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A three -day Seminar on

India, the Portuguese and the Indian Ocean Societies: Exchanges and Engagements

at India International Centre, Delhi 11-13 February, 2013

{With the support of CHAM(Lisbon), Fundao Calouste Gulbenkian, Instituto Cames, Funadao Oriente, Embassy of Portugal, Embassy of Brazil, ICHR, ICCR, ICSSR, INSA, DST, Indian Council of World Affairs, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi University}

11th February, 2013 Inaugural Session (9.30am 11.00 am) Welcome Introducing the seminar Inauguration President Felicitation Introductory words: Key Note addresses: Message Vote of Thanks Prof. Bhagwan Josh, Chairperson, CHS, JNU( 3 minutes) Pius Malekandathil ( 3 minutes) Prof. Sudha Pai, Rector, JNU( 8 minutes) Prof. Lotika Varadrajan (4 minutes) H.E. Jorge Roza de Oliveira, Ambassador of Portugal( 5 min.) Prof. Joo Paulo Oliveira e Costa, Director CHAM ( 4 minutes) Prof. Irfan Habib, Aligarh ( 20 minutes) Prof. Luis Filipe Thomaz, Lisbon( 20 minutes) Dr. Kavita Sharma ( 2 minutes) Prof. B.P.Sahu, University of Delhi ( 3 minutes)

11.00-11.30 am Tea break

__________________________________ Parallel Session A ( 11.30 am to 12.45 pm)-Room II ____________________________________ Session I Historiographical Approaches and Indian Powers Chair: Prof. Luis Filipe Thomaz 1)Prof. Maria Augusta Lima Cruz, Manuel Severim de Faria and the Diffusion , ( Portual ) Preservation and Creation of Knowledge regarding the History of Portuguese India and Asian Cultures 2) Prof. Shireen Moosvi-The Mughal Response to the West via the Portuguese ( Aligarh Muslim University) 3) Dr. Joo Teles e Cunha -Keeping the Enemy at Bay: Portuguese-Bijapuri (CHAM, Lisbon) Relations ca. 1600-1650 __________________________________ Parallel Session B ( 11.30am 12.45 pm)-Room III ___________________________________ Session II- Indian Ocean Trade : General Trends Chair: Prof. Arvind Sinha 1) Prof. Om PrakashPortuguese Trade in the Indian Ocean (Delhi School of Economics) 2) Prof. Vijayaramaswamy, Dynamics of Textiles in Medieval Peninsular India:

( JNU)

Portuguese versus Others

3) Dr. Andre Teixeira Land Exploitation in Basseins Territory: Indo( Universidade Nova de Lisboa) Portuguese Trade during 16th and 17th centuries ________________________________ Parallel Session C( 11.30am -12.45pm)-Room I ________________________________ Session III- Lusosphere and Cultural Threads Chair: Prof. Roberto Vecchi 1) Prof. Maria Augusta Vieira -Between Indian and Brazil : Cecilia Meireles Prose ( University of So Paulo, Brazil) and Poetry 2)Prof. Susanne Klengel Amores Expressos between So Paulo, Mumbai and (Freie Universitt, Berlin) Lisbon: Close Readings of a Transnational Literary Project 3) Prof. Vibha Maurya ( Delhi University) Dreaming of Other Geografies:A Close Reading of the Stone Raft by Jose Saramago

12.45-13.45 Lunch Break ______________________________ Parallel Session A ( 13.45- 15.35 pm)-Room II _______________________________ Session IV : Cartography and Navigation Chair: Prof. Mridula Mukherjee 1) Prof. Irfan Habib( Aligarh) 2) Dr. Emmanuelle Vagnon-Nautical Charts and Geographical Knowledge of (Paris) Indian Ocean in Western Europe -Mughal Cartography

3) Capt. Jos Manuel Malho Pereira- Some Nautical and Geographical (Portugal) Consequences of the Chinese Navigations in the XVth Century in the Indian Ocean 4) Dr. C.C. Joseph, Technology and Navigation in the Indian Ocean Regions and

