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SHALAM (1) Everyone has at times looked up at the endless heavens and wondered especially about life up there. Think about it this way. We were given five senses. One is sight. We have the power to leave our body in our brain and go to infinity, only we are not there. We can see it and think about it, but we never leave our body physically. We are seeing and are able to understand because we are capable of thought about what we see . We were taught what stars, moons, planets, and other wonders out there are. We believe because, we have talked to the man on the moon. One of our many inventions given to us is television. In the Olympics this year, an orchestra in Japan played a song, sung by choirs in South Africa, Germany, Australia, United States, China, and Japan in harmony to the same orchestra, at the same time. Not only could they see each other in color they could hear each other. It was estimated that three billion people all over the Earth were watching as it happened in living color. Tell this tale to great thinkers just a hundred or so years ago. That would be nothing to what you could say. Just what do you think they would say or do? I have been taught that this era we now live in encompasses all things past, present and the future, and as strange as it may seem, we do have a great future. We have inventions never before given on this Earth. We have become a race of people, conceited greater than in all the eras in the Earth's past. We have been given all the answers for all the above questions, and anything else you may want to ask. Living in this modern age, we are supposed to be masters in fields of inventions unheard of in the entire history of the Earth. In truth we are masters. In reality, in the big picture, we are new seeking infants, just starting on an endless and delightful journey. Always remember, fear is the manifestation of ignorance. All it takes is common sense. Have an open and sincere desire for truth. Think little thoughts. Think of this as a jigsaw puzzle, and take it one piece or one thought at a time. Before you know it you'll have a picture, you like or you don't like, the choice is yours. Never be afraid to honestly believe.

IN THE PAST. We were given a paradise to live and grow on. It had everything we would ever need, in, on, under, and above. A true gem in the heavens. IN THE PRESENT. We have been given every opportunity to keep it that way. We have been rescued time and time again. We have been given new inventions and methods to make life better and grow. Instead of living in peace, harmony and brotherly love. We have lied, stolen, murdered, and destroyed, in corrupt greed for power, on just about every decent thing that we could lay our small minds and hands to. A few, now are systematically in greed for power, in insane ignorance, trying to destroy the Earth, with weapons in the air, under the water, on land and probably in space. As we" all know, with the wrong finger, on the right button, is all it would take for every living being on the Earth to become extinct. This is what we all live with every day. It's like a horrible blackmailing dream..

SHALAM (2) If the CREATOR, didn't want us to have such power, HE would have never given it to us. There is a reason. The Earth is not ours, even though we think it is. We were only given the use of it. The CREATOR'S Earth, HIS .beautiful gem, destroyed because of a few greedy, power hungry idiots, that is ridiculous. IN THE FUTURE In the right time and in the right way, those few, like all the other destroyers in the past, will destroy themselves in their own fear and greed. It always was and it will be again, for a short time. In just the past hundred years the dictators that did their horrors, have passed on to iniquity. We are still here. We still have a destiny to fulfill. This Earth has a beautiful future, with men and women on it. For as long we can recall, we have been taught that GODS KINGDOM will be established here on Earth as it is in heaven. The kingdoms on the lower

Atmospherean Heavens, are exactly the same as they are on Earth, each one for the benefit of their own well being, for some dictatorial god. Organized, disciplined, ruthless and corrupt as they are here on Earth. They also have huge armies to protect themselves. HIS KINGDOM WILL BE ESTABLISHED on Earth exactly as they are in the KINGDOMS in the upper heavens. They live in peace, harmony, love and brotherhood. Eventually men and women will live the same way here on Earth. It will be a paradise until the Earth has fulfilled it's allotted time. Men and women will then cease to propagate and will become extinct on the Earth. Everything, except the spirit of men and women, who are immortal. The rest are created, serve their purpose and die, and are dissolved back into the elements where they were created. So it is with everything on the Earth, the Earth itself, and the heavens surrounding the Earth. IN THE BEGINNING Eons ago, there was limitless heaven, The CREATOR, called it ETHEREA. He then created life, and called them angels. He then created heavenly kingdoms for the angels to live in. They were given intelligence. Everyone lived in a peaceful beautiful state of ignorant innocence. They had nothing to compare, they didn't know freedom, choice, good and bad, up and down, nor did they care. The result. They stood still. They did not grow. The CREATOR STARTED CREATING. SUNS AND THE PLANETS Within the ETHEREAN HEAVENS planets were created each allotted to their own place and orbit. Also created in their allotted position around the planets are satellites (moons), that orbit around the planets. Planets and their satellites both orbit in an exact position from the sun, and around the sun, which was also created. The sun and the planets and their moons orbit around a central(North) star. Call each sun and its rotating planets, a galaxy. Each galaxy is independent, in its own orbit around the one central (North) star.

