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Waste Management

Brevard County Solid Waste Collection and Recycle Services

February 1, 2013

Community Involvement
Community Involvement -- Collector shall provide fiscal support as indicated below: $50,000 annually to the Board of County Commissioners in support of economic development in the County $20,000 annually to the Brevard County Field of Dreams $20,000 annually to United Way of Brevard $15,000 annually to the Economic Development Commission $50,000 one-time donation to the Brevard County Zoo to develop local composting activities The above donations shall be made within 30 days of the commencement of the contract year.

ENSPIRE Business Intelligence Tool

Data and analytics at your fingertips
WM will provide Brevard County with a business intelligence software platform that will provide decision making support for sustainable initiatives. ENSPIRE will allow Brevard County to collect, track, and analyze data about sustainable performance across throughout the county. Provides end users with rich reporting, monitoring, and data analysis. WM will develop customized dashboards to help Brevard County understand and continuously monitor their environmental impacts. In addition to a streamlined process for on-going data collection and analysis.

Space Coast Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

Supporting Brevards focus on economic development and new jobs. Community impact of the Space Coast Material Recovery Facility
Independent analysis from the Space Coast Economic Development Commission: 36 Waste Management Jobs -- 62 total jobs in Brevard County $1.19 million in WM wages -- $2.2 million in total local wages $4.04 million in Annual Contribution to Brevard County GDP $165,372 in annual taxes paid to Brevard County Benefits of a local Material Recovery Facility

62 local jobs
Brevard County economic impact over 30-year project life:

$192 million

Brevard County Space Coast MRF

One of 250 Single Stream Facilities in the United States

Floridas 75% Recycling Goal by 2020

Source: Florida Department of Environmental Protection Report to the Legislature 2010
In 2005, Waste Management, Inc. (WM) piloted the first Single Stream Recycling System(SSR) in Florida at the Recyclable Materials Processing Facility (RMPF) for Orange County and launched a second project at its Pembroke Pines facility in 2007. Single stream recycling promises increased landfill diversion, energy savings and conservation, and resource utilization compared to other recycling methods. WM reports that by operating SSR collection systems for Florida residents, a much higher efficiency per unit collected is experienced. Specifically, after a full year of SSR operation at its Pembroke Pines facility and its Orange County RMPF, the growth in recyclables diverted from landfills through WM facilities was 68,688 tons or an average increase of 29%.

Collier County
Single Stream Recycling program
Collier County started single stream recycling in 2005 and the volume of recyclables collected increased by 55%. The purchase of new single stream recycling carts was amortized on the solid waste management charge to customers. The county views the main benefit of single stream recycling as the extension of landfill life caused by more materials being recycled rather than disposed.

Commercial Recycling
Annual savings for the customer and good for the environment
Container Size
8 Yard 8 Yard 8 Yard

Garbage Garbage Recycling

Collection Frequency
2X per week 1X per week 1X per week

Monthly Cost
$317.00 $158.00 $73.00

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $1,032/year

Residential Pricing for other Florida Counties

County Service Level Residential Rates
$7.68 (Blended) $10.58 $11.31 $10.67 $12.72 (Blended) $12.93 (Blended)

# of Households

Type of Garbage Collection

Automated Manual Automated Semi-Automated

Type of Recycling Service

Single Stream Carts Single Stream Carts Dual Stream Bins Dual Stream Bins Dual Stream Bins Single Stream Carts Dual Stream Bins Dual Stream Bins

Commercial included in contract

Yes $5.50/yard Yes $3.25/yard No

Hillsborough Brevard County Volusia

2-1-1 2-1-1 2-1-1 1-1-1

200,000 87,000 44,000





No Yes $7.67/yard







$15.20 (Blended)







Manual Subs. Manual


Indian River






Apples and Oranges: Yard Waste Service

Collection schemes designed to fail or cost more later.
Yard Waste Service WM Current vs Proposals
Rear Loaders
Current WM Waste Pro Clam Trucks 6 9

14 8

Households/ RL Route 1196 2213

Current WM Waste Pro

Total Man Hours Weekly Annual 1,700 88,400 1,250 65,000

Proposed WM



Proposed WM



Net effect on service & price WM: Additional 3 rear loaders and 10,000 man hours over current service Improve upon current high level of service

More same-day collection; fewer complaints

Waste Pro:

Half as many rear loaders and 33,800 fewer annual man hours. Lower level of service, less reliability Simply not possible to maintain current resident expectations Significantly more complaints.
Waste Pro strategy saves ~$1.50/mo but expectations and service will suffer.


Residential Pricing: $5,691,184 Reduction in Bid Price

County Purchases WM Purchases



Recycling Buy Down

$10.61 $11.31

N/A $12.76

$11.29 $11.99

Commercial Pricing:



% Reduction