( Christ University, Bangalore) the Interaction between the Portuguese and the Indigenous Seamen _______________________________ Parallel Session B ( 13.45- 15.35 pm)-Room III ________________________________ Session-V: Health Care and Medical Knowledge Chair: Prof. Neeladri Bhattacharya 1) Prof.Innes Zupanov -Garcia de Ortas Collquios: Cultural Text, Medical (CNRS, EHESS, Paris) Authority and the Limits of the Global Self in the 16th century Portuguese India 2) Dr. P . Ram Manohar Status of Indigenous Health Care in India during the ( Director, AVP Research Foundation) Advent of the Portuguese 3) Dr. Ashhar Qadeer(Jamia Hamdard) 4) Sudip Saha ( NEHU, Shillong) Portuguese -Engagement and Exchange with the Oriental Notion of Medicine: Promotion of Medical Culture by the in the 16th Century India ______________________________ Parallel Session C ( 13.45- 15.35 pm)-Room I _______________________________ Session VI: Lusosphere , Historical Narrative and Cinema Chair: Prof. Susanne Klengel 1) Prof. Roberto Vecchi India and the Reliquary of the Portuguese Imperial Desire: (University of Bologne) Indo-Portuguese Remnants at the Edge of the Catastrophe 2)Dra. Silvia Annavini M. (Italy) Epic 3) Dr. Rochelle Pinto - Dois lados do para a terra, dois lados para o mar: Gonalo Tavares and the Re-Territorialization of the Portuguese Land and Narration in the 19th Century Goa Impact of Western Medicine on Indigenous Medical Practice

( Delhi University) 4) Dr. Susana Carvalho Sousa,Through the Lens: The Inscription of the Colonial War (Delhi University) in Portuguese Cinema

15.35-15.45: Tea Break ______________________________ Parallel Session A ( 15.45- 17.10 pm)-Room II _______________________________

Session VII- Portuguese on the West Coast and the Indian Neighbours Chair: Prof. Kesavan Veluthat 1)Prof.Anthony Disney,The Private Fortune of Viceroy Linhares ( La Trobe University, Australia) 2) Dr. Ranjeeta Dutta Re-visiting Eyewitness Accounts, History and Historiography: ( Jamia Millia Islmia) Domingo Pes, Ferno Nuniz and History of Vijayanagar 3) Dr. Nagendra Rao ( Goa University) -Regimes of Politics and Trade: The Nature of Portuguese Interaction with coastal Karnataka ______________________________ Parallel Session B ( 15.45- 17.10 pm)- Room III _______________________________ Session VIII- Techniques of Warfare and Defence Chair: Prof. Farhat Hasan 1).Prof. Vitor Lus Gaspar Rodrigues, The Casting and Repair of Artillery in the (Lisbon) Estado da India dockyards in the Sixteenth Century 2). Pratyay Nath, ( JNU) -Terrain, Technology and Tactics: Mughal Warfare in Eastern India

3) Dr. Roger Lee de Jesus- Gunpowder, Firepower and the Portuguese in the Indian ( Coimbra, Portugal) Ocean in the 16th century ______________________________

Parallel Session C ( 15.45- 17.10 pm)- Room I _______________________________ Session IX- India and the Contemporary Lusophone World Chair: Prof. Maria Augusta Vieira 1) Dr. Aparajita Gangopadhyay,- India-Brazil Relations: Bilateralism, Regionalism ( Goa University) and Beyond 2) Dr. Jason Keith Fernandes,Embracing the Empire and liberating the Indo(Lisbon) Portuguese Future 3) Frederick Noronha ( Goa) Exchanges .. in Words , Ideas and Language : Publishing in Portuguese in Post 1961 Goa

19-30 pm Dinner at IIC ( by Fundao Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon) xxxxxxxxxxxxx 12th February 2013

________________________________ Parallel Session A ( 10.00am- 11.40am)-Room II _______________________________ Session X: India and Scientific Interaction with Lusophone World Chair: Prof. Ishrat Alam 1)Prof. Luis Filipe Thomaz- A Forgotten Portuguese Text on Indian Drugs and ( Lisbon) Medicines. 2) Prof. Biswamoy Pati (DelhiUniversity) Healthcare Systems in the Margins: Colonial Orissa, c. 1850-1920

3) Prof. Rui Loureiro -Networks of information in the Estado da ndia: The (Universidade Nova da Lisboa) Sources of Garcia de Orta's 'Colquios dos simples e drogas da India' 4) Prof. Nadeem Rezavi Hospitals and Medicine in Medieval India ( Aligarh University)

