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Online Marketing Strategies

There are number free and paid online marketing strategies. I would like to put focus on some of the most effective ones.

Search engine optimization:

This is by far the best way to get the huge amount of targeted traffic without spending a single penny! But the problem is its the most difficult one. Search engine optimization is nothing but getting your site ranked higher in the search results for the searches made relevant to your topic, keywords, and key phrases. But its just impossible to get ranked in the first pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo without spending money. You can try for free strategies, but then facing the huge competition, it would take months if not years to even reach nearby to it. Thousands are hiring professional search engine optimizers to do the job for them. Though its the best and has huge capacity, there are many other strategies to follow as well and best of all, for free! Lets take a look at them.

Social Media:
Today the social networking/sharing sites like facebook, twitter, dig etc, are flooded with millions of active internet users! If you market your business correctly here, no one can stop you. Socialize your website with sharing widgets like facebook like/ tweet this, digg this etc, which will let your reader share your stuff directly onto their profiles with their friends and contacts bringing you direct traffic.

Viral Marketing:
This is a quick marketing strategy. It includes creating your own information products and giving them as freebies to your readers with back links to your sites. People more likely share such stuff with their friends. This will bring you quick and truckload of traffic. Social Media are also one kind of viral marketing platforms only. Its just that, you need to play your cards well.

Affiliate Marketing:
This thing can really put your business on fire! This strategy is used by the people or company selling their own products online. Your products will be promoted/sold by thousands of others and every time someone generates a sale of your product, you pay him some share of the profits; this is how the affiliate marketing works. Its one of the most effective online marketing techniques in the business till date! So you dont want to miss it out.

There are plenty of other online marketing strategies as well; like email marketing, article writing and submission, guest posting, forums, traffic exchange with relevant sites and so on. Just research it all well, and do it right!