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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

26 / Wednesday, February 9, 2005 / Notices 6843

(5) Somerset County Public Library, would defeat the purpose of the Internet address OCIO_RIMG@ed.gov or
11767 Beachwood St, Princess Anne, information collection, violate State or faxed to 202–245–6621. Please specify
MD 21853. Federal law, or substantially interfere the complete title of the information
(6) Dorchester County Public Library, with any agency’s ability to perform its collection when making your request.
303 Gay St, Cambridge, MD 21613. statutory obligations. The Leader, Comments regarding burden and/or
You may view the Draft TEIS and Information Management Case Services the collection activity requirements
related information on our Web page at Team, Regulatory Information should be directed to Sheila Carey at
http://www.nab.usace.army.miml/ Management Services, Office of the Sheila.Carey@ed.gov. Individuals who
projects.DMMP/index.html. Chief Information Officer, publishes that use a telecommunications device for the
After the public comment period ends notice containing proposed information deaf (TDD) may call the Federal
on March 28, 2005, USACE will collection requests prior to submission Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1–
consider all comments received. The of these requests to OMB. Each 800–877–8339.
Draft TEIS will be revised as appropriate proposed information collection,
[FR Doc. E5–528 Filed 2–8–05; 8:45 am]
and a Final TEIS will be issued. The grouped by office, contains the
Draft TEIS has been prepared in following: (1) Type of review requested,
accordance with (1) The National e.g. new, revision, extension, existing or
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of reinstatement; (2) Title; (3) Summary of DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
1969, as amended (42 U.S.C. 4321 et the collection; (4) Description of the
seq.), (2) regulations of the Council on need for, and proposed use of, the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools;
Environmental Quality for information; (5) Respondents and Overview Information Grants To
implementing the procedural provisions frequency of collection; and (6) Reduce Alcohol Abuse; Notice Inviting
of NEPA (40 CFR parts 1500–1508), and Reporting and/or Recordkeeping Applications for New Awards for Fiscal
(3) USACE regulations implementing burden. OMB invites public comment. Year (FY) 2005
NEPA (ER–200–2–2). Dated: February 3, 2005.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Mark Mendelsohn, Angela C. Arrington, (CFDA) Number: 84.184A.
Biologist, Baltimore District, USACE. Leader, Information Management Case
DATES: Applications Available: February
Services Team, Regulatory Information
[FR Doc. 05–2483 Filed 2–8–05; 8:45 am] Management Services, Office of the Chief 9, 2005.
BILLING CODE 3710–41–M Information Officer. Deadline for Transmittal of
Applications: March 28, 2005.
Office of Vocational and Adult Deadline for Intergovernmental
Education Review: April 11, 2005.
Type of Review: Revision. Eligible Applicants: Local educational
Submission for OMB Review; Title: Vocational Technical Education agencies (LEAs).
Comment Request Annual Performance and Financial Estimated Available Funds:
Reports. $22,600,000. The Secretary may reserve
AGENCY: Department of Education. Frequency: Annually. up to 25 percent of funds to award
SUMMARY: The Leader, Information Affected Public: State, local, or tribal grants to low-income and rural LEAs.
Management Case Services Team, gov’t, SEAs or LEAs. Contingent upon the availability of
Regulatory Information Management Reporting and Recordkeeping Hour funds, we may make additional awards
Services, Office of the Chief Information Burden: in FY 2006 from the list of non-funded
Officer invites comments on the Responses: 54. Burden Hours: 6,120. applications from this competition.
submission for OMB review as required Abstract: The information contained Estimated Range of Awards:
by the Paperwork Reduction Act of in the Consolidated Annual $300,000–$500,000.
1995. Performance Report for Vocational Estimated Average Size of Awards:
Technical Education is needed to $400,000.
DATES: Interested persons are invited to
monitor State performance of the Estimated Number of Awards: 57.
submit comments on or before March
activities and services funded under the
11, 2005. Note: The Department is not bound by any
Carl D. Perkins Vocational and estimates in this notice.
ADDRESSES: Written comments should Technical Education Act of 1998. The
be addressed to the Office of respondents include eligible agencies in Project Period: Up to 36 months.
Information and Regulatory Affairs, 54 states and insular areas. This revision Full Text of Announcement
Attention: Carolyn Lovett, Desk Officer, clarifies instructions and definitions
Department of Education, Office of and eliminates the collection of some I. Funding Opportunity Description
Management and Budget, 725 17th data elements. Purpose of Program: This program
Street, NW., Room 10235, New Requests for copies of the submission provides grants to LEAs to develop and
Executive Office Building, Washington, for OMB review; comment request may implement innovative and effective
DC 20503 or faxed to (202) 395–6974. be accessed from http:// programs to reduce alcohol abuse in
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section edicsweb.ed.gov, by selecting the secondary schools.
3506 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of ‘‘Browse Pending Collections’’ link and Priority: In accordance with 34 CFR
1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) requires by clicking on link number 2624. When 75.105(b)(2)(iv), this priority is from
that the Office of Management and you access the information collection, section 4129 of the Safe and Drug-Free
Budget (OMB) provide interested click on ‘‘Download Attachments ‘‘to Schools and Communities Act, 20
Federal agencies and the public an early view. Written requests for information U.S.C. 7139.
opportunity to comment on information should be addressed to U.S. Department Absolute Priority: For FY 2005 and
collection requests. OMB may amend or of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, any subsequent year in which we make
waive the requirement for public SW., Potomac Center, 9th Floor, awards on the basis of the list of non-
consultation to the extent that public Washington, DC 20202–4700. Requests funded applications from this
participation in the approval process may also be electronically mailed to the competition, this priority is an absolute

