Fan Chat with Jay Crownover

Author of “Rule”
Sunday, February 24, 2013
9:30 – 10:30 PM

LoverMichelle: Welcome friends ~ we've got about 8 more minutes until we start. So glad you are all here to talk to Jay
about her fantastic book, Rule.
Atta Girl - Australia: Woot!
LoverMichelle: You're not excited, are you Atta Girl?
LoverKaren: Atta Girl is Happy to Be Here.
JesiLee_LV: YAY!
LoverKaren: Hi Jay
Jay Crownover: Hello all
JesiLee_LV: Hello!
Atta Girl - Australia: Atta Girl = Michelle from Novels On The Run book blog
Atta Girl - Australia: hey Jay
LoverKaren: Atta Girl don't run too far.
LoverMichelle: So glad you could join us. What time is in in Australia/
liz: Good Evening
Kris: HI
Jay Crownover: I figured that out all by myself Australia...
Katie: Hello
Atta Girl - Australia: 12.27 lunch time on Monday I have the super power of being a head of time
LoverMichelle: Since we have a few minutes until 9:30, everyone tell us where you live. I'll start, Georgia.
liz: Kentucky
JesiLee_LV: Mine is in my name lol LV= Las Vegas, NV
Katie: Colorado

LoverKaren: Indiana
Aussie: Texas
Atta Girl - Australia: Oh * giggle* I was trying to be funny...get it atta girl
lalamrcds: Las Vegas, NV
Jay Crownover: Hey I love me some home town..Colorado
Kris: Washington
LoverKaren: Aussie from TX
Katie: Woot Woot Fountain in the house LOL
Jay Crownover: LOVE IT!!
shanmad: Kansas
Atta Girl - Australia: I'm in a forest near the sea
Katie: Where are you from?
Jay Crownover: Co springs
Aussie: Yep, southern girl lol
LoverMichelle: Wow, looks like the US is well represented as well as Australia! If you haven't joined us before, this is an
open forum where you are free to ask questions.
LoverKaren: Bought a horse from Franktown CO once.
Katie: Yay! Stay warm
LoverMichelle: If your question gets missed, just ask it again. But please, no spoilers for those who have not read Rule
or have not finished!
Jay Crownover: Native baby and proud of it..I do heart Texas though and I'm becoming a super fan of all those Aussies
Atta Girl - Australia: Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!
LoverKaren: I read rule in one sitting yesterday, fanny sure is numb.
JesiLee_LV: Jay, how long did it take you to write Rule? Starting off simple here lol
Renee: NYC
Jay Crownover: About 5 months give or take a week...Jet is going much faster
lalamrcds: Jay, were Rule and Shaw inspired by anyone you know?
LoverMichelle: How long was the idea in your head to actually write the book?
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, ever tried vegemite?
JesiLee_LV: That’s amazing. I’m currently writing a novel and it’s going on for about 9 months now. Is your personality
in any of your own characters?
Jay Crownover: No but I don't adventure eat. I went to Ireland and drank bud light the whole time
Atta Girl - Australia: It's delicious! with bacon and lettuce on a baguette
Jay Crownover: The idea was there for a while, good twin bad twin and all that, the time to actually do it was the hardest
part of writing it.
Katie: Got any recommendations for places to get tattooed?
JesiLee_LV: Yay my bestie (Leeters) is in the room! She got me to read your book!!
Jay Crownover: My personality is in the voice, the way they talk, the places they hang out, the stuff they like to's
my WORLD more than my personality.
leeters: *wave
Jay Crownover: Gotta love a bestie with good taste
LoverKaren: Jay, Do you work from an outline or do you write free form.
Jay Crownover: Free form
Katie: Love that it's based in CO!
Atta Girl - Australia: * nods* totally agree the way your characters talk or their voice they portray to the reader, I just
Jay Crownover: It just falls out of my head in a hot mess and I try and clean it as I go
leeters: thanks! i can't wait for Jet
Jay Crownover: I have a super crush on Jet...think you'll love him!
JesiLee_LV: I already love him lol
Atta Girl - Australia: Those teasers are making me hang in the MOSH PIT a lot!!
