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Membership Statistics January 2013 Worship Attendance Average 86 Envelopes and Loose Offerings $13,791.65 Amount Budgeted $17,200.





Vazquez, preschool staff) complications of Lupus. Thelma Solberg (96) health concerns. Rosemary Stoelzel (friend of Helen and Dotties) peritoneal cancer. Elizabeth Tarrazas (Ruth Morris friend) health issues. Mary Margaret Uhrig (Karen Benuskas friend) hospitalized with pneumonia. Dennis Urban II (son of co-worker of Jeff Krassin) prayers for the elimination of tumors. Mary Ann Wettring (Sandie Lenhart's mother) health issues. Barb & Bob Williams (Terry Williams parents) health and care issues. For all those seeking a job, starting a new job or having to terminate the employment of others. Feb 5 Feb 6 Feb 9 Feb 9 Feb 10 Feb 11 Feb 13 Feb 20 Feb 20 Feb 23 Feb 23 Feb 23 Feb 23 Feb 23 Feb 27 Vincent Barnes Kawyn Bryam Krista Aguirre Mary Norton Paul Casner Kenzi Taylor Ingo Klein John Witty Phil Lau Toni Sue Duckett Jennifer Baca Jeff Krassin Morris Aldridge Zoey Baca Mary Witty

Alegras Uncle Rafael leukemia. Maria Garibay Almeida (the Nicolaous neighbor) cancer. Eva Alvarez (coworker of Dorothy Ferguson) cousin needs transplant. Hermine Bauchle (Anne Nicolaous mother) nursing home. Miles Branch in hospice care. Wendy Blomgren (Cindy Murrays sister) recovering from knee surgery. Debbie Cantore (Stephanie Matyis mother) radiation for breast cancer. Jenny Caprella (Cindy Murrays sister) health issues. Anna Marie Cervantes (preschool staff) family issues. Clint (son of Dorothy Fergusons coworker) hurt in Afghanistan. Lilly Cooper pain relief. Lee Cunningham (Sandys brother) macular degeneration. Sandra Eckland health issues. George Eckland (Toni Sue Ducketts father) in rehab after surgery to fix broken hip. Maria Hilda Gutierrez (Hectors mom) nursing care facility. Harvey Henry (Jennifer Ramirez grandfather) assisted living facility. Judy Hernandez (Sandy Cunninghams daughter) personal issues. Cheryl Keich cancer. Kevin Keich (Cheryls brother) cancer. Max Krassin continued strength and growth. Lee Kriefels (Dottie Carters sister) Alzheimers. Ed Leonard (friend of the Homers) tumor on uretha. Louis Long (John Longs dad) aging issues. Mark Long (John Longs brother) health issues. Kelly Loy (Toni Sue Ducketts sister-in-law) diagnosed with Stage 4 renal cell cancer. Kathy Mangold (Nancy Casners friend) advanced cancer. Cristina Maxwell (Janna Cannadys friend) cancer. Emmett Mayhak (Hermann Vogenbecks grandson) apraxia. Eddie Mejia (brother-in-law of preschool staff) cardiomyopathy. Cindy Murray physical therapy. John Murray physical therapy. Felicitas Ramirez (grandmother of preschool staff) advanced cancer and heart issues. Daniel Riveras grandma ByBy, who is 73. Eric Schollmann health issues. Roxanne Schroeder (Ruth Morris friend) health issues. Janet Selzer chemo treatments. David Sharp (Dottie Carters son-in-law) medical problems. Roxanne Slack (niece of Patsy

Feb 9 Christina & Gary Kroeplin Feb 12 Phyllis & Chuck Homer Feb 14 Vi & Bud Siedow

February Flowers
Feb 3 Feb 10 Feb 17 Feb 24 the Aguirre Family Nancy Casner Tom Rood Sandra Eckland

TO ORDER FLOWERS call Xochitl Flowers, 231-9787. Provide them with your choice of flowers and payment information. The cost is $27 including tax and must be paid by the Wednesday before delivery. For information call Nancy Casner at 525-5822 (cell) or 545-6626 x 256 (work). Nancy graciously picks the flowers up every Saturday and takes them to church on Sunday morning.