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Division of Batangas Buhaynasapa National High School Computer Education III Lesson V: Using Microsoft Word for the

first time 3a,3b,3c Exercise 1: Airplane

I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to :
KNOWLEDGE Identify the basic work environment of Microsoft Word 2003 SKILLS Open Microsoft Word from the start up menu Enter Text on the Word Document Change the Page format specification of the Working Document Type and Delete unnecessary text or character on the working document Insert special characters such as , , and using special keys on the keyboard. ATTITUDES Value the importance of cursor or insertion point position on the Word Document Area.

II. REFERENCES Ebook: Windows XP Foundation Vicon Learning System Computer Basics Customguide.com Microsoft Office 2003: Super Bible Ebook IV. PROCEDURE A. Daily Routine Greetings Checking of Attendance Review B. Motivation

III. MATERIALS Computers equipped with Microsoft Word 2003

Is it possible to make an airplane using symbols in keyboard? C. Lesson Proper Lesson Content
1. Show to students the basic parts of Windows Desktop Lecture in Broadcast Mode.

Environment (Icons, Start button, Taskbar, Quick Launch, System Tray, start menu, Cascading menu) 2. Show to students How to open Microsoft Word 2003. Give the students an idea the meaning of the word Microsoft Word 2003. Label the parts of the Microsoft Word 2003 Program (basic only) Give the students an idea of what projects can be made out this program. 3. Show to students How to Enter or type in Basic Text in Microsoft Word 2003 Let the students Enter NAME, Section, Date Point to students the importance of locating the insertion point. Give the students the copy of Exercise 1 Explain the specification indicated on the Xerox

(annotate in the screen to label important points) Lecture in Broadcast Mode. (annotate in the screen to label important points)

Hands- On Activities. 4. Show to students how to save their work and creating filename of the working document. 5. Show how to change the specification of Page Layout (Paper size, Orientation, Margin Size) 6. Begin Typing the required text. Insert the special symbols such as, , , After 20 minutes of encoding show how to save their by clicking the save button.

V. GENERALIZATION: For symbol = ALT + 165 For symbol = ALT + 164 Other symbols can be found on the keyboard with the aid of SHIFT Key.

VI. VALUING: Always check the position of the insertion point before encoding the necessary symbol.


VIII. ASSIGNMENT What are some font format features available in MS Word besides FORMAT Toolbar?