VerDate jul<14>2003 17:47 Feb 08, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00015 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09FEN1.SGM 09FEN1
6844 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 26 / Wednesday, February 9, 2005 / Notices

priority. Under 34 CFR 75.105(c)(3) we (ED Pubs), PO Box 1398, Jessup, MD competition may be submitted
consider only applications that meet 20794–1398. Telephone (toll free): 1– electronically or in paper format by mail
this priority. 877–433–7827. Fax: (301) 470–1244. If or hand delivery.
This priority is: you use a telecommunications device a. Electronic Submission of
for the deaf (TDD), you may call (toll Applications.
Alcohol Abuse Reduction We have been accepting applications
free): 1–877–576–7734.
A project must develop and You may also contact ED Pubs at its electronically through the Department’s
implement innovative and effective Web site: http://www.ed.gov/pubs/ e-Application system since FY 2000. In
programs to reduce alcohol abuse in edpubs.html or you may contact ED order to expand on those efforts and
secondary schools. Pubs at its e-mail address: comply with the President’s
Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. 7139. edpubs@inet.ed.gov. Management Agenda, we are continuing
Applicable Regulations: The If you request an application from ED to participate as a partner in the new
Education Department General Pubs be sure to identify this competition government wide Grants.gov Apply site
Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in as follows: CFDA number 84.184A. in FY 2005. Grants to Reduce Alcohol
34 CFR parts 75, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, Individuals with disabilities may Abuse—CFDA Number 84.184A is one
85, 97, 98, 99, and 299. obtain this document in an alternative of the programs included in this project.
format (e.g., Braille, large print, If you choose to submit your
II. Award Information audiotape, or computer diskette) on application electronically, you must use
Type of Award: Discretionary grants. request to the program contact person the Grants.gov Apply site (Grants.gov).
Estimated Available Funds: listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Through this site, you will be able to
$22,600,000. The Secretary may reserve CONTACT elsewhere in this notice. download a copy of the application
up to 25 percent of funds for grants to You may also obtain the application package, complete it offline, and then
low-income and rural LEAs. Contingent package electronically by downloading upload and submit your application.
upon the availability of funds, we may it from the following Web site: http:// You may not e-mail an electronic copy
make additional awards in FY 2006 www.ed.gov/programs/dvalcoholabuse/ of a grant application to us. We request
from the list of non-funded applications index.html. your participation in Grants.gov.
from this competition. 2. Content and Form of Application You may access the electronic grant
Estimated Range of Awards: Submission: Requirements concerning application for Grants to Reduce
$300,000–$500,000. the content of an application, together Alcohol at: http://www.grants.gov. You
Estimated Average Size of Awards: with the forms you must submit, are in must search for the downloadable
$400,000. the application package for this application package for this program by
Estimated Number of Awards: 57. competition. the CFDA number. Do not include the
Note: Department is not bound by any 3. Submission Dates and Times: CFDA number’s alpha suffix in your
estimates in this notice. Applications Available: February 9, search.
Project Period: Up to 36 months. 2005. Please note the following:
Deadline for Transmittal of • Your participation in Grants.gov is
III. Eligibility Information Applications: March 28, 2005. voluntary.
1. Eligible Applicants: LEAs. Applications for grants under this • When you enter the Grants.gov site,
2. Cost Sharing or Matching: This competition may be submitted you will find information about
competition does not involve cost electronically using the Grants.gov submitting an application electronically
sharing or matching. Apply site (Grants.gov), or in paper through the site, as well as the hours of
3. Other: To be eligible to receive a format by mail or hand delivery. For operation.
grant under this competition, an LEA’s information (including dates and times) • Applications received by Grants.gov
application must include— about how to submit your application are time and date stamped. Your
i. A description of the activities to be electronically, or by mail or hand application must be fully uploaded and
carried out under the grant; delivery, please refer to section IV. 6. submitted with a date/time received by
ii. An assurance that such activities Other Submission Requirements in this the Grants.gov system no later than 4:30
will include one or more of the proven notice. p.m., Washington, DC time, on the
strategies for reducing underage alcohol application deadline date. We will not
Other Submission Requirements consider your application if it was
abuse as determined by the Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Services We do not consider an application received by the Grants.gov system later
Administration (SAMHSA); that does not comply with the deadline than 4:30 p.m. on the application
iii. An explanation of how other requirements. deadline date. When we retrieve your
activities to be carried out under the Deadline for Intergovernmental application from Grants.gov, we will
grant that are not part of a SAMHSA Review: April 11, 2005. notify you if we are rejecting your
model program will be effective in 4. Intergovernmental Review: This application because it was submitted
reducing underage alcohol abuse, competition is subject to Executive after 4:30 p.m. on the application
including references to the past Order 12372 and the regulations in 34 deadline date.
effectiveness of such activities; and CFR part 79. Information about • If you experience technical
iv. An assurance that the applicant Intergovernmental Review of Federal difficulties on the application deadline
will submit to the Secretary an annual Programs under Executive Order 12372 date and are unable to meet the 4:30
report concerning the effectiveness of is in the application package for this p.m., Washington, DC time, deadline,
the programs and activities funded competition. print out your application and follow
under the grant. 5. Funding Restrictions: We reference the instructions in this notice for the
regulations outlining funding submission of paper applications by
IV. Application and Submission restrictions in the Applicable mail or hand delivery.
Information Regulations section of this notice. • The amount of time it can take to
1. Address to Request Application 6. Other Submission Requirements: upload an application will vary
Package: Education Publications Center Applications for grants under this depending on a variety of factors