________________________________ Parallel Session B ( 10.00am- 11.40am)-Room III _______________________________ Session- XI:Portuguese in the Eastern Space of Indian Ocean Chair: Prof. Joo Paulo Oliveira e Costa 1) Dr. Teddy Sim, ( Singapore) -The Portuguese in the Eastern Indian Ocean / Burma Sea the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries The Forgotten Roots of Present-Day Christian-Muslim Conflict in Ambon, Maluku Islands: A Reassessment of Early Iberian Sources 3)Dr. Agnelo Fernandes- Cargoes in the Annual Goa-Macau Trade Voyages (Abu Dhabi & Goa) in the Second Half of 17th to Mid Eighteenth Centuries 4) Dra.Mariana Amabile Boscariol , About the Jesuit Mission in the Orient and the ( Brazil) Peculiarities of the Japanese case: Accommodation and Language Issues (1542-1610) ________________________________ Parallel Session C ( 10.00am- 11.40am)-Room I _______________________________ Session XII: Cultural Expressions Chair : Dr. Shubha Chaudhuri 1) Dr. Rafael Fernandes- Tiatr Its Development and Scope for Study (Goa University) 2) Dr. Isabel Santa Rita Vas, Performance Spaces: Womens Voices 3) Dr.Claudia Pereira -The Performers' Insights on the Performances (Portugal) The Sensorial Dimension, the Cosmic Order and the Mobility among the Gaudde of Goa

2) Dr.Manuel Lobato, (Lisbon)

11. 40-11.50 Tea break ________________________________ Parallel Session A ( 11.50 am- 13.05pm)-Room II _______________________________

Session XII: Migration and Identity Constructions Chair: Prof. Gopinath 1) Dr. Jose Alberto Rodrigues da Silva Tavim- Palli Paradesi. Cochinese Jews, (Lisbon) Portuguese and Identity Reconstructions 2) Dra. Teresa Mendia de Castro The de Castro Family Archive: The importance of a and Dr Francisco de Castro (Lisbon) Family archive to the history of The Indian Ocean Societies 3) Dr. Jyoti Atwal , Women, Violence and Portuguese Identity in the 17 th Century (JNU) European Narratives ________________________________ Parallel Session B( 11.50am- 13.05pm)-Room III _______________________________ Session-XIII Religion and Society Chair: Prof. Kumkum Roy 1) Prof. K.S.Mathew, The Institution of Pai dos Cristos and Social Changes in (IRISH,Kerala) India with special Reference to Malabar during 16th Century 2) Dr. R. Mahalakshmi, -From Gentoo to Hindoo: European Accounts of Hindu Gods (JNU) and Goddesses 3) Dr. Dr. Charles Borges, The Church and Religious Orders in India: Their levels of ( USA) engagement in the economic,political, religious and social environments of the 16th-19th centuries _______________________________ Parallel Session C ( 11.50- 13.05pm)-Room I _______________________________ Session XIV: Language and Portuguese Impact on Native Tongues Chair: Prof. Rama Kant Agnihotri 1)Dr.Hugo C. Cardoso,-The Indo-Portuguese Creoles of the Malabar and their (Coimbra) Historical Significance 2) Dr. Charles Dias ,- Portuguese Influence on Malayalam Language ( Cochin)

3) Maria de Lourdes Costa Rodrigues,-Portuguese Language and its Influence in Asia ( Goa) 13.05-14.00 pm Lunch break ________________________________ Parallel Session A ( 14.00- 15.40 pm)-Room II _______________________________ Session XV: Calendar System Chair: Prof. B.P. Sahu 1) Prof. S. M Razaullah Ansari -The Islamic Calenderical Systems: An Analysis of (Aligarh) the Astronomical and Mathematical Tables 2) Prof S Balchandra Rao -Revision of Panchanga Parameters - With Special (Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, (Bangalore) 3) Prof. Madhavan - Kollam Era Reference to Suryasiddhanta and Graha-laaghavam

