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Isavasyopnishad 1/1 states that :- The whole universe is pervaded by the Almighty God The entire wealth of the universe belongs to Him.

Enjoy the world of matter (wealth) accepting as if given by Him and make sure that you enjoy the same by sharing with those who are needy, poor and down trodden.

The object of such ideology was to push every human being to attain the goal of human form ie break the cycle of life and death as early as possible. Now keeping the third injunction ie vision of Totality or Collective happiness in view and to minimize the human

sufferings, the Rishis made it compulsory for every individual to see that no living being specially the human being remains poor, hungry and diseased. This means that each individual as a right must get his minimum requirements of life ie bread, butter, clothing, housing, education and due respect, so that the sufferer does not:- Indulge in Criminality. Opt for conversion to any other religion/ideology Gets the moral boost to tread on the path of Divinity and the whole society lives peacefully. This ideology could not be implemented, unless each one of us lives like one family .One family means living with a firm bond of brotherhood and love. Therefore the Rishis gave the slogan of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”. Consequently the artificial lines on mother earth known as Nations faded away and the Vedic/Sanatan Dharm prevailed in the whole world for hundreds of years. The rishis thus presented the vision of Totality to the whole world, so as to lead the entire humanity to the state of Salvation (Mokshha). To achieve the above object, the rishis prescribed a simplest tradition in terms of symbolic language commonly known as “GO GRASS” or “Service to Cow”. Since the mother cow has been the lifeline for Indians for several thousand years, hence first loaf to mother Cow was prescribed. This compulsion was for states as well as for families.The meaning was that no grahasthee(family) shall enjoy his well earned wealth unless he shares his wealth with the needy, poor and down trodden ones. No theory either socialism or communism of modern times can match this ideology. Till such ideology was implemented the country was flourishing and there was no crime also. The people did not use locks for safety. There was naturally peace around in the society.The rishis had thus implemented the vision of Totality. They considered the society as a single unit and compared the same with human body, where mind and intellect resting above the neck have been equated as Brahmins, who are to think and guide the society for their total well being. The arms have been equated to warriors, who protect the body sincerely until chopped off. The stomach digests the food and distributes to the whole body according to the need of each organ. As and when excess food is accumulated in the stomach, the body falls ill and the human being dies. Similarly when the excess wealth and power gets concentrated at one place, that is,there is non-judicious distribution of wealth with some families or nations, upsurge takes place. Hatred and enmity shoots up and the humanity suffers due to exorbitant increase in criminality, violence and bloodshed. Present day economic crisis is due to excess wealth accumulated in western world and the poor countries are suffering. There is high rate of criminality all over the world and the graph is still shooting up. The service personnel, poor and down trodden are suffering due to non obeyance of the Vedic injunctions of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ and ‘first loaf to mother Cow’. Take an example, if a thorn is pricked in the foot, then the mind, the eyes, the hands remain restless till the thorn is extricated. Had such love and sympathy been there for the last three thousand years in India then there had been (a) No mass conversion of Indians to other religions (b) no illiteracy and untouchability (c) no serial invasions from West Asia and Europe. These invasions have resulted in mass killings of Indians, looting and destruction of Vedic scriptures. Unfortunately prior to the advent of Buddhism, the guides of the society preached only the word meanings of “FIRST LOAF TO MOTHER COW”. This is why the

hunger, poverty illiteracy untouchability prevailed in the country. The wrong interpretation given to the people in medieval periods are still not amended and masses are still following the word meaning and offering ONE LOAF TO MOTHER COW” instead of following the Vedic injunction explained above. However there are instances of some of the communities, who have acted in line with the spirit of Isavasyopnishad and that is why these communities are flourishing. They are known as Parsis, Rejasthanis, Agarwals and Gujaratis. Maharaja Agrasen said to have migrated from Gujrat and implemented the well known formulae – ‘ÓNE BRICK AND ONE RUPEE’ successfully. This is why Agarwal Community belongs to a well off society. Had similar spirit been practiced in the whole country, there had been 1. No conversion 2. No terrorism 3. No naxalvaad, no poverty and no reservation issue.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinnah, Sarve Santu niramaya. Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, maa kaschid dukh Bhag Bhavait.

The above shloka depicts the “Vision of Totality”.In nutshell,it means that the happiness of every individual lies in the happiness of the entire humanity. May God bring noble intellect to the Indians soon. NOTE :

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