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Executive Intelligence Review EPEAT is) SON) The British role in creating Maoism Party trae accO Kona r\it a Bush policy on Balkans: ‘classic appeasement’ New evidence shows why LaRouche must be freed islixFeature The British role in the creation of Maoism by Michael O. Billington ‘This report opens up the role of the British in the creation and nurture of the ‘Communist Party of Chin (CPC) and what became known as Maoism, as one of the myriad parts of the “balance of power” structure created by the Versailles ‘Treaty process following World War I. The British, at that historical turning point, were particularly concerned that Dr. Sun Yat Sen, China’s foremost republican leader, might succeed in his ambition to modernize and unite China through his Unique combination of the Confucian moral tradition, the Christian humanist tradition from the Renaissance, and the American System of Political-Economy. Such a policy would have put China on a course to becoming a major power in the world, which would have severely disturbed London's preferred “balance.” In practice, this “balance of power" kept the British in control, not by means of a superior culture, but by destroying any emerging power, while draining resources from subjugated colonies or semi-colonies. Sun Yat Sen’s program for China envisioned the development of all of Asia in collaboration with republican forces in Europe and the United States. This was considered to be the greatest conceivable danger tothe continued world domination of British financial power. As was the usual British policy, while taking cértain direct measures against Sun’s organization, they also set in motion the creation of 4 radical counter-revolutionary force against Sun's Nationalist Party, to prevent the emergence of a strong republican China. ‘The British were experienced in the use of such Jacobin tactics. They had just used similar means in the creation of Lenin’s Bolshevik Party and the subsequent takeover of Russia, just as they had been the primary movers behind the Jacobin terror itself during the French Revolution. It was the view of the British oligarchy, as itis today, that the emergence of anarchistic, communist, religious fundamen- talist, and similar, heteronomic movements, despite the problems they may pro- voke, were preferable to the emergence of a republican nationalist force which ‘would threaten Britain’s “balance of power.” This is the political equivalent of 48 Feature EIR September 11, 1992 the barbarian military tactic of “scorched earth." |.will show here that the British created such a counter- revolutionary force against Sun Yat Sen by intervening in the social upheaval known as the May 4th Movement, following the British and American sellout of China at Versailles. They