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Enoch Band Metis Who Left Treaty

Mahminahwatah, known in English as Tommy Lapotac, brought the Enoch band members into Treaty 6 in 1877. The Enoch Cree Nation was named for its second chief, Enoch Lapotac, who led the community after 1884. The Enoch Cree Nation is a First Nations band in Alberta. The Band is named after Chief Enoch Lapotac who died in 1890, while visiting his brother at Saddle Lake. This band controls two reserves the larger Stony Plain 135 Indian Reserve on the western edge of the City of Edmonton and the smaller Stony Plain 135A Indian Reserve 43 km south of the Town of Barrhead. There are still extensive disputes outstanding about the amalgamation of the Papaschase Band with Enoch Band with the consent of only 2 members of the Papaschase Band Godon (Godin) ne Whitehead, Josephte Wahpishtikwan. Josephte was originally rejected for discharge because she was not legally married to Paul Godon. Then the withdrawal was approved in 1894. Godon (Godin), Paul Machanis. (b. 1859) Band # 67 Paul was the son of Susic Godon (Metis) and Mary Watahwewin (Metis). Godin, Paul; for his son Simon Godin; claim no. 3166; address: Pigeon Lake; born: 1884 at Victoria; father: Paul Godin (Mtis and deponent); mother: Josette: Wa-pis-te-quan (Mtis) Kataapanwisk, Susan Otsesin. Susan was married to Baptiste Kiskatanowein Lagrelle but had received Scrip in 1886 as Susanne Fitcol. Lagrelle, Nancy. Band # 108 Nancy was the daughter of Baptiste Kiskatanowein Lagrelle and Susan Otsesin Kataapanwisk. She was married to Louis Robert who also withdrew from Treaty. Mahminawatoh, Louisa. Band # 2 Stewart, Louisa; address: Edmonton; born: Spring, 1868 at Red Deer River; father: Joseph Stewart alias Ap-pe-ates; (Mtis); mother: Marguerite Lacombe, Kehshekosis; (Mtis); married: Spring, 1885 at Edmonton to Pierre; Mahmamewatoh (deceased); scrip for $240.00; claim no. 545. Morin, Maria Lapataque; for her deceased son, Joseph Lapataque Mori; born: 1846 at Beavers Mountain; died: October, 1870 at Victoria; address: Edmonton; father: Joseph Lapataque Morin (Mtis); mother: Maria Kiteimah ke-na-koos, Moses (Mtis); heirs: Job Lapataque Morin, $40.00; Jane Lapataque Morin, $40.00; Simon Lapataque Morin, $13.33; Flora Lapataque Morin, $13.33; Daniel Lapataque Morin, $13.33; Marie Lapataque Morin, $40.00' Enoch Morin, $40.00; Lazarus Morin, $40.00; claim no. 264.

Paquette ne Piche, Sophia. Band # 65 Scrip Certificate No. 363 Form A for $240.00 in favour of Sophie Paquette. Paquette, Sophie; address: St. Albert; born: 1860 at Battle River; father: Samuel Piche Mamenawata (Mtis); mother: Anne Arcand (Mtis); married: 1876 at Calgary to Antoine Paquette; children living: Marguerite; children deceased: St. Pierre; scrip for $240.00; claim no. 410. Paul, Susette Sr.. Band # 106 Susette Seskonwas the daughter of Baptiste Kiskatanowein Lagrelle and Susan Otsesin Kataapanwisk. Denied in 1891 couldnt support herself and daughter Josette. After a support certificate was provided by Father Lacombe, her withdrawal was approved in 1891. Paul, Susette Jr.. Band # 106 Suzette was the daughter of Joseph Paul (Metis) and Suzette Paul Sr. ne Lagrelle. Piche ne Chattelaine, Catherine. Band # 34 Piche, Felix. Band # 34 Piche, Isabella. Band # 44 Piche ne Desjarlais, Susette. Band # 25 Piche, William. Band # 25 Piche, William or Amoo-ke-sein; address: St. Albert; born: 1836 at Edmonton; father: Pierre Piche or Peyahhasis (Mtis); mother: Pettias-Kossis (Cree Indian); married: 1851 at Edmonton to Josephte Bernard or Iskoissis; children living: Monique; Josephte and Marguerite; children deceased: William, Alexandre and Julien; scrip for $160.00; claim no. 466. Robert, Louis Wawashkeshew (Red Deer). Band # 108 Louis was the son of Louis Miywesakay Robert (Metis) and Kiskekaut (Cree), originally entered treaty as part of Bobtails Band. He married Nancy Legrelle. Applied to withdraw originally in 1886 and was refused by the Commission on the basis that he couldnt provide for his large family. They then approved withdrawal in 1890 on the basis of affidavits from Fathers Lacombe and Andre that they could support themselves. Sutherland, Margaret. Band # 54 Ward, George. Band #69 Ward, George; address: Edmonton; born: 1862 on Battle River; father: William Ward (Mtis); mother: Jane Morin dit Lapataque; (Mtis); married: 1884 at

Edmonton to Veronique Gladu; children living: 1; scrip for $240.00; claim no. 445.