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Cassandra Valencia Per.4 2/12/13 Cultural Etiquette What is cultural Etiquette?

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The people

The French adhere to a strong and homogeneous set of values. They cherish their culture, history, language and cuisine, which is considered an art. The French have been and are today world leaders in fashion, food, wine, art and architecture. They embrace novelty, new ideas and manners with enthusiasm as long as they

Four countries make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland -England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Residents of any of these countries may be called "British." Use "English," "Scot" or "Scotsman," "Welsh" and "Irish" or "Northern Irish" only

Cultural achievement is Italy's greatest source of pride. Inventiveness, imagination, intelligence and education are prized. Personal relations are scrupulously maintained with loyalty highly valued, especially in families. The family is the most important affiliation in Italy.

are elegant.

when certain of a persons heritage. While the four countries share many customs, each has its own set of cultural nuances. When being introduced during a business or social meeting, shake hands with everyone present -men, women and children. Shake hands again when leaving. Maintain eye contact while talking. Otherwise Italians might think you are hiding something. To beckon a waiter or waitress raise your index

Meeting and greeting

At a business or social meeting, shake hands with everyone present when arriving and leaving. A handshake may be quick with a light grip.

Body language

The British are reserved, which may cause them to appear cool and indifferent or overly formal. In fact, they are very friendly and helpful to foreigners Do not sit with The British legs spread are not back apart. Sit up slappers or straight with touches and legs crossed at generally do knee or knees not display together. Feet affection in should never public. placed on Hugging, tables or kissing and chairs. touching is Toothpickes usually

nail clippers, and combs are not used in public.

Corporate culture

Professionalism is highly valued in business and is the key to acceptance of outsiders. France enjoys a skilled, welleducated labor force. Hard work is admired, but workaholism is not. Be on time. The French appreciate punctuality.

Helpful hints

Lower your voice a little and behave graciously and you will enjoy a warm response from the French. The French

reserved for family members and very close friends. In Great Britain, punctuality is important for business meetings. Be on time. Brits prefer a congenial business relationship, but tend to get right down to business after a few moments of polite conversation. Business is best initiated through a wellconnected third party. Men should open doors for women and stand when a woman enters a room. Always hold the door for a person

finger and make eye contact. Italians take punctuality for business meetings very seriously and expect that you will do likewise; call with an explanation if you are delayed. Deliberate lateness in business is viewed as sloppy. Business cards are used only in business, not socially, unless requested.

Italians are open, curious and tolerant of others uniqueness and manners. They will tolerate lateness, inefficiency

value their privacy. Dont ask personal questions related to occupation, salary, age, family or children unless you have a wellestablished friendship.

following behind you. Honor rank when entering a room. Allow higher rank to enter first.

and sincere mistakes, but dislike arrogance and rudeness. Italians enjoy a lot of good humor and can be selfdeprecating.