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To: members of Edmonton City Council From: Central Area Council of Community Leagues Date: February 7, 2013 RE:

Executive Committee February 11, 2013 -- Bylaw 16271 The Central Area Council of Community Leagues (CACCL) would like to make known our concerns about the changes to Zoning Bylaw 12800 proposed by Bylaw 16271. The great number and complexity of changes to the bylaw make it impossible to discern what the changes in their entirety will mean to the residents of CACCLs 15 communities. A number of the changes are supposed to be administrative in nature but they go well beyond technical improvements and would actually result in major alterations to zoning uses and regulations. These have not gone through City Councils and the Administrations regular consultation processes. Some changes were agreed to years ago during the Residential Infill consultation processes but even they have not been accurately translated. We recognize that there are some good and necessary updates to the Bylaw but not nearly enough work has gone into developing the proposal. We have identified four discrete sets of changes within the proposal: 1) A change to allow 2 single family units to replace 2 semi-detached units on the same 50 wide parcel of land; 2) Changes to implement the Residential Infill Guidelines (RIG) as approved in 2009. 3) Changes to the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO). 4) All other changes to the bylaw, including greatly increased density, added uses, height variation, greater massing, making discretionary uses Permitted, traffic safety at intersections, replacing clear terminology with ambiguous language, and a multitude of others. We would like to see the city break up the changes into these four separate pieces so that we can move forward quickly on the first two while having further discussion about the other two pieces, as follows: 1) The changes to allow single family units on semi-detached sites and the RIG changes should be split out and brought back to council as two separate pieces. These changes should be relatively straight forward and be able to pass on their own, given the one has no material land use impact and the other already involved an extensive and popularly supported consultation. Our one caution is that the changes related to RIG must be accurately translated and must include all the guidelines and not just a selective few.

2) The MNO changes should be split out and then sent through the formal consultation process on their own. These can then be brought back to council as a separate and discrete amendment once improvements identified in the consultation have been incorporated. 3) Have a separate formal consultation process for all the other changes that were put into the proposal, incorporate improvements developed in the consultation process and then bring them back to Council. We believe that the by taking these actions, the City will be able to move ahead with some useful changes while allowing more conversation over those items that warrant it. We look forward to participating in the consultations on the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay and other potential changes to the Low Density Zones.

Sincerely, Elaine Solez, President Central Area Council of Community Leagues

Cc: Office of the City Clerk Presidents of CACCL member leagues: Allendale, Belgravia, Empire Park, Garneau, Grandview Heights, Hazeldean, Lendrum, McKernan, Parkallen, Pleasantview, Queen Alexandra, Ritchie, Rossdale, Strathcona Centre, Windsor Park