VerDate jul<14>2003 16:49 Feb 08, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00016 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09FEN1.SGM 09FEN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 26 / Wednesday, February 9, 2005 / Notices 6845

including the size of the application and Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20202– acknowledgment to you. If you do not
the speed of your Internet connection. 4260, or receive the grant application receipt
Therefore, we strongly recommend that By mail through a commercial carrier: acknowledgment within 15 business
you do not wait until the application U.S. Department of Education, days from the application deadline date,
deadline date to begin the application Application Control Center—Stop 4260, you should call the U.S. Department of
process through Grants.gov. Attention: (CFDA Number 84.184A), Education Application Control Center at
• You should review and follow the 7100 Old Landover Road, Landover, MD (202) 245–6288.
Education Submission Procedures for 20785–1506.
V. Application Review Information
submitting an application through Regardless of which address you use,
Grants.gov that are included in the you must show proof of mailing 1. Selection Criteria: The selection
application package for this program to consisting of one of the following: criteria for this program are in 34 CFR
ensure that your application is (1) A legibly dated U.S. Postal Service 75.210 and in the application package
submitted timely to the Grants.gov postmark, for this competition.
system. (2) A legible mail receipt with the 2. Review and Selection Process: An
• To use Grants.gov, you, as the date of mailing stamped by the U.S. additional factor we consider in
applicant, must have a D-U-N-S Number Postal Service, selecting an application for an award is
and register in the Central Contractor (3) A dated shipping label, invoice, or rural and low-income status.
Registry (CCR). You should allow a receipt from a commercial carrier, or Applications from rural and low-
minimum of five business days to (4) Any other proof of mailing income applicants will be read and
complete the CCR registration. acceptable to the Secretary of the U.S. scored separately and up to 25 percent
• You will not receive additional Department of Education. of the available funds will be reserved
point value because you submit your If you mail your application through for awards to these LEAs. The following
application in electronic format, nor the U.S. Postal Service, we do not is a suggested definition of rural and
will we penalize you if you submit your accept either of the following as proof low-income that has been used by this
application in paper format. of mailing: program in previous competitions;
• You may submit all documents (1) A private metered postmark, or however, LEAs that want to be
electronically, including all information (2) A mail receipt that is not dated by considered as rural and low-income
typically included on the Application the U.S. Postal Service. applicants may provide other
for Federal Education Assistance (ED If your application is postmarked after supporting evidence of their status as
424), Budget Information—Non- the application deadline date, we will rural and low-income.
Construction Programs (ED 524), and all not consider your application. A rural and low-income LEA is one
necessary assurances and certifications. Note: The U.S. Postal Service does not (a) that is designated with a locale code
Any narrative sections of your uniformly provide a dated postmark. Before of 6, 7, or 8, as determined by the
application should be attached as files relying on this method, you should check Department’s National Center for
in a .DOC (document), .RTF (rich text) with your local post office. Education Statistics (NCES); and (b) in
or .PDF (Portable Document) format. c. Submission of Paper Applications which 20 percent or more of the
• Your electronic application must by Hand Delivery. children ages 5 through 17 years served
comply with any page limit If you submit your application in by the LEA are from families with
requirements described in this notice. paper format by hand delivery, you (or incomes below the poverty line.
• After you electronically submit a courier service) must deliver the Note: Applicants wishing to be considered
your application, you will receive an original and two copies of your under this factor must be both rural and low-
automatic acknowledgement from application by hand, on or before the income.
Grants.gov that contains a Grants.gov application deadline date, to the
tracking number. The Department will Department at the following address: VI. Award Administration Information
retrieve your application from U.S. Department of Education, 1. Award Notices: If your application
Grants.gov and send you a second Application Control Center, Attention: is successful, we will notify your U.S.
confirmation by e-mail that will include (CFDA Number 84.184A), 550 12th Representative and U.S. Senators and
a PR/Award number (an ED-specified Street, SW., Room 7041, Potomac Center send you a Grant Award Notice (GAN).
identifying number unique to your Plaza, Washington, DC 20202–4260. We may also notify you informally.
application). The Application Control Center If your application is not evaluated or
• We may request that you provide us accepts hand deliveries daily between 8 not selected for funding, we will notify
original signatures on forms at a later a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Washington, DC you.
date. time, except Saturdays, Sundays and 2. Administrative and National Policy
b. Submission of Paper Applications Federal holidays. Requirements:
by Mail. Note for Mail or Hand Delivery of We identify administrative and
If you submit your application in Paper Applications: If you mail or hand national policy requirements in the
paper format by mail (through the U.S. deliver your application to the application package and reference these
Postal Service or a commercial carrier), Department: and other requirements in the
you must mail the original and two (1) You must indicate on the envelope Applicable Regulations section of this
copies of your application, on or before and—if not provided by the notice.
the application deadline date, to the Department—in Item 4 of the We reference the regulations outlining
Department at the applicable following Application for Federal Education the terms and conditions of an award in
address: Assistance (ED 424) the CFDA the Applicable Regulations section of
By mail through the U.S. Postal number—and suffix letter, if any—of the this notice and include these and other
Service: competition under which you are specific conditions in the GAN. The
U.S. Department of Education, submitting your application. GAN also incorporates your approved
Application Control Center, Attention: (2) The Application Control Center application as part of your binding
(CFDA Number 84.184A), 400 Maryland will mail a grant application receipt commitments under the grant.

VerDate jul<14>2003 16:49 Feb 08, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00017 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09FEN1.SGM 09FEN1
6846 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 26 / Wednesday, February 9, 2005 / Notices

