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QUESTIONS 1. What are the actual purposes of penetration test?

The test is to get the value of penetration as a measure of the consistency of penetration bitumen. It is also to grade the material in terms of its hardness.


What does it means by bituminous grade 80/100? Bitumen 80/100 grade bitumen having that qualifies of adhesion, the nature of both the cement and water resistant properties.


State the important of this test. This test can determine the hardness of bitumen and bitumen is classified according to the infiltration.


Which is better condition? Higher value of penetration or lower value. Why? In warmer region, lower penetration grades are preferred to avoid softening whereas higher penetration grade like 180/200 are used in colder regions to prevent the accuracy of excessive brittles. High penetration grade is used in spray application works. So the better used is lower value of penetration.

DISCUSSION From the result obtain, the penetration test is failed. This is because by the bitumen is too hard and the temperature inside the bitumen is lower than 25C. The penetration value should lies between 80 100 to get 80/100 grade bitumen.

The preparation of sample is not suitable and difference from the procedure. The sample should be prepared the day before to get a suitable temperature which is 25C. The sample for penetration test is prepared on the class is started. The heating temperature is not suitable and the period time of heating sample is too short. After the sample is heated with suitable temperature and suitable period of the, let the sample cool in the atmosphere to get temperature of 25C. This shows that the bitumen is very sensitive to the temperature.

For the needle of penetration, the needle should sharp enough and cleaned with benzene and dried before penetration. The needle of the instrument has broken and the pointer of the needle has fracture. This also affects the result of this penetration test. The needle material must be standard steel to avoid error in reading and needle to be bent during penetration process.

CONCLUSION From the result, we can conclude that the penetration value of asphalt is too hard. This shows that the test is failed because of the temperature of the asphalt is lower 25C.

REFERENCE Internet http://www.scribd.com/doc/86556621/Penetration-Test