An example The Earth has one revolution, 1 day; the Earths moon rotates around the earth, 29 days; The Earth and the moon have 1 revolution around the sun, 1 year; the planets and the sun, 1 galaxy; all orbit around the one central star(north), 4,700,000 YEARS;(times approximate). This is just the beginning. SHALAM (3) There are countless galaxies all in their proper orbits, doing exactly the same as our Earth and one sun. All galaxies are distinctly different. Some have many suns and huge planets. In between these independent galaxies there are A'ji, Jiay, nebulae, comets, black holes (doors), and other elements we know nothing about. We now know here on Earth that the orbit of the planets is not round. It is elliptical, meaning not always the same distance from the sun. It would therefore be logical to assume that our galaxy orbits the central(North) star in the same way, thus accounting for our astronomers theory that the universe is getting larger, when in actuality it isn't, it's in a part of it's continued orbit. This is one central star, and, (perhaps), doorways. I hope it gives the reader thoughts on how infinite space is. THE ATMOSPHEREAN HEAVENS- They were created to rest on the planet and to orbit around the planet in an exact speed with the planet, and just inside the orbit of the moon, approximately 200,000 miles, and have all the elements we have on the Earth and more, but they are more rarefied. THE HEAVENS THREE GREAT ESTATES. 1st. The ETHEREAN highest heavens. 2nd. The ATMOSPHEREAN between ETHEREA and the EARTH. 3rd. The PLANETS called Corpor. Within the ETHEREAN HEAVENS, huge kingdoms were created, not solid like the Earth but habitable within and without in crystals, and elements unknown on

Earth, with arches and spires of beauty and majesty beyond description, likened to a snow flake. This is our inheritance when we leave the Earth's Heaven^ These magnificent heavenly kingdoms also orbit in their place through countless more unknown elements, also orbiting between all these kingdoms. All galaxies including ours orbit and pass through these heavenly kingdoms, and through these orbiting elements, although unknown to us, both the ETHEREAN KINGDOMS and these elements have a tremendous influence on everything to do with the planets and their life. Space is certainly not lifeless and void as most mortals believe. OUR PLANET EARTH After the Earth was created and slowed in it's revolutions, cooled and stabilized. It passed through the elements needed to produce water. With the seeds of life, vegetable matter was created. Then from the waters, from the seeds of life, life was created, evolved and finally produced the animal age. Thus evolved the great reptiles and all species of animal life to what they are to this day. One special branch of the animal evolved to the stage capable of a spirit. Because millions of angels in the ETHEREAN kingdoms, died at birth on some planet, and never had mortal experience, volunteered to take a mortal form and dwell on the Earth. They so loved this special branch of animal that they partook of the seed, (fruit) of life and gave of themselves. That was not what they were supposed to do. They could look, but they were not supposed to touch. They lost their inheritance to the high heavens. Thus, angels propagating with this special breed of animals, gave them a spirit and made them immortal. SHALAM (4) The CREATOR asked men and women to give HIM a name. They named HIM after the wind and it was pronounced E-O-IH. It is now pronounced JEHOVIH. The mortal infant is created entirely from the elements of the Earth. CORPOR. The spirit infant is created entirely from the elements of the heavens. ETHE

At the time of birth both the spirit and the mortal are united to form an individual, an I AM, given eternal life from JEHOVIH. and only JEHOVIH. This new infant can never be duplicated exactly nor can it enter another womb again. It is an infinite spark of living light, from the CREATOR, JEHOVIH. The EARTH ANIMAL BECAME MAN AND WOMAN, AND "IMMORTAL". There was no way that this evolved animal, with all their animal traits could even remotely fit and live in ETHEREA, so the angels that had lost their inheritance, familiar with heavenly ways, desperately needed help, and they got it. A heaven free from the Earth, yet close enough to communicate back and forth, but in a spirit form. Everything there was so real, some mortals didn't realize they were dead, and to this day some still think the same way. This is why the Atmospherean Heavens were created. (If this heaven was formed when the Earth was being formed or when the spirit was introduced to the Earth, I'm not sure, anyway it's here. Maybe this is purgatory.) This heaven was made, as a place to live between the Earth and ETHEREA for the new angels continued growth. The new Earth spirits went through death's door, in the company of the Earth bound angels. They formed the first colonies in these new heavens. These same new angels from Earth were trained and eventually were taken up to the Etherean Heavens. (The records are very vague for some 55,000 years, or up to the time of the deluge) Earth's heavens go out from the Earth's surface for some two hundred thousand miles, or just inside the moons orbit. If the plateaus are from one hundred miles wide or deep, to one thousand miles just figure, how many plateaus there are to live on, before Earth's angels are ready to leave these Atmospherean Heavens and go to the Etherean Heavens. One giant step for mankind. RELIGION According to the dictionary it says, "Relating or devoted to the divine or that which is held to be of ultimate importance to beliefs or convictions. There are three kinds of people on Earth:

#1 World People; You live, die and your dust. Atheist. #2 The Believers; Believe in a multitude of gods, etc. #3 Faithists; Believe in one SUPREME CREATOR. CHOICE We can choose from everything, anywhere on Earth, and all the heavens given to us in ways that we can understand and are capable of doing. FREEDOM We on Earth have the freedom as mortals to choose anything, anywhere on the Earth, and all the heavens. Everything was given freely to each individual man, woman and child and to no other living animal on the planet. SHALAM (5) RESPONSIBILITY Because we were given absolute freedom, on the choices we made, on Earth and in heaven, we therefore as individuals are entirely accountable for all our decisions, and can blame no one but ourselves for the outcome. HISTORY For the first 55,000 years of mortal immortality, up to the deluge, only a limited amount of data is available. It could be said the earth had a major upheaval, and a lot of people were moved from place to place. For the last 24,000 years , records of the heavens and the Earth are fairly well detailed. They describe the different cycles and the GODS, both ETHEREA and ATMOSPHEREA. How and where they ruled and the outcome within their cycles. For the purpose of this report, only the general picture is necessary. When a mortal dies and enters the lower heavens. #1; They either go to some lower heaven controlled by a god or goddess who has, through his or her earthly preachers, priests, gurus, holy men or women, or some idol or icon, convinced mortals that you have to keep being reborn again and again until you are pure. Another of these gods says to come back as a rat, horse, monkey, or some other animal until you are pure. Another says all sins committed on Earth are all forgiven. All say that their particular heaven is the