Jay Crownover: ha ha'
liz: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers! I am currently working on my first novel.
Jay Crownover: it's good for ya
Jay Crownover: Just write it!! Just write and write and write...when you're done have a million people edit for you or else
the comma police will crucify you
Atta Girl - Australia: * face plant* I am so ready for Jet ........ gahhhhhhhhh!!! I am doing a Beaker from the Muppets
running about squealing!
JesiLee_LV: Damn those comma police!!
LoverKaren: Comma police can be good, I wouldn't know if I shit myself or shot myself without mine.
Kris: I can't wait to read Jet and Ayden's story!
LoverKaren: Jay, did any characters turn out differently than when you first started writing them? If so who and how?
lalamrcds: GR lists Rule as Rule #1, when will we see book two and will it still be around Rule and Shaw?
Jay Crownover: hoping for May on Jet...maybe sooner...Rule and Shaw will always be in the books, they are the heart of
the series but I do not at this time have a full book dedicated to them planed
JesiLee_LV: I absolutely LOVE Ayden. I can't wait to see how her character unfolds
LoverMichelle: So I understand that you are a bar tender. Do patrons come in now and ask for your autograph?
Jay Crownover: No, I tried to keep my 2 lives separate...
LoverMichelle: Do they have any idea you wrote a book?
Jay Crownover: Ayden is the complicated one in the second story....dig her though and my real life bestie is from
Kentucky so there ya go!!
Atta Girl - Australia: So you don't want me walking into the bar in Colorado wearing an I LOVE RULE AND JET AND
JesiLee_LV: Same question as Atta-Girl LOL
Jay Crownover: Lol..I do now know the value of a good editor that is for sure
lalamrcds: I loved the playlist you included and created it on Spotify for myself. Do you listen to music while you write
or does a song just pop in there as you go along?
andrea: Thanks for writing rule as i have another book boyfriend. I can’t keep up with them all PS i had to Google
Jacobs ladder because i haven't heard of it before. Many interesting images lol
Jay Crownover: can people will just be like "WTF" is that all about
JesiLee_LV: How was the process of publishing for you?
Jay Crownover: I listen to music all the time. That playlist is every song playing on my IPod during the scene I wrote it...
Atta Girl - Australia: I can put your face on the back! I can come in with the aussie accent and ask for a strawberry
jalapeno martini was it?
Jay Crownover: the process is weird...I'm still trying to figure it out honestly. And I'm super control freaky so all the
different parts of publishing have been interesting to navigate!
Vanessa: I just want to say I really enjoyed Rule's story and can't wait for the next book. Besides that how many more will be
in this series
LoverMichelle: I read that you never expected to sell five of your books. So, did you ever see yourself publishing a book or
was this a recent decision?
Jay Crownover: Yep or a pomegranate martini which is my personal fav
Atta Girl - Australia: I'll come in and ask for the Jay special! I am sitting here trying to think up non spoiler Q's and I end up
with vegemite, t-shirts and martinis, go figure.
Jay Crownover: I want to do a story for all the guys so Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash and I published it on a whim. I
promised myself I would do it before NYE and I totally did. Had no idea it would turn into something so huge!
LoverKaren: Jay, tell us who/what inspired the character of Shaw.
LoverMichelle: Yes, Shaw rocks, and I absolutely adore her.
Atta Girl - Australia: Is Jet a thicker book than Rule...sorry this is what I got for ya, lol!!
JesiLee_LV: Did anyone else see Shaw as Amanda Seyfried?
LoverMichelle: No, I think because Amanda's eyes bug out of her head.
Jay Crownover: She was the opposite of me...I always had a hard head and did whatever the hell I wanted so Shaw is the
opposite of all that. I think she reflects a lot of young girls just trying to figure out who they want to be and what was
important to them at that age!
JesiLee_LV: LoverMichelle hahahahah they kinda do.
Jay Crownover: Jet's on par with Rule as far as length goes <----------- so could be dirty Aussie
LoverKaren: So Jay is a female Rule?
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, do you yourself play guitar or an instrument?
Atta Girl - Australia: LOL!! behave Miss Jay, BOL!!