________________________________ Parallel Session B ( 14.00- 15.40 pm) Room III _______________________________ Session XVI: Conflicts and Synthesis Chair: Prof. Rajat Datta 1) Prof.Ines Zupanov , A Stealing Wolf:A Jesuit Missionary in Kerala16&17cent. ( Paris) 2) Prof. Istvn Perczel- The Role of Mar Abraham, the last Persian Metropolitan of the ( Hungary) Saint Thomas Christians, in the Light of the Kerala Manuscripts 3) Prof. Joo Paulo Oliveira e Costa, The New Catholic Missions in India. A New (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) Pattern of Proselitism" 4)Dr. Savio Abreu, - Coincidence of Opposites: Religion, Social & Cultural

( Director XCHR, Goa) Processes and Institutions of Knowledge Production & Dissemination in 20th Century Goa ________________________________ Parallel Session C ( 14.00- 15.40 pm) Room I _______________________________ Session XVII: Art , Imperial Imagination and Exchanges Chair: Prof. Ernestine Carreira 1) Monica Esteves Reis, The Retable art from Goa and the Ancient North Province: (Portugal) Proximity and singularities. 2) Dra. Carla Alferes Pinto,-Worshiping the Child Jesus as the Good Shepherd. (Lisbon) Another approach to the iconic Indo-Portuguese sculpture 3) Dr. Savia Viegas , ( Portugal) Making Memory Speak or the Hour of Eclipse

4) Capt. Jos Manuel Malho Pereira- The Mohit of Sidi Ali elebi and the (Portugal) Portuguese. Exchanges and Engagements on Geographical and Nautical Knowledge 15.40-15.50 pm Tea break ________________________________ Parallel Session A ( 15.50- 17.05 pm) Room III _______________________________ Session XVIII: Trade and Religion Chair: Prof. Kunal Chakravarti 1) Digvijay Kumar Singh - Jews and the Maritime Trade in Malabar Coast, c.11th(JNU) 13th Centuries:Geanings from the business letters from Cairo Genizza 2) Dr.Karthikeya Kohli ( Delhi University) -Missionaries,Land Acquisition and Trade in 17th century Southeast Africa

3) Dr. Saumya Varghese Changing Imageries of Velha Goa: From Queen of the ( Delhi University) Oriental Marts to Rome of the East (1610-1690)

________________________________ Parallel Session B ( 15.50- 17.05 pm) _______________________________ Session XIX: Religious Interactions and Social Changes Chair: Prof. Basudev Chatterjee 1) Prof. Abha Singh- Indian Encounters of European Knowledge: A Study of Abdus (IGNOU) Sattar Lahoris Thamrat al- Falsifa 2) Dr. Shalin Jain , - Representations and Perceptions: ( Delhi University) Jain Interactions with Portuguese in Mughal India 3)Dr.James John (Kerala) - Ecclesiastical Legislations and Socio-Cultural Changes in Malabar: 1567-1663 ________________________________ Parallel Session C ( 15.50- 17.05 pm) _______________________________ Session XX: Food and Commodities Chair: Dr. Jessica Hallet 1) Prof. Ernestine Carreira in ( Aix-en-Provence) The French and the Coffee Trade in the Indian Ocean the 18th Century

2) Prof. Rosa Maria Perez, Food and Gender: Women, Cuisine and Status ( Lisbon) 3) Dr Fatima d Silva Gracias- Merendas-Tea-time Delights in Goa 18.00 pm Reception and Cocktail at Portuguese Embassy

13th February, 2013

_______________________________ Session XXI: Common Programme (9.30 am -10.10am) _______________________________ The Emporia of the Raj in Portuguese Goa- Presentation by Wendell Rodricks.Goa 10.10- 10.20 am Tea break ________________________________ Parallel Session A (10.20 am -11.35am) _______________________________ Session XXII: Gujarat and Northern Province Chair:Prof. Sunil Kumar 1) Dr. Sidh Mendiratta, Early Portuguese Maratha Relations in and around the (Coimbra) Northern Province of the Estado da India, 1534-1658 2) Nuno Grancho, (Coimbra) Urban History and Non-western Stories in the Indian Ocean, the city of Diu

3)Mayur Babulal Thakare, Into the Oblivion:Re-constructing Defense and Settlement (Bombay) Pattern of Province of the North (1534 1739 AD)