place where they can live in paradise, or some form of eternal bliss. Follow severe tests of allegiance, if you don't, you are going to some eternal hell. All of these self appointed gods or creators are working to build a great kingdom in the lower heavens for themselves. They are continually at war with each other on Earth and in heaven. If nothing else to protect what they have. As a result billions go to war on Earth and in these lower Atmospherean Heavens. When mortals die because they THINK this is the right way, they can not be convinced otherwise. These kingdoms are not all bad to start with. The majority of the spirits that go there are warriors, the rest are innocent honest, hard working and family oriented. These kingdoms have schools, hospitals, dwellings, parks, lakes and beaches, everything they had on Earth, and much more. They also have huge armies to protect their domain. Their schools teach all that is known on the Earth, and the lower heavens. The outer space does have life, but the aliens have no interest in the affairs of the Earth and their heavens. They are only interested in themselves, to pay no attention to them. Further education is focused to praise, adoration, prayer, and preaching to convince these spirits that their particular god or goddess is the ultimate power and creator. This is tragic. Sooner or later all these poor spirits will realize they have been duped, used and lied to. They have worshiped these gods and goddesses, some very powerful and demanding, many spirits for thousands of years. They have in their names inspired mortals to kill billions of people on Earth. In heaven billions are thrown in knots and hells, also done in their names. No one on Earth can imagine the magnitude and horrible chaos when billions of spirits from the Earth seek revenge on these self appointed gods and goddesses.

SHALAM (6) This is not new on our beautiful planet. In the proper cycles and times JEHOVIH sends HIS high raised GODS and GODDESSES from the ETHEREAN HEAVENS, some originally from the Earth, others from other planets. These angels educated and equipped, clear out the knots and hells in the lower heavens, and place the spirits in chaos in chosen areas, with hospitals, schools, teachers, and accommodations, all free from fear and intimidation. These same spirits listen, when they are able, and want to learn the truth because now they know what hell really is. They can compare and learn quickly. They now know they were in the "First Resurrection", the lower heavens, and the aliens from outer space are actually the same as they are. Many actually live within the Earth's heavens. Many were mortals who came back to the Earth to help them. #2; It was mentioned that a mortal has a choice. Either he or she go with these self appointed gods or goddesses or they go some other place. Those mortals that live in peace, brotherly love, harmony, etc., and believe in one CREATOR or JEHOVIH and no lord, god or savior born of woman, bypass the lower heavens, or, "First Resurrection",. They start their journey from the "Second Resurrection"7Some of these angels died on Earth with great pain and suffering in the hands of mortal warriors, who kill and torture in some gods name. #3; There is also another choice. During the coarse of the reign of these false gods, spirits, millions of them became suspicious, and did not believe the teachings and degrading prayers, and the killing. They fled or escaped, where Faithists were waiting, but could do nothing until these angels choose to come. They then took them to their heavens. The Ethereans, their tasks completed, leave the Earth and return to their kingdom. They take any angels from the higher Earths heavens ready to ascend, called "Brides and Bridegrooms", to an Etherean Kingdom. A new GOD or


GODDESS, usually from the Earth is sworn in as ruler of the Earth and it's heavens for a season, cycle, or an allotted time. In death we start as a novice and graduate after school and experience, to the rank of GOD and GODDESS, and then leave the Earth's heavens, to the "Third Resurrection". In time everyone will be GOD or GODDESS, but it's a long hard road. About two hundred years ago the heavens of the Earth were cleared of hells and knots and all the madness that goes with it. After all the powerful false gods and goddesses were rescued, and recovered from the revenge of millions of deceived Earth angels, the ones who could, were judged and set to work righting the huge wrongs they had committed. The maddened angels were as always taken to areas prepared for them, and restored to a degree of normal thinking, and then went back to school. These false gods and goddesses will remain within the Earth's heavens until ALL who believed in them or followed in their names are at least the same degree as they are. Billions on the Earth still believe in them and are to this date not aware of all that has happened. They in their ignorance are still at war against each other. That's tragic.

SHALAM (7) They use the name of some god or goddess by, killing millions of innocent people. In no way will they be convinced otherwise, and there is worse yet to come. This is the last era since the animal became man and woman and immortal, that this type of inhumanity by and between brothers and sisters on the Earth will ever happen again.


THE AMERICAS As we all know in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered North America. Although there is some doubt. One theory is the Vikings were here a lot earlier than that. But Columbus did open the door for the rest of the world. Like Moses that is what he was supposed to do. According to my teachings 1400AD was about the time for a new cycle of 3000 years to start. For sure JEHOVIH said it was time to open up the western hemisphere, especially North America. This is where HIS KINGDOM WILL BE ESTABLISHED. In a land free from any gods and dictatorial power. The Founding Fathers of Confederation, drew up the Declaration of Independence for that very purpose. FREEDOM, CHOICE, and RESPONSIBILITY. The United States of America was formed, as a free nation. Canada, a member of the British Empire gained complete independence. Mexico also gained independence from Spain. South America and Central America still have a way to go. A lot has to happen, in a short time, before we will find peace and harmony on the Earth. KOSMON ERA In 1848 the Earth entered into a new era called KOSMON. It represents all that is past, the present and all that is left in the future for us here on the Earth. Crooked governments and manufacturers make weapons of war to horrible to describe and trade between each other as a protection from each other, and make huge profits as a result. They also use the excuse it's in the name of humanity or in the name of one god or another. Lying tobacco manufactures make huge profits and are responsible for the deaths of millions each year. Pharmaceutical companies deliberately ignore remedies because of huge profits. We have been given the answers to cancer, diabetes, and any other disease known on the Earth. If we don't know, we have been given the way to find out. So very much has been suppressed because of greed and Earthly power for a few. Why then shouldn't a single book, my school, given to all in 1881, that can answer every question we care to ask, should not be as suppressed, perhaps even more?