Jay Crownover: Kinda...nowhere near as whorish or arrogant or self-centered or mean
Jay Crownover: no musical talent what so ever
LoverKaren: I really admired Rule for living an authentic life.
LoverMichelle: Rule is currently #4 for Teen Romance. Does that surprise you?
JesiLee_LV: Woot #4!

Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, what is your last New Adult read and do you classify personally Rule as New Adult or Adult
Jay Crownover: Yeah..not sure it was directed at such a young audience...
Jay Crownover: I say New Adult
Katie: I would agree, I wouldn't think it to be teen
Atta Girl - Australia: Me too. I had to honest to god Google a Jacob's Ladder and OH MYYyYYYYyyyy the image that
popped up!
Katie: LOL
Atta Girl - Australia: Piercings, do they hurt for a long time after or is it more a shock type feel?
Jay Crownover: I have older ladie by older I mean past 55 ask me on a daily basis what all those piercings mean and look
like..OMG I just tell them to Google it
LoverKaren: Ouch no anesthesia.
andrea: i had only ever heard of a prince Albert
Atta Girl - Australia: Googles Prince Albert
LoverMichelle: Whew, worried we lost you!
andrea: lol don’t know if it’s an English thing or what.
Jay Crownover: oops..dogs. Sorry. Jet has the Price Albert
LoverKaren: I've got four dogs two are sitting on me
andrea: lol
Jay Crownover: My lab dropped his ball right on the keyboard in a pure act of rebellion!!
LoverKaren: Awwwww, he wants attention.
LoverMichelle: How did you come up with the names of your characters as they are completely different? Although, just
tonight I was introduced to a friend's daughter's boyfriend, and his name was Rome!
JesiLee_LV: I’ve wondered the same. Rule and Shaw are unique
Jay Crownover: I wanted names that were cool enough and unique enough to be the stand alone title of each book
Yesi: I loved that they were unique names and pretty darn cool really!
liz: sounds like something my dog would do. I have a boxer and if you make her mad she gets even
Jay Crownover: and Rule was easy because I wanted a name that was like the opposite of all the things he was...Rules were
made to be broken and all that.
JesiLee_LV: Clever clever
Jay Crownover: Shaw sounded rich and fancy like I pictured her so that’s why I picked that for her
Atta Girl - Australia: I think Rule is the first ever guy name I have seen in a book. I think the title and the cover is what
made me STOP! when I was looking for another book on Amazon. I was like whoa hold on a minute let's take a lookie here!
LoverKaren: Shaw's parents are horrid. Just had to throw that in there.
Atta Girl - Australia: I love the names Shaw and Rule as a couple. Both one syllable.
Katie: Who are your favorite authors?
Jay Crownover: They are drama is part of everyone’s life, not that extreme but all family plays a part in who
we are and what we become.
Katie: What good books have your read lately?
JesiLee_LV: Did you do any research for the book or was it all pure knowledge. I know you've got a few tats yourself and
you're a bartender but anything else that was out of your element??
Atta Girl - Australia: I was just looking up Prince Albert and Oh MyyYYyyYYyyyyyy...... I am such a nerd!
Atta Girl - Australia: So how is the cover for Jet shaping up are they all going to have a similar theme?
Jay Crownover: I like older authors, but new ones I like Jessica Sorenson's stuff, I like Nyrea Dawn, I like the series with
Kellan Kyle I like, JR Ward...I like that finding Never series.
Katie: Read Coincidence of Callie and Kayden and was pissed at the ending
Jay Crownover: My favorite book I read lately was called Wake. It’s about a kid recovering from cancer and the girl that
kind of sees him along the way it made me cry and cry and so happy at the end I LOVED it.
andrea: lol atta girl
LoverKaren: Another JR Ward fan, last night author Raine Miller was here and is a Ward fan too, PS along with me.
Jay Crownover: LOL...teaching new things to people rules!
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, trust me you have taught me a lot, lol!
Jay Crownover: I have more than a few ex-husband was best friends with a guy who ran a shop here in town so
I know my way around a tattoo shop. It is very familiar to me
JesiLee_LV: Jay, Did you do any research for the book or was it all pure knowledge. I know you've got a few tats yourself
and you're a bartender but anything else that was out of your element??
