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esulting from long experience in designing open systems for ELISA testing, Alisei, the third generation of RADIM automated equipment, offers the highest evolution in microplate automation. Support for up to Six Microplates Alisei can run up to six microplates both simultaneously and independently. Additionally, plate incubations at different temperatures create ideal flexibility for various assays to be performed. Alisei offers high throughput in addition to unsurpassed random access performance. Fast and Safe Dispensing System The dispensing system includes two independent needles, which are able to aspirate from two adjacent samples, or from a single reagent vial, allowing two separate microplate wells to be dispensed at once. Each needle is associated with a dilutor configured with two syringes, one syringe is 2500 L and one is 1000 L. These syringes provide greater accuracy in dispensing reagents and samples respectively. A level and clot detector is provided for each needle to ensure the correct functioning of the system. Sample and Reagent Racks with Barcode Reader The sample and reagent racks are made up of two rotating and removable carousels. The reagent racks have the ability to refrigerate reagents for component preservation. Multiple assay samples and reagents can be housed in their respective racks for simultaneous test runs. A bar code system, centered among the four racks, allows positive identification of both samples and reagents, preventing user input errors. Integrated Stations for Washing and Reading The microplates are automatically carried into an independent washing station (software-mediated) for the washing procedure. The device consists of an eight-channel manifold with double, parallel needles, capable of washing both U and flat bottomed microwells. Up to 4 different washing solutions can be handled separately. The reading station is an 8 channel, optic fiber photometer with interferential filters, capable of holding up to 8 filters. Wavelengths are available from 405 to 620 nm, employing the 8 available filters. User Friendly Software The management program for the instrument is handled on an external PC. The software is extremely advanced, yet user friendly and self explanatory. The software is able to handle different test methods during the same test run. The program is made of different modules that allow the user To insert and modify tests and their features; To insert the work list along with all relevant patient data; To monitor the entire test run; To display and manage the final results; To personalize and print the patient report. The software also includes a service module for checking instrument mechanical functions. In addition, the Alisei program contains a time management system to optimize the time scores for each test. The software contains built-in, automatic error recovery, along with a historical patient record for statistical evaluation of historical results. The highly sophisticated electronics as well as mechanical technology, and the new compact design, make Alisei a complete instrument, flexible and adaptable to any Laboratory routine, cost-effectively and time-saving. Highly sophisticated electronics, easy to use software, and the new compact design, make Alisei your complete automation solution.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Preparator: dispensing speed: serum: 700 samples/h with 500 L of flush solution - reagent: 1500 wells/h in normal multidispensing; volume: sample 7 - 300 L with steps of 1 L - reagent : 10 - 300 L with steps of 1 L; precision: sample: CV% < 3.0 with 10 L (OD = 0.700); CV% < 1 with 100 L (OD = 0.700) - reagent: CV% < 3 with 100 L carry-over: sample: < 1 ppm (1 x 10-6) - reagent : < 1 ppm (1 x 10-6); level sensor: capacitive, 150 L sensitivity with possibility to detect liquid contact. mixer: 1300 rpm (max.). incubator: 20 - 40C, precision +/- 0.5C; heating time: <5 minutes; reagent refrigeration: standard at 12C (user controlled) washer: 8 channel manifold with 2 parallel needles. Photometer: wavelengths: 405 - 450 - 492 - 550 - 620 nm; reading range: 0 - 3000 O.D. Monochromatism and bichromatism; 0 - 9000 O.D. in polychromatism; resolution: 0.001 O.D.; precision at 405 nm: CV < 3.0% at 0,150 OD; CV < 1.5% at 0,600 OD; CV < 2.5% at 2,000 OD; Power supply: 230 VAC 50 - 60 Hz Power absorbance: 1200VA (instrument + PC + auxiliary services) Operative Conditions: 15 - 32C (in function) Safety Standards: CEI EN 601010-1 Class I Installation Category II; CE marking Dimensions: L 140 x W 73 x H 60 cm Weight: 100 Kg

Ready for Use* Products Now Available Autoimmune ELISA

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Compatable** Products
Entire Scimedx Scanlisa Product Line Entire Pharmacia Varelisa Product Line

*Reagent and control vials capable of being placed directly on Alisei **Kit componets require bottle transfer ***For research use only