We live on Earth in the shadow of the valley of death every day, because of a very few. No one is really aware what the whole truth is, Why? CHOICE, FREEDOM, and RESPONSIBILITY, our inheritance on this Earth from JEHOVIH. That's it, that's the total. We are supposed to be far enough advanced to live in peace and harmony as Earth brothers and sisters. We have been given the time. That should be obvious. At the right time and in the right way, if we don't, we will be shown a way. THE BRAIN Next to life, .the brain is the most important creation given, there would be nothing, anywhere, without it. ("The soft whitish and grayish mass of nerve tissue enclosed in the head or skull of vertebrate animals, consisting of nerve fibers and nerve cells, seven billion of them.

SHALAM (8) It is the center of sensation; organ of thought and memory). From the dictionary. To give examples would take pages, besides we all know how important the brain is. I would like to illustrate this way. 1. THE MORTAL BRAIN; The conscious; all that we are aware of from one thought to another, one inspiration at a time, perpetually sending and receiving electrical impulses on isolated frequencies, one at a time, from the first to the last mortal breath. The subconscious; runs all the functions of the body except those within the conscious state, receiving every thought from the conscious and storing in the memory, to be recalled at any time and anywhere to the conscious. Also to receive from the spirit and directed to the conscious, and sending from the conscious to the spirit. 2. THE SPIRIT BRAIN


The subconscious; receives from the mortal subconscious and stores for memory for future use, also sends from the subconscious to the conscious, also receives from the spirit frequencies and is sent to the subconscious for storage or memory or can send directly to the mortal subconscious, then to the mortal conscious and immediate understanding. The conscious; receives from the spirit frequencies and passes to the subconscious. It all is very straight-forward. The thought passes through the mortal conscious to the mortal subconscious to the spirit subconscious to the spirit conscious. In this way direct thought or inspiration can be received and sent immediately, to and from the earth and to and from the heavens. Thought thought is an immediate electrical impulse transmitted and received on isolated frequencies by and between the first thought of an infant on a planet to the highest GOD or GODDESS in the Etherean worlds, and through delegations of authority to JEHOVIH. Each individual has his or her own individual frequency. This frequency can not be given to any other soul for eternity. JEHOVIH is the most easily understood of all the created wonders. There is nothing hidden. All you have to do is look, one little thought at a time. Before you realize it you have a big picture. Make sure, take your time, there are an infinite number of thoughts, and thought is not fact. Choose well. If a mortal wants to think and act like an animal, eat like one. If you want to eat blood to be strong look at an elephant, or a Hereford bull, they do all right on vegetable life, and their easy to get along with, just don't get them angry. If you want to be a tiger eat blood and kill for it.


Vegetables, nuts, fruit, certain herbs, keeps the blood cool, that keeps you "cool". It's all there. Freedom of choice. What you eat is what you are. It's in the blood, and the blood of your ancestors. How many elements did they overcome? Were they a good GOD loving family, caring, trying their best in whatever they did and wherever they were?

SHALAM (9) Where did they go when they entered the heavens? All these questions are answered and many more within memory or frequencies of the living reproductive cells of the male and the female. This is one very big reason to be careful when choosing a mate. When man and woman mate the two living seeds of life unite and the new infant begins to grow within the womb, from the elements of the Earth. Also carried, is the blood of his and her ancestors. In this act man and woman are procreators. The memory, at the exact time these living cells unite, is planted in the new spirits brain. As the new mortal infant grows in the womb, the spirit is growing within the brain, but rarefied, not as yet united, until the moment of birth, when both are united to create a new life or individual. (These living cells could have been planted by an angel with a degree in procreation, this could explain the wrong gene cell and other mistakes). After a thought has been given it belongs to the individual forever. Like attracts like, this is natural; the bird to the bird, the elephant to the elephant, the ant to the ant. To mortals it's one race to another, but mostly that's because of color and language. All mortals as we know can intermarry. A thought is not necessarily a fact. Facts are thoughts that can be proven, axiomatic and are relative. All animal life is created perfect within in it's own species. They complete their allotted time and return to the elements that they were created in. I did not say they were extinct. All animal and vegetable life, is within the living seeds of certain elements. When someone says spirit that is not necessarily angels. Matter can not be destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another,


only JEHOVIH can create and destroy. Angels can procreate through the power of their minds certain elements, subjectively to form a beloved pet like a dog or cat for a season, then they are again returned to the elements. Any animal, vegetable or mineral including man and woman that ever existed or will exist on the Earth, or any new species that may be procreated, most were created eons ago on other worlds. All animal, vegetable, and mineral known on the Earth and millions more can be recreated in the heavens but are more rarefied. All planets are made of CORPOR, all heavens from ETHE. All creations are made from one or the other. PROCREATION GOD is the highest degree here in the Earths Heavens. Procreation is another high degree and deals with ability to use the elements and mold them into new and different species, and mutating within the species itself. The difference between man and woman is they are individual in immortality, all the rest are from a living seed, but the seed is general. Example; each species of the great reptile= 1 seed, each species of bird= 1 seed, each species of tree= 1 seed, each species of fish 1 seed, one species of ant= 1 seed, within the one seed,1 would expect their would be something that could distinguish the various types of species or mutations. If this is true then we can assume this is how mutations are made. Endless potential.