Jay Crownover: I don't know anyone super rich so I had to wing it with Shaw's background and stuff
Atta Girl - Australia: What hurts more? A smallish tattoo or a piercing in a more regular spot
Jay Crownover: neither feel great...piercings take longer to heal, tattoos only hurt if you get them on a sensitive spot
leeters: both are equally addictive too
Jay Crownover: Very true
JesiLee_LV: True!
Atta Girl - Australia: is it true with tattoos that sunscreen affects them?
Jay Crownover: You HAVE to wear it or the ink fades and they look like a whole lot of crap!!
LoverMichelle: Although there won't be the perfect muse for Rule, who would you say resembles Rule the most? Or who
could you see playing his character in a movie?
JesiLee_LV: OOoh good questions LoverMichelle
Atta Girl - Australia: Love this Q cause I know what jay is gonna say = what Rule will say
JesiLee_LV: Same question- if you were asked to make this book into movie who would you cast as the characters?
Jay Crownover: I get asked that soooo much and it's hard...the closest is Carey Hart..but even then only so so...I hear M
Shadows a lot and I just don't see one is really like punk rock or bad ass enough and their all too short!!
LoverMichelle: Haha!
JesiLee_LV: LOL Yes, Rule is what 6'2" right?
Jay Crownover: 6'3
JesiLee_LV: I kinda pictured Shane West but with tattoos then other times I’m like "NOPE not pretty enough" lol
Yesi: Definitely not pretty enough! Lol
andrea: i thought Travis barker. think That’s what if is called but more prettier
Jay Crownover: lol and those eyes are a hard one...which is why the guy on the cover doesn't really match my guy that well
Jay Crownover: Travis has the eyes for sure
Jay Crownover: Young Tim Armstrong before he got weird and tattooed a spider web on his head
JesiLee_LV: What about for Shaw or Ayden? Any ideas for actresses?
Jay Crownover: Shaw some like Blake Lively if she had paler hair, she's all elegant and stuff
Jay Crownover: some one
LoverKaren: Hi Newcomers, don't be shy jump in and ask Jay a question.
LoverMichelle: Blake Lively is so pretty and elegant. Great choice. I can definitely see that.
Jay Crownover: Ayden Rose Mcgowen I think would do
LoverKaren: But a short Blake Lively.
Jay Crownover: Lol totes!
JesiLee_LV: pre-plastic surgery rose mcgowen
Jay Crownover: ha ha
lalamrcds: definitely pre-plastic rose
Atta Girl - Australia: I'm listening still here
JesiLee_LV: The paleness of Rose might work for Shaw actually. I just pictured Shaw looking more "artistic" and like an old
worldly type of beauty vs. the look that Blake Lively has - but that’s just me
Jay Crownover: So my turn to ask a question, did you read Rule based on the synopsis or the hottie on the cover?
lalamrcds: Are you working on any other books not of these series?
Atta Girl - Australia: Jay, do you think you will do a book signing, or even get together with some other authors and do a
signing in USA?
Atta Girl - Australia: Hottie on cover and the title!!!
leeters: I read it because of the reviews, then i downloaded the "preview"
JesiLee_LV: Synopsis
jess: the synopsis
JesiLee_LV: and my bestie
Jay Crownover: I don't know about signings since this is all still new to me! We'll see where I end up
JesiLee_LV: lol I trust her with all my book choices
LoverMichelle: For me, it was the synopsis. (I told you I'm not into tats or piercings!) So you my friend have written a book
that will make my top 10 list for the year.
Atta Girl - Australia: I knew nothing. It had been out 10 days! and I just saw it , bought it, didn't even read the blurb, then I
went to Goodreads saw an enthusiastic review, I popped it on my fb page and away I went
Jay Crownover: The reviews about the editing didn’t scare you off?
Jay Crownover: didn't
JesiLee_LV: Plus I thought the guy on the cover didn't match Rule
LoverKaren: There is an Indie book event in Vegas in Aug 16-20. The Naughty Mafia event Jay, maybe you should attend.
JesiLee_LV: The reviews about the editing were why me and my friend read it lol
leeters: nope, it made me more interested really
JesiLee_LV: We ended up liking books like Beautiful Disaster with the same issues and we loved that one
Jay Crownover: Really? Why?