________________________________ Parallel Session B (10.20 am -11.35am) _______________________________

Session XXIII: Urbanism and Socio-Cultural Processes Chair: Prof. Janaki Nair 1).Prof. Walter Rossa and Vera Domingues How and When an Indian City became ( Coimbra) Portuguese: Analysis of Portuguese Contribution to Indian Urbanism 2)Prof. Yogesh Sharma Portuguese Settlers and English Mercantilism : Madras in ( JNU) the 17th Century 3) Prof. Pius Malekandathil-Traders, Religious Orders and the Shaping of Rome of (JNU) the East: A Study on the Changing Meanings of Religious

Processes in the City of Goa, 1510-1610 ________________________________ Parallel Session C (10.20 am -11.35am) _______________________________ Session XXIV: Knowledge Circulation Chair: Dr. Vivek Menon 1) Prof. I .H.Siddiqi, ( Aligarh) Hospitals in the Sultanate Period

2)Prof. Raman Sukumar- Portuguese and Dutch Engagement with Elephants in South (Bangalore) Asia 3) Prof. Graa Gonalves Lima, -The Dom Joo de Castro Series of Tapestries ( Madrid) and Dr. Ana Anjos Mantua( Lisbon) Tea break _______________________________ Parallel Session A (11.45 am -13.00am) _______________________________ Session -XXV: Technologies, Shipbuilding and Techniques of Navigation Chair: Prof. S. Irfan Habib 1). Prof. Lotika Varadarajan, Indigenization in Boat Architecture: The South Gujarat ( New Delhi) Batelo 2) Dr. Alessia Amato (Coimbra) 3) Prof. Ishrat Alam -Ships used in the Battles of Diu: A Scientific Analysis of various Ships used by the Ottomans and the Indians in the wars of Gujarat in the early part of Sixteenth century Production Technology on the Eve of Portuguese Advent _______________________________ Parallel Session B (11.45 am -13.00pm) _______________________________ Session XXVI: Revisiting Goa Chair: Dr. Fatima Gracias

1) Prof. Teotonio R de Souza,- Reviewing some of Cunha Rivaras Standpoints ( Lisbon) 2) Dr. Celsa Pinto, Goas Scientific Interaction with Portugal : Experimentation and ( Goa) Innovation in Agriculture in the 1770s. 3) Dr. Remy Dias- Extending Terra Firma Portuguese and Novas Conquistas of Goa, 1750-1910 _______________________________ Parallel Session C (11.45 am -13.00pm) _________________________________ Session XXVII: Demography, Trade and Global Market Chair : Prof. Ines Zupanov 1) Dr. Paulo Teodoro de Matos, Demography Trends of Estado Portugues da India, ( Lisbon ) 1850-1900 2) Prof. Arvind Sinha, Indian Textiles and the Global Market: The French Trading ( JNU) Networks , 1750-1800 3) Dr. Philomena Sequeira Antony- Portugals Scientific Drive across Colonial (Goa) Shores: Enriching Nature. Enlivening Populace.

13-00 13.50

Lunch _______________________________ Parallel Session A (13.50 pm -15.05pm) _______________________________

Session XXVIII: Private Fortunes and Maritime Enterprise Chair: Prof. K.S.Mathew 1)Prof.. Ranabir Chakravarti- The West Coast of India and the Blueprint of a Naval (JNU) Blockade in the Tractus quomodo Sarraceni sunt expugnandi (14th century)' 2) Dr.Jessica Hallet (Lisbon) - All his Worldly Possessions: India and the Indian Ocean in the Inventory of the 5th Duke of Bragana, 1563

3) Dr. Najaf Haider ( JNU)

-Mughal-Portuguese Encounter at Hughli : A Source Critical Study _______________________________ Parallel Session B (13.50 pm -15.05pm) _______________________________

Session XXIX: Morality and Social Disciplining Chairperson: M.S.S. Pandian 1) Dr.Paolo Aranha, Non est servus neque liber? Theorizations on Slavery in the ( Italy) 16th and 17th century Jesuit Treatises of Moral Theology composed in Portuguese Asia. 2)Dr.Nandini Chaturvedula, - Morality, Martial Qualities, and the Maratha Threat in ( Lisbon) Eighteenth Century Portuguese India 3)Dr.Fleur D Souza, (Bombay) Ignatian Pedagogy and the Provincia do Norte Valedictory Function (15.00 -16.00) Message from CHAM representative Concluding Message : Prof. Satish Chandra Vote of Thanks: Prof. Amar Farooqui

19-30 Dinner