SHALAM (10) Angels are able to master the living seed of even mortals and the living seed of the spirit. They can manipulate man and woman to unite or marry. This is one of the methods these false gods use to entice mortals to them. When their followers have gained the degree of procreation, these false gods then call themselves the CREATOR of the seed of life. The follower happily accepts, because they have never risen to the high heavens. They don't know the truth, so they work quite satisfied in their ignorance. No one but JEHOVIH can make life, an individual, an I AM.


So far I have tried to write about one CREATOR, JEHOVIH. The functions of the Earth and the heavens. The history of man and woman. The way we evolve. How warlike we are, and the terrible trouble we have made for ourselves. Now I'd like to write a little about some very, special dedicated, intelligent, pure, very humble people, born on this Earth. It's a pleasure to write about some good mortals for a change. Before the deluge the records are very vague. There was one man that should be mentioned, we all know HIS name, it's APOLLO. HE was actually born some 55,000 (?), years ago. He is of course Etherean, and a very special GOD. I understand that we on Earth were not the most beautiful to look at so APOLLO came back to his native Earth, 18000 years ago for about 3000 years. He somehow managed to make us look similar to what we are today. I guess that is the reason even today we think of APOLLO, as being beautiful. He also rules three ETHEREAN KINGDOMS. ZARATHUSTRA was born about 9000 years ago, a huge man, converted millions, in the MIDDLE EAST area. Faithists lived in peace and harmony and were non-resistant. They were tortured and killed by the millions by warring tribes, who believed in false gods. ABRAHAM; from the same area as ZARATHUSTRA, PO (China); BRAHMA and YUTIV his wife (India); EAWHATAH, North America Indian; all lived about 6000 years ago. Converted millions, most of them were tortured and killed, because they were FAITHIST. CAPILYA (India); CHINE (China(; MOSES (Middle East); a lot more about him later. All lived some 3400 years ago. CAPILYA and CHINE also converted millions of Faithists. Most were slaughtered in the name of false gods. All these great mortals are now ETHEREAN GODS.


SAKAYA (India); KA'YU also know as CONFUCIUS (China(; JOSHU (Middle East); All converted millions to Faithists, like all the rest were killed by warring nations that believed in false gods. So much could be said about these great men on what they accomplished. They are all ETHEREAN GODS. All born on this Earth. It does give anyone still on Earth a great feeling that we are not so bad. With just a little truth and the right kind of guidance, we are going to be all right. We are still here. We are often misled, naive and warlike. We do listen, and do something about it. There isn't a lot wrong with our courage, and drive, just our direction, and that's coming. It may not be the way we want but Jehovih's will, will be done. SHALAM (11) 1999 NOTE The first ten pages in this report deal generally about the whole system of things from the beginning of creation to the Kosmon Era and beyond. The last pages of the report, repeat some topics but in a lot more detail. GENERAL As you are on Earth, you are in Heaven. I hope this has been established. Examples; if you were addicted to tobacco, other drugs, alcohol, or any liquid, solid or smoke that destroys the brain from it's natural function of regulating, and repairing. In general inhibiting the smooth and powerful operation of the entire body, by destroying the nervous system, so there is nothing that can tell the brain the body is systematically being destroyed. This is a great sin. A perfect body was given at birth and is being destroyed through ignorance, greed and self pity. The brain believes through thought that all is well and this filthy habit should continue. In mortal form the brain has a body to anchor it. In the spirit it hasn't. The spirit drifts in the way it is instructed by a thought impulse brain. The brain thinks addiction is all right. This is what addiction is all about. Control takes as long as the brain of the spirit or mortal accepts this thought. That is a long time wasted by the spirit and the angels helping.


We on Earth spend millions trying to receive some kind of signals from someone in space. This is ludicrous. We are in space. Where do you think the Earth is? Any mortal has a brain, that sends and receives all the time, just clean it up, then you'll be able to tune in any time anywhere. We could receive from the highest heavens, personally, any one of us. Pure angels are not interested in the affairs of the Earth in any way. They are only interested in the spirit of mortals, in every way. THE SPIRIT Oahspe says that the spirit has eyes, ears and judgment, but we on the Earth are so interested in the affairs of the Earth that we leave the spirit unfed. All many of us know is the Earth and a little about the lower heavens. We are attuned to the frequency of the animal. In this age it is a sin to kill anything that breaths the breath of life. They are not ours to kill. Yet years ago they were, why is that? Years ago we were closer to the frequency of the animal. We lived in caves, we prayed and chanted to spirits of the forest, sky, moon, stars, and we ate meat to survive. We were barbarians. In this the atomic age of man, mortals eat meat, fish, poultry and pork every day. It's the blood of the beast we eat. We become attuned to the beast and not to the spirit. We are still on the beasts frequency and we still think we have to kill to survive. Obviously that's anyone or anything. The only difference is, in this age we are far more efficient in war at killing, destruction and unspeakable brutality. The spirit is united with the body to make One or an Individual, an I AM. It grows within the mortal body until we die and is born into the spirit world. YU'TIV said, "Of the head of the corporal body the spirit is born". True we do have a brain and we do have memory. The brain is attuned to all that it learned while on Earth.