Jay Crownover: Naughty Mafia? What a cool name
jess: I never read the reviews before I read the books
leeters: because people want to be nitpicky and mean and miss the whole book over little errors
LoverKaren: Rule out strips Beautiful Disaster.
Atta Girl - Australia: i personally did not see any reviews about editing at all. I only saw this one review on Goodreads. I
don't get scared off by editing errors. If the book / story is awesome I see past all that! Because editing is easy = hand to an
editor, the story and characters is the hard part. I am a blogger, so I don't judge on editing errors
JesiLee_LV: I’m currently writing a book and I’ve realized how wonderful self-published and NEW authors novels are...
plus I want to support writers in your genre
leeters: i COMPLETELY agree Karen
LoverMichelle: Yes, Karen, you are completely correct. Rule is a real man, Travis had issues. Major issues.
JesiLee_LV: Rule TOTALLY outstrips Beautiful Disaster but it still has a place in my heart lol
Jay Crownover: I get the comparison a lot and it's really flattering because that book sold like a zillion copies in a second,
but to me the guys are worlds apart
LoverKaren: Naughty Mafia, http://thenaughtymafiarocksvegas.blogspo...
lalamrcds: Love those Naughty Mafia girls
JesiLee_LV: I just meant the style of the books not the characters. I don't see Rule or Travis being the same at all just meant
the style of the books not the characters. I don't see Rule or Travis being the same at all.
leeters: the bad boy is somewhat similar other than that they're completely different
LoverKaren: Rule is complex, but still a grown up, Travis not so much.
Jay Crownover: What do you do just show up and let people talk to you?
Jay Crownover: no I know I meant that’s why they get compared a lot!
Yesi: I have to agree with y'all. Travis has nothing on Rule! Rule is freaking awesome!
LoverKaren: I will email you the event coordinators info Jay.

LoverMichelle: But is Rule really a bad boy? I don’t think he is.
Jay Crownover: Ahh *blushing*....not really he's just who he is
LoverMichelle: Now that you have a literary agent in place, have you received interest in your book/series?
jess: and we love who he is
LoverKaren: To me Rule is a self-sufficient independent guy, repressing all his emotions.
Atta Girl - Australia: i don't see Travis and Rule's books as similar at all. Travis is a whole different package, that boy!
Loved Beautiful Disaster but not similar at all! Rule and his boys are definitely different. Rule never made me face plant my
book, Travis made me face plant many times
JesiLee_LV: ....again, I meant the genre lol
Jay Crownover: Yes but it's hard since I did things wrong, like not have it edited professional first...they think I can tell a
really good story but are worried about the quality of my technical quality
Jay Crownover: story...see
JesiLee_LV: So you did try to have it published through an agency first before self-publication?
LoverMichelle: Jay, I know this doesn't mean much the editing can be fixed and you have the technical ability without a
Jay Crownover: no I just hit publish and walked away from thing I know it's on good reads and 20,000 copies sold in
a week
jess: Not everyone can tell a really good story that is truly a talent
JesiLee_LV: That’s fantastic!
Jay Crownover: it was like lightening striking...
Yesi: That's awesome!
LoverMichelle: So many of the quotes were so deep and thought provoking, which is proof that you are a good writer.
Kristen: You didn't do things wrote with your heart and made people fell in love with a beautiful story. If a book
is good, I see past small editing problems. Keep doing what you’re doing!!
Jay Crownover: Thank you...seriously
JesiLee_LV: I’m surprised the editing is such an issue to them considering that’s what editors are for lol
Atta Girl - Australia: Do you know what, I read the reviewers going on and on about the editing and when u submit a book
it gets the whole once over with a publisher. That person / people will be able to tell if a story is brilliant with the mistakes in
it already. I am like that. I see past edit errors as I am looking at the bones of the story. Those bones were brilliant. I put a lot
of authors onto Rule and readers as they know when I like something, I like it!!!
Jay Crownover: I'm gonna
LoverKaren: OMG the mother has been replaced by aliens I snorted.
