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Contact: Rachel Jansen Phone: 763-486-5056 Email: teamhasek@gmail.



On February 27th, 2013 it was announced that Drew Christensen would be the Team Hasek nominee to fill the capacity of Treasurer of the Minnesota College Republicans. Drew is from Savage, MN and is double majoring in Political Science and Communications at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Drews first political memory was during the 2000 Presidential Election. He learned about the elections in school and even though he was only 6 years old, he became interested in the candidates and their parties. Drew says that he is a Republican because he believes in life, a small and efficient government, individual freedom and fiscal sanity. He believes that the strength of America lies in the individual merits and abilities of its citizens, not the government. Drew has become very active in politics and within the Minnesota College Republicans. Drew is currently Director on the Executive Board of SD 56, Senior ViceChair of the University of Minnesota College Republicans and an officer of Collegians for A Constructive Tomorrow. He was also very involved this past year as an intern for John Klines re-election campaign. Drew said one of his favorite MNCR memories so far was making phone calls the day of Governor Scott Walkers Recall Election day. He said it was a great day spending time with fellow CRs and making phone calls for America. Drew went to Prior Lake High School and was involved in National Honor Society, Speech and Marching Band. Today, he still participates in many of these activities. Drew is an Eagle Scout and plays trombone in the UMN Marching Band. He would like to contribute his experience and freshness to the MNCRs. Drew has had two years of experience within the MNCRs, but is still new enough to the process to think outside the box.