SHALAM (12) It's neatly stored only it's in a rarefied form. It could be likened to a computer and data banks. As far as the spirit form is concerned the brain makes a body that


looks like the mortal the brain just left. The brain can make any kind of body it wants to and, to look like anyone it wants. .It's all in our Oahspe school. The brain is alive. It is encased (some way) with the light of JEHOVIH. That is the JEHOVIH I AM. That is the CREATOR within. If JEHOVIH withdraws HIS LIGHT the brain dies. So does everything else. The brain is eternal. It's the individuals, the I AM never stops growing. THE BRAIN IS OUR SPIRIT. As a student of Oahspe, and assume he or she believes the brain is indeed the spirit, it may make further study in our school a lot easier to understand, in many topics . TIME Oahspe's time is based on the moon. If we take Earth time as 365.25 days a year, and Moon time as 354.37, we have a difference of 10.88 days per year. For 1 cycle that would be 3092.13 years or say 3093 years to each cycle, (Earth time), Our sun and the planets make one revolution or orbit around the North star, every 4,700,000 years, divided into 3000 year cycles that would mean that our sun and the planets pass through thousands of Etherean worlds in each orbit. Perhaps this is one Etherean year. Dan (light) is a time of completion. A time when the Ethereans come to the Earth when it's orbiting within their kingdom or kingdoms. Jehovih at this time summons certain of these Gods and Goddesses to do labor on the Earth and within her atmospheres for a cycle of 3000 years, more or less, but close to that time. They are commanded to clean up the horrible chaos and hells we as mortals have made. They ask, they do not command, for volunteers in their kingdoms to accompany them and aid in the operation. They are never short of anxious highly trained Ethereans. First they clean out the knots and hells. Then they save the false gods and goddesses who were in maddened chaos. They restore them to rational sanity, judge them in the name of JEHOVIH, and send them to work, restoring the huge wrongs they have committed. They are confined to the Earth and her heavens until all the mortal angels they have enslaved are at least the grade they are. They appoint new Gods or Goddesses to rule heaven and Earth.


They then take any mortal angels that have become sufficiently pure to their Etherean kingdoms, this is their inheritance. This is the way the Etherean kingdoms are populated. These great Gods or Goddesses themselves can stay no longer than 8 years on Earth or its atmospheres, yet they must oversee and delegate authority in Jehovih's name for the remaining years of that particular cycle. They may from time return to the Earth's heavens, as long as they have not used up all the allotted time. During lesser cycles, other pure mortals are raised to Etherea. One would assume that there would be transfers of other volunteers to and from, and a lot of other particulars unknown to us. This could be half a dan in the last of one cycle (light), and half a dan in the beginning of the next cycle, (darkness).

SHALAM (13) This gives a pad of 400 years between these great main cycles. JEHOVIH'S order, discipline and growth for all. One would assume that these GODS would have a tremendous amount of responsibility at home. That would be why they are only allowed 8 years away from their own kingdoms. We in our ignorance could say, "That's why they come back, otherwise we on this little rock could kill ourselves. They are doing just fine without us." First of all where did these great GODS come from. Just one example, APPOLO. He was born on the Earth. Raised to Etherea. HE is GOD of 3 kingdoms and he's only 55,000 or so years old. I could go on and on. Enough said. Truly amazing. Summer and winter a full dan of 400 years. Half a dan 200 years, (summer or light), half a dan 200 years, (winter or darkness) equals one dan of 400 years. Seven dans of 400 years each, and one half a dan of 200 years equals 1 dan'ha or 3000 years, one cycle. This pad of 400 years is very important because it gives extra time if necessary.


From the time of the deluge or flood to the Kosman Era is 24000 years. There were 7 GODS and 1 GODDESS = 8 = 3000 years each = 24000 years. Some of the 8 cycles were hundreds less and some hundreds more, yet the average was 3000 years. This could only mean that half dans were used, and times overlapped the cycle of 3000 years and hence the 8 year maximum and 3000 year cycle time* for each GOD or GODDESS could also change. Within this method of telling time all things on the Earth and her heavens are regulated in exacting system and order. It should be mentioned that a dawn of dan is three years or more at the beginning of a cycle. It is not an exact period of time. As an example. LIKA stayed 5 years and forty days, That was his dawn or time. I assume that it is a time when The ETHEREANS first come. There are many great times and cycles to use as examples. I would like take one very important to all of us on Earth at this time. It was the migration of the Faithists from Egypt by Moses. He was directed by JEHOVIH to go westward. The children of these Faithists would go westward until they arrived on the west coast of Guatama in the Kosmon Era. Moses lived 34000 years before Kosmon. The Earth was cleared of all the knots and hells. All the false gods and goddesses were rescued and put to work. The proper delegations of authority were in place. The Brides and Bridegrooms were ascended, including Capilya, Moses and Chine. This was 3400BK. The Earth was in the cycle of Bon, or descending toward the coming of darkness into another 3000 years. Now to Moses; as written he lived 3400 BK. The GOD LIKA began his cycle 3400 years ago, less 5 years and forty days. As stated earlier a full cycle is 7 dans of 400 years each and half a dan of 200 years equals 3000 years. The 3000 year cycle of Bon ended in 400BK. To go. back a little. About 1000BK only 400 years before the dawn of the arc of Kosmon, a Nirvanian star-ship landed on our Atmospherean heavens headed by the GODDESS Hyaponitissa with one million Ethereans. She gave to the God encouragement in words and in needed help.