3. Reporting: At the end of your using PDF, call the U.S. Government systemic approaches to improving
project period, you must submit a final Printing Office (GPO), toll free, at 1– foreign language learning in the State.
performance report, including financial 888–293–6498; or in the Washington, Priority: In accordance with 34 CFR
information, as directed by the DC, area at (202) 512–1530. 75.105(b)(2)(iv), this priority is from
Secretary. If you receive a multi-year Note: The official version of this document section 5493 of the Foreign Language
award, you must submit an annual is the document published in the Federal Assistance Act of 2001 (20 U.S.C.
performance report that provides the Register. Free Internet access to the official 7259b).
most current performance and financial edition of the Federal Register and the Code Competitive Preference Priority: For
expenditure information as specified by of Federal Regulations is available on FY 2005 this priority is a competitive
the Secretary in 34 CFR 75.718. GPOAccess at: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/ preference priority.
4. Performance Measures: Under the nara/index.html. Under 34 CFR 75.105(c)(2)(ii) we give
Government Performance and Results preference to an application that meets
Dated: February 3, 2005.
Act (GPRA), three measures have been this priority over an application of
developed for evaluating the overall Deborah A. Price, comparable merit that does not meet the
effectiveness of the Grants to Reduce Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Safe priority.
Alcohol Abuse competition: (1) The and Drug-Free Schools. This priority is:
percentage of grantees whose target [FR Doc. E5–532 Filed 2–8–05; 8:45 am] Applications describing programs that
students show a measurable decrease in BILLING CODE 4000–01–P are carried out through a consortium
binge drinking; (2) the percentage of comprised of the agency receiving the
grantees that show a measurable grant and an elementary or secondary
increase in the percentage of target DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION school.
students who believe that alcohol abuse Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. 7259a–
Office of English Language
is harmful to their health; and (3) the 7259b.
Acquisition, Language Enhancement,
percentage of grantees that show a
and Academic Achievement for Applicable Regulations: The
measurable increase in the percentage of
Limited English Proficient Students; Education Department General
target students who disapprove of
Overview Information; Foreign Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in
alcohol abuse. These three measures
Language Assistance Program—State 34 CFR parts 75, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84,
constitute the Department’s indicators
Educational Agencies; Notice Inviting 85, 86, 97, 98 and 99.
of success for this program.
Applications for New Awards for Fiscal
Consequently, applicants for a grant II. Award Information
Year (FY) 2005
under this program are advised to give Type of Award: Discretionary grants.
careful consideration to these three Estimated Available Funds:
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
measures in conceptualizing the design, (CFDA) Number: 84.293C. $2,000,000.
implementation, and evaluation of their Estimated Range of Awards:
proposed project. If funded, applicants DATES: Applications Available: February $100,000–$150,000.
will be asked to collect and report data 11, 2005. Estimated Average Size of Awards:
in their annual performance reports Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: $125,000.
about progress toward these goals. February 28, 2005. Estimated Number of Awards: 16.
Deadline for Transmittal of
VII. Agency Contact Applications: March 25, 2005. Note: The Department is not bound by any
For Further Information Contact: Deadline for Intergovernmental estimates in this notice.
Ethel F. Jackson, U.S. Department of Review: May 25, 2005. Project Period: Up to 36 months.
Education, 400 Maryland Ave., SW., Eligible Applicants: State educational
III. Eligibility Information
room 3E246, Washington, DC 20202– agencies (SEAs).
6450. Telephone: (202) 260–2812 or by Estimated Available Funds: 1. Eligible Applicants: SEAs.
e-mail: ethel.jackson@ed.gov. $2,000,000. 2. Cost Sharing or Matching: In order
If you use a telecommunications Estimated Range of Awards: to build foreign language program
device for the deaf (TDD), you may call $100,000–$150,000. capacity at the State level, cost sharing
the Federal Information Relay Service Estimated Average Size of Awards: is required. Please note that the Federal
(FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339. $125,000. share of the cost of activities assisted
Individuals with disabilities may Estimated Number of Awards: 16. under this program for each fiscal year
obtain this document in an alternative Note: The Department is not bound by any is 50 percent. See 20 U.S.C. 7259a(c).
format (e.g., Braille, large print, estimates in this notice. IV. Application and Submission
audiotape, or computer diskette) on Information
Project Period: Up to 36 months.
request to the program contact person
listed in this section. Full Text of Announcement 1. Address to Request Application
Package: Patrice Swann, U.S.
VIII. Other Information I. Funding Opportunity Description Department of Education, 400 Maryland
Electronic Access to This Document: Purpose of Program: The Foreign Avenue, SW., room 10074, Potomac
You may view this document, as well as Language Assistance Program (FLAP) Center Plaza, Washington, DC 20202.
all other documents of this Department provides grants to State educational Telephone: (202) 245–7130, or by e-
published in the Federal Register, in agencies for innovative model programs mail: patrice.swann@ed.gov.
text or Adobe Portable Document providing for the establishment, If you use a telecommunications
Format (PDF) on the Internet at the improvement, or expansion of foreign device for the deaf (TDD), you may call
following site: http://www.ed.gov/news/ language study for elementary and the Federal Information Relay Service
fedregister. secondary school students. A State (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339.
To use PDF you must have Adobe educational agency that receives a grant Individuals with disabilities may
Acrobat Reader, which is available free under this program must use the funds obtain a copy of the application package
at this site. If you have questions about to support programs that promote in an alternative format (e.g., Braille,

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