Jay Crownover: I know right!
jess: the editing did not take away from the book in any way it was a fantastic story and the errors were easily overlooked
Jay Crownover: Not all bloggers feel the same my dear...believe me!
Kristen: Do you have a release date set for Jet and Ayden?
JesiLee_LV: What’s your total sold so far now?
Jay Crownover: Shooting for May if not sooner...gotta get that bad boy edited
andrea: yesi could you put a picture up of rule in our secret book club please like the one you did for ghost
Jay Crownover: Like almost 80,000
JesiLee_LV: That’s great!
Kristen: nice looking forward to it....
JesiLee_LV: What self-publishing company did you go through?
Jay Crownover: I like him a lot..very different from his buddy
Yesi: I am currently reading the first version, not the cleaned up one, and I still love it.
jess: awesome! I know I have told everyone to buy and read it
Jay Crownover: You just do it yourself, no company involved just lil ole me
Yesi: I am on it Andrea! I just have to find the "perfect" Rule.
LoverMichelle: You just published on Amazon, and they have the digital rights for 90 days, is that correct?
Jay Crownover: Thanks for sharing the love girl!
JesiLee_LV: You mean straight onto Good reads? I’m sorry I’m confused how to DIY without going through Lilu or those
other sites
Jay Crownover: Yeah because I signed up for that KDP where people can borrow it so they own my ass for 90 days outright
andrea: nice one yesi
JesiLee_LV: OH! I get it.
Atta Girl - Australia: I know...I found out, lol!! If the story is there the characters are there and they connect with me then
what more can I ask for? You, Jay, have such a beautiful style of writing your boys and their inner thoughts and how they
treat their ladies. I just loved the teaser quotes as Jet just comes across so beautiful and lordy is the boy smexi in those two
short teasers you gave! I can only imagine the rest of the book and your boys! Woot!!
Jay Crownover: no on amazon and Nook...they publish it for you, you just have to format it for them
LoverMichelle: But this was your first time and it was a whole new ball game. You have to start somewhere, and this has all
been a learning curve for you. You should be proud of yourself for how far you've come.
JesiLee_LV: 90 days seems like a long time for them to claim rights. How does that work? Do they get most of the profit
during that time?
LoverMichelle: Okay, we only have 7 minutes left so I would like to focus on the book.
Jay Crownover: no it's like book Netflix...they just don't want it out there where they can get it from someone else when
they can borrow for free from amazon
JesiLee_LV: Ah, I get it. Thank you!!! That helps.
LoverKaren: Hardest character to write.
LoverMichelle: Does anyone else have questions about Rule or questions for Jay?
Jay Crownover: So I'll tell you all this with my rocker so close to being done I got big brother on the brain big time...think
he's gonna give Rule a run for his money in the attitude department
JesiLee_LV: I know we've spoken about the book cover. Where did you get that cover from? Was it designed by someone
else or did you take the actual photograph? (sorry graphic designer questions lol)
LoverMichelle: Really?
LoverKaren: Oh the sexy Rome.
jess: I'm so looking forward to reading where you take us with all these wonderful characters
JesiLee_LV: YAY ROME!!!!
Jay Crownover: The hardest for me to write was Rule's mom Margot...I understood why she was doing what she was doing
but it didn't make it right
Yesi: Me too!
JesiLee_LV: I pictured Chris Hemsworth lol
Katie: Love me a soldier! Army Spouse LOL
Jay Crownover: Good for you girl!
Jay Crownover: Stock photo...plain and simple
jess: I wanted to choke Margot most of the time
Jay Crownover: me too
Yesi: My heart broke for Rule...
LoverMichelle: Yes, I wanted to strangle that woman!
LoverMichelle: Just like you Jess!
Yesi: She needed a good ass kicking!
JesiLee_LV: I hated her but I loved hating her lol
LoverKaren: But Shaw's mother was horrid too.
JesiLee_LV: I hated Shaw’s mother more than Margot. She at least had a reason (not a good one) to be the way she was
Jay Crownover: I was surprised people disliked her so much more than Gabe...weird it was more visceral
jess: she was pure evil
LoverKaren: See I didn't hate Margot because she was just as damaged as Rule.
Katie: Excited to see what you have in store! Rome seemed to have a hidden side to him. Especially being a soldier that
could go many ways. Yay I love a good read!