He was heartbroken and discouraged because he could do nothing to change the direction of the false gods and goddesses. He felt that he was a failure in the eyes of the Ethereans. He needed help and help arrived. Then JEHOVIH spoke and gave directions about the way the immediate future would unfold for the Earth and her heavens. The GODDESS then took off leaving the one million Ethereans and went her way. No clearing of hells. Nothing done about false gods and goddesses. No Earth spirits ascended. The GOD had the much needed help. The beginning of a 400-year dan, or 1 -200 year dan was the start of the rise of the arc of Kosmon. This would account for the 3400 years from the time of Moses to the KOSMON ERA which began in 1848AD or 1850AD. Oahspe says that ESKRA relates to the records for 3000 years for the cycle Bon which started at the time of LIRA 3400 years ago. This could mean that the 400 year cycle finished in 600BK. The last dan of 200 years starting at 600BK finished the 3000 year cycle told in ESKRA. This would mean that a 400 year dan started in 400BK. This could also mean that LIKA could extend his cycle for another 400 years. Other GODS extended their cycles beyond 3000 years. ESKRA also said that within this last 3000 years it is sufficient to know that GOD has THE VOICE OF JEHOVIH. Do not to be concerned- about names. We do know that the false gods and goddesses were not caste into hells until the 1800's AD. The dawn of Arc of Kosmon started around 400BK as predicted for that time. The world approached dan'ha in Sabea and the Arc of SU'IS, and the KOSMON ERA in 1848. Cycle time used whole numbers 1850 in cycle times.


At that time knots and hells were cleared. The false gods and goddesses were saved and taken to a place where they could have a semblance of sanity, and were judged and sent to work righting huge wrongs. Always the same. A new GOD was appointed and his council of LORDS. Then twenty seven thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms were prepared and then boarded 11 fire-ships. The Ethereans, GODS and GODDESSES and the CHIEFTAINESS went on board and took off. There were forty thousand million souls aboard. This was in 1848AD, 0, KOSMON. NUMBERS- A thousand million is one billion. That would be 27 billion on board these 11 space ships. That's over four times the population on the Earth. In 400BK, (1493AD), The God Litabakathrava on a ten thousand year, cruise with 50 million aboard, took as guests to Earth 10 million more that were volunteers to do labor on the planet Earth for 400 years, they needed a lift. So, This GOD gave them one, then continued 10,000 times further, on their voyage. They were at that time two thousand million miles, or 2 billion miles from Earth. They traveled for five days and five nights to Chinvat, the bridge of the boundary of the Earth's vortex.They did a survey of the Earth and her heavens where the false gods and goddesses proclaimed themselves monarchs of the universe. Then went to Paradise, the place of GOD and landed with ten million much needed Etherean volunteers.

SHALAM (15) If you told someone this true story to-day, that never heard of Oahspe, they would say "It may be possible, true we are walking on the moon, but I think your watching to much star trek". If you told anyone 100 years ago they would say "Youre crazy". Someone 200 or so years ago would build a fire just for you.


It is now 1999, let's say 2000. It takes six generations to hear the voice, sometimes 5. One generation is 33 years. One hundred years equals 3 generations plus one for man. 2048AD would be 6 generations. From these figures the student can easily figure a time estimate for the manifestation of JEHOVIH'S KINGDOM ON EARTH. The Eoptian Age age of man, and much, much more. Moses will be 3.600BK years ago in 2048AD. There are 36 books or sections in OASHPE. There are nine entities. In Oahspe there are 8 planets and the sun or 9 total. Pluto was found, or the image in 1930. Makes one wonder. There are however thirteen or so asteroids. THE VOICE To see, hear and actually come face to face with angels that appear in sar'gas, and can eat, drink and touch and are know to you, and can prove it, is amazing. This did happen in the first generation after Kosmon started. I have no idea if it's the same at this time. Oahspe does say that the gates of heaven will stay open forever, I wonder how. Clairaudience and clairvoyance are people who can see with their eyes closed, or hear angel voices. ESP, extrasensory perception is the perceiving of thoughts, actions, etc., through other than the normal senses; through transference; mental telepathy. Don't we all in one way or another see and hear voices in our mind, and pictures? Call it imagination if you like. What is thought? It has to come from somewhere exterior to who and what we are. Thought can be very good or very bad. Thoughts are not facts. They are electrical impulses transmitted on a multitude of frequencies. They are given to us to evaluate either to accept and act upon or disregard, yet can still be recalled. We have to understand and overcome the elements of our surroundings. Freedom, choice, responsibility and sacrifice are all mandatory here on Earth and in our heavens. I AM I was told through thought to never, never underestimate the I AM. If each of us on the Earth owned or possessed


absolutely nothing. The I AM in each and every one of us would own or possess everything. We are not free of JEHOVIH until we are one with HIM. It's all wonderfully simple. We are all, in every creation everywhere, part of the same I AM. Beautiful. SPIRIT EDUCATION The beast man was not immortal, like any other animal he was created perfect in his form, until he was given a spirit. Everything changed he became immortal. He was not complete and he never will be. He never ceases to grow. Angels were appointed to aid man in his growth and still are. For the first 64000 years the GODS responsible made rules and regulations themselves. This was until man grew enough to receive more in a more disciplined way.

