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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theseu (Duke of Athens) announces that four days will be marrying Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons: He Egeu's complaint and informed that his daughter Hermia refuses to marry the chosen suitor, Demetrius, because he is in love with Lysander Egeus that do not suffer. Theseu declares that Hermia must marry Demetrius or die or to choose between the monks. Hermia Lysander one urges him to flee into the woods, then get to his aunt's house and get married. Hermiei girlfriend, Helena, learn about it and decides to Demetrius and tell him that I love (and love that). But Demetrius loves Hermia. Helen hopes to meet all the forest. Meanwhile, Quince, bottom, Fluieras, Slabanogu 'Blandu' and Botis plotting a performance that was his wedding present to Theseu In the forest, Oberon (Fairy King) quarrel with Titania (Fairy Queen) that he wants to have her child an orphan as a henchman. Titania is opposed, saying that she is queen. The quarrel comes as Oberon really loves Hippolyte and titanium Theseu. To get the boy, Oberon orders him elf Puck (known as Pitigoi-Boy-Good) to steal a flower from Cupid that makes a person fall in love with the first person comes out way. Oberon plans to give the Titans the flower, so she is in love with someone else and give him his child. Demetrius and Helena appear Helena chasing him, and Demetrius fled from it. Oberon Puck arrives with the flower and orders him to touch him on the Demetrius with it so you fall in love with Helena instead of Hermia. Then Titania Oberon touches on the flower. In the forest, Lysander and Hermia are sleep and rest. Puck, thinking Lysander is Demetrius, we reach the flower. Helena appears that the Lysander and wakes him he immediately falls for her. In the forest, the actors discuss their staging of the play. Puck appears and transforms them into a bottom head of the donkey head. The actors flee, but Titania wakes and falls for the bottom, ordering them from his job fairy to serve it on the bottom. Puck notice that one pursues Hermia Demetrius, although it accused him and so he killed Lysander, Puck realizes that the man gave the wrong flower. Oberon tries to repair it, touching it with the flower on Lysander, so that he is in love with Helena and it will happen. But now they both love Helena, while she believes both are false. Arrives Hermia and Helena accuses devises a scam that the two men to so. Oberon, realizing Puck has made the mess, he commanded to make a thick fog to separate the four and I sink into a deep sleep, so the charm to fall apart. Oberon awakes up on Titania and they transform Poponet back into a human. Then, Oberon and Titania are reconciled and they love each other again. In the forest, Theseu, Hippolyte and Egeu appear and I wake up four. Demetrius and Lysander they confess their love for Helena and, respectively, Hermia. Nobles agree to allow them to marry. Bottom wakes up remembering the happenings of the night. At dinner,we all listena short piece tragically and boring,told by Gutuie. In this piece, Thisby (played Fluieras) and Pyramus (played Poponet) whisper their love through a crack in a wall (played Botis). Those two give their meeting at Ninny's tomb, but a lion (played by Blandu ') a Thisby attack. Comes Pyramus and found that scarf, was killed by suspected suicide. Thisby arrives that it finds Pyramus dead and kills himself and her. After the play, at midnight, everyone goes to bed, then the fairies appear and dance.

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