Atta Girl - Australia: I liked her getting put in her place with Alex was it the guy with the tats
jess: yes I loved that too
LoverKaren: She caused damage, but something would have made her that way.
Atta Girl - Australia: As in Shaw's mum
Jay Crownover: I know that was the best...happens all the time...I have half sleeves and used to work in a super corporate
job!! Suck it CEO's!! lol
Atta Girl - Australia: I want Rome as my brother...or maybe when I read his book I might change my mind....* waggles
jess: people are quick to judge
Jay Crownover: Like I said I knew why she was doing what she was doing but it was still hard to have her do it
LoverMichelle: Jay, can you tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue?
Atta Girl - Australia: Will all your lads be tatted and pierced
LoverKaren: I think more mainstream people sport ink, than we think.
Jay Crownover: Nope...Ayden has none
Jay Crownover: They do my friend
Jay Crownover: I cannot do that
Atta Girl - Australia: All my girlfriends have ink and when I said I wanted a tat they all started dropping their pants and
showing me their butts etc. and I was like well there you go!
Jay Crownover: Well maybe I can I haven't tried in a long time...those things are poison...bartender remember
LoverKaren: BTW, I loved that they Rule was safe sex wise and tested.
LoverMichelle: Haha, I know, that's why I thought you may have that talent.
Jay Crownover: I got an email from a nurse about that telling me she was stoked that I put it in there
LoverMichelle: Yes, very responsible author to include that in the book (as many times it's overlooked).
Jay Crownover: I wanted to try and keep it as real to life as I could
jess: That was a surprise and very responsible of you
LoverKaren: I am the safe sex maven of our blog, so I was extremely HAPPY.,
Jay Crownover: people do that all the time say "Hey cool tattoo" Which really means let me show you mine so you can be
properly impressed
Atta Girl - Australia: I’m a blank canvas for the art
jess: haha that is so true
Jay Crownover: That's cool...I wasn't sure it fit the sexy sexy time but in the end I was like they would have to talk about in
real life so it stayed in
LoverMichelle: I love the story of the man getting the tat to honor his son's memory.
jess: that was a very touching part of the story
Jay Crownover: I wanted to show it's more than just ink on skin. They mean something
Jay Crownover: to some people tattoos can mean everything
jess: they are much more than the stereotypes make them out to be
LoverMichelle: You have certainly educated me thru this book. I really never understood why people would mark up their
body permanently.
Atta Girl - Australia: I liked it when you said in Rule via Rule that it is an intimate thing a tattooist putting a tattoo on a
LoverMichelle: Yes, Jess, you would be talking to me!
Jay Crownover: That is also true.
Jay Crownover: I know since I count a couple artists as really close friends
Atta Girl - Australia: So what is the hourly rate in USA for a tattoo is that how it works
jess: my husband was a tattoo artist for several years so I've been around a lot
Jay Crownover: Sweet....I think I want a new one to commemorate this new phase in my life
Katie: What is your most painful tattoo
Jay Crownover: You pay what you get for Mich
Jay Crownover: The top of my foot
jess: no it depends on the art you pick how detailed it is how many colors are involved the size and then of course the time
LoverMichelle: Well, Jay, we want to thank you and all of your fans for joining us in this chat! We hope that you will come
back and chat again when the next book comes out as we would love to have you!
leeters: yes thank you!
Atta Girl - Australia: Oh! I think here it is $150 an hour. Me and hubby looked hell funny walking into a tattoo shop ages
back we had no idea what we were doing but we were interested
JesiLee_LV: Thanks!! Looking forward to Jet!
Yesi: Thank you!!!
Jay Crownover: was fun!! You are all delightful
LoverKaren: Thank You Jay.
JesiLee_LV: Have a great night Jay!
Atta Girl - Australia: Woot! Thanks Jay! I am like so intrigued at the moment
jess: Thank you Jay
Jay Crownover: BYE...
LoverMichelle: We know this was your first live fan chat, and you aced it my friend!
Atta Girl - Australia: xxx
andrea: thanks and goodnight from me in the UK. I've enjoyed
LoverKaren: Night UK