SHALAM (16) In the cycle of FRAGAPATTI 8900BK., this was done. This is also the time of Zarathustra. One of the greatest mortals who ever lived. So very much can be written about what he accomplished. FRAGAPATTI and his holy Etherean GODS established the DIV, (Divinity), DIVA,(Council) and 51 DIVAN LAWS,(Divine). There were supplemental DIVAN LAWS. These laws and acts were compiled from other times and from the Zarathustrian law, the I'hua'Mazdian law and the Ormazdian law. It started from marriage on Earth, up to the rank of GOD or GODDESS. In the future, times and parts of these laws are updated to fit the growth, purity and time cycles of mortals and Earth angels. FALSE GODS It is from the 51st. Divan Law that the false GODS and GODDESSES come from. They have the freedom of heaven and Earth. They leave the high kingdoms of the appointed GOD and go to other plateaus in the Earth's heavens. They have earned the right because of their grade as GODS and GODDESSES. They are green and fresh out of school. They are also aware of the presence of the Ethereans. They are ambitious for the self. They in turn convince others to follow. The result: they find an uninhabited spot that they all


like, and start a kingdom of their own. They appoint the smartest and strongest to be the leader. Their intentions are as pure as the new driven snow. At first all goes well. The I AM in each of them helps them along. Their kingdom becomes bigger and stronger. They need more help, so, they entice mortals through seers, etc., that their kingdom is the place to go. They still believe in Jehovih, with all their heart and I AM. Hundreds of years go by. Their kingdom gets bigger, and so does the kingdoms of other GODS who may have graduated the same time as them. The plot thickens. So far the killings on the Earth were the doings of mortal, the beast. Their excuse. These other GODS and their kingdoms need more mortals and are hostile. They and especially the leader, have to make a decision. They are doing all the work. The good mortals go the GOD up there, and they are left with the lowest. "Enough is enough. If there are GODS up there, I have never seen their heavens nor has anyone here I have no choice, I'm going to be a god in my kingdom here in this heaven. If I and we here don't, we'll not have a kingdom. I don't know where this JEHOVIH is HE'S never helped us. My spirit and mortal armies need a creator, an image, a name to look up to and fight for and I'm going to give them one." This is when they become false to themselves and to billions of others. They are now a false gods and goddesses. They can do whatever they want there is only other gods like them to st6p them. So it goes. We all know the results. This happens time and time again. These angels can not rise higher than the second resurrection. JEHOVIH is bad (unripe) and good (ripe). JEHOVIH is everything. Why do you think-we are born? Why are there Earths and Earth heavens? Why did JEHOVIH make them? CHOICE. These angels had and still have choice like everyone else. They chose to do what they did and what they are. JEHOVIH was the servant. The servant is not accountable in this regard to the master.


SHALAM (17) OAHSPE EARTH, SKY, SPACE. Was written at the command of the GOD of Heaven and Earth for this his season. It was dictated by GODS AND GODDESSES and written by J. B. Newbrough a mortal man in the year 1881AD, or 33AK. We on the Earth are now able to understand and be taught the truth about whom we are and where we came from. Where heaven is and what we do when we get there. Who are GODS and GODDESSES. What they do and where they do it, and much, much more. OAHSPE will answer every question we care to ask. It is the most "subtle" door on this Earth, and the most important, for all of us. If JEHOVIH wanted to give us something that would open our minds. Something we could easily go to for inspiration, and could answer every question we could think of and literally thousands more. A "door" that was the truth and not distorted by false gods and goddesses for their own greed. A "door" that could open "the doors" to the libraries of all the heavens and information without end. It's cheap anyone who wants it can get it. It holds no fear of reprisal or restrictions. It does not say it is the ultimate end. It says it's the truth. There is no end. It doesn't say believe or face the consequences. OAHSPE is open to anyone who has enough of THE I AM,THE LIGHT, within them to seek truth regardless of what it may cost in the sacrifice of one's personal comfort, mortal position and threats by those who would suppress truth because of fear and ignorance. It tells us the past, the present and the future. In simple English we don't need an update. We can read books by the thousands if we want to, that's good, without fearing the wrath of some scared power. Oahspe "the school," is taught by Faithist Angels who through inspiration teach us how to understand what we are reading and studying. JEHOVIH has shown to be the ultimate "DOOR," for this the KOSMON ERA. HEAVENLY LIBRARIES - Oahspe is full of quotes about the libraries in the high heavens. How would you like to see and hear the forming of the Earth. The


full picture in living color of the deluge. The first race of man and woman on Earth. The great reptiles. Anything you could imagine, anywhere in creation. Anyone that knows how, can tune into any of the above at any tome. Actually see and hear the migration of Moses and the Faithists. All this through the "door," Oahspe. PERSONAL In the early 60's a good friend of mine passed over. His wife gave me 2 books named Oahspe. In the bush I read a bit of one. To me it was science fiction. Yet, from time to time read more. About 30 years ago the roof fell in. I was in a bad way, mining in B.C. was done. With 5 children and a great wife, either I change professions or leave the province. That Christmas, my birthday. I had some of the most powerful thoughts and direction I'd ever had. I Picked up Oahspe and haven't laid it down since. What I now believe to be true, I've written down. If the reader is inspired by this little "door", picks up an Oahspe, reads past the first 50 or so pages, then a "door" has been opened. That's beautiful even if they quit. They'll be back. There's no other road. Have a good day. Ken Mills SHALAM


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