the Occult - Did fallen angels mate with humankind during the time of Noah? Boyd Rice on Th e Book of Enoch, one of the "forgotten books" of the Bible. - Allen Greenfield s Secret History of Witchcraft goes to the "roots" of Wicca and modern paganism. They might not be as deep as you think! - Nevill Drury on Australian witch, Rosaleen Norton - Michael Moynihan conducts a fireside chat with the Black Pope of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey - Season of the Witch by Gary Lachman examines the dark side of hippie and the " Age of Aquarius" -Hakim Bey on Sorcery and Occult Terrorism