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ITA Softwares Airfare Pricing & Shopping System



Introduction Flexibility Customization Automation Reliability & Scalability

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Demand excellence.

A leader in airline pricing and shopping, ITA Softwares QPX offers a flexible and comprehensive airfare shopping solution. With QPX, travel companies can unleash their creativity while significantly increasing revenues and reducing distribution costs.

Deepest and thoroughly customizable search Powerful comparison shopping across hundreds of airlines Advanced shopping features that drive sales Built entirely on open systems architecture Industry-leading uptime and performance Fast and easy integration with existing systems Chosen by leading travel companies

ITAs QPX software lets us provide our customers with some of the most competitively priced airline fares and schedules in the industry.
Sam Fulton, Senior VP Retail


introduction introduction



One Click. All the Answers.

QPX, ITA Softwares ONE CLICK. ALL THE ANSWERS. technology, offers powerful comparison shopping and limitless search flexibility
QPX helps users make sense of their travel planning options. It evaluates billions of flight and fare combinations per query, letting agents and travelers quickly zero in on the best price and tailored travel solution.

Provides comprehensive shopping across hundreds of airlines Returns lowest and most relevant fares Easily handles the most complex search criteria Calculates prices and checks availability for every possible itinerary option Offers highly flexible date/calendar shopping Supports advanced upselling strategies, including branded fare search Enables integrated optional services Supports multi-destination/anywhere search, including radius queries

Provides thoroughly configurable searching:

Fare and/or schedule driven shopping Time ranges, customizable from minutes to months Every class of service Multiple passengers and any passenger type All public and private fares, including zone fares, percent off, net fares, and flat rate fares All trip types such as one way, round trip, and multicity, including alternate airports IATA checks and tax calculations for all countries Any combination of single or multiple currencies

Single or multiple airline searches, including: shopping-led, availability-led, and group



Flexible Search Parameters

Powerful Comparison Shopping



True Customization. Anything is Possible.

Thoroughly configurable results
Through QPX, travel companies can customize their presentation layer with virtually an infinite range of options such as the intuitive matrix style interface pioneered by ITA Software. Offers ulimited configurations through an XML interace Enables interactive graphical displays Allows customization of preferences and definitions to support all your marketing objectives:
Customer-defined business logic, including number of options, mix of options, prioritization by type, order, and more Tailored messaging at the user interface, including point-ofsale messaging, purchase restrictions, class of service options, schedule alerts, and more Targeted pricing for each market segment, point-of-sale, channel, and even customer Definable time and price bands



QPX makes it possible for us to offer the compelling and advanced features that our users demand.
Paul English, CTO & Co-Founder

Multiple Destination Shopping



Think big. Be creative.

Differentiate your online experience.

Interactive Graphical Display

Intuitive Results Filters



ITA Softwares cutting-edge technology and industry expertise have helped us revolutionize the way air rewards are offered to our members.
Andre Hebert, VP Technology and e-Business

Multiple Destination Reward Shopping



Automate, Simplify, and Cut Costly Debit Memos

Choose ReShop and manage complex transactions with ease
ReShop leverages the power of QPX to deliver comprehensive pricing and shopping for post-ticket transactions. It can be used stand-alone or in combination with QPX, and is based on the same innovative technology. Discover why our QPX product suite is a leader in airfare pricing and shopping. ITAs ReShop is an innovative, automated ticket reprice/ reissue feature Returns a complete set of fully priced and availabilitychecked shopping alternatives for partially flown and wholly unflown tickets Compares new and existing itineraries, automatically recalculating applicable fare differences Enables more accurate and efficient collection of fees and fare differences, reducing the risk of costly debit memos Reduces interaction times to less than one minute, yielding significant labor savings per reprice/reissue transaction Integrates full QPX shopping capabilities Supports shopping and pricing of multiple passengers and passenger types, simultaneously Allows user to reprice and shop for revenue and reward tickets Implements pricing principles (US/CA and international), public and private fares, fare by rule and constructed fares, and all sales restrictions Uses flexible industry standards like ATPCO Cat 31 and Cat 33 to express airline business rules Calculates taxes, multiple currencies, penalties, fees, and fare differences



Clear Change Summary

Flexible Itinerary Changes


reliability & scalability


reliability & scalability

Proven Ease of Integration, Scalability, and Speed to Market

Flexible, fast, and reliable deployment
QPX helps travel companies deliver consistency, scalability, and rapid deployment. With a single implementation, ITA customers can use QPX to support multiple direct channels (consumer websites, agent and corporate customer portals, mobile applications, and other touch points). Proven deployment process with rapid time to market Scales without limit to support any number of concurrent users and transactions Delivers all information necessary to book and ticket any itinerary directly in your inventory system Quickly and easily integrates with existing systems Open system architecture enables unmatched flexibility

Reliable Systems and Service

ITAs superior service offering speaks for itself
ITA Software offers proven reliability, supporting large numbers of transactions and delivering mission-critical information without skipping a beat. QPX processes billions of production search transactions each year. Operating as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, ITA Software delivers industry-leading service levels with a 24x7 in-house network and a multi-city, redundant operations center that controls, monitors, and supports every aspect of the application. ITA maintains over 10,000 processors across three separate data centers. While ITAs Systems Operation Center (SOC) is located at their Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA headquarters, ITA can operate its SOC from any one of the three data centers. Offers industry-leading uptime and performance Offers three separate data centers 24x7 support at all three data centers ITA data centers are managed by 150+ IT professionals Includes regular software upgrades, incorporating industry changes, updates, and customer enhancements


ITA Software (www.itasoftware.com) is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the travel industry. ITAs QPX, a comprehensive airfare shopping system, is used by leading airlines and travel distributors worldwide including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Bing, Continental Airlines, Hotwire, Kayak, Orbitz, Southwest Airlines, TripAdvisor, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and others. ITA is now offering a completely new airline passenger reservation system to improve the customer experience. On July 1, 2010, ITA announced a merger agreement to be acquired by Google. ITA was founded by computer scientists from MIT and is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., USA. Corporate Headquarters 141 Portland Street Cambridge, MA 02139 USA +1. 617.714.2100 EMEA & India Regional Office Herengracht 124-128 1015 BT Amsterdam The Netherlands David Peller, Regional Vice President - EMEA & India +31 (0)6 4150 8856 Americas Regional Office 10 S. Riverside Plaza Suite 1960 Chicago, IL 60606 USA Tim Fahy, Regional Vice President - Americas +1. 617.714.2570

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